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Thread: Police trade in Jericho 941 review.

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    Police trade in Jericho 941 review.

    ok, So my friend has been looking for a steel frame Jericho with the safety on the frame for about two years now. He wanted so hard he made me want. Anyway I noticed one of our importers had a 8 on hand. So I made a phone call to my LGS and asked that they bring one in for him. They brought in 5 of the 8. So Naturally. I bought one as well. $375. Not too bad of a price for being only 8. They had some marked with IWI and some with IMI. I took an IMI one. When I got it home and really started looking it over I noticed it was caked with a tan coloured cement like substance. And this made me think because I ordered a vintage watch some time ago from Ebay that had come from Israel and that had the same crap on it. I figured the guy was a drywaller or something but it is this stuff. So I would guess it is the environment over there. If so, the gun must hold up pretty good to stuff like that.

    regardless. I dismantled the gun and cleaned it with a tooth brush in a sink full of hot water and Mr clean. Its clean now. Spotless. So after a good soaking in CLP and a wipe down I started to play around with it. I noticed right away that the Single action only trigger is very good. It is light and crisp. Just dandy. I was originally planning on switching it back to DA/SA but I have decided to leave it as is. The trigger is too nice. Just got to treat it like a Browning hi power or a 1911. No biggy. The grips on this are well worn so I may be changing them out soon. The rest of the gun is about what I would expect. The hard chrome finish is still very much intact although polished to a shine in a couple places from holster rub. The internals are what a gun would look like with a few thousand rounds though it. Not really worn but some spots are a bit polished. The magazine that came with the gun is new IWI.

    Alright fast forward to range day. The barrels on these have polygonal rifling. Similar to glock and HK. I know the drawbacks of shooting cast lead from a polygonal barrel but I did it anyway. I brought a pack of 100 handholds using cast bullets and HS6 and a box of 50 of Barnaul steel cased stuff. I figure if it can get through all this then it will feed the better stuff. It was no problem. Mag was also no big deal to load by hand. I was surprised. The cast bullets grouped pretty wide. I did my first shots from 30 yards and was not able to reliably hit the paper. So I moved up to 20 and then 10. I fired the remainder of these cast bullets at 10 yards. They all fed properly and the brass fell in a relatively uniform spot. I started into the Barnaul ammo. Fired a mag from 30 and was able to get on the paper better then the cast bullets. I then moved up to 10 yards and chewed another coffee cup size hole in it. the gun shoots fine. Feeds and ejects fine. I am also a fan of the brushed chrome finish. Overall I consider this a very decent pistol. I am glad I bought it and will bee keeping it.

    I have included a picture and a video.

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    I almost got one of those. Glad you like it.
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