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Thread: The world's most popular gun debuted 68 years ago today

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    Post The world's most popular gun debuted 68 years ago today

    After today, it's all historical.

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    I don't think the writer likes the idea of the rifle and give that Kurd a automatic.
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    As we get further from any event, it seems history gets rewritten just a bit differently each time. Much like the game "Post Office" where 10 or so people sit in a line, and the first is told a sentence or phrase and told to pass it on, when the 10th person repeats the phrase he/she heard, it is absolutely nothing like what was actually told to person number one.

    Awaiting the story proving that Germany and Japan won WWII and proves it by the fact that so many cars from Germany and Japan are sold in the USA, but so few cars made in the USA are sold in those countries.


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