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Thread: My Prayers are for Ruth Bader Ginsburg to have a speedy Recovery! (explanation below) ;)

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    My Prayers are for Ruth Bader Ginsburg to have a speedy Recovery! (explanation below) ;)

    Well, at least until AFTER Trump wins in November. .......

    If RBG kicked the bucket now, this will freak out the LEFT and bring out tons of their 'splintered' base together to make sure that ANY DEMOCRAT will be in office in order to pick their own SCOTUS pick. Right now, the SCOTUS judges are not on anyone's minds during the Corona outbreak, but this will eventually end and I really WANT Trump to be able to appoint a SOLID Conservative majority to SCOTUS. He has all the time to do that AFTER November (when he wins, yes, I'm predicting that he will win).

    Only THEN can we start suing all the idiot states for their anticonstitutional gun bans.......

    But if she kicks the bucket now, it will whip up the LEFT to unite against Republicans. Right now they're splintered and they don't have the numbers.

    What do you guys think? It's SIX MONTHS until the election. RBG kicking the bucket may unite them. I don't think we'll be able to get another SCOTUS pick before then because of the Virus shutdown etc. And we've seen how Pelosi and Schumer can still shut down government with what power they have.

    Or do you think that the economy and the Corona will override any 'wars' being fought over SCOTUS? Thoughts?

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    I had this same thought, if she dies and there is a supreme court justice fight on the horizon the dems will start screaming Roe V Wade from the roof tops and add shit like gay marriage and deportation of illegals to it to motivate their base. Best thing is the witch holds on to keep it off peoples minds. Its a win win for republicans, even if we loose the presidential election, the balance of the court wouldn't change if she was replaced with another lib, I'd keep quiet on it.

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    Great point.

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    Not sure about most Democrats uniting against Trump because I think most people are realizing 99% of this virus "crisis" belongs to the Commucrats. I've heard a few Dimocrats around here say they won't support any Dims in the next election.

    I think this whole "crisis" is starting to backfire on them and Trump is starting to look better to some of those who voted against him last all the jobs he created BEFORE the Commucrats took them away.
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    That's a great point.


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