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Thread: WTF is it with "cookie warnings"???

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    WTF is it with "cookie warnings"???

    I am ready to start punching the walls... or something.

    EVERY DAMN WEBSITE I go to lately pops up crap like this:

    So, I looked it up and, sure as shit it's an EU (European Union) thing. Figures.

    From :

    Why you need a cookie banner on your website.

    A cookie banner is a pop-up that appears when a visitor comes to a website.
    Websites use cookies to collect data from visitors. Cookie banners serve two purposes:
    to let visitors know that their data is being collected and will be used for certain purposes,
    and to get their consent to use the data.


    The EU first regulated this matter with the ePrivacy Directive in 2002, requiring website owners to get consent from their visitors.
    This is when cookie banners started appearing all over the internet.
    The GDPR (General Data Privacy Regulation), which came into effect in May 2018,
    also requires cookie banners, but imposes heavier fines for those who do not comply.
    "Heavier fines" Oh MY !!!

    Now, call me confused, but when someone merely CLICKS on a website, hundreds of K-bytes of HTML, CSS, Javascript and other data are IMMEDIATELY sent to the web browser (to generate the web page!), but, "by law" users need to give "permission" to receive 100 bytes or so of cookies?

    Cookies do not have magical "spying powers", all they are for is to store a small amount of user specific data (such as "first visit date" or your monitor screen size).

    Out of the hundreds of KB of data that flows into your computer and web browser merely to show a webpage, why is the EU so freaking concerned about 100 bytes of cookie???

    Right now as I type there are 35,376 characters of data (text, CSS, scripts, etc...) and a grand total of 68 characters in 7 cookies (last visit, editor height, user id, password (encrypted), etc..

    So according to the dumbass Europeans I should feel that my privacy is in jeopardy because Gunsnet sent me 68 bytes of cookies without my permission???


    Here... have some cookies!

    Nope hold on there... keep your mitts off those cookies! You have to press the green "accept" button first, otherwise some fag from Europe will try to take your gunz!!! And give you a "heavy" fine!!!


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    I've gotten so I trust the Brits about as much as I trust the Chinese....(both of them are on a "control everything" campaign) , so screw them all. I'm perfectly happy NOT going to their websites.
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    Someone say cookies?
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    I suppose it counts as a click to their advertisers.
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    Interesting thought, that the cookies send a signal to advertisers letting them know where to spend their money.


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