Did a thorough cleaning of my Russian Mak after a range visit and noticed that when the safety is on, there is a lot of movement of the slide and action when I try to squeeze the trigger. Its never done that before. It is not a whole lot of movement, maybe somewhere between a quarter and half inch, but like I said before, its never done that. I have had the pistol for about 4.5 years and have put about 2k rounds down the barrel. All of the parts look to be in good shape with nothing that looks like severe wear or damage. I have not had the chance to take it to the range since. This is also after I had to clear a squib from the barrel after trying to fire an old round. That's the only issue I have had with this pistol. What do you guys think? Anyone had this issue before? Do you think the pistol is good to shoot or should I replace the internals? Or retire the pistol altogether? This has been my CCW since I bought it and I would hate to put it out to pasture.

As always, any advice you provide will be greatly appreciated. I hope everyone is staying safe.