A cousin of mine passed away in 2014. I knew he was a SOF but he was 15 years my senior and was stationed and then retired many miles away so we really never stayed in touch. Yesterday I was messing around on google and grave finder to see about his obituary and stuff and came across a website about the Army MACV SOG units time in Vietnam and there was his photo, name, etc., as a member of Recon Team "North Carolina", FOB 1 Phu Bi and CCN from 67-69. He is the second from the left, top row in the link below, Richard Wayne Eller though we always called him "Butch". Not sure why other than my father, (his uncle) and I are also named Richard.


Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone knew of any places I could search or contact to get some any info on his time with MACV SOG and or RT "North Carolina". What little I've found seems to indicate that the info available was classified until the last 8-10 years so perhaps the info I'm looking for isn't yet available. TIA