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Thread: Paving the road to civil war

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    Quote Originally Posted by alismith View Post
    4 officers killed and 4 wounded while serving a warrant at a home in TN.

    The shooter was a felon in possession of a firearm.

    But, I thought gun control laws worked.....
    oh well heres your problem, criminals by definition do not obey law, so laws only work on the law abiding, and that should tell you exactly who they want disarmed, the law abiding citizen or the criminals in and out of office
    "And how we burned in the camps later thinking, what would things have been like, if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain, whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5.56NATO View Post
    oh well heres your problem, criminals by definition do not obey law, so laws only work on the law abiding, and that should tell you exactly who they want disarmed, the law abiding citizen or the criminals in and out of office
    Ahhh. So I would have more gun rights by being a criminal than by being law-abiding, because nothing would be off-limits for me to have since I don't have to follow any restrictive gun laws..... Got it.
    "Valar morghulis; valar dohaeris."

    Commucrats are most efficient at converting sins and crimes to accidents or misunderstandings.-Oswald Bastable

    Making good people helpless won't make bad people harmless.

    Freedom isn't free.

    "Attitude is the paintbrush that colors our world." TV Series, Haven.

    My Spirit Animal has rabies.

    I'd rather be an American than a Democrat.

    "If you can make a man afraid, you can control him" Netflix Series, The Irregulars

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    rumour has it chicoms bought 27 tons of gold in the 3 months starting the new year stoking Taiwan invasion fears

    What are the dirty FEDs implying by flying the flag upside down?
    Upside down flag means country in distress… It’s used in the military. If a fort or post is under attack or is in some other form of distress, they fly the flag upside down. So what are the freaking feds implying by flying the flag upside down?
    My guess is to just sew more division in the country. Pretty much myself and a lot of my friends all know that the powers in charge are trying to pit us up against each other to distract us from the shitty and malicious tactics they are using to pull money out of our pockets and back into theirs…

    Will Russia Push the Button?
    I warned on February 22, 2022, that Volodymyr Zelensky would be the man they hired to create World War III. My sources made it clear that the election was rigged. The oligarch behind Zelensky was the same one who hired Hunter Biden. Our future will be destroyed by this man who takes orders from the American Neocon. There will be no DEFEAT of Russia. For anyone in charge of a country that was about to be destroyed, the natural response is to take everyone else with you – just push the bottom.
    (1) Russia won – Ukraine has lost, and NO Amount of Money will win this war
    (2) The Administration is pouring money down a black hole where NOBODY knows where it is going
    (3) Congress is throwing money into a failed war, and they do not demand any accountability, as was the case with Iraq and Afghanistan. Why?
    (4) Those who will benefit are the Western firms that invested in Ukraine and have lost their shirt – Another bailout?
    no one in western seats of power is listening, but they will listen to cans of sunshine filled in russia

    Biden White House considering welcoming Hamas-supporting, Jew-hating Palestinians to America as 'refugees'
    Up to 800,000 have fled the war zone in Gaza
    CBS News is reporting that the Biden White House is hot to bring up to 800,000 Palestinians to America as “refugees.”
    This would be done under the Refugee Act of 1980 and include work permits, food stamps, housing assistance, free education for their children, along with a fast-track to U.S. citizenship, which can be accomplished in as little as five years. Refugees that arrive in the U.S. at age 65 or older qualify almost immediately for Social Security, even though they have never worked a day in their lives in this country or paid a dollar in federal income taxes.
    U.S. Congressman Jamaal Bowman, Democrat from New York, is one of the point men pushing for this disastrous policy — the direct importation to America of what would mostly be terrorist-supporting, Hamas-loving, Jew-hating Muslims. Just what we need more of in this country right now, given the ugly antisemitism we’ve seen on university campuses of late.

    Houthi rebels attack two US destroyers in Red Sea with devastating drone strike
    Houthi rebels attacked two US destroyers in Red Sea with drone strikes, a Yemeni Armed Forces spokesperson says.
    The militants also targeted the MSC Orion in the Indian Ocean, the Iran-aligned group's military spokesperson Yahya Sarea said in a press conference.
    Monday's attack happened off the coast of Mokha, Yemen, the British military’s United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations center said. The ship sustained damage in the attack, the UKMTO said, though its crew was safe and heading to its next port of call. The agency urged vessels to exercise caution in the area

    The Unmaking of a Conservative
    “The consolidation of the states into one vast EMPIRE, sure to be aggressive abroad and despotic at home, will be the certain precursor of ruin which has overwhelmed all that preceded it.”
    — General Robert Edward Lee
    Revilo P. Oliver, one of the co-founders of National Review, remains both controversial and emblematic of reactionary American politics. While his abrasive atheism detracts from my enjoyment of his incisive writings, his intellectual odyssey embodies the bitter truths I’ve long espoused on this publication regarding conservatism’s veiled manipulations and hollow promises. Professor Oliver’s journey through the labyrinth of conservative politics reached a crescendo in 1966, unveiling an all too familiar tale of shattered promises and ideological bankruptcy (emphasis mine):

    Louisiana Supreme Court Ruling Will Allow Residents To Secede From State Capital And Create New Town
    A Louisiana Supreme Court ruling will allow residents to secede from Baton Rouge and create a new town called St. George.
    The state Supreme Court reversed a lower court’s decision and ruled 4-3 to allow the incorporation of St. George, which will form in southeast Baton Rouge.
    Attorney Andrew Murrell, one of the leaders of the St. George movement, issued a statement following the Louisiana Supreme Court’s decision.
    “This is the culmination of citizens exercising their constitutional rights. We voted and we won,” Murrell said.

    Russia sends ominous message to Volodymyr Zelensky, warning his 'fate is sealed'
    Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Ukrainians will question the legitimacy of their leader, adding the ominous warning that his "fate is sealed".
    He pointed out how there were no constitutionally mandated elections in March in Ukraine as a result of the Russian invasion causing martial law to be enforced.
    Peskov said: "It seems to me that Zelensky's fate is sealed. Very soon the moment will come when many, including in Ukraine, will question his legitimacy.
    "He will have to justify himself somehow, but the main thing for us is that we must continue [the war]. We have to protect ourselves."
    ive a feeling his fate is to retire with billions in US tax dollars to oh say zurich or mebbe tel aviv

    The Steady Slide Towards Tyranny: How Freedom Dies from A to Z
    The American governmental scheme is sliding ever closer towards a pervasive authoritarianism.
    The American people, the permanent underclass in America, have allowed themselves to be so distracted and divided that they have failed to notice the building blocks of tyranny being laid down right under their noses by the architects of the Deep State.
    This steady slide towards tyranny, meted out by militarized local and federal police and legalistic bureaucrats, has been carried forward by each successive president over the past fifty years regardless of their political affiliation.

    Shooter is 'neutralized' by police after trying to break into Mount Horeb Middle School in Wisconsin, prompting lockdown
    The district asked people to stay away from the middle school on Wednesday
    No injuries have been reported as police remains on the scene at the school
    The Mount Horeb Area School District said on Facebook: 'Community members, there has been an active shooter at our middle school this morning.
    'The individual did not breach entryway. Police department is helping to scope out our building to ensure the safety of our students and staff. I will keep you posted.'
    The district later added that the 'threat has been neutralized outside of the building.'
    No injuries have been reported at the middle school in Mount Horeb, which is about a half-hour driver from Madison.

    REPORT: Canadian Town To Require QR Code To Leave?
    Circulating reports indicate a remote Canadian town will require a QR code to enter or leave.
    Unsurprisingly, the reports have sparked severe criticism.
    The controversy stems from Îles-de-la-Madeleine, an archipelago in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.
    The municipality, consisting of 12 islands, is home to approximately 12,000 residents.
    A proposed $30 tourist fee caused an uproar.

    Ukraine soldiers getting 'destroyed' as troops blame 'stupid' commanders
    Russia will continue to pile the pressure on Ukraine as US military aid makes its way to the country, experts warn.
    One Ukrainian serviceman described in a post on X how a lack of leadership in the military is costing Kyiv.
    He said: "My company was literally destroyed, we carried out tasks in the worst conditions and no one cared, we stormed without support and with stupid command, we defended with almost no support and with the same stupid command."

    European Countries Reportedly To Help Ukraine Get Military-Age Men To Return For Conflict With Russia
    “We have suggested for a long time that we can help the Ukrainian side ensure that people subject to [compulsory] military service go to Ukraine,” Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, Poland’s defence minister, told a Polish television channel, according to The Guardian.

    Fury as Columbia University protesters stage insurrection-like takeover of Hamilton Hall after ignoring deadline to leave encampment.. but will they be arrested?
    Since footage of the takeover was shared on social media, users have been comparing the scenes to that of the January 6 riots in 2021 when Donald Trump supporters overran the US Capitol.

    WW3 fears rise as UK minister drops hint about Vladimir Putin's next target after Ukraine
    Alarm bells are ringing in the West as Russia's troops appear to be taking full advantage of Ukraine's lack of ammunition and manpower to regain the battlefield initiative and seize more territory.
    He told the Sun: "If Putin were to win that war, he wouldn't stop in Ukraine. He'd carry on.
    "He's talked about other areas that he thinks should be part of Greater Russia, basically the old Soviet Union..."
    The UK politician added that other autocratic leaders would be emboldened by Putin's victory to embark on their own military campaigns.
    In particular he raised the spectre of China launching an invasion of Taiwan to reassert its sovereignty over the island state.

    Republican-Led State Legislature Approves Bill Prohibiting Companies From Adversarial Countries From Buying Land Near Military Sites
    The countries listed as ‘adversarial’ include
    North Korea
    “The state House approved SB 172 with an 86-39 vote on Monday, and the state Senate followed, passing the bill 24-14 on Tuesday, as reported by The Kansas City Star. The legislation was partially prompted by plans from Cnano Technology USA, a subsidiary of a Chinese firm, to develop a large factory in the state,” Chuck Callesto wrote.

    Here are the top American cities Joe Biden is sending hundreds of thousands of paroled migrants - so is YOUR home town on the list?
    The policy allows in limited numbers of vetted migrants from four nations
    DHS revealed that it sent over 200,000 in through the program
    Around 80 percent of the migrants were sent to four cities in the state of Florid
    1. Miami - 91,821
    2. Fort Lauderdale - 60,461
    3. New York - 14,827
    4. Houston - 7,923
    5. Orlando - 6,043
    6. Los Angeles - 3,271
    7. Tampa - 3,237
    8. Dallas - 2,256
    9. San Francisco - 2,052
    10. Atlanta - 1,796
    (Source: DHS)

    Texas Detective Says Turning Off Your Phone Means ‘You’re Either The Victim Of A Crime Or You’re Probably Committing One’
    An Austin, Texas, police officer claims that if you turn off your phone or it is not connected to a network, then that might strongly suggest you’re a “victim of a crime or you’re probably committing one.”
    This statement was made during a tenuous investigation into the murder of a popular up and coming cyclist Anna Moriah “Mo” Wilson earlier this year, when in January her killer, Kaitlin Armstrong, was convicted and sentenced to 90 years in prison.

    GRID DOWN: Death of a Nation Report
    Grid Down: Death of a Nation, is an eye-opening report on the psychology and physiology of Human Desperation, Starvation, and living in a world Without-Rule-of-Law. This report was originally created for the U.S. Air Force Electromagnetic Defense Task Force and is referenced in its 2019 report.
    in proxy bidens glorious future we will all be a lot thinner without even trying

    Insane vs Sane – Demonic vs Divine – Catherine Austin Fitts
    Catherine Austin Fitts (CAF), Publisher of The Solari Report, financial expert and former Assistant Secretary of Housing (Bush 41 Admin.), has long said, “The federal government is being run as a criminal enterprise. . . .not just a little criminal, but a lot criminal.” Now, CAF contends what is going on in America is much more than greedy criminals. CAF says, “This has turned into warfare against “We the People” on a spiritual level.”
    CAF goes on to point out, “There is so much effort in persuading people to think there is nothing you can do, and it’s hopeless. Let me tell you something . . . the central bankers are telling you what they are going to do, and this is not far away in the future. You have all these merchant codes where you cannot use your credit card to buy a gun or the bank throws you out. That’s the control grid getting built.”

    Aleksandr Dugin is the most famous political philosopher in Russia. His ideas are considered so dangerous, the Ukrainian government murdered his daughter and Amazon won’t sell his books. We talked to him in Moscow.

    INSANE New Tax Proposal – Stealing from Citizens Legally
    Success is a punishable offense in Biden’s America. Joe Biden and his administration would like to implement a 44.6% tax on capital gains, the highest tax on capital gains in the nation’s history. Washinton says this tax is necessary to address the looming national debt, but they are simultaneously implementing measures to ensure that the nation falls deeper into debt. Perpetually issuing new debt to pay for the old is equivalent to a Ponzi scheme that WILL FAIL.
    Donald Trump’s implemented tax deductions are set to expire in 2025, which is precisely when these measures could go into effect. The proposals essentially rob those who have achieved success to pay those who leech off of the government.

    US retailers confirm another 169 store closures in just one week - among them Urban Outfitters, Walmart and a premium grocery chain
    In the week ending April 26, retailers announced they would close 169 stores
    They included Express, Outfox Hospitality, Urban Outfitters and Walmart
    READ MORE: Retailers shut 5,500 stores last year across a range of sectors
    US retailers confirmed another 169 closures last week - bringing the total so far this year up to almost 2,600.
    Stores that announced the shuttering of locations included Express, Outfox Hospitality, Shop 'n Save, Urban Outfitters and Walmart.

    They’re Calling Them “Bidenvilles”….Let Me Explain
    Have you ever heard of “Hoovervilles”?
    If you’re over a certain age, you might have lived through it.
    Otherwise, if you’re a history buff you might know about them.
    For everyone else, I’ll be your Professor Noah and class is in session!
    Hoovervilles looked like this and they sprang up all over town because of how horrible the economy was under President Herbert Hoover:
    "And how we burned in the camps later thinking, what would things have been like, if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain, whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by alismith View Post
    Ahhh. So I would have more gun rights by being a criminal than by being law-abiding, because nothing would be off-limits for me to have since I don't have to follow any restrictive gun laws..... Got it.
    Well you may need this as well if you're going that route

    For peace of mind, resign as general manager of the universe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Full Otto View Post
    Well you may need this as well if you're going that route

    Damn. Forgot about that. You're right. i would have to use a lot of that.
    "Valar morghulis; valar dohaeris."

    Commucrats are most efficient at converting sins and crimes to accidents or misunderstandings.-Oswald Bastable

    Making good people helpless won't make bad people harmless.

    Freedom isn't free.

    "Attitude is the paintbrush that colors our world." TV Series, Haven.

    My Spirit Animal has rabies.

    I'd rather be an American than a Democrat.

    "If you can make a man afraid, you can control him" Netflix Series, The Irregulars

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    House passes Antisemitism Awareness Bill that would make parts of The Bible antisemitic.
    "Valar morghulis; valar dohaeris."

    Commucrats are most efficient at converting sins and crimes to accidents or misunderstandings.-Oswald Bastable

    Making good people helpless won't make bad people harmless.

    Freedom isn't free.

    "Attitude is the paintbrush that colors our world." TV Series, Haven.

    My Spirit Animal has rabies.

    I'd rather be an American than a Democrat.

    "If you can make a man afraid, you can control him" Netflix Series, The Irregulars

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    Quote Originally Posted by alismith View Post
    House passes Antisemitism Awareness Bill that would make parts of The Bible antisemitic.
    christophobes are very excited about this legislation
    "And how we burned in the camps later thinking, what would things have been like, if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain, whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?"

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    Pentagon Confirms Americans Sharing Air Base with Russian Troops in Niger
    U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin confirmed on Friday that American troops are sharing space on Airbase 101, a facility in the capital of Niger, with Russian military forces, but dismissed the Russians’ presence as “not a significant issue here.”
    Reuters reported late on Friday that the government of Niger – a military junta known as the “National Council for the Safeguard of the Homeland” that took power in a televised coup in July – had allowed Russian forces onto the airbase.

    Court to Hear Arguments That Regulation of Firearm Silencers Is Unconstitutional
    In a lawsuit with the potential to advance greatly the cause of state nullification of unconstitutional federal law, a three-judge panel is hearing arguments in Paxton v. Dettelbach over the issue of home-built firearm suppressors, or “silencers.”

    Video: Democrat Rep. Says America’s Most Important Border is in Ukraine
    Uni-partiers in Congress sent another $60 billion to Ukraine as part of the massive $95 billion foreign aid package that does NOTHING to secure America.
    Democrat Congressman Gerry Connolly (VA-11) claimed that Ukraine’s border with Russia actually belongs to America and that defending it should take precedence over defending America’s southern border with Mexico, as the House deliberated its now-approved $95 billion foreign aid package, which included a whopping $60 billion for Ukraine. After the massive aid package was passed, also extending billions of American dollars to Israel and Taiwan, members of Congress waved Ukrainian flags on the House floor, and at least one of them, Democrat Jason Crow (CO-6), posted a video of himself calling around the world to his apparent Ukrainian handlers, to let them know he’d just secured them another $60 billion.

    NATO War, Biden Still 8%, CV19 Vax Crazy
    Another step closer to nuclear war with Russia was put forth this week when it was announced that Ukraine would be joining NATO as early as July. Article 5 in NATO basically says all for one and one for all. So, when Russia attacks Ukraine after they join NATO, will all NATO countries go to war with Russia? In 1991, NATO promised that Ukraine would never join the alliance. This is broken promise on the road to perdition. Jesus come quickly and save us all. (This is NOT a joke.)
    When you look at President Biden’s true approval rating, it is stuck at low 8%. This explains a lot. It explains all the lawfare cases against Donald Trump. It explains all the crazy voter fraud legislation in several “blue” states, and it explains why the chances for a big war are increasing. 8% means Biden cannot win in November without massive cheating and/or a war caused by desperate criminals from the swamp.

    Report: Swedish Women Cops Gave Intel to Gangsters With Whom They Were Romantically Involved
    Just last year, Swedish police admitted that warfare between “migrant” criminal gangs was becoming a major problem in the socialist, once-peaceful Nordic idyll.
    Murders and bombings were out of control. Such was the violence that the government considered calling in the military.
    But police now admit they’ve had a bigger problem since at least 2018. Some 30 lady cops were romantically, if not sexually, involved with gang leaders and fed them information that intensified the violence.

    Jeffrey Epstein’s Black Book Naming 221 VIPs Goes on Sale
    According to reports, anonymous bidders could end up bidding up to $200,000 or more. Some names expected to be disclosed include:

    Texas Attorney General Sues Biden Administration over New Gun Requirements
    “Today, myself and the Attorney General of Kansas announced that we are filing a lawsuit against a new Biden ATF regulation that would subject hundreds of thousands of law-abiding gun owners to presumptions of criminal guilt for engaging in the constitutionally protected private sale of firearms,” said Paxton in a statement on X.
    “My message to Joe Biden yesterday, today, and forever is this: Come and take it!” Paxton continued.
    Paxton will make a fine president

    Florida Officially Bans Bill Gates’ Lab Grown Meat: “Take Your Carcinogenic Frankenfood Elsewhere”
    Under the new law, anyone who sells or produces Gates’ synthetic meat will be subject to arrest and criminal prosecution.
    After signing the bill, DeSantis said that his aim was to protect his state’s “vibrant agricultural industry” against the globalist elites who want to destroy traditional agriculture.

    It worked last time, so they will try it again. Will the ignorant masses fall for it again? There is nothing to indicate they won’t. So it goes.

