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Thread: CZ 452 Scout?

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    CZ 452 Scout?

    As I approach my 70's, I have been informed that I will soon be a grandfather. As a result of that I have been considering a .22 rifle for that grandchild that my daughter or son-in-law could use to teach that child safe gun handling skills. After some mulling it over I have decided to purchase a CZ 452 Scout model and keep it as a safe queen until such time my grandchild is old enough to learn to shoot. The truth is that I may not be around to see that day. What say you about that rifle? Do I still have to buy a trigger kit for it? Thanks...

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    Congratulations on the grandchild!!!

    While I understand your sense of urgency I would wait to see which hand is going to be dominant for your grandbaby. The CZ452 looks to be a good bolt action but it is right handed only, from what I can tell. I am left handed and I can tell you from experience that shooting a right handed bolt action rifle takes a lot of the joy out of shooting for me. It is very awkward to work the bolt when it is set up for the opposite hand. My father gave me a left handed Remington 581 when I was eight. One of my favorite things to do now is have right handers shoot it. It is a very accurate rifle but hard for a right hander to cycle. The other option you have would be a semi-auto as they are more ambidextrous or a lever action like a Henry. I understand why you would not want to give a child a semi as their first rifle but the lever action will be equally operable for a left or right handed shooter.

    That said, you are fairly safe to get a right handed rifle as only about 20% of the population is left handed. Like I said, I think the CZ looks good but I have not personal experience with it. Good luck! Let us know what you decide.
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    Congratulations on your grandchild!

    In regard to right hand vs left hand, I believe in training for ambidexterity. My first gun was a New England Firearms single barrel .410. My first .22 was a Rossi clone of a Browning-designed Winchester pump-action 22. A Mossberg 590 special purpose was my first defensive gun when I was 15, and an early SAR-1 was my first centerfire rifle at age 16.

    I believe that all are very left hand friendly, especially the .410 and .22, which was helpful since I began shooting with my left hand due to the fact that I write left handed. However, in my teenage years I discovered what eye dominance was and learned that I was right eye dominant, so I decided to make myself shoot right handed only starting around age 16. After a while of that, I went to alternating between right and left. As a result, I can now operate firearms with either hand without a huge change in proficiency. Because I write with my left hand and swing a hammer with my right hand, I have greater dexterity in my left hand and increased strength in my right arm.
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