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Thread: The Model 1917 Smith & Wesson Sixgun

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    Post The Model 1917 Smith & Wesson Sixgun

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    After today, it's all historical.

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    Thanks for posting. The 1917 is one model S&W that I'd like to acquire. I've got other S&W revolvers chambered in 45 ACP but not a 1917.
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    The Post Offices used to be issued these revolvers. When I was in Elementary School, in the 50's, our class toured the local Post Office. Behind every window, there was a revolver like this.

    Wow, they even had a bulletin board with the FBI's most wanted criminal's posters on it. We were given some older posters of criminals who had been caught, or killed, as souvenirs.

    J Edgar was alive and well, then.

    Those were the days......
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    I've been eyeing a Smith 325 Thunder Ranch in 45 ACP myself.
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