    The Philippines Is a Great Ally, and the U.S. Needs to Recognize It
    Far greater U.S. involvement is necessary to stand with its Filipino ally. The U.S. response has been far from ideal and has failed to reassure Manilla, one of America’s oldest allies.
    The alliance relationships of the U.S. are valuable for diplomatic, military, and economic reasons. Less often considered is that U.S. allies provide the invaluable service of showing when the U.S. is dead wrong. Right now, the Republic of the Philippines is showing the U.S. that its approach to the People’s Republic of China (PRC) is in error. Washington’s strategic malpractice needs to be corrected. It needs to support its treaty ally, Manila, in the face of their mutual enemy, the PRC.

    Biden Awards Pelosi With Presidential Medal of Freedom For Her Actions On January 6
    According to ABC News: “The diverse group of recipients ranged from political trailblazers like Reps. Nancy Pelosi and Jim Clyburn to activists like Opal Lee and Judy Shephard as well as Olympic swimmer Katie Ledecky and Oscar-winning actress Michelle Yeoh.
    Biden, just about managed to say: “Today we have another extraordinary honor to bestow the nation’s highest civilian artist of mine to 19 incredible people whose relentless curiosity, inventiveness, ingenuity and hope have kept faith in a better tomorrow”

    X-CLASS SOLAR FLARE, DOUBLE CME STRIKE & MYSTERIOUS FLYING OBJECT! Beware of big quakes, satellite and GPS jamming in coming days
    New sunspot AR3663 erupted this morning, May 3rd @ 0222 UT, producing an X1.6-class solar flare. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured the extreme ultraviolet flash:
    recall the 1811 quakes that wracked the midwest took place 3 months after the second eclipse that formed an X over the midwest, meaning look out for july

    Annular Solar Eclipse of 1811 Sep 17
    The Annular Solar Eclipse of 1811 Sep 17 is visible from the geographic regions shown on the map to the right. Click on the map to enlarge it. For an explanation of the features appearing in the map, see Key to Solar Eclipse Maps.

    The 1811–1812 New Madrid earthquakes (/'mædr?d/) were a series of intense intraplate earthquakes beginning with an initial earthquake of moment magnitude 7.2–8.2 on December 16, 1811, followed by a moment magnitude 7.4 aftershock on the same day. Two additional earthquakes of similar magnitude followed in January and February 1812. They remain the most powerful earthquakes to hit the contiguous United States east of the Rocky Mountains in recorded history.[10][11][12] The earthquakes, as well as the seismic zone of their occurrence, were named for the Mississippi River town of New Madrid, then part of the Louisiana Territory and now within the U.S. state of Missouri.

    The New Madrid Seismic Zone
    “The NMSZ appears to be about 30 years overdue for a magnitude 6.3 quake because the last quake of this size occurred 100 hundred years ago at Charleston, Missouri, on Oct. 31, 1895 (it was a magnitude 6.7). A magnitude 6.3 quake near Lepanto, Arkansas, on Jan. 5, 1843, was the next prior earthquake of this magnitude. About 75 percent of the estimated recurrence time for a magnitude 7.6 earthquake has elapsed since the last quake of this size occurred in 1812.” Missouri Department of Natural Resources” Missouri Department of Natural Resources

    Wabash Valley Seismic Zone
    The concern of seismologists Douglas Wiens and Michael E. Wysession of Washington University in St. Louis is that the New Madrid Fault may be becoming less active, while activity on the Wabash Fault could be increasing. Wiens states: "I think everyone's interested in the Wabash Valley Fault because a lot of the attention has been on the New Madrid Fault, but the Wabash Valley Fault could be the more dangerous one, at least for St. Louis and Illinois." "The strongest earthquakes in the last few years have come from the Wabash Valley Fault, which needs more investigation."[4] Numerical modeling indicates that stress transfer following the 1811–1812 New Madrid earthquakes may be loading faults in the Wabash Zone.[6]
    some of us are right on top of this thing

    What would happen if a "supervolcano" eruption occurred again at Yellowstone?
    If another large, caldera-forming eruption were to occur at Yellowstone, its effects would be worldwide. Such a giant eruption would have regional effects such as falling ash and short-term (years to decades) changes to global climate. Those parts of the surrounding states of Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming that are closest to Yellowstone would be affected by pyroclastic flows, while other places in the United States would be impacted by falling ash (the amount of ash would decrease with distance from the eruption site). Such eruptions usually form calderas, broad volcanic depressions created as the ground surface collapses as a result of withdrawal of partially molten rock (magma) below. Fortunately, the chances of this sort of eruption at Yellowstone are exceedingly small in the next few thousands of years.
    so much to worry about, so little time

    Biden Gives 100,000 Illegals Obamacare
    The action opens up the marketplace to any participant in the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, many of whom are Latino.
    Xavier Becerra, the nation’s top health official, said Thursday that many of those migrants have delayed getting care because they have not had coverage.
    “They incur higher costs and debts when they do finally receive care,” Becerra told reporters on a call. “Making Dreamers eligible to enroll in coverage will improve their health and well-being and strengthen the health and well-being of our nation and our economy.”
    The administration’s action changes the definition of “lawfully present” so DACA participants can legally enroll in the marketplace exchange.

    Ron Johnson: Biden Prioritizing Gaza Refugees over Americans to Win Michigan
    According to reports, the Biden administration is considering allowing Gaza refugees into the United States while Americans are held hostage.
    According to the Wisconsin Republican, Biden was putting an Electoral College win in Michigan ahead of the American hostages.
    “Senator Johnson, so we think about 130 hostages, five Americans but we’re prioritizing Gazan refugees?” fill-in host Kayleigh McEnany asked. “Why?”
    Johnson replied, “Because Joe Biden wants to win Michigan. It’s the only explanation I have for this. You know, he opened up our border, he’s let in six, seven, eight million people in this country, couple million gotaways, we have no idea who those people are. We know all these military-aged men from countries that are adversarial to America, members of unbelievably brutal gangs from Mexico and South and Central America.”
    i suspect theres a far bigger plan than just winning michigan for all the military age male foreign criminals Proxy biden is flooding the country with

    WATCH: More Than 20 Illegal Immigrants Dock at California Marina, Vanish into Neighborhood
    More than 20 suspected illegal immigrants docked at an upscale southern California marina before jumping fences and escaping into the surrounding neighborhood in a shocking video captured in April.
    Footage that the X account OC (Orange County) Liberator shared on Thursday shows a stunned onlooker witnessing the suspected invasion unfold just feet away at the Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach.

    Department Of Justice Indicts Democrat Congressman And His Wife
    “The entities involved are an Azerbaijani state-controlled oil and gas company and a bank based in Mexico City,” Kanekoa The Great noted.
    “The DOJ claims that ‘the bribe payments were allegedly laundered, pursuant to sham consulting contracts, through a series of front companies and middlemen into shell companies owned by Imelda Cuellar, who performed little to no legitimate work under the contracts,'” he added.

    Long Beach Declares Public Health Emergency Due to ‘Surprising’ Tuberculosis Outbreak
    Several individuals associated with a single room occupancy (SRO) hotel in Long Beach have recently been identified with TB disease. As of April 29, 14 cases of TB disease have been associated with this outbreak; nine people have been hospitalized at some point in their illness; and one person has died. To protect patient privacy and comply with HIPAA regulations, the name of the hotel will not be released. The facility is a private hotel not operated by or contracted with the City of Long Beach. People who were staying at the hotel at the time or could have otherwise been exposed have been or will be contacted by the Health Department.
    wonder who brought that into the country

    Justice in a Shithole Country
    Russiagate, documentsgate, insurrectiongate, pornstargate and the phony civil and criminal trials being orchestrated against President Trump demonstrate that Democrat attorney generals, prosecutors, and judges have no integrity, no respect for law, and regard law as a weapon to be used against those who stand in the way of their agendas.

    Trump Whodunnit: Prosecutors admit key evidence in document case has been tampered with
    Legal experts call revelation a “serious violation” as Jack Smith’s team admits it also misled court.
    In a new filing Friday, Smith’s team said that the order of documents in some of the boxes of memos that were seized by the FBI from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate was altered or jumbled, leaving two different chronologies: one that was digitally scanned and another the physical order in the boxes.
    “Since the boxes were seized and stored, appropriate personnel have had access to the boxes for several reasons, including to comply with orders issued by this Court in the civil proceedings noted above, for investigative purposes, and to facilitate the defendants' review of the boxes,” Smith’s team wrote in a new court filing to U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon.
    well i mean they have to plant what evidence they can, or remove any exculpatory evidence after all

    Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey Approves $426 Million More to Welcome Migrants, Push Out Citizens
    Massachusetts Democrat Gov. Maura Healey signed the state budget, which provides an additional $426 million for housing illegals even as the state ranks as one of the worst for citizens fleeing.
    The Bay State is a sanctuary state with a “right to shelter” law that requires government to put homeless people into housing, at least for a period of time. The law has caused the state to spend hundreds of millions since President Joe Biden’s border crisis exploded:

    ‘I feel really, really lucky.’ Meet Maura Healey’s partner.
    Newly inaugurated Governor Maura Healey formally introduced herself to the Commonwealth last week. Now she’d like to introduce somebody else.
    For almost two years, Healey has been in a relationship with Joanna Lydgate, an attorney and her former deputy in the attorney general’s office, who now heads a Washington nonprofit trying to safeguard our endangered democracy.
    one might assume theyre christophobes

    LIFE GOALS: Obama’s Enemies Of America List!
    So let’s break it down right upfront to understand what we’re dealing with and apply a little logic.
    Barack Obama is one of the biggest enemies America has had since its founding, can we all agree on that?
    So then if he has a list of his TOP EIGHT enemies, that would make those people most likely….MASSIVE PATRIOTS, do I have that right?
    Basically: the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
    to be sure 0bama hates putin but putin isnt our friend either he has nukes pointed at us

    EVs, climate agenda are a national security threat used 'to weaken us and ultimately destroy us,' expert warns
    my summation is evs are meant to afford gov absolute control over Americans travel choices

    EXCLUSIVE: Pro-Life Groups Endorse U.S. Rep Who Voted to Fund Abortion
    Pro-life pretenders are even backing a former Democrat in his race against one of the most pro-life Republicans in Congress.
    The Susan B. Anthony List, also known as Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America (SBA), has endorsed Rep. Carol Miller (WV-1) for Congress in 2024, weeks ahead of a GOP Primary contest against J6 Patriot and grassroots challenger Derrick Evans. In their endorsement of Miller, SBA claimed that “Congresswoman Carol Miller never stops fighting for West Virginia’s pro-life values in Congress,” despite her pro-abortion voting record.

    Biden administration disbands contentious DHS panel of 'experts' after AFL lawsuit
    An investigation by the nonprofit found that 98% of the political contributions from the group's members went to Democrats and only one percent went to Republicans.
    An investigation by the nonprofit supported the assertion that the panel was biased when it allegedly found that 98% of the political contributions from the group's members went to Democrats and only one percent went to Republicans. This bias violated the Federal Advisory Committee Act because there was an alleged "lack of balance" and "inappropriate influence" from the Biden administration, the AFL claimed.

    Ex-Freemason EXPOSES Satanic Secrets Of International Freemasons
    Whenever I post about the evil and the dangers of the Freemasons, about 98% of you agree and are awake to the evil cult.
    A very vocal 2% get furious and threaten to “never, ever, ever read WeLoveTrump ever again.”
    My answer?
    I’m not going to stop talking about them and you’re free to go.
    Actually, I get it….

    At Least 3 House Republicans Support The Ouster of Mike Johnson, But Not Matt Gaetz
    Who will finally stop mediocre madman Mike Johnson's scheme to get us into a mushroom-cloud scenario?
    Three House Republicans publicly support the ouster of Mike Johnson from his perch as Speaker of the House of Representatives. However, usual chaos ringleader Matt Gaetz is not joining in the fun, even though Mike Johnson is plunging the entire world into World War 3 and a delusional apocalypse scenario for the benefit of worldwide Zionism and Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky’s criminal scam. Gaetz says that he thinks a motion to vacate would help usher in the rise of a Democrat speaker.
    if sphincter of the house is rino its worse than having a dem as sphincter

    NYPD: Funding for Pro-Palestinian ‘Encampments’ Comes from ‘Around the World’
    New York Police Department (NYPD) Deputy Commissioner of Public Information Tarik Sheppard told Fox News‘ Neil Cavuto on Thursday that pro-Palestinian “encampments” at many universities are run by “outside agitators” with funds from “around the world.”
    Sheppard said that the NYPD was “very confident” that “outside agitators and influencers” have been present at protests in the city. Often, these “professionals” manage to escape arrest.
    “They may just fly in for a day or two, and leave,” he said, adding that they “travel around the country” between protests.

    Lawsuit accuses pro-Palestine groups of being ‘collaborators and propagandists’ for Hamas
    The allegations contained in the suit, backed with documents, show shocking rhetoric employed by Students for Justice in Palestine and suggest deeper coordination with Hamas.
    In a landmark lawsuit filed Wednesday, the law firm representing several victims of the Oct. 7 terrorist attack in Israel laid out compelling evidence that National Students for Justice in Palestine and its affiliates were acting as “collaborators and propagandists” for Hamas in the United States.
    Earlier in the week, Just the News reported on the formation of National SJP—an umbrella organization purportedly organized by American Muslims for Palestine to coordinate the efforts of the hundreds of Students for Justice in Palestine groups at universities across the country.
    ivy league isis

    The Lawless Vow To Save Mike Johnson: ‘We Have A World To Keep Safe’ (Video)
    It’s amazing to see how someone just apostatizes from their said convictions and House Speaker Mike Johnson is on display for all the world to see his hypocrisy. From his first introduction to Speaker, it was apparent that he is a lawless man, who does not uphold his oath to the US Constitution and should be removed and prosecuted for his crimes, including theft of billions of dollars. However, the lawless in Congress want to keep him around.

    Signs Of The Times: War, Famine, Pestilences And Natural Disasters
    People keep acting as if we are living in “normal” times, but the truth is that these are not “normal” times at all. We are in the midst of a “perfect storm”, but most people in the general population don’t seem to realize this. While the mainstream media is endlessly focused on political drama, our world is being deeply troubled by war, economic problems, food shortages, nightmarish pestilences and terrifying natural disasters. But as bad as things are at this moment, I am entirely convinced that they are about to get a whole lot worse.

    U.S. runs out of spare “Patriot” missiles for Ukraine, spelling impending Russian victory
    "The U.S. Patriot systems right now are being deployed around the world, including in the Middle East, to protect troops," Sullivan said.
    "If we can unlock further American Patriot batteries, we would send them. But we are doing a lot of the supplying of the actual missiles that go into those batteries that get fired."
    What Zelensky is asking for would completely undermine not just U.S. military troops but the entire country, putting it at serious risk. This is of no issue to Zelensky, though, who only cares about himself and his friends who are exploiting U.S. taxpayers for their own gain.

    Breitbart Business Digest: The Fed Finally Realized Progress on Inflation Has Stalled
    The Federal Reserve admitted yesterday that progress on inflation has stalled and that it will take longer for the Fed to achieve the confidence it needs to cut interest rates.
    The Fed’s official statement was expanded to include the statement that “in recent months, there has been a lack of further progress toward the Committee’s 2 percent inflation objective.” In the press conference, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell was even more explicit, going so far as to state that “further progress in bringing [inflation] down is not assured and the path forward is certain.”

    More Evidence Screams "The Books Are Cooked!"
    You just can't make stuff like this up ... except the government does ... over and over!
    Indeed, it was strange at the level of just about statistically impossible:
    CNBC just noted that five out of the last six jobless reports gave an identical reading of 212,000 new claims and quoted someone observing that the odds against that exact number happening over and over are astronomical.
    just going by the graph you can see something perhaps unnatural is going on

    U.S. Dollar DOWNGRADED Due To “Governance Deterioration”
    Something big happened yesterday and you might have missed it amidst all the Trump Arraignment coverage.
    In fact, it was something we’ve been warning you about for a long time.
    Specifically, Bo Polny has been telling you for almost two years now that the Dollar is about to CRASH.
    When he first said it people thought he was crazy.
    Now it doesn’t look so crazy, not at all.
    itll be cemented by the brics

    Visualizing Global Gold Production in 2023
    Over 3,000 tonnes of gold were produced globally in 2023.
    In this graphic, we list the world’s leading countries in terms of gold production. These figures come from the latest USGS publication on gold statistics (published January 2024).

    40 Countries Ready To Join BRICS in 2024
    The BRICS alliance could announce another round of expansion in the upcoming 2024 summit. The 16th summit is scheduled to take place in October in the Kazan region of Russia. The new members UAE, Egypt, Iran, and Ethiopia will also take part in the summit and decide on the expansion. Saudi Arabia has yet to provide its decision on joining the alliance and has kept the invitation on hold currently.

    IRS to Increase Audit Rates of Wealthy Taxpayers by 50 Percent
    The IRS will reportedly be using funds allotted to it under the Inflation Reduction Act, which President Biden signed into law in 2022.
    “The audit rate of taxpayers earning more than $10 million is expected to increase by 50%, going up from 11% in 2019 to 16.5% in 2026,” reported CNN.
    “The IRS also plans to triple the audit rates of large corporations with assets over $250 million, as well as increase the audit rates of business partnerships with assets over $10 million by tenfold over the seven-year period,” it added.
    dont be surprised when they target low and middle income, you know, the Trump supporters
    "And how we burned in the camps later thinking, what would things have been like, if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain, whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5.56NATO View Post

    Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey Approves $426 Million More to Welcome Migrants, Push Out Citizens
    Massachusetts Democrat Gov. Maura Healey signed the state budget, which provides an additional $426 million for housing illegals even as the state ranks as one of the worst for citizens fleeing.
    The Bay State is a sanctuary state with a “right to shelter” law that requires government to put homeless people into housing, at least for a period of time. The law has caused the state to spend hundreds of millions since President Joe Biden’s border crisis exploded:
    Now, FL and TX have a place to send them where they're, actually, wanted.

    Load those buses to the max, boys.
    "Valar morghulis; valar dohaeris."

    Commucrats are most efficient at converting sins and crimes to accidents or misunderstandings.-Oswald Bastable

    Making good people helpless won't make bad people harmless.

    Freedom isn't free.

    "Attitude is the paintbrush that colors our world." TV Series, Haven.

    My Spirit Animal has rabies.

    I'd rather be an American than a Democrat.

    "If you can make a man afraid, you can control him" Netflix Series, The Irregulars

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    Quote Originally Posted by alismith View Post
    Now, FL and TX have a place to send them where they're, actually, wanted.

    Load those buses to the max, boys.

    denvermin colorado is also seeking them
    "And how we burned in the camps later thinking, what would things have been like, if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain, whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?"

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    rumour has it russia called french and uk ambassadors in to threaten them their forces were targetted outside of ukraine if more french and uk weapons enter the ukraine battlefield, also 2 US specops mh47g chinooks reported near odessa, making them russian targets, also Proxy biden has stopped munitions transfers to israel and granted waivers to irak, lebanon, and qatar to bypass US sanctions from buying US weapons, also russian military attaches have been booted from uk, also iran changes its nuke doctrine if "state existence is threatened", also you can now be arrested for filming people being forcibly conscripted off the street in ukraine

    ive the feeling its going to go down this way; ukraine ran out of men last year, russia will find a crack in the line that starts a mad rush to kiev despite billions in US miracle weapons, and a complete rout of ukraine forces ensues, nato calls an emergency meeting to justify sending nato forces to ukraine to confront russians directly, china moves on Taiwan and elsewhere..... and the ball opens; ssns, ssgms and ssbns start "bumping" each other and one gets nervous and fires a ugst or adcap, the panic spreads from subsurface to surface, and the birds get flushed in china, russia, the US, pretty much every nuclear power launches - use them or lose them dont you know -, 300kt (average) of sunshine canned in russia and china are opened all over the US and sunshine canned in the US is opened in russia and china (if Proxy biden gives the order and it isnt blocked by foreign or domestic enemies)

    speaking of cracks in the line

    Russian forces attack Ukraine's Kharkiv region, opening new front
    Kyiv says fighting rages in Kharkiv region's border areas
    Source says Russia advanced in push to create buffer zone
    President Zelenskiy says Ukraine ready to meet assault
    No immediate comment from Russia
    KYIV, May 10 (Reuters) - Russian forces launched an armoured ground attack on Friday near Ukraine's second city of Kharkiv in the northeast of the country and made small inroads, opening a new front in a war that has long been waged in the east and south.

