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Thread: State Of The Union 2018

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    Quote Originally Posted by ltorlo64 View Post
    It is hard to be unifying when almost half of Congress, and half of the electorate, don't hold any truths to be self-evident or support and defend the Constitution. By supporting the documents that define us as a country he will be divisive. Given that, and that his oath is also to the Constitution, it would seem to me that the people being divisive are the ones who take the oath and then do everything they can to subvert and overthrow the Constitution.
    Some in other types of .govs they would shoot you. But here as much as they wish, they can not. Something about 10 stupid laws.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Full Otto View Post
    dems rebuttal with Joe Kennedy is on now
    Really pathetic
    He was the appropriate spokesperson for the Dims - i.e., with the cum stain on his mouth.

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