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Thread: Another possible herbicide disease

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    Another possible herbicide disease

    I just got back from appointments with two doctors today. Both have examined me and came to the conclusion I now have Parkinsens desease. That makes three diseases on the VA's herbicide exposure list I have contracted in the last three years. The first, Prostate cancer, was denied by the VA. An appeal is in works. I just received a heads up from the DAV that the VA is going to deny my claim for type 2 diabetes. The VA received my supporting documentation the day after they made that determination. Now I have Parkinsens. I will be filing a claim on Monday with the DAV. None of these diseases run in my family, ever.

    The last letter I received from the VA states you have to be boots on the ground for a minimum of 24 hours before you are presumed to have been exposed to herbicides. I also noticed that Thailand has been removed as an exposure site now too. chris3

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    I can't believe the way vets like you are getting screwed over! It makes me very angry, they aren't keeping their promises to vets. Instead they stall hoping for you guys to drop dead before they have to treat you guys. And the fat cat Administrators probably get bonuses for holding down treatment costs!

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    Really sorry to hear what you are going through Chris. There is no excuse for the way our "lack of government" treats our vets. I am really surprised that with all the VA is doing to our greatest Americans, that one who has no hope left hasn't decided to show his thanks by going "full postal" on the administrators.


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