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Thread: Coronavirus

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    Watched Tucker on fox nation with Robert Kennedy Jr. He has amassed one he'll of a story and wrote a book about the real dr Fauci. The corruption goes way beyond what even I imagined. It covers Bill gates and all the entaglments of power and intelligence. A sample is in this video. Fox nation has 90 days free and gas a shitload of good stuff I know people hear would like btw, not proof read and from little phone keyboard

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    watch the fox nation full interview about an hour long. The man is a true patriot and has a better grip on what is happening than most

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    Vaers is reported to be under reporting by 90%

    I have so many jpg files but the upload process here is one of the worst I have ever encountered
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    Quote Originally Posted by alismith View Post
    And that, right there, is proof the GOP politicians were wrong. There is a way to pay for all of Idiot Joe's Infrastructure Bill.

    I hope the Commucrats don't miss this opportunity.
    a pleasant thought but the dems are as owned by pharma or moreso than the reps
    "And how we burned in the camps later thinking, what would things have been like, if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain, whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?"

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    OSHA Suspends Enforcement of Biden’s Vaccine Mandate
    The OSHA website page dedicated to the COVID Vaccine Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) reads: “While OSHA remains confident in its authority to protect workers in emergencies, OSHA has suspended activities related to the implementation and enforcement of the ETS pending future developments in the litigation.”

    Alarm grows as mortuaries fill with thousands of extra non-Covid deaths
    Latest figures from the Office for National Statistics showed that England and Wales registered 20,823 more deaths than the five-year average in the past 18 weeks. Only 11,531 deaths involved Covid.
    bet its the vax that got em
    "And how we burned in the camps later thinking, what would things have been like, if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain, whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by PROBASCO View Post
    Vaers is reported to be under reporting by 90%

    I have so many jpg files but the upload process here is one of the worst I have ever encountered
    You can upload your pictures to after you register and link your photos here.

    “I have little patience with people who take the Bill of Rights for granted. The Bill of Rights, contained in the first ten amendments to the Constitution, is every American’s guarantee of freedom.” - - President Harry S. Truman, “Years of Trial and Hope”

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5.56NATO View Post
    Alarm grows as mortuaries fill with thousands of extra non-Covid deaths
    Latest figures from the Office for National Statistics showed that England and Wales registered 20,823 more deaths than the five-year average in the past 18 weeks. Only 11,531 deaths involved Covid.
    bet its the vax that got em
    Gee, who would think that people are dying that are not related to COVID!!! I never realized that mankind had figured out how to live forever. Must be climate change!

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    Quote Originally Posted by imanaknut View Post
    Gee, who would think that people are dying that are not related to COVID!!! I never realized that mankind had figured out how to live forever. Must be climate change!
    what theyre trying to do is lead the inquiry of questionable deaths away from the virus (wich shows the vax doesnt work in the case where the dead was vaxd) and the vax (showing the vax is deadly)
    "And how we burned in the camps later thinking, what would things have been like, if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain, whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?"

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    Physician Assistant: 'My bosses didn’t want me to report Covid-19 vaccine side effects'
    Physician Assistant Deborah Conrad says when she saw a flood of Covid-19 vaccine adverse events in the ER at the hospital where she worked, her superiors discouraged her from reporting them to the federal database VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System).

    CEO of American Trucking Association Reveals 37 Percent of Truckers Will Not Comply With Vaccine Mandate – The Consequences Would Collapse Supply Chains and Civic Society
    To give some perspective of the downstream consequence, the ATA President noted that “if just 3.7 percent, not 37 percent, just 3.7 percent” of the drivers left the industry, there would be over a quarter million vacancies resulting in a “catastrophic” collapse of the U.S. supply chain. Mr. Spear also shared his opinion the OSHA rule is completely unworkable and unlawful.

    “Died Suddenly” Now Trending On Google Search As Mockingbird Media Attempts To Cover For “Vaxxed” Deaths
    Yes, they are covering up lots of “sudden deaths.” Nearly every week, there are celebrities dying and no cause stated, but we know in most cases, they have taken the experimental COVID shot. Now, it’s finally becoming clearer to many more people the Mockingbird media is in on the crime of Big Pharma and DC organized crime drug hustlers.

    FDA Asks Federal Judge to Grant it Until the Year 2076 to Fully Release Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine Data
    The fed gov’t shields Pfizer from liability. Gives it billions of dollars. Makes Americans take its product. But won’t let you see the data supporting its safety/efficacy. Who does the gov't work for?

    Pfizer failed to report six deaths of Covid vaccine recipients when it updated its clinical trial results in July
    I am reupping this piece and making it available for everyone in the widest and simplest form because it is too important to miss.

    The one-paragraph summary: Pfizer told the world 15 recipients of Comirnaty had died in its pivotal trial. The real number was 21 - compared to only 17 people who didn’t get the shot.

    Texas Doctor Resigns After Hospital Suspends, Investigates Her For Warning About Covid Shots, Promoting Ivermectin
    Houston Methodist health officials began investigating and suspended a Texas doctor last week for spreading “dangerous misinformation” about Covid-19 and promoting the efficacy of ivermectin, prompting the physician to resign from the hospital on Monday.

    Covid jab compensation claims soar in Australia
    Australia’s government could be forced to spend tens of millions in payouts after receiving more than 10,000 compensation claims from people who suffered side effects and loss of income due to Covid-19 vaccines.

    Media Blitz: Surge in Heart Disease Due to 'Climate Change,' 'Broken Heart Syndrome,' 'Pandemic Anxiety'

    SHOCKING New England Journal of Medicine Study: Vaccine Immunity Wanes Against COVID Virus After ONLY 2 MONTHS
    For over a year Dr. Fauci has blocked successful treatments and over-promised on ineffective vaccines. But at least Big Pharma made record profits.

    Booster Doses are Extremely Dangerous and They Will Make Everything Worse
    Additional vaccinations will drive infections up, not down.

    Unbelievable but apparently true - there’s been a complete news blackout on the OSHA decision to suspend mandate implementation

    'It's unacceptable': Several Calif. children sick after receiving wrong dose of COVID vaccine
    As to going forward, Sutter Health says, "we immediately reviewed our processes to help make sure this doesn't happen again."

    A whistleblower has leaked an email exchange dating to October 2020, in which the Chief of Staff to Minnesota Governor Tim Walz tells the state’s Department of Health that the Department’s numbers on how covid was spreading were “less useful than what I expected” because “these numbers are small.” The Commissioner of Health said, in turn, that “people look at the primary case numbers and think those are small impacts that don’t justify the dial backs we propose.” She urges her staff to engage in “creative thinking.”

    Pfizer Wont' Give Away Its Secret Vaccine Recipe
    Pfizer Inc., along with its German partner BioNTech, delivered a Covid-19 vaccine that is expected to generate $36 billion of profit this year. Bloomberg's Stephanie Baker reports on the company's battle to control and protect the vaccine recipe amid calls to ramp up distribution in the world's poorest nations. She speaks on "Quicktake Charge."

    FBI launch urgent probe after 'SMALLPOX is found in Merck facility in Philadelphia while cleaning out a freezer': Disease is so deadly samples are only supposed to be kept in two labs in the world
    Fifteen vials, five labeled smallpox, were found at a facility outside Philadelphia
    They were discovered by a lab worker cleaning out a freezer Tuesday night
    The deadly virus killed 300 million people in the 1900s and was eradicated with a mass vaccination campaign
    Samples are only supposed to be stored at two labs in Russia and Atlanta
    Most Americans today are not vaccinated against it; the FBI is now investigating
    great so now fbi has access to smallpox

    Bill Gates warns of smallpox terror attacks as he seeks research funds
    Bill Gates has warned governments to prepare for smallpox terror attacks and future pandemics by investing billions into research and development.
    Mr Gates made the comments in a Policy Exchange interview with the chair of the health select committee Jeremy Hunt.
    He said that countries like the US and the UK must spend “tens of billions”
    wonder if bill will be funding event 202 next

    US gov’t just bought $113 million of obscure smallpox drug…
    Up to Approximately $113 Million of Oral TPOXX® Targeted for Delivery to the U.S. Government in the Fourth Quarter -

    Experts Call For ‘Urgent Inquiry’ As Mortuaries Fill With Thousands Of Extra Non-Covid Deaths
    Around 10,000 more people than usual have died in the UK from non-covid reasons over the past four months, causing experts to call for an urgent government inquiry to find out if the deaths were preventable.
    i take this as empirical proof the vax is doing what it was designed to do

    The public is being warned! Will they try smallpox next? Vials labeled ‘Smallpox’ found at vaccine research facility in Pennsylvania
    Several vials labeled “smallpox” have been found at a vaccine research facility in Pennsylvania, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Tuesday.

    Smallpox: Threat Or False Flag? A Telling Timeline
    On November 16, 2021, it was reported that 15 vials of smallpox (variola) were found at Merck’s North Wales, PA laboratory in a freezer. While many people are panicking about smallpox being used as a bioweapon to unleash on Americans, as Bill Gates suggested just a couple weeks ago, the real question is – were there really vials found, or is this to invoke panic, siphon off another slush fund, and potentially prep for a future false flag event as another cover story to build the human enslavement system the globalists so desire?

    Houston Health Dept Workers Caught on VIDEO Going Door-to-Door Asking Residents: “Have you been vaccinated?…Which one did you get?”
    A stunning home security camera shows a team of four people who identify as employees of the Houston Health Department in Texas going door-to-door at an apartment complex, asking residents if they or any members of their family have received a COVID jab?

    Again! Nearly 100 students get wrong dose of COVID vaccine at school
    Even though this is the second such child vaccination hiccup in the same area in a week, the story still hasn't gotten much mention nationally -- in part, no doubt, because it doesn't fit the narrative for some outlets or because tech giants like Google are demonetizing publications that do run with this. (The Western Journal is dedicated to fighting this -- and if you appreciate our coverage, please consider subscribing.)

    “Purebloods”… Controversial new slang term for unvaccinated gains steam…
    “Looking for employee. Vineland. Woodworking business 20$ to start but rises with experience,” said the post on an encrypted, by invitation only page on the Telegram platform. “Current staff are all purebloods.”

    Pfizer Doesn’t Care About Your Kids Life And A Warning From General Flynn
    It’s not a conspiracy theory when the conspiracy is real. The globalists openly conspire to control you and form a communist one world government. Using a pandemic has been the plan for a long time.
    "And how we burned in the camps later thinking, what would things have been like, if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain, whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?"

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    SpayVac is a vaccine sterilization; theONLY vaccine that shares the same booster schedule as COVID vax. It is also the only one that has the same storage requirements including storage in extreme cold. Coincidence? If they were doing a switcheroo, how would you know?

    Small Pox or Ebola: Which Plague will be Weaponized and RELEASED on Humanity Next?
    Back in 1999 they dug up Bodies in Alaska to get the Spanish Flu Flu. Has it been Weaponized? Six unearthed bodies yield clues to 1918 Spanish influenza outbreak; Frozen corpses found in Norwegian Arctic help scientists study virus
    The China Virus, Covid19, was a trial run…, a dress rehearsal for the mass murderers! It did not kill and maim as many as they had hoped for.

    It's Not Just Small Pox, It's Small Pox + Ebola That Will Soon Be Released
    This is a two part series which explain in as layman terms as possible the nature of the smallpox that was recently discovered and unbelievably publicly abandoned. This series will expose that we are dealing with just smallpox, we are dealing with hemorragic smallpox, which brings in Ebola to the situation. The first part of the article will expose, step by step, the lethality of what is soon to be released upon an unsuspecting public. We are dealing with Hemorragic Smallpox, not just smallpox. In supporting this bold statement, this article will provide contextual evidence as well as a direct presenatation of how this smallpox got to be the most deadly pathogen on the public.

    Why Is The Media Suddenly No Longer Interested In Blaming COVID Waves On Red States
    By now, it’s become a truth universally acknowledged that the media must continually be in search of a governor and specific political ideology to blame when COVID cases rise.
    Well, I’m old enough to remember when it was a truth universally acknowledged.
    But that was way back in the summer, when cases were rising in the Southern states, mostly run by Republican governors who refused to acquiesce to demands from the media to mandate masks and vaccine passports.

