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Thread: Veterans Benefits and Services

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    Veterans Benefits and Services

    Veterans Affairs web site.

    VA Benefits Booklet.

    VA Regional Offices by State.

    VA Disability Compensation.

    VA Health Care A-Z.

    Post Tramatic Stress.

    Understand that your individual state has its own benefits and services in addition to the federal program. Contact your local VA office to start a claim or to get more detailed information on what you are entitled to for your service in the United States Armed Forces.

    If you have not yet filed a claim, please do so. You may not be in need of the services now, but your not getting any younger and you may need them down the road.

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    Hi, thought it worthwhile to mention to those Veterans among US who have a VA Loan and have not used's a good time to do so. I just bought a house in Renton, WA, for $152k with nothing down, 30 years to pay it off, and 3.25% interest...the payments with insurance and taxes are lower than I would be paying for rent on an apartment...and a huge back yard for my GSD working service dog....

    There are a lot of homes for sale in this area...but they tend to be pricey...took me a year to find this place and I got it for $100k less than I could sell it for today, two months later!

    Diesel 88888888


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