    Zelensky Dismisses Head of State Guard After Alleged Assassination Attempt Against Him Is Reportedly Foiled, Two Ukrainian Colonels Arrested
    Zelensky has lost a good deal of popularity since the start of the war, and increasingly more so after dismissing his main political rival, General Valery Zaluzhny, from the position of Commander in Chief.
    This week, Ukrainian SBU arrested two colonels in the state guard service, accused of plotting the assassination of Zelensky and other top officials – and now, the head of the State Guards has also been dismissed.

    Russia fighting ‘reincarnation of fascism’ – Medvedev
    The West is nurturing and supporting modern Nazis by backing Ukraine, the former Russian president said
    “For many years, even the demonstration of Nazi symbols, not to mention other symbols and ideas of Hitlerism, was legally prohibited in most countries of the world,” he said.
    Now, however, he said Russia was being “forced to fight the reincarnation of fascism, its zombie spawn, which embodies the disgusting and cynical great-grandson of Hitlerism – the Nazi regime of Kiev.”
    keeping in mind rt is kremlin mouthpiece

    Student At Philadelphia’s Leaders Academy Cultural Day Event Praises Jihad And Martyrdom
    On May 7, Philadelphia’s Leaders Academy held a cultural day event. They shared a video on their YouTube channel of remarks by a student, Raneem Mustafa, where she spoke about Palestine.
    According to a translation by MEMRI, Mustafa praised Jihad as the “pinnacle of Islam” and praised the “martyrdom” of the people of Gaza.
    According to Mustafa, the men of Gaza have taught her what “real men” are and that “real sacrifice” is sacrificing their souls and children for the sake of their homeland.

    Why does Western establishment and its media lackeys hate Russia and Putin so much? And how much will the West risk in an effort to depose 'Modern Hitler'
    It's time we stop the charade and get to the bottom of this. Is Putin really a modern Hitler trying to take over Europe and potentially the world? If not, what is the real reason he is so hated?
    But the article below about Tucker Carlson’s recent interview with Russian philosopher Aleksandr Dugin is also enlightening. It explains the great cultural divide that also permeates the world today and does go a long way toward explaining the West’s obsession with getting rid of Putin, not just on economic grounds but on social-cultural grounds. The WEF puppet leaders in London, Paris, Berlin, Brussels, Washington, New York and Ottawa are desperate to bring Russia in line with the generally decadent value system that rules the US/EU/Canada/Australia. They call this system “democracy” but it’s really marked by a hatred of humanity and Luciferian nihilism. These Western leaders are so blinded by hate for Russia that they are willing to go to World War III, and risk nuclear Armageddon, in their efforts to depose Putin, balkanize his country and steal its resources. If you think I’m kidding, check out this article about a congressional hearing that took place in Washington in June 2023.
    keeping in mind putin has nukes aimed at you and me

    A destroyed US-made M1 Abrams tank, seized from Ukrainian troops, on display in Moscow, Russia on May 1, 2024. © Sputnik / Kirill Kallinikov

    Here’s How The Russians Are Taking Out Ukraine’s M-1 Abrams Tanks
    Ukraine's first M-1 loss.
    Ukraine's first M-1 loss.VIA SOCIAL MEDIA
    With reporting by Gabriel Silveira.
    Ukraine’s Western-made tanks—Challenger 2s, Leopard 2s and M-1 Abrams—are priority targets for Russian forces. For the obvious operational reasons, of course, but also because every hit on a Western tank makes for tidy piece of propaganda.
    Despite being top targets, and also despite Ukraine’s recent shortage of artillery shells—a shortage that has compelled Ukrainian brigades to fight close instead of far—the Ukrainian army so far has lost just three of its 31 American-made M-1s that we can confirm. At least one other Abrams has been damaged.
    It’s unclear how many of the crew members—four in each tank—escaped.
    At present, Russian anti-tank guided missiles seem to be the main killers of Ukrainian M-1s. If so, that’s a compelling argument for equipping the Abrams with a missile-warning system. But remember: there are lots of other ways to take out tanks.

    Ukraine pulls Abrams tanks from front after losing 5 to Russian attacks: US officials
    Russian drones make it difficult for Ukraine to protect its Abrams M1A1 battle tanks
    Five of the 31 tanks provided by the US have already been lost on the battlefield
    Ukraine has sidelined US-provided Abrams M1A1 battle tanks for now in its fight against Russia, in part because Russian drone warfare has made it too difficult for them to operate without detection or coming under attack, two US military officials said.
    The US agreed to send 31 Abrams to Ukraine in January 2023 after an aggressive months-long campaign by Kyiv arguing that the tanks, which cost about US$10 million apiece, were vital to its ability to breach Russian lines.

    Jack Smith Caught Violating The SAME LAW The DOJ Used To Prosecute J6 Defendants!
    One of the main tools in the DOJ arsenal against anyone near the Capitol on January 6, 2021, is § 1512(c)(2), which the DOJ claims means imprisonment for a person who “corruptly…obstructs, influences, or impedes any official proceeding…” That is what the DOJ claims happened when ordinary Americans (a) exercised their rights of free speech and (b) usually inadvertently, entered onto Capitol land after masked agitators had removed “no trespassing” signage and fencing and after the Capitol police had opened the building’s doors. The penalty is fines and/or imprisonment, with the latter potentially as long as 20 years.

    American military would be wiped out in Ukraine – former US Army officer
    The US’ capabilities for waging conventional warfare have been eroded by “endless guerilla wars,” Stanislav Krapivnik believes
    Since then, the warfighting capabilities of the collective West have greatly deteriorated, largely due to the military endeavors the US itself undertaken in the past decades, he suggested.
    “Right now, it’s much worse. The endless wars that America has been fighting, the endless guerilla wars have totally sapped America’s capability to fight a conventional war. They are trying to up it right now, but it takes a lot of time to rebuild your forces,” Krapivnik stated.
    The ex-US Army officer also touched upon recent media reports that should US President Joe Biden be reelected, he, or “the collective Biden, whoever actually makes the decisions” could send American troops to Ukraine.
    “The problem is, that the people in Washington, the Biden regime is absolutely devoid of any sense of reality,” Krapivnik said. While the idea is bound to result in a crushing defeat for the US military, such a deployment cannot not be ruled out entirely, he suggested.
    my take is the US is already holding russians back in ukraine and we arent even there yet, what does putin think will happen if US forces show up? well, when nato shows up thats when we find out why putin held back 3/4k of his best tanks and army units, for the real show

    Finally! Brave House Republican Drafts Impeachment Articles Against “Quid Pro Joe” Biden – Uses Exact Same Language that Democrats Used in Trump Impeachment
    Rep. Cory Mills (R-FL) announced on Thursday he was drawing up impeachment articles against Quid pro Joe Biden for compromising national security by withholding military aid to Israel.
    Recall that Democrats impeached President Trump over a phone call with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy for asking about Joe Biden’s family corruption and pay-for-play schemes with Ukrainian officials.
    note its not about our borders but rather israels

    Robert Kennedy Jr Confirms He Supports Abortions Up to Birth: “Even if It’s Full Term”
    Steele continued to push Kennedy, asking if he agrees with the Roe v. Wade standard or with abortion being left up to the states, and Kennedy reiterated that the decision should not lie with the states but with the mother.
    “Even if it’s full-term,” Kennedy said in response to a follow-up question. “I don’t think it’s ever okay,” he added. When Steele says that would allow late-term abortions, Kennedy said, “I think we have to leave it to the women rather than the state.”

    Security Scandal: Chinese Drone Hovers Over US Nuclear-Powered Supercarrier In Japan
    NHK cited Ministry of Defense officials who said drone videos were "likely genuine." Other sources we spoke with confirmed the videos are likely real and noted the possibility that this could've been a Chinese-made DJI drone.
    Why didn't the US and or Japan activate electromagnetic counter-measures against the drone?

    Senate Intel Chair Confirms CISA, FBI Have Resumed Coercing Social Media Companies to Censor the Speech of MILLIONS OF AMERICANS
    In March, the US Supreme Court heard arguments from The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft , the state of Missouri, the state of Louisiana, Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, Dr. Martin Kulldorff, Aaron Kheriaty, and Jill Hines (“Free Speech Plaintiffs”) in arguments against the Biden Administration and an army of government agencies.
    Before all of the appeals, the case originally started after the States of Missouri and Louisiana, joined by The Gateway Pundit and the other individuals, noted above, alleged that the Biden White House and DOZENS of federal officials and agencies were conspiring with and/ or coercing Social Media Companies such as Facebook, Twitter and others to censor the speech of MILLIONS OF AMERICAN CITIZENS, particularly during COVID and the lead-up to and aftermath of the 2020 Presidential Election.

    quake maps by US region;

    Most persons entering USA illegally at Southern border NOW are Chinese, many military-aged males, also many middle class, fastest growing group...why? why do you think? we have a serious TERROR threat
    from islamic jihadist coming in from Southern border, disguised as Latino males, yet among them rapists & murderers, killers, jihadist, 100 'gotaways' INSIDE USA waiting to strike; Chinese threat too?
    The number of migrants arriving at the southern border is unprecedented. Last year, U.S. Customs and Border Protection recorded two-and-a-half million instances of detaining or turning away people attempting to cross into the United States from Mexico.
    So what's the fastest growing group among them? Chinese migrants. Yes, you heard that right…Chinese. We saw large groups, including many from the middle class, come through a 4-foot gap at the end of a border fence 60 miles east of San Diego.’

    Judge Drops Charges Against Illegals Rioting at Border and Busting Through Fence – If They Were Conservatives They’d Get 10+ Years in Prison
    The illegals breached the concertina wire, tore down the fencing, overwhelmed National Guard members, and made a mad rush into the United States.
    On Thursday FOX News reported that the 211 illegal aliens who were charged with rioting and destruction of property had their charges dropped by County Court Judge Ruben Morales.

    Biden to Trade Nukes to Terrorists for Election Day Bribes
    An impeachable quid-pro-quo that could kill millions of Americans.
    Under the terms of the agreement, the Saudis will get nuclear capability, defense guarantees and a terrorist state inside Israel. And what will the United States get? Temporarily lower prices.
    The Saudis are not offering to boost oil production to bring down prices as a favor to America, but to Biden. And it’s an election quid-pro-quo that may cost millions of Americans their lives.
    After draining the strategic petroleum reserve ahead of the midterms, Biden has been unable to refill it because his environmentalist allies and the Saudis have kept prices high. The Saudis had rejected requests to lower oil prices for anything short of assistance in building their own nuclear program. Shortly before the Hamas attacks of Oct 7, the Saudis had offered to temporarily boost production if it would make it easier to sell Congress on a defense agreement.

    German Politician Fined $6K For Pointing To Government’s Own Stats On Rapes By Migrant
    A report by the German outlet Kreiszeitung notes that District council member Marie-Thérèse Kaiser of the AfD Party shared a post on social media in 2021 regarding refugee resettlement, asking the question “Afghan refugees, welcome culture for group rapes?”
    She included a link to government stats that highlighted a massive disproportion in the number of Afghan migrants who have committed gang rapes in Germany compared to other foreigners and native Germans.
    It's actually even crazier than I thought.
    She was convicted for *asking* regarding refugee resettlement: "Afghan refugees, welcome culture for group r*pes?", then posting stats to bolster her concerns.

    Russia Says Preparing Non-Strategic Nuclear Strike Drills
    “At the order of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, in order to increase the readiness of non-strategic nuclear forces to perform combat missions, the General Staff has begun preparations for conducting exercises in the near future,” the Defense Ministry said in a statement.
    It added that the exercises would involve missile units of Russia’s Southern Military District, which is headquartered in the city of Rostov-on-Don, as well as aviation and naval forces.
    “During the exercise, a set of measures will be carried out to practice the issues of preparation and use of non-strategic nuclear weapons,” the statement read.

    Denver Sets Up Hotline to Encourage Citizens to Host Illegals in Their Homes
    Denver has a population of over 700,00, 79.6% of which are Democrats, and is identified as the most liberal city in Colorado.
    The city has seen almost 40,000 flow into their community in the last 15 months.
    If every Democrat opened their home to an illegal, they would all be sheltered.
    So why doesn’t every illegal in the city already have a leftist roof over their head?

    Putin orders military to practice tactical NUKE strike as Kremlin official warns of 'world catastrophe' if NATO troops are sent to Ukraine
    Follows threats from Western leaders to deploy troops to Ukraine if needed
    The ministry said today the exercises would be carried out 'in response to provocative statements and threats by certain Western officials against the Russian Federation', the Kremlin citing threats to deploy troops in Ukraine

    Who is the Patriot Front? Are they feds? Racists? Deep dive into the mysterious masked right-wing group…
    Many on the right suspect that Patriot Front might actually be FBI agents masquerading as Neo-Nazis to reinforce the left’s narrative that Trump supporters are “white supremacists” hell-bent on destroying their precious “democracy.” However, those in the know understand that the history of Patriot Front is far more complex than merely being a whipped-up concoction by the FBI to tarnish MAGA’s image. While it’s not out of the question that the FBI could be behind the group, there is currently no concrete evidence to support this theory. So, the best approach to understanding who Patriot Front really is today is to look back at their origins and see how they evolved and who’s behind the movement.

    VIDEO: Is the 2024 election being rigged right before our eyes using Biden’s EO 14019?
    Congress Attempts Oversight Over US Office of Management and Budget For Joe Biden’s Executive Order # 14019 ‘Promoting Access to Voting’
    Watch as the Management at Office of Management and Budget REFUSES to Answer how this EO won’t be used to help illegal migrants vote
    “What actions are you taking or have you taken in your office to ensure that people residing here illegally are ineligible to vote?”
    He then proceeds to ramble the typical Washington garbage that makes no sense and doesn’t answer the question.
    He is then asked again:
    “It seems to me that on time and time again in this occasion regarding this EO, that the plans remain unavailable to the public, unavailable to Congress. Why would that be?”
    He then refuses to answer again. This is shocking and worth watching.
    The 2024 election is being rigged right before our eyes.

    MAY 2024: The Month When The Whole World Knew The End-Times Have Arrived
    The premise of this prophetic piece is that the Dark Side has never — EVER — been so desperate. And brazen. And reckless. As they are right now.
    Which is why The Powers That Be are scrambling as never before.
    yeah, i mean, its not as if psychopaths were in charge of every nuclear power or anything

    Eva Vlaardingerbroek at CPAC Hungary: The Great Replacement Is No Longer A Theory, It's Reality
    Let me walk you through the past seven days in Europe. This week in Stockholm, three elderly women in their 70s were stabbed in broad daylight on the streets. In London, four people were stabbed in a time span of just 42 hours.
    In Paris, hundreds of African migrants took to the street to riot. And in Brigolo, also in France, yet another church was burned down to the ground. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is just a few incidents in just a couple of days on our beautiful continent.
    But we all know that these incidents aren't incidents anymore. If there's one thing that's for sure, it's that we know, and our governments also know, that there is a link between mass migration and crime. In a Dutch city of Dordrecht, something interesting happened the other day.
    They announced, and this is a small city in the Netherlands, in my home country, that a new asylum center will be put in that little town. And what did the municipality do? They said, we are going to offer citizens who live in the vicinity of this center a thousand euros to take extra safety measures. Our new reality in Europe consists of frequent rapes, stabbings, killings, murders, shootings, even beheadings.
    But let me be clear about one thing. This did not used to happen before. This is a newly imported problem.

    U.S. Official: Russia Could Defeat NATO in Less Than 3 Days
    Alliance forces would be outnumbered and outgunned.
    Could Russia really take down NATO in just a couple of days? A Department of Defense official has backed the Rand Corporation think tank's claim that the Russian military could defeat NATO forces in the Baltics in just 60 hours. The statement is the latest in a string of warnings that the Atlantic Alliance is too weak to mount a defense of its member nations.
    Michael Carpenter, deputy assistant secretary of defense for Russia, Ukraine, and Eurasia, endorsed the Rand Corporation's report, "Reinforcing Deterrence on NATO's Eastern Flank." The report says that the Baltic States, including Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, are too weak to oppose a Russian attack and that too few NATO forces would be able to assist in their defense.
    theyve not done well against peer forces like ukraine, but expect nukes to be used in any conflict with nato forces as russian doctrine regarding nato is to use nukes at the outset of hostilities

    Turns out a shocking number of Muslim male immigrants are unemployed mooches…
    So, it turns out that the majority of Muslim migrants aren’t the massive group of hard-core workhorses we had hoped for. Quite the opposite, actually. Data stretching back to 2011 reveals that this group of migrants and refugees isn’t doing much to give back to their host countries or contribute positively to society. Are you shocked? This data from 2011 highlights the full-time work habits of Muslim males aged 16–74 in the UK, and the picture it paints isn’t too flattering. If they’re not working, it’s the taxpayers who end up footing the bill. Yet, the propaganda peddlers at The Guardian would have us believe this is all due to “Islamophobia”—never considering maybe this wave of immigrants is just taking advantage of the system.

    Macron Needs War Before the EU June 9th, Election as Does Biden
    Emmanuel Macron is desperately trying to take Europe into World War III. The EU elections are June 9th, and the Right is well ahead in most of the polls, which is unsurprising as Europeans are starting to wake up to the cost of Climate Change. Like Biden, Macron seems to need a war, fearing a loss of power on June 9th. Presidential elections are not scheduled in France until April 11th, 2027. Macron is not eligible to run in the 2027 elections since he is limited to two consecutive terms in office.

    Canada introduces blood-curdling new ‘thought police’ law that would make even Stalin blush…
    Canada has fallen. It’s become the North Korea of the West, and it’s getting worse every single day. This new bill they’ve introduced is the cherry on their tyrannical sundae. It’s called the Online Harms Bill C-63, and it would make even Stalin blush. As a matter of fact, tyrannical dictator Kim Jong-Un would look at this bill and feel an instant rush of communist inadequacy. With this new bill, Justin Trudeau is fueling those online rumors that his real father is actually communist dirtbag Fidel Castro.

    Steve Bannon is heading to JAIL as appeals court upholds his conviction for defying the January 6 committee subpoena
    Steve Bannon was convicted on two contempt charges in October 2022
    But his four-month prison sentence was placed on hold while he appealed
    An appeals court on Friday ruled that his challenges had no merit
    what kind of regime puts political opposition in prison?

    Strategized Civil Unrest Staged Across the World
    Protestors throughout the West are protesting on behalf of Palestine in a deliberate effort to destabilize national politics. Greta Thunberg, a girl with no knowledge of war or science, took part in a Swedish pro-Palestinian protest that attracted a group of up to 12,000. These events are clearly staged when they use a famous social justice warrior to promote the event.
    The incident occurred at the Eurovision semi-finals in Malamo, planned for the same time as Israel’s contestant was to take part in the final dress rehearsal. Banners with the word “genocide” appeared alongside smoke canisters displaying the colors of the Palestinian flag. The situation was so severe that Swedish authorities recruited additional police presence from neighbors Denmark and Norway.