    SIGA Announces BARDA Exercise of Procurement Option Valued at $112.5 Million for Oral TPOXX®
    NEW YORK, Sept. 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SIGA Technologies, Inc. (SIGA) (NASDAQ: SIGA), a commercial-stage pharmaceutical company, today announced the exercise of a procurement option under its 75A50118C00019 (19C) contract with Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), part of the office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for the delivery of oral TPOXX® treatment courses valued at approximately $112.5 million to the U.S. government. Product deliveries in connection with the option exercise are targeted for 2021.

    JOE BIDEN’S NEW MILITARY: Navy Sailors Who Refuse COVID Jab To Be Discharged…Not Eligible To Re-Enlist…Not ONE Religious Exemption Was Approved
    The U.S. Navy is discharging all sailors who have refused the COVID vaccine, stripping them of all special pays and education benefits. No religious exemptions have been approved by the Navy, and only six medical exemptions have been accepted. If active-duty sailors did not get their last dose of the vaccine by November 14, the separation process has already begun for them.


    ‘Scientists mystified’ that Africa unafflicted by Covid… just 6 percent of Africa is vaxxed…

    US moves to authorize 4th dose of Big Pharma vaxx… for 6 months after 3rd shot…

    Army orders commanders to 'flag' unvaccinated troops to block reenlistment, effectively end careers
    Fox News obtained a Nov. 16 memorandum from Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth detailing how commanding officers should flag soldiers who refuse COVID-19 vaccination orders, which will allow the service to retire the troops or separate them "upon expiration of term of service."

    A 2nd person has been 'naturally' cured of HIV without medical intervention, scientists say
    Since 2017, an international team of researchers has been poring over the patient's DNA in search of traces of the virus. The team even checked her placenta after she gave birth in March 2020, STAT reported. After sequencing billions of cells, the scientists have confirmed the woman is HIV-free.

    DO YOU WANT TO GIVE BIRTH TO A HUMAN-ANIMAL CHIMERA? Scientists Genetically Engineer New Sperm Cells From Beasts For Infertile Humans
    Male infertility can be an awkward topic to discuss for many patients, but on a global level, a concerning upward trend has become apparent. More and more men all over the world are finding out from their doctors that they are infertile. However, groundbreaking new stem cell research by scientists at the University of Georgia is offering up some serious hope for new clinical infertility therapies in the not-so-distant future. For the first time ever, scientists have successfully created functional sperm cells in a dish using primate embryonic stem cells.

    Breaking exclusive: Emory University is training ground for Chinese military scientists linked to biowarfare research with funding from Dr. Fauci
    Having established an anchor at Emory University with the hiring of Ling Ye, the Chinese military expanded its presence surreptitiously via a 2007 agreement between the newly-established, Fauci-funded Center of Excellence for Influenza Research and Surveillance and China’s Harbin Veterinary Research Institute, a project led by Chinglai Yang.

    People Falling Over Dead On LIVE Television: This Is What They Meant For You Not To See

    Corporate-Owned Mockingbird Media Silent As Mass Protests Erupt Worldwide Against Lockdowns & Mandates
    The bought-and-paid-for Mockingbird media continues to ignore the mass protests across the world that have erupted to new, unlawful lockdowns and mandates with regard to CONvid-1984. But we’re here to show you the truth of the matter.

    “None shall buy or sell”… Austria imposes most beastly vaccine dictatorship the world has yet seen…
    First there was a “2G” rule for leisure facilities2. Now we have a “lockdown for the unvaccinated,” who are no longer allowed to enter various stores and public spaces and have to provide reasons to the police about why they are leaving their homes. Austrian police officers now demand Corona certificates from people walking in the backwoods of Upper Austria, and they patrol Viennese supermarkets to make sure that the unvaccinated pariahs are indeed buying only food, not toys (this is not a joke).

    Berenson Red Alert: People dying at 20 percent higher rate after taking beastly jab, according to Swedish data…
    People appear to die at rates 20 percent or more above normal for weeks after receiving their second Covid vaccine dose, according to data from a huge Swedish study.
    The figures are buried in a preprint paper on vaccine effectiveness released last month. The headline finding of the paper was that protection against Covid, including severe cases, plunged after six months.
    all who support the president will get their full vax schedule

    New study from Germany confirms higher vax coverage --> higher excess mortality
    The Harvard study showed vaccination makes things worse as far as cases goes. This new study from German shows that the more you vaccinate the more people get killed. Not a surprise to me.
    all who support the president will get their full vax schedule
    "And how we burned in the camps later thinking, what would things have been like, if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain, whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?"

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    rumour has it that vax serial numbers that end with 1 are placebo/saline, 2 is the dna jacking vax gates and dr falsie are peddling, and 3 is a dna hacking vax related to adenovirus with soft tissue cancers expected within 2 years

    Government’s Put a Bounty on Your Life: For Each COVID Patient Hospitals Receive About $100K Incentive Payments
    As we all know by now, the pharmaceutical industry is a FOR-PROFIT industry. In other words, it is a business. Big Pharma, like many other businesses out there, understands that advertising, lobbying, and marketing generate more money.

    “We Need to Investigate Fauci” – Democrat Dirty Deeds Will Be Addressed – Rep. Jim Jordan Talks with The Gateway Pundit
    Jim Jordan: You can’t have a Justice Department that is based on politics. And it’s supposed to based on the rule of law, equal treatment under the law. That’s how it’s supposed to operate. It doesn’t seem to be… When I first saw this story about the Justice Department going after parents in the school board situation, it reminded me on what took place about a decade ago when the IRS was going after conservatives… Now we see the Justice Department doing something even worse in my mind. Because they’re labeling parents and using the the domestic terrorism, the counterterrorism division of the FBI. That’s where the email came from. It came from the counterterrorism division of the FBI!… I think the letter was just a pretext for the government to go after parents which is even more frightening!

    Marine Corps compliance with vaccine mandate on course to be military's worst
    While 94 percent of Marine Corps personnel have met the vaccination requirement or are on a path to do so, according to the latest official data, for the remainder it is too late to begin a regimen and complete it by the service's Nov. 28 deadline. Within an institution built upon the belief that orders are to be obeyed, and one that brands itself the nation's premier crisis-response force, it is a vexing outcome.

    Disney has halted a coronavirus vaccine requirement for workers at Walt Disney World in Florida after Gov. Ron DeSantis signed legislation last week restricting such mandates for workplaces.

    Fauci Says Babies and Toddlers Could be Eligible For Covid Vaccine by Spring 2022
    “Hopefully within a reasonably short period of time, likely the beginning of next year in 2022, in the first quarter of 2022, it will be available to them,” Fauci told Insider.
    “Can’t guarantee it, you’ve got to do the clinical trial,” he added.
    Pfizer is currently testing the Covid vaccine in babies and toddlers.

    GOP embraces natural immunity as substitute for vaccines
    They contend that people who have recovered from the virus have enough immunity and antibodies to not need COVID-19 vaccines, and the concept has been invoked by Republicans as a sort of stand-in for vaccines.

    Vaccinated English adults under 60 are dying at twice the rate of unvaccinated people the same age
    And have been for six months. This chart may seem unbelievable or impossible, but it’s correct, based on weekly data from the British government.
    The brown line represents weekly deaths from all causes of vaccinated people aged 10-59, per 100,000 people.

    watch this

    Mystery Emerges Among COVID-19 Patterns In Los Angeles County
    Officials are trying to understand why some of LA's highest coronavirus case rates are currently in communities with high vaccination rates.

    The war on the ‘unvaccinated’ is a desperate attempt to demonize and destroy the control group
    I wanted to turn your attention to a side by side comparison map comparing the COVID pandemic of last year to this year. It is a true “photo is worth a million words” tweet from Rational Ground’s Woke Zombie:

    Nurse Sounds Alarm On Heinous Medical Malpractice: Immediate Intubation, Remdesivir Killed Covid Patients
    A nurse who has worked in the intensive care unit for over two decades is blowing the whistle on the disturbing malpractice she has witnessed and was subjected to in a hospital’s intensive care unit throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

    Reap What You Sow? Doctors Dropping in Deaths Described as “Died Unexpectedly” and “Died Suddenly” Since Mid-October
    The American Medical Association reported that 96% of U.S. doctors were vaccinated in June. Even with a 20-point error margin, accounting for saline/placebo shots and exemptions, a vast majority of doctors have received the shots. It’s only fair since doctors peddle the injections to their unwitting, credulous fanatics who worship the white coats.

    Fauci & Big Pharma Have Institutionalized Population Reduction
    It is difficult to image a person as stupid as Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte — except for every other political leader. He, like his peers, thinks lockdowns and vaccination are making people safe and happy by denying them freedom and killing and injuring them with the spike protein in the mRNA “vaccine.”

    now we know how the vax eats hearts

    ‘Hunting Down Of Physicians’ Underway Right Now

    Grisly data suggests the beastly jabs are killing UK teens… sickening…
    There has been a bit of commentary about the risk Covid-19 poses to UK teens and the merit or otherwise of vaccinating them in light of this risk. The Telegraph recently reported

    Dr. Fauci recently announced that after vaccinating children the federal government is planning on vaccinating infants.
    “Hopefully within a reasonably short period of time, likely the beginning of next year in 2022, in the first quarter of 2022, it will be available to them,” Fauci told Insider in an interview, adding, “you’ve got to do the clinical trial.”

    CDC Forced to Admit It Doesn’t Collect Data on Natural Immunity to COVID
    In response to a Freedom of Information Act request, the Centers for Disease and Control said it has no record of an individual previously infected with COVID becoming reinfected or transmitting the virus to others — because the agency doesn’t collect that data.

    Biden is highly likely vaccine injured; Newsom is DEFINITELY vaccine injured
    Peripheral neuropathy is extremely common after vaccination (an estimated 80% of vax injured have it), and the timing lines up perfectly. His doctors have ruled out every other cause.
    "And how we burned in the camps later thinking, what would things have been like, if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain, whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?"

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    Michael Flynn Goes Full Tinfoil Hat With Bonkers New COVID-19 Theory
    Donald Trump’s former national security adviser and pardoned felon, Michael Flynn, has offered up his latest batch of conspiracy nonsense, this time suggesting that the COVID-19 pandemic was orchestrated by unnamed “global elites” who could be preparing to unleash a new virus on humanity.
    “Their little plan with COVID didn’t work because too many people, you know, the world of what I call the digital warriors, or the citizen journalists that are out there. They are fighting for the truth, and so the truth has been exposed about all the COVID tyranny that we are facing,” Flynn told prominent conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on “The Alex Jones Show.”
    “So I think what we’re going to see is potentially another type of virus that’s imposed on the public.”

    Norfolk Doctor Filed Lawsuit Against Hospital on Ban of Life-Saving Ivermectin as Treatment for COVID-19 – Judge Denies Doctor’s Request
    “I think it’s criminal. It’s immoral, and it’s illegal,” says Paul Marik, MD, a founding member of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care (FLCCC) Alliance and the long-time director of the hospital’s critical care unit. He also serves as chair of the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School.

    mRNA Inventor Dr. Robert Malone Blames Fauci and US Covid Team of 500,000 Unnecessary Deaths

    Phoenix Officials Push to Defund the Police With Vaccine Mandates – Hundreds Expected To Quit – Police and Firefighters Ask AG Brnovich to Step In
    City officials in Phoenix, Arizona announced that all of the city’s thousands of employees must be vaccinated by January 18th or possibly face termination.


    Missouri Judge Rules COVID Mandates Are Unconstitutional
    Green has ruled that, since the constitution gives separate powers to different branches of government, the current ability of local officials was unconstitutional because the elected officials should be the only ones with the power to issue mandates. In his ruling, Green stated “Missouri’s local health authorities have grown accustomed to issuing edicts and coercing compliance. It is far past time for this unconstitutional conduct to stop.”

    There Are Now 365 Studies that Prove the Efficacy of Ivermectin and HCQ in Treating COVID-19 — Will Anyone Confront Fauci and The Medical Elites on Their Deception?
    Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA vaccines, accused Dr. Fauci and others of lying and causing the death of over 500,000 Americans by preventing HCQ and Ivermectin, and other treatments from COVID-19 patients.

