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Thread: Sometime it pays to have your Favorite Gunbroker sellers automatically send their new listings!

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    Sometime it pays to have your Favorite Gunbroker sellers automatically send their new listings!

    Locust Fork is a 2nd generation store front FFL and one of my favorites as she does a lot of estate auctions and sometimes she has some pretty interesting stuff. Her descriptions are spot-on accurate, lots of pictures and prompt shipping as well! (yes I'm a fan of hers!)

    I'd been skipping over my emails of anything firearms related for sale as my 1962 VW Baja has decimated my fun money account ... but for some reason I took a look last week and saw she had listed a 8x56 Kahles Wien Helia-Super ... when I got my 550 it had a factory marked fixed 4x which isn't enough for my old eyes ... but when I saw this I knew it would be perfect for my 550, and it is. It's an older steel tube, with a spot of rust where the metal rivet for the front cover had rubbed and a small ding in the tube (all was disclosed and excellent pictures) but otherwise its perfect ... and for $355 I think I got a steal!

    I happened to have as set of steel NATO rings to mount it on the factory mount (I'd bought extra sets of rings a decade ago for an AUG Special Receiver and Steyr SSG) , an it looks right at home, I can't wait to take it out and get it dialed in!!!!

    My Baja had more problems than I had bargained for but is coming along nicely ... it didn't come with an engine but I bought a sad 72 super beetle for $600 and rebuilt the engine from it ... then sold it for $400 ... but little did I know the Baja had a bad transaxle and seemingly endless wiring problems but a used trans and it seems miles of wire to get the very simple 62 rewired.

    Here's a pic of the money pit ... its going to be a street baja as I've always liked the look but my bones wont take the pounding of a actual baja course ... it'll be good for driving out to post targets at the farm which will be the extent of its baja-ing

    The previous 1600 dual port is now an 1800 with twin dual carbs, headers, improved cooling ... its still a work in progress, I kinda wish I'd painted the white in the German flag colors instead but only recently thought of it. Anyway my graphic looks like ripped metal with a US flag underneath, they're inbound and painting over the white may happen anyway. Repainting the blue will have to wait until next year as I'm running low on patience ... but I'd still like to figure out what to put in the hood scallops

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    Nice hobby pieces you have there. Both look like tons of fun!

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    Cool! Like them both!
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    Sweet! Love the case it came with? too!


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