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Thread: Range Report Romanian TTC

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    Range Report Romanian TTC

    Was able to get to the range today to shoot my new TTC. I really enjoyed it. Very accurate and fairly reliable. It is quite the flame thrower though! With my 9mm and .45 ACP I will occasionally see muzzle flash, but with the TTC I didn't just see muzzle flash but it was almost muzzle blast! It was quite impressive!

    I fired 100 rounds and had 2 fail to feeds (but I think one was caused by my putting one to many rounds in the magazine) and 1 fail to eject. These were all early on in the shooting and as I shot it more it I had less problems. In fact, the last 60 or so rounds I had no issues at all. Easy to load and a recoil that is comparable to a 9x19. Here is my last target, 10 rounds at 10 yards at an indoor range using 85 gr, FMJ, Sellier and Bellot rounds. If you count the holes you will see there are only 9. I am not sure where the last bullet went as my groupings were pretty good for the most part. I expect it was just off the edge of the target to the right, based on my other shots. Here is the target.

    When I was done with the TTC I got out my G19 for some familiarization firing as it is my carry weapon. For this it was 10 rounds at 10 yards using 115 gr, FMJ Winchester White box. I was pretty happy with the results.

    If you get a chance to get a Tokarev I would definitely recommend it. It is a fun gun to shoot with great history behind it.
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    Sounds like a fun time. Thanks for sharing.

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    Glad you like it. I bought a Polish Tok about 6 years ago and really like it. I found out that a Tok will fit in a Hi Power holster. I bought a Norinco today. I will shoot it tomorrow.....chris

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    Nice shooting


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