    The Stew Peters Show is tracking the Aussie Aboriginal abomination, and we are dedicated to exposing what's happening to FREE CITIZENS in Australia. Stew Peters shows a video of a tribe begging for help, and challenged "influencers", professional athletes, celebrities and lawmakers to act, IMMEDIATELY to save Aboriginals from tyranny.

    Houston Health Department Knocks On Random Doors...Asks Residents To Give Blood Samples For COVID Antibody Study
    Four individuals wearing masks can be seen holding clipboards and taking notes as they knock on the doors of private citizens, shouting, “Houston Health Department,” as they attempt to check on the vaccination status of residents in an apartment complex.

    Mega-vaxxed Portugal experiences surge in Covid cases… new travel restrictions…
    Portugal, one of the world's most vaccinated nations, has reimposed some restrictions to stop a surge in Covid-19 cases, ordering all passengers flying into the country, even those fully inoculated, to show a negative test on arrival.

    Russia Is Forcing Covid ‘Sputnik V’ Vaccines and Vax Passports amid Cover Up of Vaccine Deaths
    In December 2020, Russia prematurely ended enrollment for Sputnik V trials, claiming that the vaccine was safe. However, long-term vaccine injuries would have become apparent within four months. It is impossible to know how many Russians have died from Covid vaccines because there is no monitoring system for vaccine injuries and deaths. Doctors who question the vaccines are being threatened with fines and prison time. The Russian government has compared concerned citizens to terrorists. Russia’s Sputnik V caused many more vaccine injuries than Sinopharm and AstraZeneca, according to data from Argentina.

    NYT admits more Covid deaths under Biden ‘Despite Vaccines’…
    The Times cited the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Tuesday figures, which reported 386,233 coronavirus related fatalities in the U.S. for 2021. In all of 2020, the U.S. recorded 385,343 fatalities. The former figure is only expected to rise, as there is still over one month left of the year.

    Outrage As UK School Tells Mask Exempt Pupils To Wear Yellow Badges
    In a letter to parents, David Jackson, the headmaster of Farringtons School in Kent, said that pupils who are exempt from wearing masks “should wear a yellow badge to indicate this”. He added that the measures would be in place “until further notice” amid the covid surge.

    Austria: Massive Protest over Nationwide Lockdown and Govt. to Force Vaccines in February
    Austria announced that Covid vaccines will be compulsory by February 2022, citing a 66% vaccination rate. Authorities will first offer an appointment for people who haven’t taken a shot. A penalty fine up to 3,600 euros ($4,000) will follow if the offer is rejected. The government also plans fines up to 1,500 euros for refusal to take a booster shot. A full lockdown was imposed nationwide, confining to their homes. Schools are open, but attendance is discouraged. A large rally, organized by the right-wing Freedom Party, drew 40,000 protesters in Vienna alone.
    something about austrians and totalitariaism going hand in hand

    New Botswana variant with 32 'horrific' mutations is the most evolved Covid strain EVER and could be 'worse than Delta' — as expert says it may have emerged in an HIV patient
    Only 10 cases of the strain — dubbed B.1.1.529 — have been spotted to date
    Variant has 32 mutations, many of which suggest it is more vaccine resistant
    Scientists warn the variant could be worse 'than nearly anything else about'
    just in time

    National Guard Rebels Against Pentagon, Rejects Mandate After Sudden Change of Command in Oklahoma
    The commander of the Oklahoma National Guard has just released a memo which says that they will not comply with the US federal government’s mandates.

    Luongo: Have We Finally Reached Peak Davos?
    If you look around the headlines from the past week or so, you will see a startling similarity among them. Coming in from all over the world are mandates from one country’s government after another instituting medical apartheid over the COVID-9/11 jab.
    Where these restrictions are the most draconian are within the walls of the European Union, that region where The Davos Crowd’s influence is undoubtedly the strongest.
    Latvia will bar unjabbed legislators from voting. Slovenia made the jab mandatory to go to the gas station. Austria’s new Chancellor, who’s been on the job for around a month, is now fining and arresting the unjabbed for even leaving their homes.
    A month ago this guy was a minor political hack in a mostly irrelevant central European country, now he’s issuing orders like he owns the place. Unfortunately, for most of Europe, that is actually the case, if not in name but in practice.
    The list goes on and on and on — Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, just to name a few.
    To describe this behavior as Orwellian is a kindness. We’re closer to Terry Gilliam’s nightmarish bureaucracy of Brazil than we are Orwell’s 1984.
    At the same time, you have to squint really hard to find any mention of the massive protests in these same countries against these mandates. But, the videos flow freely around the internet if you are willing to look for them.

    Fury as controlling bureaucrats demand millions of Australians wear masks through the Christmas season even though 95% will be fully vaxxed
    Masks could to remain mandatory in NSW in indoor settings for even longer
    State is set to hit 95 per cent vaccination rates and has low daily case numbers
    Government looking to keep masks in retail as Christmas shopping rush begins
    2GB's Ben Fordham led chorus of furious backlash over bureaucrats' proposal

    Will the Unvaccinated Become an Enemy of the State? Close to the Breaking Point of Total Tyranny
    Fascism has made its way back into Europe as Austria has become one of the first countries in the world to declare war on the unvaccinated as they recently announced that a lockdown will be in place for those who refuse the experimental injections, but they also decided to do the same for the vaccinated resulting in another lockdown of the country. What is concerning is the fact that the Austrian government first targeted the unvaccinated which brings us back to the days of the Nazi Germany targeting specific people who did not fit the criteria of being a German citizen. The Associated Press published ‘Austria orders lockdown for unvaccinated people as COVID cases soar’ reported that “the Austrian government has ordered a nationwide lockdown for unvaccinated people starting at midnight Sunday to combat rising coronavirus infections and deaths.”

    On February 28, 2013, Bill Gates appeared on the Charlie Rose Show and he was as candid as a globalist could be. On the show, Gates indicated that he has contributed large sums of money to numerous causes such as the Global Polio Eradication Initiative originally launched in 1988 by the World Health Organization (WHO), the CDC, and UNICEF. Gates expressed his love affair with vaccines and his clear intention to reduce the world's population when he stated the following:
    “The world today has 6.8 billion people… that’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.”
    this goes in depth on just how much gates lusts for population reduction

    Andrew Cuomo Personally Made Changes to Report Downplaying COVID-19 Nursing Home Deaths
    The report from the Assembly’s Judiciary Committee is the culmination of an eight-month impeachment investigation against the disgraced former governor. The report says that Cuomo directed the New York Department of Health (DOH) to reduce the total number of fatalities by thousands so as to push back on criticism of Cuomo’s decision in March of 2020 to force COVID-positive patients into nursing homes, which infected and killed thousands of other senior citizens.
    Last edited by 5.56NATO; 11-25-2021 at 05:23 PM.
    "And how we burned in the camps later thinking, what would things have been like, if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain, whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?"

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    this deserves a post all its own

    Then, in 1796, the heroic Dr. Edward Jenner made the crucial discovery: anecdotal evidence suggested that milkmaids did not contract smallpox and Dr. Jenner surmised that contact with cattle had exposed them to cowpox (variola vaccinia), a disease that was much milder in humans. He therefore experimented with inoculating children with cowpox, and when he later exposed the same to smallpox through variolation, they proved to be immune. The medical establishment, in the form of the Royal Society, dismissed the good Dr. Jenner, but nothing daunted, he proceeded to promote his new treatment of “vaccination” and quickly received support from enlightened doctors and statesmen, who sponsored his scheme. Thousands were vaccinated in Great Britain within a couple of years, and the treatment spread to other European countries. Childhood vaccination was made mandatory in the “enlightened” despotisms of Bavaria (1807), Prussia (1835), Denmark (1810), and Sweden (1814) in short order and promoted everywhere else if not exactly imposed. Eventually, the English too would impose mandatory vaccination in spite of early opposition from people such as the farmer, journalist, and all-round Chad2 William Cobbett:

    I was always, from the very first mention of the thing, opposed to the Cow-Pox scheme…. I, therefore, as will be seen in the pages of the Register of that day, most strenuously opposed the giving of twenty thousand pounds to JENNER out of the taxes, paid in great part by the working people….

    …. This nation is fond of quackery of all sorts; and this particular quackery having been sanctioned by King, Lords and Commons, it spread over the country like a pestilence borne by the winds … [I]n hundreds of instances, persons cow-poxed by JENNER HIMSELF, have taken the real small-pox afterwards, and have either died from the disorder, or narrowly escaped with their lives!2
    "And how we burned in the camps later thinking, what would things have been like, if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain, whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?"

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    BIG PHARMA Received Emergency Use Approval a Couple of Weeks Ago for COVID Variant Discovered a Couple Days Ago?
    Wow, 72 hours ago no one even heard the name Omicron variant. Now, in less than three days, a variant has been identified, global travel has been halted, states of emergency have been declared, and now we see a pharmaceutical company announcing the variant-specific vaccine trial that will begin in the U.S. in a few weeks. This government relationship with Big Pharma is certainly generating some fast action, eh?

    Report: Gates Foundation Sent Over $54 Million to China Since COVID – What’s Going On?
    Since December 2019, the Foundation has sent a total of 93 grants adding up to $54,573,428 to China-based projects.
    Among the grant recipients are several CCP-run institutions including Beijing Normal University, Peking University, Tsinghua University, and official regime bodies including the Ministry of Agriculture, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the Ministry of Science and Technology.
    China’s CDC has played a key role spearheading the narrative that COVID-19 developed naturally as opposed to tracing its origins to the Wuhan Institute of Virology; the former being a now-debunked conspiracy theory spread by global health authorities, corporate media, and the political left across the world.

    Of note: The 4 cases of new variant identified in Botswana were incidentally detected in well people tested before air travel, and South African Medical Association chief said - so far - symptoms seen are "mostly mild symptoms, and we haven’t seen a spike in hospital admissions."

    Gov. Sununu Will Ultimately be to Blame if a Child Is Injured or Dies from His COVID Vaccine Program
    Sadly that may change due to Governor Sununu’s Covid-19 program to inject an experimental gene therapy “vaccine” into NH’s 125,000 children aged 5-11. Sununu’s program dismisses reports from Germany (here) and Taiwan (here) that reveal death and serious safety concerns regarding their Covid-19 “vaccination” programs for older children aged 12-17.

    Footballers suddenly collapsing on the field used to be a mercifully rare experience.
    It’s now almost a daily one.
    Are any mainstream media journalists investigating the sudden rise in these events?

    BERLIN - A restaurant with people simply enjoying a meal, raised by the police state, to check their papers!
    I will never accept life under State control. None of us should.
    It’s time to say “No”
    this comes to mind here

    Massive spike in newborn baby deaths in Scotland… investigation launched…Stillborn babies up 2900 percent…
    Official figures reveal that 21 infants died during September within 28 days of birth, causing the neonatal mortality rate to breach an upper warning threshold known as the 'control limit' for the first time in at least four years.

    Cancer expert says U.K. seeing spike in “non-covid deaths,” nobody willing to call out vaccine elephant in the room
    Excess mortality in the United Kingdom is off the charts, and yet nobody is willing to call out Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” as the culprit.
    Cancer expert and Prof. Carl Heneghan describes the current situation in Great Britain as a “national scandal.” A shocking 9,300 more people than usual have died in the U.K. over the past several months, and officials are blaming everything else except the injections.
    The latest figures from the Office for National Statistics show that England and Wales have together registered 20,823 more deaths over the past 18 months than the five-year average. Only 11,531 deaths are said to have involved the Fauci Flu.

    Edward Hospital, located near Chicago, offered three arguments as to why Sun Ng, seventy-one, should not be given ivermectin:
    There could be side effects.
    Ordering ivermectin would violate its policies.
    Forcing the issue would be “extraordinary” judicial overreach.
    On each argument, DuPage County Circuit Court Judge Paul Fullerton firmly disagreed.
    “I can’t think of a more extraordinary situation than when we are talking about a man’s life,” he said in a November 5 decision that is a model of rational decision-making in an irrational era.