    Stunning video from church service today.
    This happened in Braddock, Pennsylvania.
    Pastor survives after handgun jams and doesn't fire.

    Niger Receives New Russian Advisers, Equipment
    U.S. forces have a key drone base near Agadez, built at a cost of about $100 million.
    Niger's military leaders have moved closer to Russia, as have neighboring Mali and Burkina Faso which also have military coup leaders and are fighting rebel groups affiliated with Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State.
    In April, Idrissa Soumana Maiga, head of the private L'Enqueteur newspaper, was imprisoned after an article mentioned the "presumed" installation of Russian listening devices in official buildings.

    Hamas accepts Gaza ceasefire proposal from Egyptian and Qatari mediators but Israel refuses, describing the deal as 'a ruse'
    Terror group said its supreme leader had delivered the news to Qatar and Egypt

    Biden Places a Hold on Shipments of Arms and Ammunition to Israel
    This comes after the White House demanded written assurances from the Netanyahu government that US weapons and ammunition were being used within the constraints of international law. The White House started telegraphing this move several weeks ago when the State Department slapped sanctions on Israeli settlers for defending themselves and threatened sanctions against three Israeli Army battalions for alleged law of land warfare violations.

    Civil Unrest Across US Universities – Staged Actors
    As reported by Fox, Sami Al-Arian, a known terrorist who was once deported, advised associates and his wife to camp out along with the college students. This man is admittedly associated with the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group. He has taken to social media to promote the civil unrest across American universities. This is a clear and REAL threat to national security. Again, these students are too naive to understand the root cause of these issues or the truly dangerous actors fueling the flames.
    soros employees lol

    America’s War Machine Runs on Rare-Earth Magnets. China Owns That Market.
    The American war machine depends on tiny bits of metal, some as small as dimes. Rare-earth magnets are needed for F-35 jet fighters, missile-guidance systems, Predator drones and nuclear submarines.
    The problem: China makes most of the world’s rare-earth magnets, with 92% of the global market share.
    Now, Washington is doling out hundreds of millions of dollars in grants and tax credits to revive magnet-making in America. Defense manufacturers are on a clock.

    ach here we go
    NOAA says tonight's 'cannibal' solar storm could be worst in 165 YEARS and cause GPS and power outages - as they reveal exact time it'll hit
    Earth could witness the worst solar storm in 165 years as five streams of plasma that erupted from the sun this week are set to make crash into our atmosphere tonight.
    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) revealed Friday that the worst-case scenario would be what happened during the 1859 Carrington event, which set telegraph stations on fire, cutting communications worldwide.
    In our modern-day society a geomagnetic storm - a major disturbance of Earth's magnetosphere- of that magnitude would cause widespread electrical disruptions, blackouts and damage to critical infrastructure.
    At least five streams of plasma are barreling toward Earth, which officials said could unfold like the worst geomagnetic super-storm in history when they make impact Friday night
    hf bands above say 10mhz been very quiet for the last few days leading up to this - if you have home electronics youd like to keep you might consider at least unplugging them

    You Need 2 Years of Food – Martin Armstrong
    Legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong has new data on how well the Biden economy is doing. Spoiler alert: It’s not doing well, and the financial system is about to tank. I asked Armstrong if the US government could default on its debt if countries around the world continue to stop buying it? Armstrong explained, “I think the US could default on its debt as early as 2025, but probably in 2027. We have kicked the can down the road as far as we can go. It’s not just in the United States. Europe is in the same boat. So is Japan. This is why they need war. They think by going into war, that’s the excuse to default on the debt. They simply will not pay China. If they try to sell their debt–good luck. We are not redeeming it. The same thing is happening in Europe. So, once that happens, you go into war, and that is their excuse on this whole debt thing to collapse, which wipes out pensions etc. Then they can blame Putin. This is the same thing Biden was doing before saying this was Putin’s inflation. Then, with the whole CBDC thing (central bank digital currency) . . . . the IMF has already completed its digital coin, and they want that to replace the dollar as the reserve currency for the world. . . . These people are desperately just trying to hang on to power. Nobody wants to give it up, and nobody wants to reform.”

    Biden is blasted as 'clueless and out of touch' for claiming Americans 'have the money to spend' when told grocery prices are up 30% in rare sit-down interview
    The president gave a rare one-on-one interview on Wednesday
    Polls show voters are nervous and critical of Biden's handling of the economy
    Biden said Americans struggling with inflation have more cash in their pockets

    US faces negative equity timebomb: Percentage of mortgages considered 'seriously underwater' rises - here are the states worst affected
    The number of mortgage holders slipping into negative equity has increased
    Homeowners with a loan to value ratio of 125 percent or more rose to 2.7 percent
    South and Midwest have largest shares of 'seriously underwater' mortgages

    Famed economist who predicted 2008 recession warns Feds of huge 'shock' coming and reveals the stock market bubble that is about to burst
    David Rosenberg, founder of Rosenberg Research, made the claim on Friday
    It comes a day after a jobs report for the third quarter fell short of expectations
    In notes to clients, the ex Merrill Lynch expert laid out why it warrants concern
    'The revisions will not be coming for another six months and when they do get released, it will come as a shock to the Fed - and to the markets as well,' Rosenberg said of the downward revisions he believes are still to come in the months ahead.
    'The Fed now intends to stay on the sidelines as it closely watches lagging and contemporaneous indicators that are littered with high error terms,' he added.
    'And the longer it waits, the more it is going to have to do on the rates front.
    'Shades of 1991, 2001 and 2008 [all over again.]'

    China Is Buying Gold Like There’s No Tomorrow
    As gold surged this year to its highest price ever, Xena Lin joined the frenzy by making monthly purchases of gold “beans,” pebble-like morsels of the precious metal.
    For Ms. Lin, a 25-year-old administrative worker in southern China, the $80 beans — small enough to rest on a fingertip and weighing about one-thirtieth of an ounce — were an affordable way to buy into the gold excitement without splurging for jewelry, gold bars or coins. She had dabbled with investing in stocks in the past, but she said buying gold, especially in this fun way, inspired her to continue investing.
    “I’m still working hard to save more,” Ms. Lin said.

    The Federal Reserve is stuck between a rock and a hard place. If the Fed pushes rates higher, interest payments on our 34 trillion dollar national debt could spin wildly out of control and bank balance sheets will be in even worse condition than they are now. First Republic just bit the dust, and literally thousands of other small and mid-size banks and in serious jeopardy. So it would be suicidal to hike rates at this point. But if the Fed were to reduce rates, that would be like injecting jet fuel into a raging fire. Our ongoing inflation crisis is absolutely crushing working families, and the rising cost of living has risen to the top of the list of things that U.S. voters are concerned about. The Fed seems very hesitant to cut rates, because that would make inflation even worse. So at this point the Fed is essentially caught in a “deer in the headlights” moment because it doesn’t know which way to go.

    Warren Buffett reveals the news no American taxpayer wants to hear as the government tackles rising debt - here's what it means for you
    The declaration comes as the US is hard-pressed to address rising fiscal deficits
    The national debt recently hit $34 trillion, a sum about as big as the US economy
    Citing certain financial factors, he said a federal tax hike is likely on the horizon
    Despite those results being a sign of a relatively robust economy, the 93-year-old who is valued at more than $131billion said he believes a federal tax hike is on the horizon.

    Cuomo Vax Injury, Trump Trials Fail, Failing Banks Coming
    Top people in the financial world are telling the public to brace for bank failures—a lot of them. One billionaire investor named Barry Sternlicht says there will come a time when bank failures will be happening each and “every week.” Sternlicht says, “We are entering a new dark age.”
    and with them the socialist credit score, they can try

    HIS DARK PREDICTION: Calamity Joe sabotaged the Nord Stream pipeline [Evidence Below].
    And it was suicide. In the next 75 days, Americans will face fuel shortages, widespread blackouts, empty grocery shelves, $1000 energy bills, drained retirement accounts… and a new crime wave. Most Americans will suffer… But a few will WIN big – Here’s how to be one of them.

    The US will see a recession by year-end that could spark a 30% drop in the stock market, legendary forecaster Gary Shilling says
    A coming recession could end up sparking a "violent correction" in stocks, Gary Shilling told BI.
    The top forecaster pointed to warning signs of a downturn, such as a weaker job market.
    A full-blown recession could kill investor speculation, sending stocks crashing, he said.
    In an interview with Business Insider, the Wall Street vet — who was among the investors in the mid-2000s to call the subprime-mortgage bubble — said he saw a recession coming by the end of the year as the job market continued to weaken. That could be the final blow to the stock-market rally fueled by investor overconfidence, causing stocks to drop by as much as 30%, Shilling said.
    Shilling pointed to the recent run-up in risky assets, such as stocks and cryptocurrency. That itself is a sign the market is poised to drop, he said, especially once a downturn gets underway.
    apologies if previously posted

    The Reality of Economic Collapse, and Why Skeptics Deny It
    In light of the recent resurgence of inflation on top of dwindling employments stats, declining manufacturing and stagnant wages I think it’s important to revisit a fundamental question: What does an economic collapse look like?
    As I have said for years, an economic collapse is NOT an event, it’s a process. When people think of a historic crisis they imagine something like the stock market crash of 1929 at the beginning of the Great Depression. However, there were numerous indicators and warning signs leading up to that crash that should have tipped people off. There were even a handful of economists that voiced concerns about impending chaos, yet, they were ignored.
    Last edited by 5.56NATO; 05-10-2024 at 05:23 PM.
    "And how we burned in the camps later thinking, what would things have been like, if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain, whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?"

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    harms way
    rumour has it itd be easier for domestic enemies to declare martial law and suspend the US constitution in a "National Emergency" if they could somehow get actual patriotic US forces out of the US where they cant protect the American people and somehow replace them with literal masses, millions, of foreign enemies, however far from reality it sounds, who would have no problemo shooting Americans and being cannon fodder for the domestic enemies, the old plan was to use street gangs but their numbers are insufficient, to say nothing of their allegiance or mental acumen, the updated plan seems to be using foreign enemies residing in the US, I know, completely implausible, now, what world events could divert masses of US forces out of the US and how would these untold masses of foreign enemies get into the US?

    FREUDIAN SLIP: Dementia Joe Refers to Illegal Aliens as ‘Voters,’ Says Speaking Spanish is America’s ‘Future’
    The Hispanic community is part of the future of America. Twenty-eight out of every 100 students in school speak Spanish, the idea that you’re gonna ignore that? That’s our future. One of the reasons that we’re growing so much is we have a significant influx of immigrants coming into our country, only reason our economy’s so good. We’re not a xenophobic nation. Other nations are, we’re not, that’s why our economy is the best in the world.

    Harriet Hageman knows exactly who Mayorkas is:
    "You are the walking, talking, epitome of the very tyrant that our Founding Fathers recognized would gravitate toward government service. It's because of people like you that they drafted the First Amendment."

    Ukraine: A War of Attrition and Funding
    Regarding the Admiral’s second point about conscription, Lange remarked, “For the Europeans, there is, I think, a looming discussion whether troops will be sent to Ukraine, some countries are open to this when it comes to training, maybe also helping on air defense, some are very stiffly resisting it, including my country, Germany.”
    It appears that Mr. Lange suggests Europe is relying on the US to finance the remainder of the war. Furthermore, some Europeans are contemplating sending troops to participate in the conflict. While some oppose deploying their troops into combat, they are open to having their armies undertake support roles closer to the front lines.
    Americans will recall that this is precisely how the US became entangled in the Vietnam War. It began with 900 observers and advisors in 1960 and concluded with 2.7 million Americans serving and 58,000 killed. If the White House were to ask Americans to fight in Ukraine, the war would become highly unpopular, and those against it would push hard for the US to pull out and stop funding altogether.

    “The biggest thing is that we do not control the border. The cartel controls the border. Everything that we do is a reaction to things that they have planned. Usually, we’re chasing around pawns while the kings and queens are doing whatever they want,” the agent said.
    The anonymous agent then talked about the seriousness of the threat posed to Americans by so many people illegally entering the country, saying that the threat to American citizens is “absolutely” real.
    “These huge give-up groups that we’re getting, you know, the media is only reporting what they can report on, right? Which is, statistically speaking, a small percentage of the actual bad guys that we’re catching. The really good ones, we will never catch… Our border is by no means secure,” he said.
    The agent then pointed out that local law enforcement has a hard time dealing with criminals who are U.S. citizens and the influx of illegal aliens who are committing crimes within the country, adding that Americans would need to take it upon themselves to make their safety a priority.
    “No one is coming. No one is coming to protect you,” he said.

    FBI agent accuses top brass of retaliation for defending whistleblower
    The FBI adjudicator, who worked in the Security Division, known in the bureau as “SecD,” reviewed the O’Boyle case and recommended lifting the suspension and reinstating Mr. O’Boyle as an agent. The adjudicator said the FBI lacked specific information to support the suspended Mr. O’Boyle.
    According to the new whistleblower disclosure to Congress, FBI Acting Section Chief Dena Perkins quickly revoked the adjudicator’s finding and transferred him to another post.
    The disclosure claimed it was “not the first time. … Ms. Perkins has moved several other employees who report to her for recommending decisions contrary to her interests [and] bases many of her decisions on favoritism.”

    FBI Officials Were Told to ‘Stand Down’ the Day before Jan. 6
    'We are standing down in [REDACTED]. The predicated subjects have been [REDACTED]. [REDACTED] is being informed...'
    The FBI released on Tuesday a new batch of records about its investigation into the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol Hill uprising—raising more questions about the event in the process.
    Among the 107 pages of new records is a series of emails with the subject line, “Stand down. See below.” The emails are heavily redacted, and the individuals in the email thread are not identified. Only one person’s title was revealed: a supervisory intelligence analyst for the FBI’s DC office. Even the date and times of the emails are redacted, with the exception of one that was sent at 5:46 p.m. on Jan. 5, 2021.

    Terrorist Watch List Apprehensions at Northern Border Continue to Break Records
    'How many on the watchlist that we’ve apprehended who illegally came into the U.S. were released?'
    There have been 143 known or suspected terrorists apprehended at the northern border through the first six months of this fiscal year compared to 92 at the southwest border, according to the most recent CBP data.
    Those apprehended are known to law enforcement and in the national Terrorist Screening Dataset, a federal database that contains sensitive information on terrorist identities. It originated as a consolidated terrorist watchlist “to house information on known or suspected terrorists but evolved over the last decade to include additional individuals who represent a potential threat to the United States, including known affiliates of watchlisted individuals,” CBP explains.
    This is after the greatest number of foreign nationals were apprehended illegally entering through the northern border than at any time in U.S. history during the same time period, The Center Square reported.

    Postal Worker Robbed at Gunpoint in California in Broad Daylight (Video)
    On Monday, a 63-year-old female mail carrier was robbed at gunpoint by two thugs while delivering mail in Dublin, California.
    Surveillance video of the incident shows the carrier, who has worked for the U.S. Postal Service for 33 years, delivering mail in a quiet residential neighborhood around 4:30 p.m. when suddenly a masked man emerges behind her.
    US rushes $400 million in aid to Ukraine as Russia launches new offensive
    Kyiv rushes reinforcements to the Kharkiv region as fighting rages on.
    expect nato boots on ground in ukraine any day now, not that they arent already just lots more of them being shot at by russians

    Commie Activists Use Pro-Palestine Protests to Foment ‘Real Revolution’
    'And we need to bring to them the way out of this mess, where it’s coming from and why it can be ended. And how it can be ended in a real revolution...'
    Multiple communist groups met on May 7, 2024, at Revolution Books in Harlem, Manhattan, and discussed “gathering forces for revolution,” the Epoch Times reported.
    “Nobody is an outsider when it comes to fighting injustice. Everybody has a right and responsibility to do that. And we need to bring to them the way out of this mess, where it’s coming from and why it can be ended. And how it can be ended in a real revolution. And the fact that right now is a time when revolution is more possible. This is something we need to seize on,” Carl Dix, a representative of the Revolutionary Communist Party, said.
    One of the groups, Revolutionary Internationalist Youth (RIY), took credit for participating in many of the protests that are happening all around the country.
    A pamphlet that was given out during the May 6, 2024, “Day of Rage” protest revealed that the Internationalist Group and RIY claimed to “have been present daily at solidarity protests outside Columbia University, as well as at the New School and NYU.”
    fedz are gonna be in this bunch of asshats too

    Part 2: Georgia SOS General Counsel Doesn’t Know if Duplicate Ballot Images Were Included in Fulton County Results
    “So you will hear a great deal during this presentation about documents such as ballot images, batches loaded reports, and tabulator tapes. And all of those documentation [sic], they’re all very important. And we expect that the counties will keep those, maintain those, and make sure that they are complete. But it’s important to know that they play no role in the actual tabulation of the results in an election. Again, those results are determined by the paper ballots, which we have for 2020.
    “The conclusion of this investigation…is that Fulton County used improper procedures during the recount of the Presidential contest of 2020. The investigation also shows that there are some duplicative ballot images in the ballot images that Fulton County provided. And this suggests that some ballots may have been scanned more than once. But what cannot be decided conclusively, or confirmed conclusively, is whether or not those duplicative ballot images were included in the count.”

    REPORT: Biden Admin to Start Issuing ID Cards to Illegals in Several ‘Battleground’ Cities
    'It’s incomprehensible to think we would reward this criminal behavior by granting those present in the country illegally an ID that all but legitimizes their presence...'
    The cards will be issued in three or four major cities, with Houston and Atlanta being two of the potential locations.
    It comes amid widespread concerns—particularly in red states like Texas and Georgia—that the cards could be abused by noncitizens to commit vote fraud even after the legislatures have sought to tighten up their election laws to close loopholes in order to maintain election integrity.
    Harris County (Houston) and Fulton County (Atlanta) were both hotbeds for corrupt election meddling by Democrats through illegal operations such as ballot harvesting in the 2020 election.
    Biden officials claimed the ID program would help “modernize” the documentation process and expedite removal proceedings, and insisted the ID cards would not be an official form of federal ID, such as a driver’s license.

    HAARP or Solar Storm? Public Speculates Northern Lights Were “Man-Made” Following Experiment on Earth’s Upper Atmosphere May 8-10
    As awe-inspiring images of the auroras flooded platforms like X, with sightings reported as far south as Texas, an alternative theory gained traction. Some members of the public questioned whether the event was natural or the result of human intervention, specifically pointing to the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP).
    the event wasnt a carington level one, however this brings up the haarp patents wich i recomend you gloss over;
    you dont spend trillions over decades on advanced weapons and not come up with things that would otherwise be considered magic if not impossible

    Derrick Evans: Rep. Carol Miller Brought Bill Gates to West Virginia to Roll Out ‘Globalist Agenda’
    Boyle noted that Miller has voted for the $1.2 trillion government funding plan, a bill to reauthorize Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) — a controversial surveillance authority — and $60 billion in aid to Ukraine.
    Evans said, “She also voted for the Green New Deal to the tune of one and a half trillion dollars. She brought Bill Gates to West Virginia to roll out his globalist agenda. She voted to expand taxpayer funding of abortion through Obamacare. As I said last time, she’s worse than a RINO; Carol Miller is an undocumented Democrat.”
    Indeed, Miller said she had a “wonderful meeting” with Gates in January 2023.

