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Thread: A youtube video that bodes some positive news for the future.... :D

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    A youtube video that bodes some positive news for the future.... :D

    This is Tim Poole, a LIBERAL youtube vlogger, but his analysis is very interesting. Also even mainstream news outlets are grudgingly admitting that all those 'march for our lives' anti gun marches are 90% old hippy libtards with college degrees in Gender studies, etc. The old 'academia ivory tower' mentality is strong in a bunch of old farts, but apparently the next incoming batch of young voters just aren't buying the liberal propaganda anymore.

    I must admit, I feel BETTER watching the analysis in this video. It's just a video of some young guy talking but give it a try. He talks FAST though but I can relate to what he is saying. So what's my take away from this? Go out and continue to introduce young folks to firearms. Introduce them to shooting and collecting. Help them out wherever you can. Do your part to swing the pendulum back away from the abyss.

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    Well that would be nice.


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