    Big Pharma ‘structuring trials to avoid proving all-cause mortality benefit since they know it is negative’…
    We are mandating a vaccine where there is no scientific evidence that it has ever saved a single life
    As the BMJ noted today, we will NEVER have that evidence because the vaccine makers are structuring the trials to avoid proving an all-cause mortality benefit since they know it is negative.

    Firefighter Under Investigation For Publicly Wiping His Buttocks With Vaccine Mandate Letter
    Across the world, citizens are pushing back on vaccine mandates. Not everyone is protesting in the same way,—but from Italy to Rotterdam to the Pacific Palisades in California, people are fighting for their right to decide whether or not they accept a vaccine for the CCP virus that’s been on the market for less than two year

    New omicron variant stokes world fears, triggers travel bans
    Early evidence suggests an increased risk of reinfection compared to other highly transmissible variants, the WHO said. That means people who contracted COVID-19 and recovered could be subject to catching it again.

    Covid-19 News: Nurse Shortage Forces Long Island Emergency Room to Close
    The facility is closed temporarily as a New York vaccination mandate goes into effect. Criminal charges against a Massachusetts veterans home were dismissed. The prime minister of France has tested positive.

    New variant hysteria comes from same institution that popularized lockdowns & previous COVID scares
    The “new strain” has hardly produced any lab confirmed cases, but a panicked narrative has already been seeded in the public. The U.K. in particular has driven the fear to new levels. The country has already added several African nations to its travel ban list, citing the new strain.

    German states with highest vaccination rates have highest excess mortality…
    Prof. Dr. Rolf Steyer and Dr. Gregor Kappler analyzed the period from week 36 to week 40 and the results are truly disconcerting. The summary of the analysis states that excess mortality can be found in all 16 states
    The number of Covid deaths reported by the RKI in the period under review consistently only represents a relatively small part of excess mortality and above all cannot explain the critical issue – the higher the vaccination rate, the higher the excess mortality.

    Nurses and Hospital Officials At Children’s Hospital Claim Staff Shortages Over COVID Mandates Are Making It Difficult To Care For Patients In Wake of Waukesha Christmas Parade Massacre
    18 children were brought to the Children’s Wisconsin Milwaukee Hospital with injuries suffered when a driver plowed into parade-goers Sunday afternoon. One of those children was among the six people killed when he succumbed to his injuries Tuesday afternoon. Several of the young victims remain in critical or serious condition, and sources say the hospital simply did not have enough nurses or support staff to adequately handle the sudden rush.

    We should stop vaccinating, said former British general practitioner Vernon Coleman. "Any doctor or nurse who continues to administer mRNA vaccines will ultimately be struck off the register and arrested."

    Israel warns of 'emergency' after detecting new virus strain
    The Health Ministry said it detected the new strain in a traveler who had returned from Malawi and was investigating two other suspected cases. The three individuals, who had all been vaccinated, were placed in isolation.

    Belgian Prime Minister Boasts New Variant Heralds Arrival of ‘COVID-21’: We’re NEVER Going Back to Normal
    Alexander De Croo made the prediction during a press conference after international markets plummeted in response to the news that the ‘Nu’ variant of the virus had been discovered in South Africa.
    “You could say that this is Covid-21 instead of Covid-19: it is three times more infectious than the original virus,” De Croo gleefully said.

    FULLY-VACCINATED Brian Adams Tests Positive For Covid SECOND Time In One Month
    Fully-vaccinated singer Bryan Adams posted a message on Instagram letting his fans know that he’s tested positive for COVID—for the SECOND time in ONE month! Fully vaccinated individuals who are testing positive for COVID is becoming more and more common, but what about individuals who are testing posititve TWICE in one month? Is this also common? It’s hard to know with so much disinformation that’s being spread, especially by those pushing for the entire population to be vaccinated.
    In his post, the Canadian singer told his fans he tested positive for Covid after arriving in Milano, Italy, and that he was off to the hospital. He thanked his fans for all of their support and added a praying emoji to his message.

    “I WILL NOT COMPLY”...Former Trump Advisor, Popular Newsmax Host Walks Away Over COVID Jab Mandate
    Yesterday, the former Trump campaign advisor retweeted an excellent question by Joe Norman, who asked if we’re “going to chase every variant vaccine and force it into the entire population each time?”

    “Highly Vaccinated” Israel “On Verge Of An Emergency” As Alleged “COVID” Cases Spike
    Israel, where almost 90% of the population has been fully vaccinated, is “on the verge of an emergency” as COVID-19 cases spike. The vaccines have done little to stop the totalitarian rollout, and in fact, the Israeli government said it will act “fast and strong” in its fight against the new Covid variant.

    Nate Fischer responded to Norman’s tweet by asking about consequences for “officials and “experts” who mandated a vaccine that doesn’t even protect us from the virus 3 months later?

    EXPLAINER: What is this new COVID variant in South Africa?
    South African scientists identified a new version of the coronavirus this week that they say is behind a recent spike in COVID-19 infections in Gauteng, the country’s most populous province. It's unclear where the new variant actually arose, but it was first detected by scientists in South Africa and has now been seen in travelers to Belgium, Botswana, Hong Kong and Israel.

    N.Y. declares state of emergency amid virus variant
    "While the new Omicron variant has yet to be detected in New York state, it's coming," warned Gov. Kathy Hochul.

    What to know about the newly discovered COVID-19 variant, according to a Johns Hopkins researcher
    He noted that “there’s a reason we’re all talking” about this current variant and that it should be closely examined to see how similar it is to the highly contagious Delta strain, which now accounts for almost all current COVID cases in the U.S.
    The other two important questions to ask, Swamy said, are: Will it hurt and kill a lot of people? And will current vaccines work against it?
    cant justify exerting totalitarian control the people (again) without fabricating something to fear

    Ted Cruz and Donald Trump Jr. taunt the WHO for skipping 'Xi' to name the new coronavirus variant 'Omicron'
    The WHO skipped two letters of the Greek alphabet to name the new coronavirus variant Omicron.
    Some have speculated that the letter Xi was skipped to avoid confusion with the Chinese President's surname.
    The WHO reportedly said they made the decision because Xi is a common last name in China.

    How did 10% of passengers to Holland from South Africa arrive with Covid when they all had NEGATIVE tests? Alarm as suspected cases of Omicron are reported in Germany, Australia and Czech Republic alongside confirmed UK and Belgium cases
    Around 600 passengers arrived on two planes in Schipol Airport, Amsterdam, from Johannesburg yesterday
    Passengers have been put in quarantine hotels while authorities investigate whether they have been infected
    Countries across Europe closed their borders to countries in southern Africa yesterday to combat the variant

    PROOF: COVID vaccines cause prion diseases
    Twitter suspended my account (likely forever since there is no appeal) due to one post on prion diseases. Here's the information they wanted to make sure you NEVER find out.
    There is no doubt the mRNA vaccines are causing prion diseases. People didn’t have these diseases before the shot and suddenly they develop them after the shot. There is no other explanation for this. None of the “fact checkers” can explain the cause of the excess rates. Prion diseases are incurable and always fatal. You can die as soon as 6 weeks after COVID vaccination (see within 6 weeks and within 6 months examples).
    However, Twitter believes this is not true, but they refuse to tell anyone why they think that. Other fact checkers who have checked this out never did a VAERS query and are unable to explain away the “excess” number of reports other than doing a blanket dismissal that everything in VAERS is fraudulent without providing any evidence of that claim (other than one report out of 1.6M reports).
    all who support the president will take the full vax schedule

    Due to the Seriousness of the New Omicron COVID Variant the Biden Admin Has Decided to Leave the US Southern Border Completely Open
    The “Omicron” variant of COVID arrived just in time to ruin Christmas. (Who didn’t see this coming?) The variant with “more mutations than you shake a spike protein at” was first identified in Botswana and quickly became the most prevalent variant in South Africa.

    NEARLY 2 MILLION Fully-Vaccinated People Have Tested Positive For COVID...72,000 Hospitalized...20,000 Deaths
    First, we were told to get vaccinated to protect ourselves and those around us from becoming infected with COVID. Individuals who bravely accepted the emergency-approved jab were told they could ditch the mask. After millions were forced to accept the jab as a condition of employment, reports began to surface of “fully vaccinated” Americans testing positive for COVID and of asymptomatic individuals spreading COVID as well.

    More Shots? Pfizer/BioNTech Will Know Vaccine’s Effectiveness Against ‘Omicron’ Variant Soon – Can Ship New Jab Tailored to Emerging Variant in 100 Days
    “We expect more data from the laboratory tests in two weeks at the latest. These data will provide more information about whether B.1.1.529 could be an escape variant that may require an adjustment of our vaccine if the variant spreads globally,” BioNTech said in a statement.
    "And how we burned in the camps later thinking, what would things have been like, if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain, whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?"

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    Patents Prove Etiology of SARS-CoV-2
    Hundreds of patents show SARS-CoV-2 is a manmade virus that has been tinkered with for decades. Much of the research was funded by the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) under the direction of Dr. Anthony Fauci, and may have been an outgrowth of attempts to develop an HIV vaccine
    In 1999, Fauci funded research at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill to create “an infectious replication-defective coronavirus” specifically targeted for human lung epithelium. This appears to be the virus that became known as SARS-CoV
    U.S. Patent 7279327 shows we knew the ACE receptor, the ACE2 binding domain, the S-1 spike protein, and other elements of SARS-CoV-2 were engineered and could be synthetically modified using gene sequencing technologies
    The CDC holds patents to a SARS coronavirus that is 89% to 99% identical to the sequence identified as SARS-CoV-2, as well as the PCR test to diagnose it
    120 patents detail supposed “unique” features of SARS-CoV-2: the polybasic cleavage site, the spike protein and the ACE2 binding, proving it’s not a novel virus at all

    Fauci’s NIAID Conducted Excruciatingly Painful Experiments On Rhesus Monkeys...Injected Them With Infectious Diseases Like Ebola...Withheld Pain Killers
    The Epoch Times Reports– “The NIAID has spent $13.5 million in taxpayer funding on experiments that involve injecting monkeys with various infectious diseases such as Ebola and the Lassa virus that result in hemorrhaging, pain, brain damage, loss of motor control, and organ failure.”
    “In many of these experiments, Fauci and staff intentionally withhold pain relief, even though these are some of the most excruciating experiments in the federal government,” Justin Goodman, Vice President of Advocacy and Public Policy for the White Coat Waste Project said.

    DR EVIL Laughs Bizarrely When Asked If He Should Be Prosecuted?...Suggests Sen Cruz Should Be Investigated For Jan 6th Incident [VIDEO]
    “So, anybody who spins lies and threatens and all that theater that goes on with some of the investigations and some of the congressional committee’s and the Rand Paul’s and all of that other nonsense—that’s noise Margaret, that’s noise!” Dr. Fauci said. “I know what my job is.”

    Omicron symptoms mild, says doctor who spotted it
    Dr. Angelique Coetzee, a private practitioner and chair of South African Medical Association, told Reuters that on Nov. 18 she noticed seven patients reporting at her clinic who had symptoms different from the currently dominant Delta variant, albeit they were "mild."
    Now designated Omicron by the World Health Organization, the variant was detected and announced by South Africa's National Institute of Communicable Diseases (NICD) on Nov. 25 from samples taken from a laboratory from Nov. 14 to Nov. 16.
    Coetzee said a patient on Nov. 18 reported at her clinic being "extremely fatigued" for two days with body aches and headache.

    There won’t be a new lockdown if everyone gets vaccinated and takes booster shots, and masks up indoors, US President Joe Biden said in response to questions about his plans to deal with the Omicron strain of Covid-19.
    Speaking to reporters at the White House on Monday, Biden said “the best protection against this variant or any of the variants out there, ones we’ve been dealing with already, is getting fully vaccinated and getting a booster shot.”

    13 Players on Portuguese Soccer Team Positive for Omicron Variant After Africa Trip
    Portuguese health authorities said Monday they have identified 13 cases of omicron, the new coronavirus variant believed to be more contagious, among team members of a professional soccer club.

