I hope that that vast majority of you guys live in areas FAR FAR away from ANTIFA scumbags. I actually believe there isn't a large ANTIFA presence in Northern California. All the BIG riots, someone bussed all the masked thugs in from PORTLAND and SEATTLE. I think there is just a big presence in those two cities and someone (who knows who it is) is spending the money to bus them all over the nation to riot. I also think there are ANTIFA groups in FLA, Philly and perhaps parts of New England, but there is yet another protest again in Portland (that is NOT being reported by the media)

Personally I think we should nuke Portland just to get rid of the ANTIFA scumbags.

People are warning that they're going to get even MORE violent AFTER Trump wins in November.


Authorities in Florida were searching Saturday night for a driver who they claim drove his van into a Republican Party voter registration tent in a shopping center parking lot, just missing six volunteers working there.

The suspect, described as a white man in his 20s, then got out of his vehicle and recorded video of the smashed tent, and flashed a middle finger to the startled voter-registration volunteers before driving off, FOX 30 of Jacksonville reported.

Photos posted by the Republican Party of Duval County showed Trump-Pence placards and bumper stickers strewn around the parking lot, along with the toppled tent. Another photo showed an older model brown-and-tan van driving away from the scene.