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Thread: Poly AKS Galil side folder, which AK next?

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    Poly AKS Galil side folder, which AK next?

    Hello all, I bought this Poly AKS 4 years ago today which I posted a few pics of when I got it. I haven't ran that many rounds thru it since then but was thinking I do need another AK variant so I can safe queen this one. I absolutely love this rifle and it's smooth and flawless operation. I like different types of guns but really thinking I just want to start collecting AK variants. I'm not a rich man, so I came here to ask advice on purchasing my next rifle.

    I'm selling my Socom 16 to purchase my next rifle. So I will have around $1200 to put towards my next AK. I'm really intrigued by the Arsenal sam7 side folder in OD green. I also like AK variants with red furniture. Not really sure what's out there with red furniture and in this price range. I wouldn't mind having a MAK 90! I'm still learning on this website what to look for to spot a fake or something that's not worth buying. Hah, it's funny because I look at old posts and someone will post a link from gunbroker and say look at this great buy or rigged AK, then I click the link and it's not available.

    Anyway, I've always liked this friendly site and the great info I've gotten from you guys. Sorry if I posted in the wrong section.. Sorry for not knowing how to post a pic directly with my post.
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    You bring up a point that I totally missed when I linked to things to look out for when buying specific AK variants on Gunbroker, that they pull the listing after several months and the lesson is lost. THANK YOU for waking me up to something I really never thought about, long term. Crazy.

    That Galil style side folder, a name given to it by the Kengs when they first saw that style folder on a Galil and asked the Chinese to copy it for use on their side folder is one of the nicest of the Chinese rifles as it is one of the more rare ones. Actual import number per a conversation I had with them is anywhere between 200 and 400. Not many!

    It really depends on what you want to get to add to a collection or just want to add to use as a shooter. For collections, anything Chinese works. Pre-Bush1-ban rifles are skyrocketing in price because of all the new people and new interest in AK variants added to the problem of them not being allowed to be imported since 1989/1990 time frame. The Post-Bush1-ban rifles that were later banned by mr clinton are also starting to skyrocket as people realize how good they were.

    For MAK-90s, remember that some had the rear of the receiver cut at an angle to make it hard to make them "evil looking" so these should be a little cheaper than the standard receiver cut. Also remember that milled MAK-90s used modified Poly Tech Legend underfolder receivers, so they too have a strange shape to the rear of the receiver. Ironwood Designs makes stock for them, or if you are good with wood, a little custom woodworking will do just fine.

    Remember the one to specifically stay away from is the B-west made in USA receiver "Norinco" as many had issues with poor or non-existent heat treating.

    We still have some very good AK people on this site, so if you find something we will be very happy to help you figure out if all is ok with it and if it is worth the asking price.

    As for the Arsenal SA M7 rifle, most were and are really nice variations of the great Kalashnikov. The only problem this AK-nut has with many Arsenal rifles is them using the AK-74 gas block on an AK or AKM. Purely a problem only with a purist as they still function just like an AK should.

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    There are hundreds of varients. You have one of the finest examples of a folder in a standard length AKM. Maybe something long or short is in order. A RPK patterned long barreled or something Krink based.
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