    Carlotta Masala: 27-Year-Old Dies From Myocarditis Months After Receiving Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine, Father Seeks Answers
    An autopsy has concluded that 27-year-old Carlotta Masala has died as a result of pulmonary edema linked to myocarditis. Carlotta, a sporty, sunny girl who had no previous health problems, was found dead by her father Francesco on Tuesday morning at their home in Sestu. The 27-year-old had received her second dose of the Pfizer vaccine in August.
    all who support the president will prove that support by taking their full vax schedule

    Dr. Bhakdi Explains Why COVID Vaccines Can NEVER Work
    Everyone knows we cannot cure the common cold. A cold is a coronavirus. The same reason they can’t stop the common cold is why they can’t stop COVID-19.

    German States with High Vaccination Rates Have the Highest Excess Mortality
    Physicist Dr. Ute Bergner commissioned an alarming study that links higher vaccination rates with higher excess mortality in the 16 German federal states. The most obvious explanation is that being fully vaccinated increases the likelihood of death. Thuringia and Saxony, the two states with the lowest vaccination rates (under 60%) also have the lowest excess mortality rates at 4% and 2% respectively.
    all who support the president will prove that support by taking their full vax schedule

    Covid Risk More Than Doubles 90 Days After 2nd Pfizer Jab, Israeli Study Finds
    Researchers from the Leumit Health Services in Israel and the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) found that the virus risk more than doubled and continued to increase as far as six months out.
    all who support the president will prove that support by taking their full vax schedule

    Dr Aseem Malhotra reveals a cardiology researcher found similar results to a new report showing an increase in risk of heart attack following the mRNA COVID vaccine.

    Judge halts Old Man Biden’s beastly vaxx mandate in 10 states…
    Monday’s ruling means that Missouri, Nebraska, Arkansas, Kansas, Iowa, Wyoming, Alaska, South Dakota, North Dakota, and New Hampshire will not be subject to the mandate while the injunction stands. The White House has the option to appeal it before the Eighth Circuit.

    New Experimental Vaccines Promised within Weeks to Combat Mild New Covid Variant ‘Omicron’
    A critic noted that within days of the identification of a new variant, “global travel has been halted, states of emergency have been declared, and now we see a pharmaceutical company announcing the variant-specific vaccine trial that will begin in the U.S. in a few weeks. This government relationship with Big Pharma is certainly generating some fast action, eh?

    Fauci Says Biden May Give America More Than Just Lockdown’s For Christmas, ‘Everything Is On The…
    Fauci said, “I don’t know, George, it’s really too early to say. We just really need to, as I said so often, prepare for the worst. It may not be we’ll have to go the route people are saying. We don’t know a lot about this virus. So we want to prepare as best we can, but it may turn out this preparation, although important, may not necessarily push us to the next level.”
    He continued, “People talking about lockdowns, people talking about that, let’s see what the information we’re getting in real time tells us. We’ll make decisions based on the science and the evidence the way we always do. But you want to be prepared to do anything and everything. That’s the reason why we’re paying such close attention to this and why we’re all over it.”

    South African Medical Association Debunks Global Hysteria – Says Omicron Variant Symptoms ‘Unusual But Mild’ – Even WHO Says No Reason to Panic
    “It presents mild disease with symptoms being sore muscles and tiredness for a day or two not feeling well. So far, we have detected that those infected do not suffer the loss of taste or smell. They might have a slight cough. There are no prominent symptoms. Of those infected some are currently being treated at home,” said Dr. Coetzee to Sputnik.

    African Doctor At “Epicenter” of OMICRON Mocks Distortion of Facts Over New COVID Variant: “We haven’t admitted anyone [to the hospital]”...”So far, what we have seen is very, very mild cases” [VIDEO]

    U.S. readies fight against Omicron but too soon for lockdowns -Fauci
    Americans should be prepared to fight the spread of the new COVID-19 variant Omicron, but it is too soon to say what actions are needed, including possible mandates or lockdowns, top U.S. infectious disease official Dr. Anthony Fauci said on Sunday.
    without you being dumb enough to let them lock you down again and/or edit your dna via their vax their plans for world conquest will fail, do you want to see them fail?

    Fauci says 'we're going to have to start living with COVID'
    "Well, we certainly have the potential to go into a fifth wave. And the fifth wave, or the magnitude of any increase, if you want to call it that it, will turn into a wave, will really be dependent upon what we do in the next few weeks to a couple of months," said Fauci.
    He added that the millions of eligible U.S. residents who have not gotten vaccinated, compounded with those who are beginning to experience waning immunity from their initial doses, have resulted in a diminished level of community immunity.
    white house chief medical advisor that cant diagnose dementia and allows a senile to have access to the football

    Dr. Fauci says 'we certainly are not going to eradicate' COVID-19 as he warns to prepare for Omicron variant
    Fauci said the mutations of the omicron variant are "troublesome" and he wants to make sure that "we're prepared for the worst."
    "It's in with our own grasp of how we're going to be able to live with the virus. The lower we get it, the lower the dynamics of virus in the community, the lower the risk to everyone, including vaccinated people," Fauci said.
    remember his agency paid the chicom bioweapon lab millions

    Fake News Media Claims 5X Increase in Healthy World-Class Athletes Who Suddenly Collapse Holding Their Chest is Just a “Coincidence” and Nothing to “Panic” Over
    Just take a look at how quickly the TalkSport broadcast cut off video and audio when former soccer star Trevor Sinclair asked about vaccines in relation to a player who recently collapsed on the field.

    Omicron Is "Extremely Mild" Says Doctor Who First Discovered Strain; Numerous Mutations "Destabilize" The Virus
    With Fauci, big government fanatics, Democrat officials, and the biopharma lobby all turning the Omicron (not to be confused with Xi as the WHO explained earlier) variant fearmongering to max, a few holdouts are still trying to maintain a lack of panic (even if that means less revenue for makers of Pfizer and Moderna megayachts).

    Dr. Naomi Wolf: “Dr. Fauci Should Be Scared of Investigations – There Clearly Is Misconduct Going On” (VIDEO)
    Naomi Wolf warned Fauci that the investigations are coming. He will not be given a pass from the American public once they understand Fauci’s policies of pain, destruction, and mass murder.
    and thats from a lib

    'The absolute hubris of someone claiming THEY represent science': Sen Rand Paul launches fresh salvo at Fauci after COVID tsar claimed critics were anti-science and referred to himself in the third person
    In an interview with CBS News' Face The Nation, President Joe Biden 's chief medical adviser also dismissed Republican criticism of his work as 'lies'
    'The absolute hubris of someone claiming THEY represent science,' responded Paul in a tweet
    'It's astounding and alarming that a public health bureaucrat would even think to claim such a thing,' the Kentucky Senator continued
    Senator Ted Cruz also responded to Fauci's remarks in a Twitter thread branding the White House COVID tsar a 'smug authoritarian'
    'Fauci is an unelected technocrat who has distorted science and facts in order to exercise authoritarian control over millions of Americans,' Cruz wrote

    Smoking guns, designed mutations, and the U.S. government cover-up of the laboratory origin of COVID-19
    If you are wondering why U.S. intelligence agencies are incapable of identifying the origin of COVID-19 and why the U.S. government shows no interest in pursuing that issue, wonder no more.
    There is a deliberate cover-up underway because the rich and powerful multi-national interests that control the U.S. government are massively invested in China’s economic success and many U.S officials and scientists could be accused of complicity in the creation of COVID-19.

    Viral Goalposts Shifting – Scientists, Facing Scrutiny About Vaccinations Not Stopping Virus, Announce Discovery of New Vaccine Resistant Strain of Virus
    In essence, what good are all these vaccinations; and specifically all the rules of proving your vaccinated status vis-a-vis passports; if the vaccinated can still be infected and spread the virus? The voices asking this question are growing more loud by the day. Then, all of a sudden….
    its obvious the only answer is a 24/7 vax iv drip

    Flashback 2016: Fauci’s Cohort Peter Daszak Explains How Scientists Can Perfectly Create a Coronavirus in China Lab That Can Lead to Global Pandemic
    Dr. Daszak: We found other coronaviruses in bats a whole host of them. Some of them looked very similar to SARS so we sequenced the spike protein, the protein that attaches to cells. Then we, well I didn’t do this work my colleagues in China did the work, you create pseuda-particles. You create a spike proteins from those viruses simply bind to human cells. each step of this you move closer and closer to this virus could really become pathogenic to people.
    Periodic reminder that on March 28, 2016, Daszak described exactly what led to the pandemic.
    "And how we burned in the camps later thinking, what would things have been like, if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain, whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?"

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    Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Says Lockdowns are Not an Option Regardless of What Variant They Come Up With
    Florida Governor Ron DeSantis responded to the remarks from Dr. Anthony Fauci yesterday and from Joe Biden earlier today about the new Omicron variant of COVID and the possibility of lockdowns.
    The Governor was very specific and clear about no lockdowns when he spoke today at an event to celebrate increased salaries and bonuses for law enforcement officers in the state. Florida will continue to emphasize prevention, optional vaccinations, therapeutics and quick responsive treatment – with accessible monoclonal antibody treatments – as the state COVID mitigation protocol.

    Confidential Documents Expose Big Pharma & U.S. Gov Collusion For mRNA Profits Before 2016
    Glenn Beck: It’s almost like they have an ulterior motive here. Okay, if by some strange chance you’re just standing, you might want to take a seat because this is gonna piss you off The Moderna mRNA technology. It’s heralded as the next great leap in vaccines, a modern-day marvel for the pharmaceutical and medical industry. Oh, did you buy any stock for Moderna? Because, boy, they really hit it out of the park. For eight years, people have been looking at Moderna, who pioneered the technology. It was said to, quote, revolutionize medicine and disrupt the pharmaceutical industry. Clearly, anyone to first nail down this tech was going to be very, very wealthy. Are you ready? This is 153 pages of the confidential agreement between Moderna and the U.S. government, and it goes back to 2015. Jason, what was happening in 2015?

    New Zealand: Fit and healthy 26-year-old dies from adverse jab reaction, fiancée speaks out…
    The symptoms continued and 12 days later, he started to suffer heart palpitations and an 'uncomfortable' feeling in his chest.
    'We finally decided to head to the hospital at 3am for reassurance,' Ms Wilson said.
    'Within moments, Rory went into cardiac arrest and died instantly in our home.'
    Paramedics who arrived at the scene moments later tried desperately to revive Mr Nairn but after 40 minutes he was declared dead.

    Texas resident gets over $4,000 in bills after getting tested for COVID: "I felt deceived"
    When Jaden Janak learned he had been exposed to COVID-19 shortly after his 75-year-old grandmother died from the virus last year, he knew what he had to do. He went to the hospital for a rapid test that he thought would be free.

    Rugby greats pay tribute to 'inspirational' Scotland women's international star Siobhan Cattigan, 26, who has died suddenly 'in non-suspicious circumstances'
    Scotland international rugby player Siobhan Cattigan has died at the age of 26
    The rugby star, who won 19 caps for her country in her career, died on Friday
    Scottish Rugby now have 'specialist employees providing ongoing support'
    Cause of death has not been revealed though it is thought to be non-suspicious

    From Near Death in a Hospital to Happy at Home, a Father Is Saved by His Daughter and Ivermectin
    Sun Ng’s daughter had to sue an Illinois hospital to allow a doctor to give her father the safe, FDA-approved drug that saved his life.

    masks work!
    Out of ~340,000 ppl in mask and control arm.. the difference in symptomatic cases was 20 over 8 weeks.

    What Are The Most Common Symptoms Of The Omicron Variant Right Now?
    “Their symptoms were so different and so mild from those I had treated before,” Dr. Angelique Coetze told the outlet. Most of her patients were just extremely tired, and one young child had an elevated heart rate. None lost their sense of taste or smell.

