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Thread: how to remove the black from an old SMLE?

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    how to remove the black from an old SMLE?

    The SMLE i picked up today is gross nasty. I dismantled it and cleaned out all the dust. It is in decent shape just dirty dirty. Oil soaked dust in every nook.. The only issue i don't want to jump on without a bit of a pointer is the stock. It is so dirty it is black. i gave it a rub with alcohol and an old bar towel but it is only improving a tiny bit. Is there something else i can do or just keep rubbing with the alcohol soaked bar towel?

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    Do you want to refinish it or to just clean it. You might try Murphys oil soap to clean it. Maybe mineral sprouts if you want something a little stronger. Once you got it real clean I'd give it a light rub down with linseed oil

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    For the stock try Purple Power or Simple Green. Mineral spirits will help too.
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    You can also use Lemon Oil found with other furniture polish type substances in most grocery stores.


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