The answer should be obvious to anyone on this forum. I've gotten well past the point of 'this I need' and now have the list of 'would be nice to have' as far as the collection. Also ammo? You guys know that most smart guys have long term stockpiles already, so I see no need to rush out and stand in line for hours for a couple of boxes. I'm still sitting on crates of 5.56mm, 7.62x39, .308, 30-06, 9mm, 45 acp, and a ton of other calibers in lesser quantities. I don't need to expose myself to crowds now and I'll leave all the stuff on the shelves for those poor souls who don't have anything yet.

I assume that all of you guys are well prepared anyways, so nothing would surprise us.

But there is something I don't like. I see people who are raving ANTI GUNNERS lining up to get guns. I know some personally. They hate guns and think they should be banned. And NOW... they're rushing to all the surviving gun stores, waiting in line to buy their first gun...... They're SHOCKED that they can't just cash and carry in California. They're shocked at the amount of paperwork. They're SHOCKED that there are a ton of guns that the politicians have banned in our state that are legal to buy in other states. They're shocked that there is a waiting period. They're SHOCKED that you can't just order modern centerfire guns on the internet delivered to your house (with no FFL mind you). I love how their own ignorance about how the laws their democrat buddies pass are now biting THEM in the ass.

Should I welcome them to the club? (aka welcome to the list of Americans who own and shoot) Or should I mock them for reaping what they sow? (aka laugh at their inability to get anything) Not sure. What would you guys do? the more people who own guns and are educated on their use are MORE VOTERS to vote out anti gun politicians in the long run. I just can't get over my prejudice against their past stupidity.