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Thread: Arts and Crafts

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    Arts and Crafts

    Had some spare time and a cast paperweight grenade body. Decided to make a surprise for my 12 year old nephew. So i filed off all the casting marks and most of the blemishes. Used rat tail file to open the hole in the bottom a bit and curve the opening in. Body filled the hole and then sanded to blend it in. Primed then sanded a few times. Then I let it dry overnight. This morning i painted it olive drab. Then used my printer to make a stencil for the labelling. Used an Exacto knife to cut out the tiny letters. Arranged, taped and used my kids paint brush and my the wife's toll paint to create the lettering. That part kinda screwed up but it is good enough for what i was going for. Then the last step, Add the detonator. Fake one of course. I might also fill the inside with spray foam tonight. I think he will be excited to get this on Saturday.

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    That looks pretty good.
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    So, it's a fake....uh, huh....stick with that story no matter what'll go easier on you....plausible deniability just might work....

    Looks good.
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