    IRS Threatens to Target Biden’s Critics, Those Who Question Washington’s ‘Ability to Govern’
    Buried in the fine print is the revelation that the IRS is pivoting away from its post-9/11 focus on financing of foreign terror groups like al Qaeda and criminal money laundering to a much broader and ill-defined “national security” threat. The shift, revealed in the latest versions of the voluminous Internal Revenue Manual, applies to IRS participation in dozens of federal government “national security” investigative task forces, which were previously referred to as “narcotics and terrorism” task forces until late last year.

    Vulnerable Senate Dem. Flips on Laken Riley Act, Blasts Biden for Border Crisis
    'His support for open borders is hurting his reelection campaign, so now he’s flip-flopping...'
    The Democrat opposed an earlier version of the Laken Riley Act that had been included in a government spending bill as an amendment, but he claimed this week that “keeping Montana safe” is now “my top priority,” according to NBC Montana.
    “After hearing from law enforcement officers across Montana, I’m backing the Laken Riley Act to make sure that individuals who enter our country and commit a crime are held accountable so that no Montana family has to worry about the safety of their loved ones,” he added.
    The Laken Riley Act passed the House in March with the support of all House Republicans and 37 Democrats, the New York Post reported.
    Along with requiring illegals convicted of violent crimes to be detained and deported, the legislation also would require Biden to reinstate “Remain in Mexico,” a Trump-era policy that required illegal immigrants seeking asylum to wait for the court hearings in Mexico.
    The bill is named after a 22-year-old Georgia nursing student who was brutally murdered in February by Jose Antonio Ibarra, an illegal immigrant who had several run-ins with law enforcement before the murder but was not detained.

    Tyrese Gibson: Hollywood Is Run By Satanic Pedophiles: ‘They’re ALL Child Rapists’
    Gibson is the latest Hollywood veteran to blow the whistle on pedophilia within the industry.
    According to adult star Jenna Jameson, the world is controlled by elite pedophiles who “sacrifice and torture children” for sport, and Hollywood has remained silent on child sex trafficking because “not only do they partake, they are covering for the big league hitters.”

    California Supreme Court Rules People Cannot be Detained for Trying to Evade Police Officers
    However, Justice Corrigan pointed out, “Flores’s presence in a high crime area at night … did not provide a particularized and objective basis for suspecting that Flores was doing something illegal. It is settled that a person may decline to engage in a consensual encounter with police.”
    Justice Kelli Evan reinforced the decision by highlighting Flores’s right to go about his business or avoid police engagement without being subjected to detention.
    there it is, no more traffic stops, pursuits, stop and frisk, theyve opened pandoras box here, they sowed to the wind and shall reap the whirlwind

    EXCLUSIVE: Man Shot by Mom’s Boyfriend in Viral Video Was in a Satanic Cult—and Now the Mom Is Dead
    Confidential Headline USA Source Receives Death and Rape Threats from '764' Cult Members
    About two weeks ago, a video went viral of a Tennessee man shooting his girlfriend’s son at point-blank range. The son, Kyle Spitze, survived, while the boyfriend committed suicide after a standoff with police.
    the children of the father of lies do his will and speak his words, lies

    Democrats Vote Against Citizenship Questions on U.S. Census
    It’s commonsense, only U.S. citizens should be used to determine the representation of Americans in Congress. That’s why I voted to pass H.R. 7109, a bill that adds a citizenship question to the census and protects equal representation for U.S. citizens.

    South Carolina Agency: The Feds Force Us To Give Voter Registration To Foreign Nationals
    “SCDHHS does not believe the state Medicaid agency should have a role in voter registration. However, absent the legal authority to make this change, SCDHHS remains required by federal law to provide voter registration application forms with each Medicaid application,” Leieritz said in a statement Monday to The Federalist.

    DOJ and Civil Rights Groups File Lawsuits over Iowa Immigration Bill
    “The American Civil Liberties Union, the ACLU of Iowa, and the American Immigration Council filed a separate lawsuit” on Thursday over SF 2340, according to Iowa Public Radio.
    That lawsuit was filed on behalf of the Iowa Migrant Movement for Justice and a “Jane Doe” and “Elizabeth Roe.” It argues that SF 2340 “makes no exception for people who reentered the United States with federal consent or who later gained lawful immigration status.”
    “Nor does the law make an exception for people who are in the process of obtaining immigration status,” the lawsuit continues.

    Thanks a lot, Speaker Johnson: FBI brass just urged agents to use warrantless wiretaps on US citizens…
    “When I was a member of Judiciary, I saw all of the abuses of the FBI — there were terrible abuses, over and over and over,” Johnson told reporters in the Capitol on Wednesday evening.
    “And then when I became Speaker, I went to the SCIF and got the confidential briefing from sort of the other perspective on that, to understand the necessity of Section 702 of FISA and how important it is for national security. And it gave me a different perspective,” he continued, using an abbreviation for sensitive compartmented information facility (SCIF).

    New Jersey Muslim School Board President On Trial For Child Sex Abuse, Admits To Having 6 “Religious Wives”, Including 4 He Met When They Were Teenagers
    A 56-year-old New Jersey school board president told a civil sexual abuse trial jury Wednesday that he met four of his six “religious wives” when they were 18 as he denied accusations he groomed one whom he taught in middle school.

    Did Federal Agencies Plant Classified Documents To Frame Trump?
    Recent court disclosures give two indications that federal employees could have planted the classified documents used to mire Trump and several aides into a sprawling investigation and an election-interfering court case. The first is the explosive evidence revealed Friday: For 11 months, the special counsel’s office hid that it misplaced some — we don’t know how many or which — of the same allegedly classified documents it claims Trump criminally possessed at Mar-a-Lago.

    House Speaker Mike Johnson Says No to Federal Abortion Restrictions
    “If there is Republican control of both chambers of Congress and the White House next year, do you anticipate passing any sort of nationwide abortion ban?” Politico’s Rachael Bade asked Johnson.
    “No, I don’t,” Johnson replied.

    Maine Kid Who Tried To Kill Cops With Machete Is Sentenced – Elephant In Room Still Ignored
    That wasn’t all. When Bickford was arrested, he had a handwritten note in his backpack, asking his family to “please repent to Allah and accept Islam.” To his mother, Bickford wrote: “I fear greatly that you will not repent to Allah. And therefore I hold hope in my heart that a piece of you believes so that you may be taken out to [sic] the hellfire.” To his brother, he likewise wrote: “Please repent to Allah and accept Islam. I fear for you.” To another brother in the Marines, he added: “You have joined the ranks of my enemy. And for that I can give you no kind words – return to Allah.”
    Faced with all this evidence, authorities had to admit that this was a jihad attack, something they were extremely reluctant to do. Thomas Galati, the NYPD’s chief of intelligence and counterterrorism, epitomized that reluctance in a Jan. 2023 statement that he could barely get out amid all his discomfort with what he had to admit: “Um, y’know, during the attack he did yell out ‘Allah akbar,’ um, you know, and, um, you know, I – I believe he thought that this would be, um, you know, k–, suicide by cop, uh, basically, at the end of this attack. This is a distorted, uh, you know, um, uh, uh, version of him being radicalized and thinking that what he’s doing is right, um, you know, just, uh, want to make sure that that’s clear, he’s not representing, you know, uh, the Islamic religion, but rather, you know, a very, very small percentage of people that get radicalized.”

    Controversial Milwaukee Election Director Claire Woodall-Vogg Who Personally Attacked The Gateway Pundit Terminated from Position
    President of Election Watch, Peter Bernegger wrote on X, “laire Woodall-Vogg fired!!!! She is the (was) the most corrupt election clerk in Wisconsin. I took her sworn deposition in a lawsuit I filed against her as Milwaukee City election clerk. She printed 64,000 ballots in the back conference room of City Hall, Room 501. For the Nov.3rd 2020 election. She had city employees and others (CTCL) fill some of those out on the 4th, 6th and other floors of city hall. Then kicked out observers around 10-10:30pm on Nov.3rd. Then brought in large amounts of ballots at 1:15am on Nov. 4th. All illegal, unconstitutional – number one way however the liberals stole the Presidential election in 2020.”

    Mike Johnson: Hakeem Jeffries and I ‘Have a Lot More in Common’ than Most Think
    Johnson said about Jeffries:
    I have. Hakeem is a good man. We’ve worked well together. We have a lot more in common than people might think. You know, he’s from New York and I’m from Louisiana. While we have lots of disagreements on policies and the fine points of policy, I think you can appreciate people for who they are as a person. I think that’s what we’re called to do. And he and I both kind of share the worldview on that. I can appreciate that he’s a good family man. We have a lot in common in that regard. And he lost his father recently, I lost mine three days before I got elected to Congress. We’ve talked about that.
    And I think what we’ve appreciated about one another is that I believe that when Hakeem Jeffries is telling me something, I believe he’s telling me the truth. I believe he is a man of his word. And I think he believes that about me as well. That’s a big thing in Washington. You know, trust is a rare commodity around here. [Emphasis added]
    seems to me their common goal is the destruction of the US

    Jason Galanis testifies that Joe Biden was deeply engrained in Hunter’s business dealings during the Biden Impeachment Inquiry
    Galanis then states that the DOJ has been attacking him, and details his extensive sexual abuse while in prison.

    What Can Go Wrong When Police Use AI To Write Reports?
    Axon—the makers of widely-used police body cameras and tasers (and that also keeps trying to arm drones)—has a new product: AI that will write police reports for officers. Draft One is a generative large language model machine learning system that reportedly takes audio from body-worn cameras and converts it into a narrative police report that police can then edit and submit after an incident. Axon bills this product as the ultimate time-saver for police departments hoping to get officers out from behind their desks. But this technology could present new issues for those who encounter police, and especially those marginalized communities already subject to a disproportionate share of police interactions in the United States.

    Biden Administration: Attacking Hamas in Rafah Would Strengthen Them
    State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said that an Israeli military campaign in Rafah would “actually weaken … Israel’s security.” He also said that the U.S. had presented Israel with “a full range of policy choices” that would achieve the same goal of dismantling Hamas without entering Rafah, but did not explain what those choices were.
    Asked whether President Joe Biden’s announcement that the U.S. was withholding weapons from Israel would undermine Israel’s leverage in hostage negotiations, Miller said that “hasn’t been our assessment” of the talks.

    House Republicans Threw a ‘FISA Fest’ Party after Renewing Domestic Spying Tool
    'The event, which the lawmakers have dubbed FISA Fest, is being held in a reception room in the US Capitol building Wednesday night...'
    “The US House Intelligence Committee is throwing a party Wednesday night to celebrate the recent extension of the 702 surveillance program, multiple sources tell WIRED,” the publication reported.
    “House Intelligence Committee chair Mike Turner and ranking member Jim Himes blasted out invitations announcing a ‘bipartisan celebration’ of the 702 program’s continuation last week. The event, which the lawmakers have dubbed FISA Fest, is being held in a reception room in the US Capitol building Wednesday night.”

    Mayorkas Claims Joe Biden’s Border Policy Is ‘Working’
    President Joe Biden’s border chief says the White House’s border plan “is working.”
    But the plan is not intended to reduce migration into U.S. communities, homes, and jobs, according to May0rkas, who was impeached in February by the House of Representatives.
    Instead, the border plan is intended to divert the flood of economic migrants from the cartel-run “irregular migration” pipeline into many expanding government-run quasi-legal pipelines, Mayorkas told NPR Morning Edition‘s Steve Inskeep during a May 10 interview:
    by working he means the destruction of the US as planned is continuing

    South Korea reluctant to help Taiwan in cross-strait conflict
    S Korea defense minister says nation focused on countering North Korea
    TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — South Korea's Minister of National Defense Shin Won-sik played down South Korea’s resolve to intervene in a Taiwan Strait conflict while on a TV program on Sunday (April 21).
    Speaking on “Sunday Diagnosis,” Shin said, “If a crisis occurs in Taiwan, the South Korean military’s paramount concern is observing the possibility of North Korean provocations and working with USFK (United States Forces Korea) to establish a firm joint defense posture,” according to Hankyoreh. South Korea’s focus is on maintaining national security as part of “upholding global security,” he said.

    Georgia State Elections Board held an important hearing yesterday.
    Fulton County double-scanned ballots and they didn't keep the required ballot images, as required by Georgia law.
    380,000 ballot images are missing in Fulton County.

    Ninth Circuit: Felon Has ‘Right to Possess Firearm for Self-Defense’
    Duarte is an American citizen, and thus one of “the people” whom the Second Amendment protects. The Second Amendment’s plain text and historically understood meaning therefore presumptively guarantee his individual right to possess a firearm for self-defense. The Government failed to rebut that presumption by demonstrating that permanently depriving Duarte of this fundamental right is otherwise consistent with our Nation’s history. We therefore hold that [the prohibition] violates Duarte’s Second Amendment rights and is unconstitutional as applied to him.

    Georgia reprimands Fulton County for scanning ballots twice in 2020 recount
    The results of the investigation determined that President Joe Biden still won the county over former President Donald Trump, because the vote margin was substantial enough in three independent vote counts. But the county still violated regulations and statues in its counting process.
    The state board voted to implement the independent monitor in a 2-1 vote on Tuesday, which ended one of the last probes into the results of the 2020 election, which Trump claimed was stolen from him. The board also voted to dismiss several other complaints against the county, including allegations that it added 16,000 votes to its count before certifying the election, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

    Missouri Attorney General Demands DOJ Provide ‘Communications Relating to the Illicit Prosecutions of President Trump’
    “I am demanding the DOJ turn over communications relating to the illicit prosecutions of President Trump. This includes communications between the DOJ and Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, New York AG Leticia James, and Fulton County DA Fani Willis,” he said.
    “Thanks to evidence that has come to light, my office has reason to believe Biden’s corrupt Department of Justice is the headquarters of the illicit prosecutions against President Trump,” he added.

    my new fav vid;
    seriously you need to watch this

    Pentagon orders withdrawal of all 1,000 US troops from Niger: Report
    The withdrawal is expected to take place over several months, but the troops will remain in the area, and the timeline has not been finalized. The withdrawal does not include embassy security personnel.
    The previous alliance with Niger played a notable role in combatting Russia's influence in the region. Since the collapse of the previous regime, Russian forces have entered the country and have been living on the same air base as U.S. troops in the capital of Niamey, for weeks. Officials claim the Russian forces do not pose a current threat to the American troops.

    Record-Setting Migrant Arrests Continue in Canadian Border Sector
    According to an unofficial Border Patrol report reviewed by Breitbart Texas, during the month of April, agents in the Swanton Sector apprehended nearly 1,500 migrants, more than double the apprehension of only 676 migrants in April 2023. Year-to-date totals for Swanton stand at more than 6,600 migrants, up nearly 100 percent over last year.
    the push is on

    Russians Are Coming to Terms With Putin’s War in Ukraine
    The Kremlin is using Europe’s biggest conflict since World War II to reshape Russia, combining strident nationalism involving a potent mix of Soviet-era and imperial nostalgia with an intensifying crackdown on dissent. As a result, Putin faces little domestic pressure to end the fighting despite massive military casualties, posing a challenge for Ukraine’s US and European allies as they seek to raise the cost for Russia of continuing the war that’s now in its third year.
    That’s in sharp contrast to the first months after the February 2022 invasion when many Russians reacted with anger, depression and shock, according to Anna Kuleshova, a sociologist at the Social Foresight Group who left Russia when the war started and now lives in Luxembourg.

    California AG Bonta Prepares Lawsuits to Stop Trump Agenda If He Wins
    Bonta, a Democrat who is mulling a run for governor, said he has been reviewing the work of his predecessor, Xavier Becerra, who filed more than 100 suits against Trump policies before leaving the office to become Biden’s secretary of Health and Human Services. Bonta and his deputies are also looking closely at a document drafted by the Heritage Foundation, a Trump-aligned think tank, known as “Project 2025,” that offers a blueprint for Trump’s second-term policy goals.

    Imagine That – Biden Set to Increase Chinese EV Tariffs to 100%, With Additional Section 301 Tariffs on Chinese Steel and Aluminum Imports
    Overall, the New York Times is reporting [SEE HERE] that Joe Biden and USTR Katherine Tai are likely to trigger massive tariffs against imported Electric Vehicles (EVs) from China, perhaps as much as 100% due to the low cost of Chinese production. Additionally, the Biden administration is considering increasing the tariff regime against imports of Chinese steel and aluminum in a bid to protect the American industry.
    On the EV issue, this tariff approach is politically duplicitous by Biden against the backdrop of massive investment in Mexico by the three largest Chinese EV automakers. Last December the three Chinese auto manufacturers, MG, BYD, and Chery, announced they were going to spend billions building new EV manufacturing plants in Mexico. Each Chinese auto manufacturer was going to spend between $1.5 to $2.0 billion.
    should have been doing this since forever

    Australia’s Biggest Bank Bans Cash, Forces Customers To Adopt CBCD’s ‘Or Lose Everything’
    “From Friday 1 November 2024
    You won’t be able to:
    write or deposit personal cheques
    deposit or request bank cheques
    deposit cash or cheques over the counter at NAB branches
    make a super contribution or payment via cheque.
    Please note any cheques received after Thursday 31 October 2024 will be returned to the sender.”
    Once the changes are rolled out, Macquarie customers will only be able to withdraw paper money from their accounts using ATMs owned by rival banks, with withdrawals capped at $2,000 AUD per day.

    IRS Illegally Arrest Gov’t Minister Who Exposed Elites Plan To Hijack Bitcoin
    Ver’s arrest has been widely condemned from within the crytpo community, with many insiders positing that his arrest has more to do with his work exposing the elite’s shadowy manipulation to destroy bitcoin in favor of censorship and a future Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).
    Last month, Ver published the controversial and bestselling book Hijacking Bitcoin, which exposes the government and financial elite’s behind-the-scenes power struggles to steer bitcoin in a direction so that it would not become usable peer-to-peer money.

    The US Bails Out Japan
    Bailing out the banks is cool and all, but bailing out the central banks is even cooler.
    The inability of the Bank of Japan to prevent the yen from running higher (read: rapidly debase) has obviously spooked the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve because yesterday morning it was announced that the US and Japan had agreed on an FX intervention plan via a swap line through which the US will supply Japan with dollars in exchange for yen. The reason the US is stepping up to help with this intervention is because Japan is the largest holder of US treasuries in the world and the last thing the US needs right now is for Japan to begin selling its treasuries en masse so they can get dollars to defend the yen. I imagine the conversation went something like this, "Don't touch those treasuries. We'll just give you the dollars."
    "And how we burned in the camps later thinking, what would things have been like, if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain, whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?"

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    harms way
    rumour has it russia is doing a tac nuke exercise where theyre practicing using short range nukes to take out nato hqs, airbases, nuke storage facilities, and similar sites

    FBI’s sinister anti-Christian ‘PATCON’ program is the internet’s best kept secret. Until now….
    It’s tough to keep track of all the FBI’s programs—programs they’re actively using against the American people. Most of us are familiar with COINTELPRO, a program from the 1960s and 1970s that was supposedly targeted at radical leftists. It’s out there for everyone to read up on and is often cited as a shameful instance of suppression against supposedly innocent Americans, and it very well might have been.
    Here’s just a snippet of what Wikipedia has to say about COINTELPRO:
    No, this angry AI isn't fake (see comment), w Elon Musk.

    Report: 2 Foreign Nationals Attempted to Breach Marine Corps Base in Virginia
    Multiple sources report one of the individuals inside the truck is a Jordanian foreign national who recently crossed the southern border into the U.S., and that one of the occupants is on the U.S. terrorist watch list. Quantico did not confirm this information.
    gee i wonder what was in the truck also i bet biden lets them go and gives them money and a place to stay

    Democratic establishment's Jan. 6 'hero' defeated in House primary — and people are thanking Steve Baker
    Former U.S. Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn won the confidence of establishment Democrats by dutifully bolstering their preferred Jan. 6 narrative, even though it diverged greatly from reality. He tried to replicate that success Tuesday in the Maryland House primary but reality caught up with him.
    Dunn ran in Maryland's 3rd Congressional District — where he is not a resident — against over 20 other Democrats. Although the so-called "hero" managed to edge out relative unknowns who had not similarly been anointed by President Joe Biden, he couldn't compete with Maryland state Sen. Sarah Elfreth (D).

