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Thread: barska bore sight POJ

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    barska bore sight POJ

    I bought this thing to get on paper at 100 yds. What a joke of a product. Anyone thinking of buying it save your money or better yet just flush it down the crapper. After playing with it just to get it to stay put in my rifle a Springfield M1A it showed my new Burris scope was so far off it would not adjust in, and the grid was not even centered in any way. Half the grid was off the rifle. So I decided to check it on my Remington 7400 that I can drive a tack at 200 yards and it showed it was off several inches windage and elevation. This thing is a POS on so many levels. I bought it a month ago from Optics Planet. They showed it to be a "best seller and best rated" item. I know they have to be filtering out the negative posts for this piece of junk. If you go to Amazon it shows 40 percent gave it a 1 the lowest rating and only 10 percent gave it a 5. Much different than Optics Planet. I guess since OP will not do anything about it I will tape it to the 50 yard target and see if I can hit it.

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    ive never seen the purpose. ive mounted scopes and have always had them somewhat close, sometimes even dead on. ive had scopes boresighted and been off bhy several feet. shouldnt take more than 3-4 shots to be on paper at 100 anyway.

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    I've had my suspicions about Optics Planet reviews. If you read them there is often a sameness to the reports of how good something is and the english isn't exactly correct. As if it was a Chinese person trying to fake a good review. Chinglish in other words.


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