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Thread: The TEC 9 A History of Infamy

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    Post The TEC 9 A History of Infamy

    After today, it's all historical.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunreference1 View Post
    The article glossed over the fact that Intratec renamed the TEC-9 the DC-9 mostly because of the 1989 California ban (the name change came BEFORE the DC lawsuit law and thus that can't be the reason for the name change) and DC WAS shorthand for 'designed for California".

    I know this because I followed gun control and state gun politics VERY CLOSELY in the late 1980s early 1990s (and still do but after all the incremental bans, there is little to do but wait for the day to move out of Commiefornia come retirement).

    It's noteworthy that the article doesn't have a SINGLE TEC-9 in the photos, they're all post 89 ban DC-9s or DC-9 minis.

    I don't know. I like my TEC-9 pistols They're fun to shoot and I actually hit well with them. i'm super lucky that I haven't had a breakage yet, but then I picked up replacement parts early and have them on standby (like titanium firing pins to replace the crappy factory ones )

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    The TEC-9 has always been a favorite among movie makers just because of it's "evil" looks. Hollywood moves with what is considered evil at the time. The progression to AK style rifles and now M16s and it's variants has become popular, but the good old TEC-9 still pops up now and then.

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    It is an icon for me but only because I grew up with this;

    I actually had a capgun that was a tec 9. it was pretty cool, it had a removable magazine and took the long plastic strip caps.


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