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Thread: AR-15 suggestions

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    AR-15 suggestions

    Hi, The wife and I would like to purchase an AR-15. We are both Army Vets and have plenty of experince with the M-16. We would like to pick up and AR for sport shooting.
    I don't want to spend a bunch of money on it, I don't need it to have a lot of extras but would like to put a scope on it at some point, but to start with, we don't need one. I am just looking for something we can send a few hundred 5.56/.223 rounds down range with a year that is going to be good value and not be something I regret buying after 6 months.

    Cost and dependability are two important criteria. Expandability and features are on the lower end of the list.

    Let me know a model you suggest and the best place to buy it.
    Thanks everyone,

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    There are many out there these days. I've personally had good experiences with Rock river arms

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    Aero Precision is about the highest quality for the price in my opinion.
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