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I call that "Being able to shoot at the capability of the weapon" ...
I was in my early twenty's, first firearms I bought after I moved away from home. Dad had a Remington 308 and a Winchester 243. But these were my first couple of rifles, they were old surplus guns that I picked out of a barrel at a hardware store. One was a long ass 303 Enfield, the other a Enfield Jungle Carbine which I'd only seen in Shotgun News. I thought they should be more accurate than they were because they were "Military Rifles" I was young and dumb. The long Enfield shot 6" - 8" groups at 100, and the carbine was worse about 8" - 10" if I remember correctly, and my eyes were much better 40 years ago. I kept shooting it off the bench trying to get better out of it, after a while an old guy looked through his spotting scope and said that when I can shoot a group like that off-hand, kneeling or prone it was time to get a better rifle and/or start hand-loading, He broke it down and finally I understood.
I understand what you're saying, I do. I'm just amazed how much groups open up from 50yd to 100yd. As I said I'm not expecting match grade accuracy from it, but am I out of line thinking it would shoot better than 6-8" groups at 100yd? I guess I just expected somewhat better results from it seeing as that it's of newer manufacture with (folly of assuming) better barrel metallurgy and updated barrel manufacturing.

Oh well, I guess shooting ARs just spoiled me somewhat. I'll try to keep things in perspective and actually don't mind testing different brands and types of ammo. I shot some more groups yesterday, just haven't have time to upload and post. I'll try tomorrow.