    A frightening new potential explanation for vaccine-driven myocarditis and other problems
    The spike protein sticks out of the coronavirus shell and binds to a crucial signaling mechanism on our cells called the ACE2 receptor, enabling the virus to infect those cells. The mRNA and DNA/AAV vaccines hijack our cells to make a version of the spike protein. Our immune systems then produce antibodies that will recognize and destroy the spike protein and thus defeat the coronavirus.
    But the researchers explain that those spike protein antibodies may themselves produce a second wave of antibodies, called anti-idiotype antibodies or Ab2s. Those Ab2s may modulate the immune system’s initial response by binding with and destroying the first wave of antibodies.
    Unfortunately, to do so, the Ab2s must contain structures very similar to the spike protein itself. If they are too similar, they can wind up binding to the same parts of our cells that the spike protein targets.
    In other words, Ab2 antibodies may continue to damage our bodies long after we have cleared either Sars-Cov-2 itself or the spike proteins that the vaccines cause our cells to make.

    Man Forced to Take COVID Shot to Receive Lung Transplant Dies After Second Dose
    In an exclusive interview with The Defender, the man’s wife, Amy Bolin, said that her deceased husband, Bobby Bolin, had to be fully vaccinated against COVID — even though he’d already had the virus and recovered — in order to receive the transplant.

    Sentara Norfolk General Hospital in Virginia is Murdering its Patients for Money
    Dr. Paul Marik is chief of pulmonary and critical care medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical school and director of Intensive Care at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital. He has been prevented by the hospital from saving patients lives with known safe treatments for Covid. Instead, Sentara requires him to use ineffective but expensive drugs like Remdesivir, which also attacks the body’s organs such as the kidneys, because the hospital has financial incentives to use Remdesivir. Therefore, the hospital sacrifices people’s lives for its revenues.

    Secretary of Defense Sends out Memo to Force Full Vaccination of All Members of the Armed Forces Under DoD Authority
    Today the Secretary of Defense dropped another memorandum to all the Secretaries of the Military Departments. The memo directs the secretaries to immediately begin full vaccination of all members of the Armed Forces. This includes all members under Department of Defense authority on active duty or in the Ready Reserve including the National Guard.

    Dr. Marik has filed a lawsuit against the hospital over its ban on administering life-saving drugs to Covid patients. In an effort to deny the doctor standing in the law suit, the hospital suspended Dr. Marik from his duties but withheld that information from the court. This article in The Defender is about the unethical and illegal behavior of the hospital in the lawsuit, when it should really be about a hospital murdering its patients for money:

    'Get the shot or get shot': Some push 'mass genocide' for the unvaccinated
    'We can cut out 30% of the population that votes the wrong way'
    "There unvaccinated need to be rounded up and lined up in front of open trenches. Their choice is simple.
    "America has had enough of their virus. We need to get back to normal life.
    "With or without them."

    Canadian gov’t pouring millions more into ‘voluntary’ COVID isolation sites
    The Canadian federal government announced that it will pump millions more into its “voluntary” COVID isolation site program to “help” temporary foreign workers forced to isolate as well build a new virus camp.

    Trump-Appointed Judge Blocks Mandates to Protect ‘Liberty of the Unvaccinated’ – Biden Furious
    Judge Terry A. Doughty, a Trump appointee, enjoined the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, “along with their directors, employees, Administrators and Secretaries,” from implementing the Nov. 5, 2021 mandate “as to all healthcare providers, suppliers, owners, employees, and all others covered” by the mandate.

    Dr. Anthony Fauci says we should do 8 things to deal with the Omicron variant
    Get vaccinated against COVID-19.
    If you're already vaccinated, get a booster shot.
    Use masks.
    Avoid crowded places.
    Gather outdoors when possible.
    Socially distance from others.
    Get tested.
    Isolate from others if you test positive for COVID-19.
    all who want to see the president succeed will take their full vax and booster schedule

    Moderna loses patent battles and could face lawsuit over COVID vaccine
    Why it matters: The court's decision to side with Arbutus Biopharma means Arbutus could potentially sue Moderna for patent infringement and demand royalties from Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine, which is expected to generate up to $18 billion of revenue this year.

    Doctor Tells The Truth About Graphene “Razor Blades” In COVID Shots – Murdered Days Later
    Dr. Andreas Noack published a video on November 23rd, 2021 at 10am exposing graphene hydroxide in the COVID shots, little “razor blades”. Just days later, on November 27, he was murdered.

    UK Cardiologist Confirms American Heart Association Report that COVID-19 Vaccines Cause Heart Attacks
    The American Heart Association Journal, Circulation, published an abstract on mRNA COVID-19 shots that suggests that thrombosis, cardiomyopathy and other vascular problems may be due to the vaccines that cause dramatic increase in inflammation of the endothelium layer of cells that line blood vessels. British Cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra confirmed the results of the AHA study and that researchers found that the risk of developing heart diseases increases from 11% to 25% in patients who receive the Covid-19 vaccines developed by Pfizer and Moderna using the new mRNA technology. He said that since July, there’s been almost 10,000 excess non-Covid deaths in the UK, and a significant portion of those have been driven by heart attack and stroke.

    GPs To Be Paid More Cash For Every Covid Jab They Adminsiter
    Johnson also announced he is drafting in the Army again to help deliver the programme and will offer GPs an extra £15 for every covid jab in what he called another ‘great British vaccination effort’.

    EU Countries Set To Begin Fining And Jailing Citizens Who Refuse COVID-19 Vaccine
    Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg had previously announced that the COVID vaccine would become compulsory from February 1st, 2022. Exactly how these laws would be implemented was previously unknown, however, a leak of the draft bill has revealed that the Austrian government plans to fine and jail its citizens if they do not get the jab.

    Greece Imposes Monthly Fine Of 100 euros On Unjabbed People Over The Age Of 60
    Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has announced that anybody who is over the age of 60 and refuses to get a Covid jab will be fined 100 Euros (£85) a month as as the country prepares to launch a vaccine mandate.

    If the vaccine works so well, why is COVID-19 surging again in Pennsylvania?
    “I would say this vaccine does exactly what it’s supposed to do.
    Further, Goldman says vaccine has altered the character of the disease from one that preyed almost exclusively on the elderly, to one that is now having its worst effects on younger, unvaccinated people.

    After 3 Tests...Results Show Fully-Vaccinated Lebron James Has COVID
    After 3 COVID tests, LeBron James has officially been placed in the NBA’s health and safety protocols. The flamboyant, opinionated player who was recently kicked out of a game for giving a dirty elbow to the face of Detroit Pistons player Isaiah Stewart and received a ridiculous one-game suspension. Last week, the NBA fined him $15K for an obscene gesture, when he intentionally grabbed his genitals on the court.

    Tucker Carlson Makes Unhinged Comparison To Anthony Fauci
    Tucker Carlson, the station’s blowhard prime-time star, called the infectious-disease expert “an even shorter version of Benito Mussolini” on Monday after Lara Logan compared Fauci to Nazi doctor Josef Mengele on the channel.

    MD Catholic Priest: “No earthly king, or president or public health official or billionaire technocrat gets to dictate what we MUST put into our bodies...into these temples of the Holy Spirit”

    Auschwitz Museum, Jewish groups condemn Lara Logan's Fauci comments
    "What you see on Dr. Fauci, this is what people say to me, that he doesn't represent science to them. He represents Josef Mengele ... the Nazi doctor who did experiments on Jews during the Second World War and in the concentration camps," Logan said on Monday during "Fox News Primetime."

    WAYNE ROOT: How I Beat Covid in 48 Hours with Ivermectin – Just Like Joe Rogan and NFL Quarterback Aaron Rodgers
    Yes, it’s true. I beat Covid in 48 hours with Ivermectin. Before I get to that story, I have more news guaranteed to make liberals’ heads explode.

    I was married last week. That has to enrage liberals. The left hates marriage. But they really hate it when a man who knows he’s a man, marries a feminine woman who knows she’s a woman. I married the stunning, beautiful, sexy, Cindy Parker.

    GOP Governor Joins Dem Govs To Develop China Style Vax Passport
    Massachusetts Republican Governor Charlie Baker announced that his is working with a “coalition of states” to create a Chinese style QR Code vaccine passport system. The “republican” governor even bragged by showing his personal code.
    “This is my proof that I’ve been vaccinated. It’s easy to access, it’s a universal standard and we’ve been working with a bunch of other states,” Baker said, adding the passport could launch “soon.”Baker bragged the code “can be used for all sorts of things where people may choose to require a vaccine.”
    What Baker didn’t talk about was how state governments my use the passport to impose and control the population.

    Forgotten Monument to Dead Orphans from Fauci’s Torturous and Deadly AIDS Testing Is Located in New York State — HEART-BREAKING PHOTOS
    In August Gateway Pundit contributor Cassandra Fairbanks broke the story on Dr. Fauci’s use of taxpayer money to torture beagles in barbaric animal testing. Dr. Fauci funded a study in Tunisia where beagle dogs were eaten alive by parasite-infected flies.

    It Begins: Biden Announces Unlawful Mandatory Quarantines For Americans, Even “Fully Vaxxed,” Punishable By “Fines & Penalties”
    Thanks to America’s complacency and willingness to sacrifice freedom for the illusion of safety, the Biden administration is reportedly bringing down the hammer this week. According to a report out of the Washington Post, on Thursday, the president is expected to announce extreme testing and quarantining requirements for all travelers in the United States — including fully vaccinated Americans.
    he can try
    "And how we burned in the camps later thinking, what would things have been like, if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain, whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?"

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    Court Orders FDA To Comply With FOIA and Release Information On Pfizer Vaccine – First Batch of Documents Shows Over 1,200 Vaccine Deaths WITHIN FIRST 90 DAYS
    The esteemed group of more than 30 professors and scientists asked the federal government to share any and all data that factored into the agency’s hasty decision to grant Pfizer’s experimental mRNA vaccine an emergency use authorization (EUA) – which amounts to a trove of over 329,000 documents.
    all who support the president will get vaxed

    Murderous: Smoking Gun Pfizer Document Reveals FDA Cover-Up Of COVID Shot Deaths – They Knew The First Month It Was Killing People!
    Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency should be thanked for putting the pressure on the Food and Drug Administration to release documents, the first of which demonstrates that both the FDA and Pfizer knew that the shots were killing people in the first month of use at an astounding rate, causing spontaneous abortions, as well as damaging three times more women than men.
    all who support the president will get vaxed

    Forbes Admits mRNA Vaccines Alter DNA Then Changes the Headline
    Forbes later retitled the article and admits that “Covid Vaccines Don’t Alter Your DNA – They Help Choose Cells To Strengthen Your Immune Response”. After being criticized by ‘vaccine cult’, the author changed the headline to emphasize that the vaccines “don’t alter your DNA” without changing any of the article’s content.

    Vaccine-Enhanced Infection
    A Lancet study indicates the vaccines are now increasing vulnerability to Covid rather than protecting from it.
    In Israel a nosocomial outbreak was reported involving 16 healthcare workers, 23 exposed patients and two family members. The source was a fully vaccinated COVID-19 patient. The vaccination rate was 96.2% among all exposed individuals (151 healthcare workers and 97 patients). Fourteen fully vaccinated patients became severely ill or died, the two unvaccinated patients developed mild disease.
    Not just oops, VEI.
    Vaccine Enhanced Infections.
    all who support the president will get vaxed

    First Case of Omicron Variant In US Detected in Fully Vaccinated Person
    Despite these reports, the Left is still clamoring for opportunities to plug the vaccine and push booster shots on Americans. This includes CA Governor Newson, who tweeted “There’s no reason to panic — but we should remain vigilant. That means get vaccinated. Get boosted. Wear a mask indoors”.

    Child deaths in the UK surge after COVID-19 vaccine rollout
    This is according to data from the U.K.’s Office for National Statistics (ONS). The office releases weekly data showing the average deaths by sex and age group.
    From 2015 to 2019, among children ages 10 to 14, there was an average of 41 deaths between week 38 (late September) to week 45 (early November). (Related: Children are dying at a rate 62% higher than the 5-year-average since they began to be given the COVID-19 vaccine.)

    Germany: Textbook Vaccine Enhanced Infection…
    This is what Vaccine-Enhanced Infection looks like from a statistical perspective. The chart below is Daily New Cases of Covid-19 in Arizona. Notice the failure to conform with the usual shape of a bell curve in the third wave starting on July 5, 2021. The most plausible explanation is that the Covid vaccines are not only interfering with the natural immunity acquired by people who have previously been infected, but are enhancing the potential for infection among the previously vaccinated, thereby preventing the number of daily new case from declining in the customary manner.

