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Thread: Picked Up One Of My Bucket List Guns Today

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    Picked Up One Of My Bucket List Guns Today

    A friend calls and says a guy is bringing over a Savage 99 in .308 and wanted to know if I were still interested in one (I mentioned to him about 2 years ago that I was looking for one). I told him, yes, I am still interested and if he comes over with it, to give me a call. About 3 hours later, he calls and says the guy brought him the rifle and it was there if I wanted it. I told him I'd be there within the hour.

    The metal is immaculate and there are a few chips in the finish missing on the forearm, but it looks like it's been well taken care of. And, it's topped off with a scope and see-through mounts.

    So, for $625, I brought one of my dream guns home.

    I've been wanting one for a long time and can't believe it finally happened.

    One of my heroes actually preferred this same rifle (I believe he used a different caliber 99, but it was still a 99).

    Scroll down the linked page and there are a few of his photos with this rifle. I can't make it out, but it looks like his wife had one, too.

    When I get the ability to take a decent photo, I'll post a photo of the one I bought.
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    Congrats on picking up one of your dreams! Savage 99 is a really nice rifle!

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    Good for you. A 99 in .308 is on my short list too. Looking forward to the photos.
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    I have one in 243,it's a great shooter.your really going to like the 99!!


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