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Thread: Anyone getting constant robo-calls offering "Health Advisor"?

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    Anyone getting constant robo-calls offering "Health Advisor"?

    I've gotten 198 calls from a range of 8 different unrecognized phone numbers (this is just today!).

    I normally don't answer any number that isn't in my contacts list. But today I picked up and just listened. It was a robo-call from "Anne" from "Health Advisor" (that's all I know since I then hung up).

    I looked online and found a lot of complaints of constant calls (supposedly because it's an open enrollment period for some sort of healthcare plan).

    I wonder where they got my number from. Any of you guys getting this crap?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krupski View Post
    I wonder where they got my number from.
    When I was coming up to my time for medicare it was amazing how many people new of my birthday from all over the country
    It's not legal for them contact without permission but do anyway
    The guy I use actually came to the house to ask first before calling me
    He showed me a county map insurance agents have of all the upcoming 65 yr olds
    They have it divided up so they have an even balance for the different agents
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