    BREAKING UPDATE: Leftist Writer Juraj Cintula Arrested Following Attempted Assassination of Populist Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico – Shot Him 5 Times! – VIDEO OF SHOOTING
    The man who shot the PM Fico – 71 year old Slovak poet Juraj Cintula, supporter of the Progressive Slovakia party – was a founder of the so called "Movement against violence". Here is its manifest published in 2016. Its declared goal was to "unite people, preserve peace and…

    Teen Who Allegedly Shot 26 Rounds into D.C. Neighborhood Freed by ‘Woke’ Judge
    An 18-year-old who allegedly shot 26 rounds into a Washington, DC, neighborhood while shooting at a car with four people in it has been released prior to trial by a self-confessed “woke” judge.
    The Daily Mail reported that the 18-year-old, Amonte Moody, allegedly fired the shots from an AR-15 around 2:30 a.m. on April 22, 2024. He was arrested after it was discovered that doorbell camera footage captured his alleged actions.
    On Monday, Judge Lloyd U. Nolan Jr. ruled that Moody be released on bail ahead of his trial.

    'Alarming': 9-year-old girl attacked at school for 'not being Muslim'
    The report explained Larson said her daughter's third-grade teacher and the school principal "approached her in the school pickup line" and told her what happened.
    "They came up to my vehicle and informed me that there was an incident at school that day. They wanted to make it very apparent that my daughter didn’t do anything to cause this, and they told me this was a calculated incident and that she had been attacked on the playground by four other students in her grade," Larson told the report.
    "I ended up learning … this was due to her race and her religion because she wasn’t Muslim. So that was pretty jarring to hear."
    It was the attackers themselves who told the teacher that was why they "decided to beat her up."
    isis elementary

    Watch: Mayor Eric Adams Floats Giving NYC Lifeguard Jobs to Migrants Because They’re ‘Excellent Swimmers’
    On Tuesday, during a press briefing, Adams complained that the hundreds of thousands of migrants who have arrived in New York City over the last few years remain ineligible to work.
    Instead, Adams said he would like to see migrants be offered lifeguard jobs at the city’s public pools and beaches because they are “excellent swimmers.”
    “Let me just take your imagination for a moment. If we had a migrant and asylum seeker plan that states ‘Those jobs that we are in high demand, we could expedite [work permits],'” Adams said:

    BREAKING: Barge Collides with Galveston Bridge, Causing Partial Collapse and Oil Spill (VIDEO)
    A barge collided with the Pelican Island Bridge in Galveston, Texas on Wednesday morning.
    The collision resulted in a partial collapse and oil spill.
    No injuries have been reported so far.
    It is unclear what caused the collision.

    Why did a powerful veterans' PAC endorse Harry Dunn, phony ‘hero’ of January 6?
    Out of 22 candidates, including three combat veterans, VoteVets decided to back a civilian in Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District. “It’s about power. It’s about greed. And it’s generally not about doing the right thing,” Army veteran Juan Dominguez tells Blaze Media.

    Pro-life Advocate John Hinshaw Tells Court He Accepts Imprisonment to Expiate the ‘Great Guilt’ of Pro-Abortion Judge
    Under Biden, the DOJ weaponized the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act, a 1994 law that prohibits interfering with anyone obtaining or providing “reproductive health services,” as a punishment for the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade in June 2022.
    After the Supreme Court ruling, Biden formed the DOJ-led Reproductive Rights Task Force to enforce the act.
    According to The Epoch Times, The FACE Act has now been used 130 times against pro-life individuals but only used three times against pro-abortion protesters.

    NBC New York reported Thursday that Bickford was sentenced “after pleading guilty to several terror-related charges.” The report noted that Bickford also “previously told the judge he was under psychiatric treatment for schizoaffective disorder.” So did he attack the cops because he was nuts? Not necessarily: Bickford “said he carried out the attack to wage jihad, with the goal of killing military-aged men so he could become a martyr.” U.S. Attorney Damian Williams said that Bickford was “inspired by radical Islamic extremism.”
    In Jan. 2024, the Associated Press stated that Bickford “shouted ‘Allahu akbar’ — the Arabic phrase for God is great — before striking the officers in the head with the machete and trying to grab an officer’s gun.” This explanation was inaccurate and misleading. “Allahu akbar” doesn’t mean “God is great”; it actually means “Allah is greater.” That is, the god of Islam is superior to anything that non-Muslims worship or hold dear. This declaration of superiority frequently accompanies acts that are designed to enforce the subjugation and submission of the infidel.

    With a surprise cross-border attack, Russia ruthlessly exposes Ukraine’s weaknesses
    As of Saturday, it appeared the Russians still held a handful of Ukrainian border villages, with intense aerial bombardment continuing in the Vovchansk area.
    The cross-border attack is yet another example of what’s going wrong for the Ukrainians this year. Their forces are thinly stretched, with much less artillery than the Russians, grossly inadequate air defenses and above all a lack of soldiers. Their plight has been worsened by dry weather, allowing Russian mechanized units to move more easily.
    The deputy head of Ukrainian Defense Intelligence, Major-General Vadym Skibitsky, told the Economist last week: “Our problem is very simple: we have no weapons. They always knew April and May would be a difficult time for us.”
    the globalists will send in nato to save zelenskys bacon and you all know what comes after that

    J6 Political Prisoner Marc Bru Shares Concerns About Horrible Abuse and Neglect in US Prison System
    Marc Bru did not shut down an official Congressional proceeding by pulling a fire alarm like radical Democrat Jamaal Bowman. Marc’s crime was attending the J6 protests and walking inside the US Capitol.
    Before Joe Biden, conservative Americans had the right to protest their government. Today, conservatives are jailed and their lives are ruined for attending a protest.

    Federal Prosecutors: Black Former Marine Threatened to Mass-murder Whites
    Joshua Cobb, 23, of Trenton, was arrested on May 10 after he confessed to FBI agents last month that he posted the threats to multiple social-media accounts. The agents also found material on his iPhone, alleges the 11-page criminal complaint filed in the U.S. District Court in New Jersey.

    THANKS JOE BIDEN! al Qaeda Terrorist Network Now Moving Back Into Afghanistan
    Just a few years after Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, the al Qaeda terror network is moving back into the country.
    Leaders of the group have reportedly been given ‘safe haven’ there. This is the beginning of the story that led to the 9/11 attacks, chapter and verse.
    Plus, they now have the advantage of all of the American weapons and military equipment that Biden left behind in 2021. What could possibly go wrong?
    you mean the al qauda that was started by cia to fight russians in the 80s? you mean al quada where old sam b laden was an actual cia agent? that al quada?

    Terrifying video: 9-year-old boy relaxes in his home before dinner when drive-by bullets pierce wall, fly inside
    KXAS said six people were wounded in the drive-by shooting outside the Miramar apartments near 3000 Las Vegas Trail — and four of the victims were children.
    Errol's mother, MaryJane Gonzales, shared with the station that she first made sure her son was OK and then "came out here ... to see where exactly they shot, and as I was out here, I heard all the families downstairs yelling."
    Gonzales — a medical assistant — ran outside and tried to stop the bleeding of multiple victims; one of them was just three years old, KXAS said.

    OOPS! Biden Accidentally LEAKED Democrat Plan to RIG & STEAL The 2024 Election | Elijah Schaffer’s Top 5 (VIDEO)

    UN Troops Being Brought in as Migrant Refugees
    “John, I mean you say you spoke to people in the Black Watch. I mean, Black Watch, a very famous yellow regiment. Are they actually going along with this?” ~ Jim Ferguson
    "They've got no choice. I kind of said, you know, why are you doing it? And he said, soldiers follow orders. What you're going to see is the following, we'll have a minister somewhere in cabinets, suddenly come up with a great idea on how we're going to get these guys to contribute to help us. And they're going to put them in uniforms. A couple of people have told me these uniforms are burgundy. Others have told me they're U.N. blue. I really don't know. I guess we'll see when they deploy them. They are gonna be deployed. Because otherwise, if they announce another lockdown, what would everyone say? They'd say bollocks. And they’d go about their business wouldn’t they? They're gonna need armed young men in uniform to try and enforce it. Why did they import young men from the East? Because, traditionally, if you want to kill and tyrannize white people, you put black soldiers in. Because there's a cultural disassociation. And that's their method. That's the way these globalists are gonna do it.” ~ John O' Looney

    Dirty Special Counsel Dave Weiss Retaliates Against Hunter Biden IRS Whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, Falsely Suggests They Were Under Investigation by Govt Agency
    “Both SSA Shapley and SA Ziegler have filed whistleblower retaliation claims with OSC, and we understand OSC has requested related documents as part of an investigation into the retaliation claims. Specifically, SSA Shapley has alleged that now-Special Counsel David Weiss began retaliating against Shapley in November 2022 when Weiss learned Shapley had been making protected whistleblower disclosures about Weiss’s office to his IRS chain of command. Those disclosures included allegations Weiss’s office (the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Delaware) engaged in prosecutorial misconduct in the Hunter Biden case by treating Mr. Biden more leniently than similarly situated taxpayers who were not politically connected.” Attorneys for the IRS whistleblowers wrote in a letter to the Acting Principal Deputy Special Counsel.

    Kari Lake drops bomb: Exposes how Dems are ALREADY stealing votes
    'They have a line in the voter roll, and somebody will vote under that name'
    What they want, Maria, we’re not going to see all these people pouring across the border showing up at polling places. What they What they want is to have a line in the voters’ rolls so that somebody can vote for that person. That’s why they’re asking them to register to vote when they get set up for Medicare and Medicaid, because they’re giving them all of these services. They’re asking them to sign up to vote. Then they have a line in the voter roll, and somebody will vote under that name.
    Kari is exactly right. Democrats are signing up illegals at the border – sharing their registrations with leftist groups – and these groups are ready to make sure someone votes for them in 2024.

    Federal Reserve Chair Admits His Confidence Is Rattled as Wholesale Inflation Unexpectedly Surges
    Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said Tuesday that his confidence has weakened that inflation is under control.
    His comments made at a bankers’ conference in Amsterdam came the same day that the Labor Department reported that wholesale prices jumped 0.5 percent in April, the largest increase since April 2023.
    Wholesale prices are tracked by the Producer Price Index, which measures the selling prices producers of goods and services receive.
    the more i learn about this the more i suspect the price rises arent "inflation" but rather corporate "profits" being increased far above the norm

    Reports: Almost 50 Percent of Biden “Migrants” Unemployed, Crime Wave Deluges Texas County
    Biden’s “migrant” invasion has lifted the foreign-born population to almost 16 percent of the total U.S. population, and even worse, it appears that figure will keep increasing.
    Those facts would be bad enough by themselves. But the influx of non-working “migrants” has also meant something for the border town of Kinney, Texas: a massive increase in the number of criminal prosecutions.

    George Stephanopoulos Insists ‘The Deep State is Packed With Patriots,’ Makes Pitch Against Donald Trump (VIDEO)
    STEPHANOPOULOS: “That was my favorite part about doing the book. I interviewed about a hundred duty officers from the White House and these are people who come, they are relatively young people who come from all over the government, the CIA, the DIA, the Defense Department, military.
    Some people like to call those people the deep state. Well, the big thing I learned doing this book is that the deep state is packed with patriots, people who go to work every single day and are on the frontlines of the most intense crises the country faces and do it to serve their country and to serve the presidency, not the president. They don’t care about political parties. They’re there to serve the presidency and the institution.
    just further proof they live in oppositeworld where good is evil, evil is good, up is down, you get the idea

    Russia finds vast oil and gas reserves in British Antarctic territory
    Reserves totalling 511bn barrels of oil – about 10 times the North Sea’s entire 50-year output – have been reported to Moscow by Russian research ships, according to evidence given to the Commons Environment Audit Committee (EAC) last week.
    It follows a series of surveys by the Alexander Karpinsky vessel, operated by Rosgeo – the Russian agency charged with finding mineral reserves for commercial exploitation.
    Antarctica is meant to be protected by the 1959 Antarctic Treaty that bans all mineral or oil developments. The UK’s interests are overseen by the Foreign Office – but it has been accused of ignoring the emerging crisis.

    New Mexico Prosecutors: Migrants Gang Raped Deaf Woman in ‘Multi-Hour Nightmare’
    Three migrant men from Guatemala have pleaded guilty or been convicted of gang raping a deaf woman after kidnapping her in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in June 2021. Another migrant, accused of being the ring leader, has since reportedly fled to Guatemala.
    Oscar Rene Juarez Lopez, a 45-year-old Guatemalan national, pleaded guilty to rape and kidnapping and was sentenced to 20 years in prison this week, the Santa Fe New Mexican reports.

    BIDEN BORDER BLOODBATH: Illegal Alien From El Salvador Murders West Virginia Woman by Lighting Her on Fire
    An illegal alien from El Salvador who entered the US on Joe Biden’s open border invitation was arrested in the murder of a 33-year-old West Virginia woman.
    David Antonio Calderon, 46, was arrested in Virginia after authorities found an unidentified woman on a burning couch in a field in Martinsburg.
    “Early findings from the state Medical Examiner’s Office point to burn injuries as the likely cause of death.” West Virginia News reported.

    Report: Estonia Considering Sending Troops to Ukraine
    According to defense industry news portal Breaking Defense, Madis Roll, Estonia’s national security advisor, said Estonia is considering sending troops to Ukraine. According to the report, Estonian troops would take on noncombat roles to free up Ukrainian soldiers to fight at the front.
    “Discussions are ongoing,” Roll said on May 10. “We should be looking at all possibilities. We shouldn’t have our minds restricted as to what we can do.”

    Northwestern University Journalism Professor Says the Quiet Part Out Loud “Our Work is Not About Objectivity”
    The Gateway Pundit reported that the university recently announced their concessions to the radical Hamas supporters who took over their campus to end their protests and encampment.
    Two of the most notable include the promise to offer full-ride scholarships to Palestinian students and the guarantee of faculty jobs for Palestinian academics.
    The University will also provide special housing for Muslim students and will “advise employers not to rescind job offers for students engaging in speech protected by the First Amendment.”
    hire you some isis today!

    Rep. Dan Goldman, Client of Judge Merchan’s Daughter, Says He Prepped Michael Cohen for Trump Trial
    Democrat Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY), client of Justice Juan Merchan’s daughter’s consulting firm, said Tuesday he prepared Michael Cohen for his testimony in the criminal trial of former President Donald Trump.

    Nonprofits Are Making Billions off the Border Crisis
    Federal funding has turned the business of resettling migrant children into a goldmine for a handful of NGOs—and their top executives.
    “The amount of taxpayer money they are getting is obscene,” Charles Marino, former adviser to Janet Napolitano, the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security under Obama, said of the NGOs. “We’re going to find that the waste, fraud, and abuse of taxpayer money will rival what we saw with the Covid federal money.”
    The Free Press examined three of the most prominent NGOs that have benefited: Global Refuge, Southwest Key Programs, and Endeavors, Inc. These organizations have seen their combined revenue grow from $597 million in 2019 to an astonishing $2 billion by 2022, the last year for which federal disclosure documents are available. And the CEOs of all three nonprofits reap more than $500,000 each in annual compensation, with one of them—the chief executive of Southwest Key—making more than $1 million.
    read this and see how US tax dollars are being squandered on foreigners

    Putin taps economist to run defence, replacing Shoigu in unexpected move
    Mark Galeotti, director of the London-based Mayak Intelligence consultancy, said the defence minister's job in Russia at a time of war was to ensure the military had everything it needed, while Gerasimov's job was the "key one" as he now reported directly to Putin, the commander-in-chief.
    "In that context, having an economist, someone who has been speaking about the need to basically subordinate much of the economy to the needs of the defence sector, makes a certain amount of sense. It is now essentially a financial administrator's job and Belousov can do that," said Galeotti.
    The change is likely to be seen as an attempt by Putin to subject defence spending to greater scrutiny to ensure funds are effectively spent after a Shoigu ally and deputy defence minister, Timur Ivanov, was accused by state prosecutors of taking kickbacks worth nearly $11 million.
    bean counters at war

    MUST SEE VIDEO: “I 100% Believe” He Will Stand With The Establishment – RINO NV Senate Candidate Sam Brown’s Campaign Staffers Expose His Anti-Trump Agenda on Undercover Recording (EXCLUSIVE)
    The Gateway Pundit published an interview with Jeff Gunter, a real Trump supporter and Trump’s former ambassador to Iceland, earlier this year. We also reported that Sam Brown is financially backed by Americans for Prosperity, the Koch-backed group that staunchly supported Nikki Haley since last November; long-time Mitch McConnell donor Gregory Ciongoli; Thomas McInerney, a John Bolton megadonor who also backed DeSantis for President; and several other never-Trump donors.

    India Cuts Major Port Deal with Iran, Daring Biden to Sanction It
    “Chabahar Port’s significance transcends its role as a mere conduit between India and Iran; it serves as a vital trade artery connecting India with Afghanistan and Central Asian Countries,” Indian Minister of Ports, Shipping and Waterways Sarbananda Sonowald said on Tuesday, signing the agreement in Iran. “This linkage has unlocked new avenues for trade and fortified supply chain resilience across the region.”
    iran would like to slot india, you know, because they mozlom and thats what they do

    Truth or CONsequences?
    When your government cons you daily with its statistical "facts," it's hard to keep your balance. Conned-sumers are feeling the cognitive disconnect from reality.
    “Either you’re putting out fake numbers to give Joe Biden good headlines—and then quietly revising the job numbers down—or the BLS is failing to accurately report the numbers,” Miller said.
    Su insisted that the BLS has always revised its jobs reports—which is true, but omits the fact that the lion’s share of Biden jobs reports have been subject to downward revisions, with very few upward revisions taking place. Su then laughed when Miller said, “Never to this level have the numbers been so inaccurate.”
    Su’s apparent lack of concern for the inaccurate BLS reports had Miller calling for her job.
    “We’ve seen why you can’t remain as secretary,” she said.

    Broke & Desperate Consumers Using Buy Now, Pay Later
    Let’s talk Buy Now, Pay Later in light of the Affirm earnings yesterday and this Bloomberg article I read yesterday talking about a Harris Poll of users of BNPL. “A recent survey conducted by Bloomberg News by Harris Poll found that 43% of those who owe money to BNPL services said they were behind on payments, while 28% said they were delinquent on other debt because of spending on the platforms.”
    Also, “More than half of respondents who use BNPL said it allowed them to purchase more than they could afford, while nearly a quarter agreed with the statement that their BNPL spending was ‘out of control.’ Harris also found that 23% of users said they couldn’t afford the majority of what they bought without splitting payments, while more than a third turned to the services after maxing out credit cards. The findings also show that the spending, which for more than a third of users has exceeded $1,000, isn’t entirely on big-ticket items. Almost half of those using BNPL say they’ve started, or have considered, using it to pay bills or buy essential items, including groceries.”

    Huge Financial Shock Inevitable & Hitting Now – Ed Dowd
    What happens to the Biden economy? Dowd says, “The economy is going to take a nosedive sometime in the next 12 months. The real economy is not doing well. . . . The only thing that has been holding up the GDP growth is government spending. We are spending $1 trillion every 100 days. That’s adding $1 trillion to the deficit. The only job creation is government jobs, and they don’t actually add to the economy. . . . Reports are coming out now that the low-income consumer is getting absolutely hammered. McDonald’s talked about it in their most recent earnings call. . . . So, low-income and the middle-class are getting squeezed while the rich continue to plug along.”

