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Thread: Picked up an Anschutz at todays gun show.

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    Picked up an Anschutz at todays gun show.

    So I went to a local gun show today in search of a small single shot .22 rifle and came home with this. Overall in really nice shape. Very strong clean rifling. The rifling seems a lot deeper then my other .22 rifles. Anyway I have heard the name Anschutz before and only ever heard nice things. The price of this one was in line with the cooeys and Mossbergs of the same style and overall condition so I went with this one. Anyway Wondering what you guys think? Anyone know anything about this? There is no model number written on it. I tried to do a little googling and think it may be a pre 1958 model 1360. Seems to be the closest match I can come up with.

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    Great find!!! I have heard nothing but good things about Anschutz rifles. Nice markings on what looks like a really nice shooter!!!

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    Great rifle.

    You mention a Cooey. I have a Cooey. Made in Canada, I think, but the interesting thing about it is that it is a smooth bore .22. I'm guessing it's made primarily for shooting shot. Do you know anything about this?

    Don't mean to hijack your thread..... (But, you did mention Cooey and that reminded me I had one.)
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