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Thread: Virginia: bill introduced to raise number of signatures required to recall politicians there

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    Virginia: bill introduced to raise number of signatures required to recall politicians there

    Citizens start recall petitions on the criminals running their state, Craps working on changing existing new laws.

    Interesting how the craps operate. If you are going to lose with the current rules in place, just change the rules. This defines the Crap party in everything they do and their criminal protecting.

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    Indiana, a state that is trying to remain free.
    Pretty sad state this country has sunk to. Been happening for a while unfortunately as many states have stomped all over our constitutional rights, the supposed supreme law of the land.

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    Anyone who votes Democrat is brain damaged. Sadly, the MEDIA is one giant propaganda tool that props them up. One study proved (a few years ago) that the Democrats would have collapsed as a party if the Media told the truth. The DEMONRATS are propped up by the big three and now big FOUR (Media, Academia, Hollywood and Big Tech). That's because, sadly all those areas are IN BLUE AREAS. Sadly the Red state areas dont' create that stuff. I think the Red state areas SHOULD try to establish industries like that. Yeah, I know that tons of folks in those areas aren't that interested in that stuff, but LOOK at the long term damage from having all those big information institutions being crowded into the BLUE COASTS. The only other thing is COLLEGES and HIGH SCHOOLS. Communists infest the schools ALL Over the country and I don't know how to excise that cancer from our nation.


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