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Thread: So I got one of the new Galil rifles from American Tactical, the Galeo

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    So I got one of the new Galil rifles from American Tactical, the Galeo

    I had been excited about the new Galeo (Galil) rifle from American Tactical ever since I saw that it was introduced at SHOT Show this year. Aim Surplus got the hook up and I was able to get one from them a couple of weeks ago. Since SHOT Show, I started buying up steel surplus Galil mags in anticipation of using them in the rifle.

    When the rifle came in, I looked it over and was very happy about it and excited to shoot it - that is, until I found out that surplus mags do not work. Four surplus Orlite mags will not lock-in. All of my steel surplus mags lock-in, but none of them feed. The bolt rides over the top cartridge and jams up on the shoulder of the casing, denting the unfired cartridge. Bummer. On the plus side, the rifle comes with one Tapco magazine that locks-in and feeds perfectly. So out of the 17 mags I have for this rifle, only one of them works... Looks like I'm either sending the rifle back to American Tactical to tinker with and probably never fix or just getting rid of it.

    Long story short, do not buy this rifle unless you are only using the ugly-ass Tapco mags with it.

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    Nice looking rifle. Too bad about the mags.
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    Yeah, that truly sucks about surplus mags not fitting. That & availability of ammo are always two prime considerations for me when buying a military rifle.
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