It could possibly be a strategy starting to show here.
I'm seeing the "lawmakers" finally starting to come together on something.
When Trump came into office there was an atmosphere of putting an end to the "endless wars".
Now that he seems to be doing that the repercussion are becoming visible and getting proper focus.
Rather than making the call himself which I think he'd really like to do, with extreme prejudice, he's putting it in the laps of the "lawmakers"
If they make the call it's on them and somewhat a unified decision and a stronger position if we get in the scrap
Takes me back to after the Viet Nam war and the killing fields of Cambodia
Some of the prior anti war protesters saw what was going on and said we had to do something
Well hey guess what, we were trying to and you guys said stop and get out
So now "just how strong are you on this?"
He'll take the heat on the on withdrawal just to get them to commit one way or another