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Thread: "We Were the Lucky Ones" by Georgia Hunter

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    "We Were the Lucky Ones" by Georgia Hunter

    Just finished “We Were the Lucky Ones” by Georgia Hunter. It is a historical novel about Ms. Hunter’s ancestors who were Polish Jews during WWII. While Ms. Hunter was in high school she was surprised to find out that some of her Aunts and Uncles had lived in Europe during WWII. As she asked more questions she found out that some of her relatives had survived the Holocaust. She started gathering information, reading and researching what had happened, and interviewing family members to write this book. While the primary story drivers actually happened, she fills in the details that were missing based on her research, which is why this is a historical novel instead of a biography or family history. Once I started it was hard to put down. I highly recommend this book. I would also say it is appropriate for about 10th grade and up.

    Much of the beginning of the story takes place in Radom, Poland. I remembered seeing Radom pistols from WWII for sale not that long ago for about $300, IIRC. Now that I had some history of what happened there I decided to see if I could still get one. I can, but now they start at $1100 for the ones I could find! Hate it when I miss a good deal! Those that made the pistols, however, did not get a good deal at all.
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    Sounds interesting. I was adopted from a family of polish refugees, and from what i could find out, my mother was jewish. I don't know much about my family, my adopted parents kept my adoption a secret for 17 years. I did manage to find one of my sisters in Augusta, Georgia who was born here in the states two years before me and she filled me in on how we got here, and apparently I was the lucky one, after i was adopted out my mother died and the rest of the family went through some pretty tough times


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