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Thread: Another gun that was on my bucket list has been acquired... PSL-54

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    Another gun that was on my bucket list has been acquired... PSL-54

    So I made the mistake of going to the Fun Show this weekend... and as I walked around I ran across a NIB, 2018 Cugir Manufactured, PSL-54 with the Optic (Russian in this case) for $1700.00. I thought about it for awhile before finnaly jst saying "Screw it" and I picked it up. It is fantastic shape and absolutely beautiful rifle...

    Anyway, I have always wanted one but every time I find one it is either...
    A) Beat up
    B) A kitbash
    C) WAY Overpriced
    D) A Combo of the three

    I know it was pricey.. but I figure for a NIB Cugir Built example with all the fixins?

    Why not?
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    Pretty. Nice score....
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    That is another one of those that I wish I didn't let get away.

    Beautiful looking rifle! Congrats on checking one off your bucket list!

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    Congrats on the purchase.
    I get to do this once a year (fed refund $$)


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    Great-looking rifle & accessories. You are now a Designated Marksman.
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    You didn't do too bad. At shotshow Century said the next batch they import is going to be priced at $2500
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