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Thread: Good news! I found a Broker!

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    Good news! I found a Broker!

    You all know I am in Canada but good news. I found a broker with offices in Arizona and British Columbia that exports guns and parts from the US to Canada. So I can painlessly buy from the US now. When I buy things from the US the person mails the item to the Arizona warehouse and they ship to their British Columbia warehouse and then to me. Simple... Costs me a whopping $35 for the first line item and $20 for every other in the same order. So If all the items are the same. For example I order 5 CZ 75 barrels. This counts as one line item.

    My first order is a Walther P1 slide... Already in progress.

    My next quest is a Radom VIS 35 barrel. This one is going to take some digging.

    Anyone know where to look?
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    rci - I hope this helps your "addiction".
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    I would try jacks first gun parts,or,Simpson ltd.


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