    Austria: Prison for the unvaccinated
    The first details about the planned mandatory vaccination law in Austria are circulating: Heavy fines and imprisonment if necessary.

    HERE’S THE LIST OF 80 REPUBLICANS That Voted To Support Fed Vaccination Database That Will “Track” Unvaccinated Americans
    Rep. Mary Miller (R-IL), who was one of the 130 Republicans to vote “no,” told Breitbart News exclusively on Wednesday that the legislation would enable the federal government to “track” unvaccinated Americans who “will be targeted and forced to comply with Biden’s crazy ‘global vaccination’ vision.
    IN polyticks voted yes including vp pences bro

    Omicron Variant Is Indeed A Threat…To The Biden Regime Storyline
    A guest post by Blue State Conservative – Does it finally look like Dr. Anthony Fauci is trying to carry out an assisted suicide of the United States? On the Sunday Morning TV chat circuit, the White House Covid-19 czar (a.k.a. The Science) declared that the new Omicron variant is “a clarion call” to get people vaccinated. Is that so, Dr. Fauci? Considering how well your “vaccines” work? And how many people have been maimed and killed by their side-effects?
    (More than all other vaccines combined over the past thirty years.)

    Germany’s New Chancellor Says He Wants Covid Jabs Made Mandatory For Everyone
    He has aslo blamed the unvaccinated for the recent surge in covid cases in the country.
    Scholz said that he wanted mandatory jabs to be introduced by the beginning of February, which would give Germans the chance to be double-jabbed voluntarily.

    Research "Game-changer": Spike Protein Increases Heart Attacks and Destroys Immune ​System
    “This is really a technology designed to poison people, there’s really no two-ways about it.” Dr. Michael Palmer on mRNA vaccines
    “We conclude that the mRNA vacs dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium (layer of cells lining the blood vessels) and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis (clotting), cardiomyopathy, (a group of diseases that affect the heart muscle) and other vascular events following vaccination.” (“Abstract 10712: Mrna COVID Vaccines Dramatically Increase Endothelial Inflammatory Markers and ACS Risk as Measured by the PULS Cardiac Test: a Warning”, Circulation)
    all who support the president will get vaxed

    At least 69 athletes collapse in one month, many dead
    The reports of athletes who suddenly collapse have been increasing noticeably lately. Heart problems such as heart inflammation are often the cause – one of the known life-threatening side effects of Covid vaccines, which even the manufacturers themselves warn against.

    Two Premier League Matches Halted Due to Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Fainting Incidents
    Two Premier League matches between Watford and Chelsea and Southampton and Leicester were halted on Wednesday night due to sudden heart-related medical emergencies, according to reports.

    Sen Manchin Drops A Nuke On Biden Signals He Will Help Defeat Mandate
    Moderate Democrat Senator Joe Manchin said that he is considering joining Republicans to block the mandates on private sector Americans.
    “I’ve been very supportive of a mandate for federal government, for military … I’ve been less enthused about it in the private sector,” Manchin told The Hill.

    Large UK Supermarket Chains Refuse to Police “Divisive” Face Mask Mandates
    The British Retail Consortium said that it was the responsibility of the police to enforce the rules. People can make a difference by refusing to comply with unlawful policies.

    UK Government Orders Enough Vaccines For Two More Covid Boosters Per Person
    Sajid Javid said a new deal for 114 million doses of Moderna and Pfizer in 2022 and 2023 would help to keep the public protected “for years to come”.
    "And how we burned in the camps later thinking, what would things have been like, if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain, whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?"

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    rumour has it canaduh is going to start requiring US truckers to be vaxd to visit canaduh so expect anything that comes from canaduh via truck to become just another faricated shortage as many US truckers are not going to get vaxd

    Two Babies Hospitalized After They Were Given Covid Jab…By Mistake
    RT reports: A two-month-old girl and a four-month-old boy had arrived at a medical facility in the area last Wednesday to get the shots of the pentavalent vaccine that protects children from Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus, Hepatitis B, and Hib.

    The Omicron Connection to Witchcraft Satanism and Pharmaceuticals

    They can't explain why the vaccinated are more likely to get COVID and die
    They can only offer hand-waving arguments with no actual data to support it.
    my guess is the vax is designed to do just that and more

    Vaccine mandates also suspended at the Cleveland Clinic, across other NE Ohio hospitals

    Expert Warns The Next Virus Could Be ‘More Contagious’ & ‘More Lethal’
    According to Professor Dame Sarah Gilbert: “This will not be the last time a virus threatens our lives and our livelihoods.The truth is the next one could be worse. It could be more contagious, or more lethal, or both.”
    She also warned that vaccines could be less effective against the new Omicron variant

    “The COVID-19 Vaccines DO NOT Prevent Transmission of the Disease” – Judge’s Ruling Destroys Biden Vax Mandate
    The Judge’s ruling continued: ““Although CMS spent pages and pages attempting to explain the need for mandatory COVID-19 vaccines, when infection and hospitalizations rates are dropping, millions of people have already been infected, developing some form of natural immunity, and when people who have been fully vaccinated still become infected, mandatory vaccines as the only method of prevention make no sense.”

    Report From Norway and South Africa Undermines Everything Biden Is Trying To Do
    The Omicron variant outbreak in Norway occurred on November 26, 2021 at Christmas party organized by a renewable energy company called Scatec. To attend the party you had to be fully vaccinated and test negative before attending. It has been reported that at least 13 in Oslo were infected with the variant and that number will rise to 60.
    “This party has been a superspreader event,” Preben Aavitsland, a senior physician at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, told reporters.
    “Our working hypothesis is that at least half of the 120 participants were infected with the Omicron variant during the party. This makes this, for now, the largest Omicron outbreak outside South Africa.”

    We May Be Sterilizing an Entire Generation
    There’s credible concern that the COVID jabs will cross-react with syncytin (a retroviral envelope protein) and reproductive genes in sperm, ova and placenta in ways that may impair fertility and reproductive outcomes

    COVID-Free Woman Recounts Time In Australian Quarantine Camp: ‘You Feel Like You’re In Prison, Like You’ve Done Something Wrong’
    According to 26-year-old Hayley Hodgson, who spent weeks in a quarantine camp despite the fact that she never tested positive for COVID-19, being locked up in this manner is “like you’re in a prison.”
    “It’s horrible. It’s a horrible feeling,” Hodgson told Freddie Sayers of UnHerd. “You feel like you’re in prison. You feel like you’ve done something wrong. It’s inhumane what they’re doing. You are so small, they just overpower you. And you’re literally nothing. It’s like, ‘You do what we say, or you’re in trouble, we’ll lock you up for longer’. Yeah, they were even threatening me that if I was to do this again, ‘We will extend your time in here.’”

    Nobody in My Home Died from Chinese Coronavirus and That Should Make You Angry
    Over this past month, the Chinese coronavirus (CCV) found its way into my suburban Chicago home. Three cases, two weeks apart. Two patients were vaccinated, and one was not. All three were symptomatic.
    read this

    European Union Debates Reconstituting Nazi Medical Policy With Mandatory Medical Procedures and Abolishing Nuremberg Code
    As Mark Twain famously noted: history may not always repeat, but it rhymes. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has taken the leading elements of a dark time in history and now openly advocates for their repetition. Can these people not hear themselves? This is madness.

    Cruz: ‘No Pissant Politician … Has The Right Or Legal Authority To Force You’ To Get Vaccinated
    “The Biden White House mandates have been struck down repeatedly by the courts,” Cruz told reporters on Thursday. “They are blatantly lawless. Joe Biden knows they’re lawless. His lawyers have told him that the vaccine mandates are contrary to law. And Democrats don’t care. They don’t care about medical privacy. They don’t care about individual autonomy. Instead, we have seen in the course of this pandemic, Democrats, being very comfortable with being petty tyrants and decreeing that you must obey their medical mandates.”

    Oh, Oh, Omicron!
    The new COVID variant is an excuse for control—the little frisson that comes with the exercise of power and lording it over other people.
    Last week, I dusted off my Chinese-flu soapbox and said a word or two about (cue the scary music) the Omicron variant. It sounds like the title of a Robert Ludlum novel, doesn’t it? A friend told me about a parlor game that the journalist Christopher Hitchens and his pals used to play in which the object was to contrive names for Shakespeare’s plays that sounded like the title of a Ludlum novel. Hamlet was “The Elsinore Conundrum.” I am sorry that Hitch is not still with us to try his hand at the Omicron variant.

    Dr. Evil and Barack Obama Visit Elementary School To Push COVID Jabs On Kids In Age Group Responsible For 0.00012% of All COVID Deaths
    It’s curious that Barack Obama, who earns up to $400K for one speech, would waste his time traveling to an elementary school with Dr. Evil to convince kids to get a shot for a virus that’s responsible for 0.00012% of all COVID deaths. There must be something more to it.

    Germans, Australians dragged to government ‘quarantine centers’ for COVID-19
    Quarantine centers in Germany have included prisons, and Australian authorities have resorted to isolated camps under 24-hour surveillance.

    Why Moderna Is the Biggest Winner From COVID Boosters So Far
    It's been roughly three and a half months since the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized boosters for the COVID-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer ( PFE 2.32% ) and BioNTech ( BNTX 3.17% ) for certain groups. Around two and half months ago, the agency granted authorizations for boosters for Moderna's ( MRNA 1.74% ) and Johnson & Johnson's ( JNJ 1.46% ) vaccines, with limitations for which individuals could receive the Moderna booster.

    Whoa! Official Data Confirms “Fully Vaccinated” Account For 9 Out Of Every 10 “COVID-19” Deaths Since August!
    It may be hard for some to believe, but even as I pointed out on Friday’s The Sons of Liberty radio show, the real threat is not that unproven, unisolated, unpurified CONVID-1984, the real threat is the bio-weapon fraudulently claimed as a “vaccine,” which is a gene therapy shot. The latest official data coming from Public Health Scotland (PHS) reveals that nine out of ten deaths that have been attributed to the invisible “Osama bin Laden,” COVID-19, since August, have occurred in those who are said to be fully “vaccinated.”

    Doctor: We're preparing for 'a potential perfect storm' with Omicron and winter
    “The winter months already were a time that we were expecting to have some surge, just by the nature of people going indoors, the cold dry air, which makes it more easily transmissible with viruses,” Dr. Elizabeth Clayborne, an emergency physician at UM Capital Region Medical center, said on Yahoo Finance Live (video above). “Really, what we’re preparing for is a potential perfect storm with the Omicron variant now potentially landing on our shores and making COVID-19 more likely to surge because it’s potentially more easily transmitted to others.”
    the fear must be maintained or totalitarian control is lost

    Omicron: We Warned You The Covid Farce Would Never End
    Remember when Anthony Fauci and other government paid medical “professionals” said that American’s needed to mask up and stay home for two weeks to “flatten the curve” on the covid pandemic? Remember when they came back two weeks later and said they needed another couple of weeks? Remember how they backed off of the lockdowns a little and then came right back with demands for more? Remember in 2019 when people weren’t cowering in their homes and behind masks over a virus with an average IFR (Infection Fatality Rate) of only 0.27%? Remember that?

    The real agenda behind mad dash to get every child on the planet injected against a virus that won’t affect them
    The Gavi alliance, flush with $1.16 billion in taxpayer dollars it received under the administration of former President Trump, is partnering with the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, the Gates Foundation and other globalist organizations to advocate for creating a registered, verifiable, digital ID for every child on the planet.
    This ID will be tied to each child’s vaccination status.

    Over 23,500 airmen and guardians say no to COVID vaccines as final deadline passes
    Nearly twice as many Guard and Reserve airmen are unvaccinated than in the active duty component, 14,500 to 8,800. This is the first time the Air Force has released holistic data on its effort to inoculate the department of about 501,000 uniformed members.

    Thousands of Sailors, Marines Remain Unvaccinated After Deadline
    Navy lowers its official vaccination rate after discovering data discrepancies.

    WHO: Omicron In 38 Countries, No Deaths Reported
    During a news conference, WHO official Maria Van Kerkhove said the U.N. health body has seen “an increasing growth rate,” and “we see increasing numbers of Omicron being detected.”
    No deaths have been reported so far in connection to the COVID-19 strain, another WHO spokesperson told reporters Friday.

