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I wonder if there could be some kind of private fundraiser nationwide and using private contractors on land owned by private landowners that want it using the type of wall that has been found most effective using those specs......
That would keep the stretches shorter for the funds available when they come up
Well now:

Construction On The First-Ever Private Border Wall Begins
Construction began over Memorial Day weekend on a privately-funded border wall between the U.S. and Mexico, the first project of its kind.
We Build The Wall, a viral online campaign calling on everyday Americans to fund a U.S.-Mexico wall, broke ground over the weekend, the organizers revealed on Monday. About a mile of 18-foot steel bollard wall was built along the southern border between El Paso Texas and Sunland Park, New Mexico.
The wall is similar to the design used by U.S. Border Patrol, but the organizers claim their wall can be built faster and cheaper. The project was led by construction mogul Tommy Fisher, CEO of Fisher Industries.
Not sure this part is such a good idea:

The entire project will cost between $6 million and $8 million. However, organizers say once everything is complete, they will sell the wall to the federal government for a total of $1.