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    Meditation is now shown to generate the great white light of stupidity.

    I always thought meditation was bullshit.

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    I would say that much of what the article said in how they are trying to study meditation IS bullshit.

    I don't think there can be "group meditation" as meditation is personal, not social. Occasionally, I meditate, but I do so alone, without any chance of interruption. Just having someone nearby messes up another's meditation.

    And, as far as I can see, meditation is used for calming oneself down and a level of peacefulness of the mind. Nothing more than that.

    Those who try to bend it to other purposes cease meditating altogether. They can call it "mindfulness" or "meditation" but it's not true meditation.

    Just the act of studying it messes it up. If it's not done on a purely personal level, it's not meditation.

    Most of the literature on meditating is worthless. It's something you do to yourself, for yourself. It doesn't give you any super powers, or any abilities other than what you had before you starting meditating. Those who meditate for any reason other than inner peace and calm, are wasting their time.

    It can only be experienced; it cannot be studied.

    Everyone, in the article, who is attempting to study meditation is wasting their time and other peoples' money. They will come up short.
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