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Thread: Armalite Run Down: Just why was it the AR-15? What does AR even stand for?

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    Post Armalite Run Down: Just why was it the AR-15? What does AR even stand for?

    After today, it's all historical.

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    I did a whole write up on Armalite before the old site crashed. Armalite Rifle essentially. The early full automatics after Colt bought the right from Fairchild (a division of Armailite) actually had Armalite Colt on the recievers. Armalite/Fairchild really fucked up at the wrong time. Just before Vietnam got going they sold the division off. Just pisspoor timing or financial need. The AR-18 came about after Armalite realized their mistake when Army trials for a new weapon began, They tried to compete with the AR15 they just sold off, but lost out and eventually sold some AR18's to varying countries, but not many compared to what Colt reaped off the stupid sale by Armalite.

    I should've bought the Armalite Colt AR15 a dealer had when I bought my AR18(one of about 400 transferables in the US), i believe the Armalite Colt AR15 is even more rare.

    That link isn't real accurate for history.
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