Just wanted to stop by and drop off a link and hopefully stir some interest for a multi-purpose rally in Salem on the 6th of Feb.

An anti:
cap and tax and gun control event to let the legislators know we are not going away, we are not giving up our weapons and their plan to tax everything we do in the name of global climate change can't happen.

They passed the business income tax last session which defies the Oregon constitution for no sales tax. They seem to think if they only tax businesses with over $700k Gross sales we wont notice. That unconstitutional tax is on farmers, trucking companies, grocery store, retailers and basically every link in the chain of our society. They got little push back so far so they are using the special session to throw cap and tax at us plus a whole redo of the last gun bill with mandatory gun lock up, so they can prosecute you if a gun stolen from you is used in a crime unless you can "prove" it was locked up. The second link shows the proposed guns bill and it's "common sense" tyranny that is a clone to last years absurd proposed laws, all of which are also unconstitutional in Oregon. But these people do not care about the rules.....

Long story short, they do not care if what they are doing is illegal because they feel we will roll over and take it like we have in the past. We have to stop them AGAIN. PLEASE show up and be seen.