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Thread: Bushmaster is being sued by Newton families

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    Quote Originally Posted by NAPOTS View Post
    Ban automatic transmissions that shift through multiple gears with a single press of the gas pedal

    Ban high capacity beer containers
    Limit beer purchases to six cans per person per visit. Who needs a case, or the high capacity container of 30?
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    Well it appears to me that gun manufacturers are going to be put out of business with the denial to take the case. I'd like to know which justices voted for and against taking it. As others noted, where will it stop? If a drunk kills someone with their car, can the victims family not only sue the bar, but now sue Ford and the alcohol manufacturer? How about suing the school district or walmart or any place that doesn't have 24 armed guards in their establishments? This just never ends in making someone else responsible for the actions of criminals and crazies.

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