Being old and retired, with lots of time on my hands, I started to notice the difference between nowadays, and when I first started on this board. Not so much with this board, but people in general.

1. I like the pictures weevil posts of the bygone beauties, with their Beautiful red lips(tick). Until this fall, I hadn't watched TV in 15 years or so. I got to noticing lately, that in shows like "Timeless", and others, that the women don't seem to know how to apply lipstick properly. It looks like they keep their mouth closed and just run the tube back and forth across their lips once and call it good. They don't seem to know how to get it into the corners of their lips, but just run it up to the corners and stop. Always looks like the corners of their lips are squared off.

2. Back in the day, any device that came out that would help one simulate automatic fire was a welcome thing. Everybody had their references,(...hell fire...trigger cranks...Gatling like on a cetera....). Most were interested in owning something back then, and didn't poo poo them by saying they were just gadgets and they couldn't afford the ammo for them. Most understood that if you couldn't afford NFA weapons, these devices were something that could help put you on a par with the government armed foot soldier. They didn't really consider them "toys".
But today, most people who post on boards say they see no use for a "bump stock", wouldn't own one as it would just be a waste of ammo, and a lot don't care if they're banned or not. They don't realize how things like this are a vast improvement over trying to bump fire with one hand controlling and one finger trying to remain stationary. Nor do they think it would be useful in the coming SHTF civil war they say they are waiting for. They seem to pin their hopes on "someone" overturning the NFA laws, rather than buy an article that might come in useful later.
Read how some of the young folks carry on, and it would seem like they have no understanding of reality like the older folks have.

3. "Trash can guns" is what a lot of young folks over at the black rifle site like to call AKs. I'd think that a lot of them never had to face a determined enemy armed with an AK, or an SKS for that matter. The closest I ever came to having my slick shot down was in Laos by a camp watcher armed with an SKS. They are by no means a "trash can gun". The M16/AR15 is a great weapons system. The AK is a tough, reliable and efficient weapons system. It does not need to shoot MOA at 200 meters. All it has to do is kill a man in combat, which it does with ruthless efficiency.

4. And other things....