I was at the range yesterday with one of my GP-1975 Romanian AK's, when it started double firing every other magazine or so. Never more than 2 rounds at a time however. I was shooting Herter's steel cased ammo which ran fine. Zero misfires, FTF's or FTE's. The gun is factory stock. I've never messed with it. It has a Tapco trigger group. It did it with both a Bulgarian and a Tapco 30 round magazine. Trigger pull was normal, good and consistent. Not excessively light.

Also, I was getting a lot of trigger slap. Almost to the point of it being painful at times. Any idea what's going on? Has anyone else ever experienced this? I've got 11 AK's of various types, including 4, GP-1975's, and this is the only one that has done this.