    A “Restaurant Apocalypse” Is Starting To Sweep Across America, And That Is Really Bad News For The U.S. Economy
    You can get a really good idea how the U.S. economy is doing by watching restaurants in your area. When the economy is booming, restaurant parking lots are full and chains are feverishly establishing new locations. But when the economy is struggling, restaurants get a lot less traffic and poor performing locations get shut down. Sadly, in 2024 it appears that a “restaurant apocalypse” has started to sweep across America. Most people have very little discretionary income to spend as a result of our cost of living crisis, and that is particularly true for our young adults. Americans under the age of 40 love to eat out, but these days most of them are experiencing financial stress, and this is having an enormous impact on the restaurant industry.
    eve groceries are seeing reduced business as people tighten their belts, ive the feeling we will all be much thinner and miss will these cheap food prices of today in the coming year, also read this one!

    Alfredo Ortiz: Biden’s Inflation Is ‘Pushing Small Businesses to the Brink’
    The situation is especially bad for small businesses. “Customers that used to come in every week now come in every three weeks,” says Joe Germanotta, a New York restauranteur. This statement reflects what I’m hearing from small businesses nationwide. When people are faced with $20 for a burger or $10 for dry cleaning, they choose to eat and do laundry at home instead.

    Red Lobster is abruptly closing dozens of restaurants
    TAGeX Brands is conducting an online auction of Red Lobster kitchen equipment, furniture and other contents at restaurants closing. The auction begins Monday and continues through Thursday, according to company founderNeal Sherman.
    Red Lobster locations in multiple cities were listed as “temporarily closed” on Red Lobster’s website, according to local news reports.
    In Indianapolis, a closed sign is taped to the door of the Shadeland avenue Red Lobster.

    New York Fed: Credit Card Delinquency Spikes as Costs Soar Under Joe Biden
    The average Wisconsin family spent an extra $21,981 because of the increased cost of living under Biden, the Republican National Committee (RNC) estimated in May. A McDonald’s Big Mac burger, a medium beverage, and a medium fry meal cost $18 in some locations, up $10 from 2018 when former President Donald Trump was in office.
    “For all debt outside of student loans, delinquency has been steadily rising since the fourth quarter of 2021 after historic lows during the COVID-19 pandemic,” The New York Fed reported on the delinquency trend. “Credit card delinquencies, in particular, have risen past pre-pandemic levels.”

    Joe Biden Announces Tariffs on Non-Existent Products from Non-Existent Origination Country – Here’s Why
    Biden might as well be announcing tariffs on Chinese swimming pools flown into the USA via hot air balloon. There will be more Chinese swimming pools delivered from China than Chinese EVs. The Chinese EVs come from Mexico. The tariff is fake.
    Last edited by 5.56NATO; 05-15-2024 at 01:48 PM.
    "And how we burned in the camps later thinking, what would things have been like, if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain, whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?"

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    UNDER PRESSURE: With Defenses Collapsing and His Constitutional Mandate About to End, Ukraine’s Zelensky Cancels All Foreign Trips
    In this context of near breakdown in the Ukrainian lines in several points, President Volodymyr Zelensky decided to postpone all his foreign trips.
    There is also the fact that his Constitutional presidential mandate expires on May 20th, meaning that, after cancelling elections, he will be an illegitimate president, kept in place by force.

    Putin signs military cooperation statement with Xi during meeting in Beijing
    The visit marks 75 years of relations between China and Russia.
    Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday signed a military cooperation statement with Chinese President Xi Jinping during a meeting in Beijing.
    The two global leaders signed a joint statement agreeing to "deepen trust and cooperation in the military field" and "expand the scope of joint exercises and combat training," among other things.
    Putin is in China for two days as his country's military is pressing forward with an offensive in northeastern Ukraine, the Associated Press reported.
    there it is, if putin can just talk xi into invading Taiwan he will stab us in the back with a nuke surprise attack while Proxy biden is dealing with a chicom war

    Office of Inspector General Finds FBI Special Agent Directed Subordinate to Give His Wife a Cash Bonus – DOJ Declines Prosecution
    “The Department of Justice (DOJ) Office of the Inspector General (OIG) initiated an investigation after receiving information from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Inspection Division, alleging that a then FBI Special Agent in Charge (SAC) had assigned the SAC’s spouse, who worked within the SAC’s chain of command, to serve on a committee and then arranged for the committee members, including the spouse, to receive cash awards in recognition of such service,” the Office of Inspector General wrote in an investigative summary.

    GOP Sen. Loses Primary after Backing Taxpayer-funded Healthcare for Illegals
    'It’s simple: Craig Blair caved to the far-left on illegal immigration and turned his back on the people of West Virginia...'
    Leading the campaign to oust Blair was Stand for Us PAC, a political group that committed $1 million to unseating incumbent lawmakers who did not oppose illegal immigration, according to Fox News.
    “It’s simple: Craig Blair caved to the far-left on illegal immigration and turned his back on the people of West Virginia…and Stand for Us PAC held him accountable,” Katie Miller, the PAC’s chair, told Fox News.
    She added that the PAC invested over $400,000 in defeating Blair, “with the majority of our resources going to informing the Senate President’s constituents about how he led the charge to strengthen a federal program that uses taxpayer dollars to subsidize health care for illegal immigrants.”

    A fight – that could end up before the federal courts – has erupted in Virginia because officials in the National Park Service abruptly have decided to censor all “religious” events planned to honor Memorial Day at Poplar Grove National Cemetery in Petersburg.

    U.S. Capitol Police Launch Investigation After Finding Bag Containing Cocaine At Headquarters
    “Currently Capitol Police are investigating a roughly one-inch by one-inch ziplock bag containing a small amount of a white powdery substance, which has tested positive for cocaine. The bag was discovered on the floor of a hallway inside the USCP headquarters, specifically on the second floor, an area designated as a staging spot for furniture and supplies,” Rawsalerts wrote.
    “Officials note that this area is heavily trafficked by various contractors and employees, and the baggie was found in the middle of the floor USCP Investigations Division has opened an investigation which will include further testing including DNA testing of the baggie,” the post added.

    Woman Who Survived Mao’s Communist China Slams Radical Campus Protests: ‘Red Guards Are in Action Again’ (VIDEO)
    Lily Tang Williams is a Republican who is running for congress in New Hampshire. She is also a survivor of Mao’s Cultural Revolution in communist China.
    She sees history repeating itself with the radical campus protests and even compared the protesters to Mao’s Red Guard.
    It’s an apt comparison.

    DOJ lacking appeal process for whistleblowers with revoked security clearances violates law: OIG
    "DOJ policy does not include an OIG appeal process for employees whose security clearance has been suspended for more than 1 year and who allege retaliation, as required by federal statute," the DOJ Inspector General found
    According to the OIG's findings, "DOJ policy does not include an OIG appeal process for employees whose security clearance has been suspended for more than 1 year and who allege retaliation, as required by federal statute."
    The OIG said that the "lack of appeal process is especially problematic at DOJ components that indefinitely suspend employees without pay for the duration of the security investigation and review process, which can sometimes last years."

    RIGGED ELECTION? Harris County Judge Orders New Election for 180th District Court Seat After Controversial 449-Vote Loss — Nearly 1,500 Votes Cast Illegally
    DaSean Jones, who was sworn in as a Harris County criminal district court judge 15 months ago and has since presided over hundreds of cases, now faces uncertainty about his 2022 election victory.
    Republican Tami Pierce continues to contest the election results in court, asserting that “improper or illegal votes were counted” and that the election was “riddled with errors.”

    Evidence Emerges That America’s Voting Machines Are All Controlled by Chinese Gov’t
    Sheriff Dar Leaf has discovered that Dominion Voting has failed to disclose to Congress that parts of their machines are sourced from China, and tested in China.
    In addition, it’s alleged that one of Dominion’s employees, Andy Huang, was able to access the servers remotely from Canada. Huang once worked for a Chinese telecom known to be a CCP affiliate as well.

    HILARIOUS! Missouri Secretary of State Candidate Burns Pornographic Children’s Books and Posts on Social Media in EPIC Video
    Gomez, a daughter of legal immigrants, describes herself on her campaign webpage as “a real estate investor, financier, strategist, former NCAA Division I swimmer, relentless achiever, and a fierce advocate for the principles values we hold dear as Americans battling for a better future.”

    Ron DeSantis Reportedly Intends To Start Raising Funds For Donald Trump In Two States
    Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis reportedly intends to raise money for President Trump in Florida and Texas.
    The Associated Press reports that two people familiar with the matter, who chose to speak on the condition of anonymity, said DeSantis’ finance team is coordinating a schedule to include stops in the Sunshine and Lone Star states.

    DISGUSTING: German Leftist Politician Films Himself Licking Public Toilets in Railway Station and Other Abhorrent Sexual Acts (GRAPHIC VIDEO)
    Martin Neumaier, a candidate from the Free Democratic Party (FDP), a liberal party in Germany, has been caught in a series of deeply disturbing and sexually explicit acts broadcasted online.
    Multiple pornographic videos featuring Neumaier were taken down from social media X after they breached the site’s Terms of Service.
    The Publica reported that Neumaier is seen in one video singing the forbidden first verse of the Nazi-era German national anthem while using an anal dildo.
    thats probably the norm for oppositeworlders

    Peru Officially Classifies ‘Transgender’ and ‘Non-Binary’ People as ‘Mentally Ill’
    The decision was made to ensure the country’s public health services could “guarantee full coverage of medical attention for mental health” for the trans community, the Peruvian health ministry explained, according to the Telegraph.
    The decree will supposedly alter the language in the Essentials Health Insurance Plan to reflect that trans and intersex people have a mental disorder, LGBTQ+ outlet Pink News reported.

    INSANITY: FOIA Exposes Guide for ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS to VOTE | Beyond the Headlines
    Judicial Watchdog, a conservative watchdog group, recently obtained documents that are step-by-step instructions for illegal immigrants on how to register to vote in local DC elections. Not just that — but they can also RUN for office in the area as well. Does the shamelessness of leftists to prey on immigrants for electoral means know no bounds?

    The Power of One: Lawmaker Single-handedly Kills “Healthcare Czar” Bill
    A South Carolina state legislator single-handedly killed a bill that would have consolidated a number of health agencies and created a “healthcare czar.” He did this on the last day of the legislative session and to the displeasure of many of his colleagues. Josiah Magnuson joins TNA Daily to discuss what happened.

    Lecturing Biden Official Destroys US Relations with Niger – Now US Troops are Stuck in Country, Biden Is Abandoning its $100 Million Airbase, and Russian Forces Have Moved In
    Nigerien Prime Minister Ali Mahaman Lamine Zeine recently spoke to reporters and blamed US State Department official Molly Phee of threatening the current leaders while negotiating US military presence in the country.
    The Nigerian leader blamed Phee for the complete breakdown in relations. Zeine described his reaction to Molly Phee when she came to lecture the Nigerien leaders in March, “You have come here to threaten us in our country. That is unacceptable. And you have come here to tell us with whom we can have relationships, which is also unacceptable. And you have done it all with a condescending tone and a lack of respect.

    FIGHT BACK: Virginia School Board Restores Confederate School Names
    The school board in Shenandoah County, Virginia has restored the names of Confederate legends Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee, and Turner Ashby after a 5-1 vote...

    Leftists Being Leftists: Far Left City Councilor of Youth, Children, and Family Forced to Step Down in Spain After He Was Caught Eating His Own Sh*t on Video
    Daniel Gómez del Barrio is a member of the PSOE, the country’s main leftist party in Spain, whose leader is currently the Prime Minister.
    Daniel was the councilor of Youth, Children, and Family on the city council.
    certainly he has a bright future in Proxy bidens regime

    Eight Dead, Dozens Injured After Truck Collides With Bus Carrying Migrant Workers
    “Currently, numerous law enforcement and other emergency crews are on the scene of a mass casualty incident in Marion County, Florida, after a migrant bus carrying dozens of passengers crashed causing a significant accident with another vehicle. The bus is on its side in a horse farm, resulting in the death of up to 8 people on board and injuring 45 others, eight of whom are critically injured. In total, there were 53 patients involved in the crash,” Rawsalerts wrote.

    Carol Miller Misleads WV Voters, Uses 2018 Soundbites to Fake Trump Endorsement
    The Carol Miller campaign strung together a few video clips and soundbites to give voters the false impression that she's been endorsed for re-election by President Trump.

    Geert Wilders’s Dutch Coalition Pledges ‘Strictest-Ever’ Migration Policy, Warns Illegals Will Be Removed ‘By Force’
    Wilders yesterday confirmed the completion of a coalition agreement after six months of negotiations following last year’s general election, in which he won a significant number of seats but short of a governing majority.
    As a result, Wilders is pledging to bring in major immigration reforms that would prevent the ongoing invasion of the country’s borders.

    Whistleblower Reveals China Is Sequencing DNA of BILLIONS for Forced Organ Harvesting
    Last month, the Congressional-Executive Commission on China (CECC) held a hearing with Rep. Chris Smith and Sen. Jeff Merkley to discuss the horrific plans of the Chinese regime to harvest the organs of billions of unsuspecting humans. At the hearing, it was revealed that the Chinese government is now involved in trying to sequence DNA for the purpose of obtaining more vital organs on demand.
    it might also allow them to target a specific individual with a bioweapon

    House Armed Services Committee Ignores Whistleblowers – Refuses to Stop the Mistreatment of Injured U.S. Service Members
    He shared that a whistleblower complaint was received on January 31, 2023, by the House of Representatives Committee on Government Oversight and Accountability regarding “widespread, systemic mistreatment of injured U.S. military Service Members.” Extensive information and evidence of widespread misconduct was provided to the author.
    After reviewing the documentation, it was confirmed that the complaint identified specific widespread violations of law and regulations against service members, primarily the intentional denial of military pay, medical care, and disability benefits for service members who are injured in the line of duty (LOD).

    20th Busload of Illegals Arrives In Democrat City
    “One bus with migrants on board from Texas arrived around 1:45 p.m. today at Union Station,” read a statement from Mayor Karen Bass’s office.
    “This is the 20th bus that has arrived. The city has continued to work with city departments, the county, and a coalition of nonprofit organizations, in addition to our faith partners, to execute a plan set in place earlier this year.”

    Illegals Who Attacked NYC Cops Offered Plea Deals by Leftist DA Alvin Bragg
    Ulises Bohorquez (21), Andres Gomez-Izquiel (19) and Yohenry Brito (24) were given a plea deal by the DA’s office that would require them to serve a year in jail in exchange for pleading guilty to second-degree assault.
    Two other illegals, Kelvin Servita-Arocha (19) and Wilson Juarez (21) were offered a separate deal to serve six months in prison in exchange for pleading guilty to obstructing a government administration.

    WATCH: Couple Walking Their Dog in New York City Deliver Bloody and Painful Lesson to Would-Be Attacker
    The New York Police Department revealed the perpetrator was taken to Elmhurst Hospital with multiple stab wounds. He is in stable condition at the moment.
    The Post reports that while no arrests have been made, the cops are on the hunt for two suspects.
    so theyre looking for the victims to prosecute them for defending themselves

    Russia Is Ready For Direct Conflict If West Wants To Fight For Ukraine
    Sergey Lavrov said: “It’s their right – if they want it to be on the battlefield, it will be on the battlefield”
    Lavrov, who has served two decades as foreign minister, said Russia would be ready to meet Western troops on the battlefield during a hearing for his re-nomination to his post in Putin’s new government.

    Trial for German Reichsbuerger Planned Coup Begins
    The trial for nine German Reichbuerger individuals who planned to overthrow the German government began on Monday.
    A group of nine tied to a German “far-right” group accused of planning to overthrow their nation’s government is gearing up for trial.
    Al Jazeera reported that prosecutors will initiate the hearing in Stuttgart on Monday. The suspects are accused in the plot of installing aristocrat Heinrich XIII Prince Reuss as Germany’s leader after imposing martial law.

    Merchan’s Daughter Tied to Effort to Ban Trump from Ballots, Possible Witness Tampering
    'I have deposed Michael Cohen, I have been with him a number of times to prepare him...'
    (Molly Bruns, Headline USA) The daughter of Judge Juan Merchan, who is presiding over former President Donald Trump’s porn-star case in New York, has ties to a far-left think-tank that helped plot the failed attempt to kick Trump off the ballot in several states earlier this year, according to Steve Bannon’s WarRoom.
    Meanwhile, another high-profile client of hers has admitted to helping coach the prosecution’s star witness, raising potential questions about a mistrial.
    gee i wonder what the bar thinks of all this conflict of interest

    Sky News: Assassination Attempt on Slovakian Leader Was ‘Entirely Justified’ Because He Spread ‘Dangerous Conspiracy Theories’
    Following his shooting today and as he was fighting for his life in a Slovakian hospital, a British Sky News commenter came close to justifying the assassination attempt against PM Robert Fico. Then he compared him to Prime Minister Victor Orban in Hungary.
    “It’s not surprising this event took place… He’s become very pro-Russian.”

    A $1,000 Punishment For Gun Owners Who Were Victims? (Video)
    In this episode, we’ll take a look at another lawless piece of legislation out of Arizona that seeks to punish gun owners who fail to report a lost or stolen firearm with a $1,000 fine! It’s nothing more than another attempt at gun confiscation and the people must stand up and deal with it and those who seek to rob them of their livelihood, liberty and ultimately the ability to defend themselves.

    Biden invokes executive privilege to prevent release of recording with Special Counsel Hur
    The Justice Department's Legal Counsel Office said the recording should be considered protected by executive privilege. Chairman Comer says the claim "changes nothing" and vows to continue contempt proceedings.
    "Because of the President’s longstanding commitment to protecting the integrity, effectiveness, and independence of the Department of Justice and its law enforcement investigations, he has decided to assert executive privilege over the recordings," Counsel to the President Edward Siskel wrote in a letter to the Oversight and Judiciary Committees Thursday. Siskel also claimed providing the tapes would risk "harming future law enforcement investigations," according to the letter obtained by Just the News.
    a sick joke

    Report: Guatemalan Gov’t Investigating Child-Trafficking at U.S. Border via NGOs
    'Somebody told me about 85,000 children going to the United States that nobody knows what happened to them...'
    The Guatemalan government has launched an investigation into potential child trafficking at the United States southern border, trafficking allegedly facilitated by supposedly humanitarian NGOs.
    Robby Starbuck, a conservative influencer and filmmaker who raises awareness of child trafficking, posted video footage of his recent interview of Guatemalan Secretary General Ángel Pineda, who offered Starbuck some disturbing details:

    General Flynn: Winning Against The Deep State
    “Duty, Honor, Country.” That longtime motto of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point has been abandoned and betrayed by many of the political generals and admirals who have dominated our defense and intelligence agencies during our lifetimes. Likewise, to advance their careers they have joined the Deep State globalists and abandoned and betrayed their oaths to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. Lieutenant General Michael Thomas Flynn is not one of them. From combat and intelligence assignments in Grenada, Haiti, Afghanistan, and Iraq, to director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and chairman of the Military Intelligence Board, Flynn’s storied, 33-year military career exemplifies an adamantine commitment to Duty, Honor, Country, as well as his oath-bound obligation to defend this nation “against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

    Climate Professor Suggests ‘Mass Depopulation’ To Solve Climate Crisis
    The Emeritus Professor of Geophysical & Climate Hazards at University College London, sparked a backlash following a Tweet where he suggested that the “culling of the human population by a pandemic with a very high fatality rate’” was the “only realistic” way to address climate change.
    McGuire was actually member of a British government body that advised politicians on the Covid-19 response…

    April CPI: Worst Good News Ever
    The Dow Jones, S&P 500, and the NASDAQ all hit record highs after the data came out on Wednesday. A CNN headline called the CPI report “encouraging” and an analyst from CIBC Private Wealth US told CNN the data “supports a Fed rate cut in the fall.” Yahoo Finance called it a “soft reading on consumer prices.”
    It was great news, except it wasn’t.
    When you look at the data objectively and in a broader context, it becomes clear the price inflation dragon the Federal Reserve and the U.S. government unleashed during the pandemic is alive and well. He might be resting, but he certainly isn’t dead.

