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Thread: This is some good Sci-Fi

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    This is some good Sci-Fi

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    While we're on the subject

    "I didn't even expect him to come up here, thinking it was that sweet. Thinking it's that candy land like that," White said. "He wanted to pickpocket everybody. But people out here, they weren't going for none of that."

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    We careered round and round for perhaps an hour, flying rather than floating, getting gradually more and more into the middle of the surge, and then nearer and nearer to its horrible inner edge.
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    Quote Originally Posted by l921428x View Post
    I read sci-fi all the time... That movie short was awesome.
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    Speaking of Classic and well done Sci-Fi. It is amazing how Spielberg and Cruse Screwed up War of the Worlds in 2006. Plus he had 2 useless shit Kids as well, The original 1953 Movie is one of the top 5 Sci-Fi Movies I have ever seen. The Martian Fighting Machine would never be out of Class, even today! The most memorial scene is where the Uncle of Dr. Foresters Girl Friend walks out on the Battle field, and tried to talk to the Martians, being a Man of God, Sadly before the Lead Martian Ship Blasted him. A great Movie that never goes out of Style. Paul
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