    The FDA/ Pfizer Murder Cover-Up & The Unconstitutional Federal “Vaccine” Database (Video)
    As Congress and Joe Biden seem hell bent on imposing more and more tyranny and violations of the US Constitution to implement a lawless “vaccine” database at the federal level, documents have come out demonstrating that the FDA and Pfizer have been engaged in a coverup of numerous deaths related to the COVID shots and have known about it from the beginning.

    White House blames Republicans for prolonging the pandemic
    With the Omicron variant of the coronavirus having made landfall in the United States and with public discontent with the economy on the rise, the White House blamed Republicans for its woes.

    Unvaccinated Oklahoma Air National Guard members may be facing loss of pay next week
    The deadline for Air National Guard members to be vaccinated was on Thursday. However, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin gave service leaders until Monday to publish guidance for implementing his newly announced policy regarding unvaccinated personnel.

    WaPo: ‘Omicron’ genetic code has ‘striking similarity’ with common cold…
    The omicron variant is likely to have picked up genetic material from another virus that causes the common cold in humans, according to a new preliminary study, prompting one of its authors to suggest omicron could have greater transmissibility but lower virulence than other variants of the coronavirus.

    Mayor de Blasio Announces Forced Vaccines for All Private Companies and Forced Vaccines for All Children Ages 5-11 if They Want to Eat Out
    Mayor Bill de Blasio will require ALL private sector employees to be vaccinated starting in three weeks on December 27th. The Marxist New York City Mayor will also force children age 5 and older to take the vaccine if they want to eat at restaurants or participate in extracurricular activities.

    Sunday Talks, NBC Proclaims Omicron Has Merged With Common Cold Virus to Create New Mutant Super Spreader Variant, Requiring New Super Duper Booster
    Once the political operatives unleash the healthcare/media narrative engineers to push the maximum fear-porn needed to support the larger objectives, you end up in this bizarro world where buck-tooth carrot-eating parents are having rabbit faced babies with ten inch ears.

    What happened to Eric Clapton?
    The guitar legend has long been inscrutable, but his covid turn has friends and fans puzzled like never before.

    FOX News Sidelines Lara Logan After Dr. Fauci Complains About Her Nazi Doctor Comparison
    Investigative reporter and FOX News contributor Lara Logan responded to Dr. Tony Fauci’s recent statement that he is “science” and challenging him is challenging “science.”
    Lara Logan had other thoughts on Dr. Fauci, comparing him to notorious Nazi Dr. Josef Mengele.

    Could seaweed stop coronavirus from infecting human cells? - study
    A team of researchers from Tel Aviv University say they have found that ulvan could help stop the spread of coronavirus.

    Mandates Have Consequences – Leesburg Virginia Finds Out The Police Were Not Bluffing, Now Facing a Shortage of Officers
    The city council of Leesburg, Virginia, voted to insist upon a vaccine mandate for police officers. Now they discover the consequences…

    The god that failed
    How to open the eyes of anyone who still thinks Covid vaccines are working as promised

    Former Australian Pro-Basketball Player Ben Madgen Diagnosed with Pericarditis After Taking Second Shot of Pfizer Vaccine
    “Ended up in the emergency room on Wednesday night after taking the 2nd Pfizer shot. Diagnosed with Pericarditis. The Dr. said this is now common after the Pfizer shot, especially with teenage boys and young males.”

    COVID vaccine mandates undermined by research sponsored by vaccine makers, feds
    Disagreement within federal government about efficacy of antiviral alternative to vaccine largely overlooked by media.

    Fauci Says It’s ‘Preposterous To Claim I’m Overhyping Covid’
    During an interview with Fox News Channel’s Brian Kilmeade, Johnson said, “Fauci did the exact same thing with AIDS. He overhyped it. He created all kinds of fear, saying it could infect the entire population when it couldn’t, and he’s using the exact same playbook with COVID.”
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    "And how we burned in the camps later thinking, what would things have been like, if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain, whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?"

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    Robert F Kennedy’s Bombshells Explode In Face Of Fauci & CIA (Video)
    Robert F. Kennedy’s new book The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health unloads bombshell after bombshell of the criminal Nazi Dr. Anthony Fauci. Not only is he exposing Fauci’s Mengele-style torture of animals and humans, but also the murder of children, and what we are discovering was the Central Intelligence Agency has been in on it all along.

    Governor of Maine Activates National Guard to Staff Hospitals After Firing Unvaccinated Healthcare Workers
    Gov. Janet Mills announced Wednesday that she is activating the Maine National Guard to augment short health care staffing and requesting federal help for two beleaguered hospitals amid a record COVID-19 surge.

    Leaked Secret Government Report Shows Vaccine Passports Could Fuel COVID and Cost Venues Millions
    A leaked UK report found that Fauci Vaccine Mandates could fuel the spread of the coronavirus pandemic and will cost public venues millions of dollars.

    Governments warn of heart problems from COVID vaccines, but Twitter calls research 'unsafe'
    Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare "raised the alert level for 'side reactions'" to the Pfizer and Moderna two-shot mRNA vaccines on Dec. 3, according to an English translation of a report by the Japanese Kyodo News Service. Just the News couldn't find a native English version.

    Australian Football Player Diagnosed with Pericarditis After Receiving First Pfizer Shot – Team Director Quits and Slams Leagues “Forceful” Jab Policy (VIDEO)
    The player spent a day in the hospital and was diagnosed with pericarditis. His cardiologist told him that he is not allowed to exercise for three months and he should take medications. The identity of the player was not published for privacy reasons.

    Germany: 2 Footballers Collapse ‘Suddenly & Unexpectedly’ During Same Match
    Reports indicate that the incident occurred after the final whistle in a match between FC Carl Zeiss Jena and Berliner AK.
    Newz world today reports: The two German footballers add to an unprecedented list of athletes to suddenly collapse on the playing surface in 2021.
    wonder how this will play out when a lot of vax people are out shoveling snow this winter

    Fact-Checker Orders NewsPunch To Tell Readers That Rising Heart Problems Are ‘NOTHING To Do With Vaccines’
    One of Facebook’s fact-checkers sent an ultimatum to News Punch yesterday: inform our readers that rising heart problems are nothing to do with Covid jabs, or face being heavily censored on social media.

    WestJet Flight Diverted After Pilot Suffers Medical Emergency Requiring Defibrillator – COVID Shot Effects?
    On Monday afternoon a WestJet flight was diverted back to Calgary after the pilots suffered a medical emergency, in which a defibrillator was rush out onto the scene.

    Unelected EU Boss Ursula Ignores Nuremberg Code in Favor of Vaccine Mandates
    Ursula Van Der Leyen, the unelected head of the EU’s European Union Commission, said late last week that she supports mandatory vaccinations in response to the supposedly “highly contagious” Omicron variant of the coronavirus – which she claims will ravage Europe unless the entire population is not injected with the experimental Covid-19 GMO injection.

    New Zealand Prime Minister: “We’ll NEVER Stop Forcing Needles in Your Arms”
    “So long as there’s people who are eligible who haven’t been vaccinated, we’ve got work to do,” Ardern said in a Twitter video.
    “Do you know, I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied so long as there’s someone who is eligible and hasn’t been (vaccinated),” she hysterically said.
    as ugly on the inside as she is on the outside

    Members of Congress Invested in Pfizer Inc
    nothing nefarious about this

    speaking of fizer

    FDA Doubles Down: Asks Federal Judge to Grant it Until at Least the Year 2096 to Fully Release Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine Data
    The fed gov’t gives Pfizer billions in taxpayer money + makes Americans take its product + won’t let Americans sue for harm + shields disclosure of its licensure documents = 1984

    speaking of fizer

    Vietnam: Three Children Reported Dead and More than 120 Hospitalized after Taking Pfizer Vaccine
    The Vietnamese province of Thanh Hoa administered about 56,700 doses of Pfizer’s Covid vaccine and has now suspended the use of a batch after more than 120 students were hospitalized following their inoculation. Four adult workers in Thanh Hoa who took the Sinopharm Vero Cell Covid-19 vaccination died recently. In addition, three children reportedly died from the vaccine in Bac Giang, Hanoi, and Binh Phuoc over the past week.

    CA: 13-Yr-Old Student Bribed With Slice of Pizza To Get COVID Vaccine Without Parental Consent...Told To Keep Quiet [VIDEO]
    Maribel Duarte, the mother of the 13-year-old son, says she is vaccinated but that it’s different for her son, telling the reporter that he has asthma and allergy problems. She explained that her son came home from the South Los Angeles Barack Obama Global Prep Academy with a vaccine card in his hand. His mom said he told her that she was not asked for permission to give her son a COVID vaccine and that he accepted the jab after he was offered pizza.

    I am a German, and we once asked our grandparents how they could have just stood by in silence, allowing a horrific totalitarian regime to come about. Anyone could have known; all they had to do was open their eyes and take a look. The vast majority chose not to.
    So what will you tell your grandchildren? Will you tell them you did not know? Will you tell them you were just following orders?
    You need to understand it is not about breaking the fourth wave. It is about breaking people…
    We need to stop our governments from transforming our free and democratic societies into totalitarian regimes. We need to do it now. We need to stand up now.”

    After vaxxing millions, CVS enters “data-sharing” agreement with Bill Gates’ Microsoft…
    The drugstore giant is building on an existing collaboration with Microsoft Corp. to help accelerate the development of a data-driven, personalized, privacy-compliant customer experience. By combining information from different areas across the company, CVS Health seeks to enhance its omnichannel pharmacy capabilities and deliver customized, omnichannel health recommendations.

    Neocon WashPo Editor Who Trashed Anti-Vaxxers Dies Of 'Sudden Cardiac Arrest'
    Hiatt, 66, "had sudden cardiac arrest on Nov. 24 while visiting his daughter in Brooklyn, said his wife, Margaret 'Pooh' Shapiro, and did not regain consciousness," the Post reported.
    The Post imposed a vaccine mandate back in July to "help safeguard the health and safety" of employees, though they provided exceptions for medical and religious reasons.
    Hiatt's vaccination/booster status is not clear but as we all know, the sudden surge in heart disease throughout the West is purely a coincidence.
    Under Hiatt's leadership, the Post hired neocon agents like Jennifer Rubin, Michael Gerson and Anne Applebaum who helped lie the American public into the war in Iraq.

    Spike in Vaccine Deaths In UK exposed By Undertaker John O’Looney
    Heart Attacks & Blood Clots deaths have increased dramatically after Covid Vaxx according to UK Undertaker.
    those who support the president will prove it by taking the vax and all boosters

    Researchers Warn That Vaccine ‘Side-Effects’ May Actually Be Covid
    A study, published last week in the eClinical Medicine journal, warns people that shold they suffer headaches, fatigue, or fever after being jabbed they should assume they have been infected with covid, isolate themselves and get tested.
    The findings show there is no way to tell if the symptoms are from covid or an adverse reaction to the jab unless a test is taken.
    "And how we burned in the camps later thinking, what would things have been like, if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain, whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5.56NATO View Post
    Robert F Kennedy’s Bombshells Explode In Face Of Fauci & CIA (Video)
    Robert F. Kennedy’s new book The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health unloads bombshell after bombshell of the criminal Nazi Dr. Anthony Fauci. Not only is he exposing Fauci’s Mengele-style torture of animals and humans, but also the murder of children, and what we are discovering was the Central Intelligence Agency has been in on it all along.
    I joined PETA (I know, I know,) just because of this. I'm trying to get them to turn their attention to Fauci and his torture of animals. Once they get on a scent, they don't let up. I'm hoping to give them that scent....
    "Valar morghulis; valar dohaeris."

    Commucrats are most efficient at converting sins and crimes to accidents or misunderstandings.-Oswald Bastable

    Making good people helpless won't make bad people harmless.

    Freedom isn't free.

    "Attitude is the paintbrush that colors our world." TV Series, Haven.

    My Spirit Animal has rabies.

    I'd rather be an American than a Democrat.

    "If you can make a man afraid, you can control him" Netflix Series, The Irregulars

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