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Thread: Left the house for a Chinese shotgun and found found a lot more.

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    Left the house for a Chinese shotgun and found found a lot more.

    I was intending on buying a norinco shotgun from the surplus store today. a clone of the 1887. I got discouraged when i called my gunsmith. He told me he wouldn't own one because they are riddled with problems and the metal is softer then someone would really want it to be. I was going to pay $475 for the 1887 clone. He told me to come over because he has what i want. So i went to his shop instead and he handed me a belgian side by side that is in really nice shape. He says was made in the 1950's He charged me $100 for it. So i took it. (pics in a few minutes) I then noticed in his work area he had a stack of mosin nagants, mausers, four or five really dirty lee enfield number ones and a couple number 4's. I got curious so he let me dig through the pile. He was at an estate sale last week and bought someones collection. I told him i would like to have a number one. He told me to find one that works. So i looked them all over and picked out the one that looked the best overall. He let me swab the barrel out a couple passes and handed me two WWII era Canadian surplus rounds and told me to go try it.... here is where i started to sweat. I went outside and loaded the rifle. held it down by my side, turned my head away and squinted up my face really tight.. like that would help... I expected it to blow for some reason. pulled the trigger and boom. it worked. i loaded the next round and shouldered it and fired and boom the same thing. So relieved i went back in and told him it worked. He then said how does 200 sound. I pretty much could hear my heart beating in my ears with excitement. He then handed me a bayonet. Told me i probably want that too. My god. i am here now just beside myself, getting ready to clean the corrosive residue out of the barrel from the two vintage surplus rounds and will proceed to strip and scrub.

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    Very nice!

    Reminds me that I need a vintage Garand....
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    Nice socks. Rifle looks good, too.
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    You have a great gunsmith! I have to tell you I find it funny that you have a gunsmith. Sounds like someone saying they have a lawyer! Too funny, and too cool. I think I need to get me a gunsmith!
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