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Thread: Syria hits Turk convoy in Syria

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    Syria hits Turk convoy in Syria

    Syria: Airstrikes hit Turkish military convoy moving towards Idlib front
    A convoy carrying supplies to a Turkish military outpost in Syria’s embattled Idlib province was struck by aircraft supporting the Syrian government forces, Turkey’s Defense Ministry said on Monday, 19 August.
    The convoy was headed south towards a Turkish observation point near Khan Sheikhoun, where Turkish Army forces and Syrian rebels are at risk of being encircled by the advancing Syrian Army.
    “During the transit an air strike launched on our convoy at 8:55 a.m. [0555 GMT] caused three civilians to lose their lives and left 12 civilians wounded,” the statement read, adding that the Turkish government “strongly” condemns the attack.
    The convoy included several dozen armored vehicles and personnel carriers, as well as tanks, according to AFP.

    Turkey was/is the main conduit of logistics and manpower for isis. This could become very interesting as the last dregs of isis/moderate isis are excised.
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    I'd sure hate to see those two level each other.

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    I'd hate to see a bunch of allah akbars going off too..... LOL Altarboy.


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