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Thread: Shutdown Poll

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    I liked it when CNN morons report how walls don't work by showing walls with nobody around. Hello... hello... how can you survive without a brain?

    Fun story to read!

    Dear Mr. President:

    Keep it shut down until Peloci, Schumer, and even that ultramoron obama step up and admit they are really for a wall and give you the ability to protect our borders which by the way is one of the things our constitution delegates to the federal government.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ltorlo64 View Post
    Here is the link, the poll is after the story.

    Currently more people are saying that the Democrats should be the ones compromising, on an MSN poll. That is interesting and heartening all at the same time.

    Why doesn't Trump just executive order it through the way Obongo did?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krupski View Post
    Why doesn't Trump just executive order it through the way Obongo did?
    Executive Orders can be overturned by the next President, with just a signature. I'm sure that, with the mentality of the Dimocrats, that would be the first thing the next Dimocrat President would do.

    It's a lot harder to undo a bill once it's passed and implemented.
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