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Thread: help identify this Sharps repro

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    help identify this Sharps repro

    The sellers ad says "Almost nib 1250.00 shipped tang sight marked sharps 45-70 calibre photos avaliable please provide email address". The part that is bugging me is the matt finish and the single trigger. This doesn't line up with any of Pedersoli's current production sharps. The Tang sight is a new production and new cost $250. It doesn't really sway me either way because it is for carrying when deer hunting and range fun. I won't me doing much long range work with it. The only model Pedersoli offers with a matt finish is their "Business" model. But that has two triggers. Also the polished parts of the wood where the hand holds the rifle indicates to me that it is not "Almost NIB". That takes a lot of handling to polish wood like that. What do you guys think? A new one is going to run me $1600 plus tax and shipping. So this is a bargain if the guy is telling me the truth. If he is not then I am stuck with a $1250 wall hangar.

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    Are there any markings on the top of the barrel just forward of the breech?

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    If you're not doing long range you don't really need the tang sight and it doesn't have a rear sight on the barrel so doesn't seem to fit your needs
    Probably pretty heavy for a field gun as well
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