    Walmart Announces Layoffs, Requests Remote Workers To Return To Office
    Walmart will slash hundreds of corporate employees and request remote workers to return to the office.
    According to FOX Business, the corporation shared a memo with associates.
    “The U.S. retailer is asking workers at offices in Dallas, Atlanta and Toronto to relocate to Walmart’s corporate base in Bentonville, Arkansas, a northeast office in Hoboken, New Jersey, or a central hub in Southern California,” the outlet stated.

    Tens Of Millions Of Americans Are “Trapped” In An Endless Cycle Of Debt That Is Sucking The Life Out Of Them Financially
    Did you know that U.S. households are 17,690,000,000,000 dollars in debt? Of course, household debt is only one part of a much larger story. The federal government is 34 trillion dollars in debt, state and local governments are absolutely drowning in debt and unfunded liabilities, and corporate debt is at an all-time high. As a society, we are on the greatest debt binge in the history of the world, and it just gets worse every single year. Previous generations handed us an economy that provided us with an incredibly high standard of living, but we always had to have more. So we have been borrowing and spending with no end in sight, and now our day of reckoning is fast approaching.

    DEBANKED! Access to Funds DENIED, BofA Cancels Conservative Reporter
    A corporate central bank flexes it’s muscles? Why am I not surprised.
    Independent journalist, who also directed and produced ‘Kidnap and Kill: an FBI Terror Plot,’ (which is a documentary about the Whitmer Kidnapping Plot) has been giving the boot from Bank of America.
    “But I still have money in the account!”
    Their response was similar to “Ha! Good luck getting it. We still want to use it to invest in stuff. You know how we do.” – Your Friendly Neighborhood Central Bank.

    Rampant Poverty & Homelessness Are Fueling Rampant Theft & Violence In Major US Cities
    The tremendous chaos that is gripping communities all over this country did not emerge out of a vacuum. For years, poverty and homelessness have been on the rise. According to a recent report from Harvard University, the number of homeless Americans has increased by almost 50 percent in less than a decade. Meanwhile, the ranks of the poor have been growing as the middle class has been eroding. Today, approximately 40 percent of the entire U.S. population is considered to be either living in poverty or among the “working poor”. According to Wikipedia, the bottom 50 percent of the U.S. population only has 2.6 percent of the wealth. And that number is from 2021, and so things are almost certainly even worse today. All of this economic suffering is helping to fuel a deeply alarming explosion of theft and violence in our major cities, and our leaders don’t seem to have any solutions.

    Robert Kiyosaki Predicts Hyperinflation, Depression During Visit to BRICS Nation South Africa
    Currently in South Africa a country I love. Watching and listening to rumors of what will happen when BRICS nations, Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa produce BRICS crypto, possibly backed by gold. If BRICS gold crypto happens trillions in fake money, fiat US dollars will come rushing back to home to America causing hyperinflation in America, ultimately destroying US dollar. Best Buy real gold, silver, and Bitcoin now, and protect yourself from the crash of US dollar.
    To protect against the U.S. dollar’s collapse, Kiyosaki advised purchasing physical gold, silver, and Bitcoin. In a May 9 post, he predicted not just a recession, but a full-blown depression, stating that he is preparing for such a scenario despite not wishing for it.

    Bezos hosted Treasury officials to discuss private sector climate action: FOIA documents show
    “Farcical meal value estimates aside, senior Treasury officials who were sensitive to the appearance of impropriety would give stately Bezos Manor a wide berth. He's one of the wealthiest men in the world who's made no secret of his policy agenda, and who owns a Biden-friendly newspaper,” Michael Chamberlain, The Director of Protect the Public’s Trust told Just the News.
    "And how we burned in the camps later thinking, what would things have been like, if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain, whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?"

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    An Urgent Matter
    While our country sleepwalks through the deadly aftermath of the evil Covid-19 operation, the World Health Organization (WHO) puts the final touches on a nice bit of fuckery called its Pandemic Treaty on International Health Regulations (IHR) or “One Health” initiative, a Globalist power grab disguised in the saintly white robes of public health medicine. The agreement, to be finalized at the end of this month, will cede what’s left of your liberty to this unelected bureaucracy for the sake of global “equity and inclusivity,” meaning more lockdowns, constant surveillance, forced “vaccinations,” restrictions on medications, and censorship of anyone who voices a contrary opinion of these actions.

    Climate Cult Wants Marxist Control – Brian Sussman
    America and the world are in a battle with evil godless demons for control. This is where all of the problems we face are coming from. It is that simple. Award winning meteorologist, newsman and best-selling author Brian Sussman lays out the plan for total tyranny and domination of everyone’s life in an upcoming book called “Climate Cult: Exposing Their War on Life, Liberty & Property.” Sussman explains, “I know the title to the book is an attention getter, but the ‘climate change’ agenda has all the facets of a cult. . . . The first is doom. They keep telling us if the temperature rises another half degree, it’s going to be the end of the earth as we know it. . . . If we go back to The Industrial Revolution, which basically got rolling in 1850, we had the use of fossil fuels. We have had billions more people on the planet, countless cars, trucks, planes and rockets. . . . Since the 1850’s, we have only warmed one degree–one degree! That is perfectly in keeping with temperatures as we know it based on geological records. They say another half degree and it’s over. So, they are scaring the pants off people. Then, just like all cults, they look at you as the problem. They say, ‘You are a carbon sinner,’ especially if you live in the United States of America. . . . Shame on you! You are a carbon sinner. Oh, but there is atonement. You can atone by reducing your carbon footprint. You can atone by becoming an activist. You can atone by planting a tree. Then they promise you utopia. . . . These people have partnered with the UN and the World Economic Forum . . . I have the documents. . . . This climate change agenda will give us no more social injustice. There will be no more social inequity, and we will all live in peace in a brand-new world. These are their plans. It’s frightening, but that is how they get people into this cult.” Sussman contends, the “Climate Cult” wants Marxist control.

    Ukraine’s Controversial Military Mobilization Law Comes Into Effect Amid Russian Advances
    Lawmakers dragged their feet for months and only passed the law in mid-April, a week after Ukraine lowered the age for men who can be drafted from 27 to 25. The measures reflect the growing strain that more than two years of war with Russia has had on Ukraine´s forces, who are trying to hold the front lines in fighting that has sapped the country’s ranks and stores of weapons and ammunition.
    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy also signed two other laws Friday, allowing prisoners to join the army and increasing fines for draft dodgers fivefold. Russia enlisted its prisoners early on in the war, and personnel shortages compelled Ukraine to adopt the new measures.
    Russian troops, meanwhile, are pushing ahead with a ground offensive that opened a new front in northeastern Ukraine’s Kharkiv region and put further pressure on Kyiv’s overstretched military. After weeks of probing, Moscow launched the new push knowing that Ukraine suffered personnel shortages, and that its forces have been spread thin in the northeast.
    draft dodger signs law increasing fines for draft dodging

    US Sending Nuclear-Powered Carrier For 'Higher Stakes' Red Sea Mission
    US warships patrolling waters off Yemen have shot down dozens, or possibly even hundreds of drones and missiles at this point - while also at times carrying out offensive operations - but the Iran supported Houthis have remained undeterred.
    The Pentagon is now readying the next step, sending the USS Harry S. Truman nuclear-powered aircraft carrier into the Red Sea. US military magazine Stripes writes of recent planning: "The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier and its 6,000-some sailors have spent recent months training in the western Atlantic Ocean for that mission — a rare, pre-planned deployment expected to take the ship into a hostile environment."
    might as well name it lusitania or ss zamzam; ie using ships placed in harms way by their operators specifically to get the US into a war, wouldnt china or iran love to give hoothis enough silkworms to sink a US carrier

    NWO Globalist Cabal Now Assassinating Conservative & Christian Political Candidates Worldwide
    After a spate of similar Gladio-style black ops, the recent assassination attempt on the Prime Minister of Slovakia Robert Fico proves that the liberal wing of the NWO globalist cabal is out for blood as never before.
    interesting read

    Study: More than 1 in 4 Non-Citizens May Be Registered to Vote in 2024 Election
    '... about 5% to 13%, or roughly 1.0 million to 2.7 million, of non-citizens will illegally vote in the 2024 presidential and congressional elections unless stronger election integrity measures are implemented...'
    About 10% to 27% of non-citizen adults who are living in the United States are now illegally registered to vote, researchers found.
    During 2022, more than 19 million adult non-citizens living in the country were recorded by the U.S. Census and, given their voter registration rates, this means that about two million to five million of them are illegally registered to vote.
    hmmm do you think this might have an effect on election outcomes?

    The Whitmer ‘kidnapping hoax’ is on the brink of collapse…
    A look at the annotated indictment reveals that at every level of the [Michigan Kidnapping] plot, FBI operatives played the most important leadership roles:
    -The plot’s “explosives expert,” who the plotters were accused of planning to buy bombs from, turned out to be an FBI agent.
    -The head of transportation for the militia outfit turned out to be an undercover FBI agent.
    -The head of security for the militia outfit turned out to be an undercover FBI informant.
    -At least two undercover FBI informants were active participants in the initial June 6, 2020 meeting in which the plot to storm Capitol buildings was allegedly hatched — meaning at least three FBI informants infiltrated before the conspiracy even started.
    Unindicted Co-Conspirators in 1/6 Cases Raise Disturbing Questions of Federal Foreknowledge
    In one of the plot’s climactic scenes, in the main van driving up to look at Governor Whitmer’s vacation home, three out of the five people in the van—60 percent of the plot’s senior leaders—were federal agents and informants…

    Expert Charges DOJ Actually is ‘a Threat to the Republic’
    Democrats long have claimed that President Donald Trump and his supporters are a “threat” to democracy
    But they’ve been unable to say how they’re a threat, except that if they were in the majority in Washington, that would mean that Democrats were not in the majority, and therefore away from the central positions of power.
    read this

    Russia Is About To Overrun Ukraine's Defenses – Why Are There No Peace Negotiations?
    In the past two weeks alone Russia has gained considerable ground. Russian troops recently made confirmed advances northwest of Svatove (Luhansk Oblast), near Avdiivka (Donetsk Oblast), in Robotyne (Zaporizhzhya Oblast), and in east (left) bank Kherson Oblast, U.S.-based think tank Institute for the Study of War reported on May 6th. The reason for this is relatively simple – Ukraine lacks the manpower to effectively establish defense in-depth. All the reports coming from the front support this theory.
    That is to say, Ukraine’s defensive lines are a facade with no secondary positions or trenches to stall Russian breakthroughs. Once the Russians cut the main line there’s nothing much stopping them from gaining large stretches of ground. Some analysts have blamed this development on a lack of Ukrainian foresight or strategic preparedness, but I would argue that they just don’t have enough people to defend more than a single forward line.
    My position is backed by numerous reports of the government’s desperate struggles with conscription. For the past six months the average age of Ukraine recruits is 43 years old. Meaning, youth recruitment is waning, either because younger people don’t want to fight and are avoiding the draft by leaving the country, or too many have died.
    no need for negotiations when nato enters stage left right on cue as scripted

    Trump Alert: The Three VP Hopefuls to Avoid at All Costs
    It is now just two months until the Republican National Convention. It figures to be the most upbeat RNC in recent memory. In 2020, we all suffered from the shadow of both COVID-19 nonsense and the pall of the George Floyd summer of love. The 2016 convention, meanwhile, suffered from intrigue and division: some delegates conspired to throw the nomination to a non-Donald Trump candidate, while headline speaker Ted Cruz delivered a rousing address only to refuse to give Trump his endorsement at the end. The 2024 convention will finally be the Republican convention Donald Trump deserves. A great big party for MAGA supporters of all stripes to turn out and lend momentum to Trump’s stronger-than-ever political revolution.

    Ukraine Formally Asks NATO To Send Troops For First Time, Pentagon Mulling
    "NATO allies are inching closer to sending troops into Ukraine to train Ukrainian forces, a move that would be another blurring of a previous red line and could draw the United States and Europe more directly into the war," NY Times wrote Thursday. What has changed? The Zelensky government is now directly requesting it, apparently on a formal level for the first time of the conflict, according to officials.
    The Times confirms "Ukrainian officials have asked their American and NATO counterparts to help train 150,000 new recruits closer to the front line for faster deployment."
    its not as if nato hasnt been training ukrainians inside ukraine since the begining or anything

    US ban on Russian uranium could backfire
    Could mean shutting down much of US nuclear generation, with no way to replace Russian deliveries for a long time
    US President Joe Biden has now signed into law HR 1042, the Prohibiting Russian Uranium Imports Act, banning the import of uranium products from Russia The ban goes into effect 90 days after it was signed into law and prohibits any import of unirradiated low-enriched uranium (LEU) produced in the Russian Federation or by a Russian entity.
    Waivers may be granted to allow the import of limited amounts of LEU, under certain circumstances, until January 1, 2028. The new legislation permits the Department of Energy (DOE) to issue waivers authorizing the entire volume of Russian uranium imports allowed under export limits set in an earlier anti-dumping agreement between the Department of Commerce and Russia which expires in 2027.
    in light of the above see the below;
    Uranium One informant says Moscow paid millions in bid to influence Clinton
    An FBI informant involved in the controversial Uranium One deal has told congressional committees that Moscow paid millions to a U.S. lobbying firm in a bid to influence then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by helping former President Bill Clinton’s charities during the Obama administration.
    The Hill first reported late Wednesday that informant Douglas Campbell gave a 10-page statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee, House Intelligence Committee and House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, and was interviewed for several hours behind closed doors by committee staff.

    Dem. Congressional Candidate Paid Thousands to Commie Chinese Agent
    'Sing Tao is a major news outlet for Chinese speakers in the Bay Area...'
    Federal Election Commission records indicated that a Democrat running for Congress in California’s Silicon Valley paid a Chinese foreign agent for advertising.
    Evan Low, a California assemblyman who is running for Congress in the state’s 16th Congressional District, paid approximately $5,000 to Sing Tao Newspapers for print advertisements in February 2024, an FEC filing revealed.
    In 2021, the Department of Justice ordered Sing Tao U.S., a Chinese-owned newspaper that distributes papers in California, to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).

    Rep. James Comer Finds MAJOR Problems With Biden Family Bank Accounts | Beyond the Headlines
    Breaking news: Biden has even MORE secret bank accounts than previously thought, establishing a pattern of shell LLCs, seemingly to move around money received in the form of bribes and kickbacks from influence peddling. How deep does the rabbithole go when it comes to the Biden family finances?

    Congress is quietly trying to put ‘DEI’ quotas back into college admissions and every aspect of American life. They hope you don’t notice…
    Typical GOP move. Nobody actually reads these massive bills, do they? However, what the GOP—and much of the public—fail to realize is that the “American Privacy Act of 2024” is nothing but a Trojan horse, sneakily reintroducing massive DEI quotas under the radar. It’s a classic wolf in sheep’s clothing scenario, where what’s being promoted as privacy protection is actually drastically reshaping society under the banner of “diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

    Justice Alito Says His Wife Flew Upside Down American Flag After 2020 Election – After Nasty Leftist Neighbor Called Her a “C*nt”
    “I spoke directly with Justice Alito about the flag story in the NYT. In addition to what’s in the story, he told me a neighbor on their street had a “F— Trump” sign that was within 50 feet of where children await the school bus in Jan 21. Mrs. Alito brought this up with the neighbor.”

    Illegal who Trump deported was allowed back in by the Biden regime and just murdered a 3-month-old baby…
    An illegal alien recently killed a 3-month-old baby in Texas.
    President Trump deported the illegal alien in 2020, while Biden let him back in.
    This is who Biden calls a 'model citizen.

    Soaring immigration is fuelling Britain’s housing crisis, says Bank of England’s chief economist
    Huw Pill said higher interest rates were not responsible for record hikes in rental costs, which jumped by 9.2pc in the year to March.
    He said “quite large increases in immigration” were piling more pressure on Britain’s housing stock, after net migration hit a record-breaking 745,000 in 2022.
    In comments made after the Bank of England held rates at 5.25pc for a sixth consecutive meeting on Thursday, Mr Pill said: “The population is growing.
    “To some extent, the rents are really a reflection of supply and demand factors [and] reflect things that aren’t to do with monetary policy.”

    Republicans Send Letter Demanding Answers on Mistreatment of Jailed Pro-Lifers
    We are deeply concerned by reports suggesting that the U.S. Marshal Service did not provide medically necessary health care services to two prisoners in its custody: Ms. Jean Marshall, 74, and Heather Idoni, 59. On May 15, 2024, Ms. Marshall was sentenced to 15 additional months in prison, and Ms. Idoni is scheduled to be sentenced next week.
    We ask Director Davis to provide a clear and comprehensive account of the care provided to Ms. Idoni and Ms. Marshall during their time in the custody of the U.S. Marshals Service.
    A summary of the medical situations reported in the cases of Ms. Idoni and Ms. Marshall is provided below.

    Parents can't opt K-5 children out of LGBTQ curriculum: appeals court
    Maryland’s largest school district does not have to allow parents to opt their K-5 children out of classes and books that discuss LGBTQ topics like sexuality and gender, at least for now, a federal appeals court ruled on Wednesday.
    The 2-1 ruling by the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed a lower court decision denying a preliminary injunction on the basis that the parents had not shown how the policy – initiated by the Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) board – would violate their children’s First Amendment right to free exercise of religion.

    Sen. Tim Scott Teases Major 2024 Election Bombshell: Could He Be Trump’s Next VP? (VIDEO)
    “We’re thinking softballs for Joe Biden and hardballs for Donald Trump,” Scott said.
    “But the better question is, will the American people have a chance to see the answer to anywhere, anytime, one-on-one? The answer is absolutely yes. Joe Biden will look like he is an elderly man who should be retired. The good news is, Donald J. Trump is going to be the guy that retires him,” he added.
    im afraid hes another pence but who knows

    Ex-Soros Star Scott Bessent Jockeys With John Paulson to Run Trump’s Treasury
    Paulson’s jockeying has mostly come via his checkbook. A member of Trump’s economic advisory council in 2016, he has personally given $817,900 to support Trump, and helped raise more than $50 million at a gathering at his Palm Beach home. Collecting twice as much as President Joe Biden had a week earlier was seen as a turning point for Trump’s fundraising, and the first sign that Wall Street was coming around to supporting the former president.
    Another fundraiser in New York this week hosted by Howard Lutnick gathered a core group of Trump’s finance backers, including Paulson, Woody Johnson and Omeed Malik, and raised more than $10 million, according to a person familiar with the matter. Vice presidential hopefuls including Tim Scott and Marco Rubio were also in the room.

    The Big Three Election Integrity Issues for 2024
    The most important factor in the November 2024 election will be the involvement of the citizen. For those wanting election integrity, the best thing is to become a sworn election officer and work behind the counter counting votes. How do you do this? Go to the website for your county, city, township, or whatever the administrative structure is in your state and sign up to be a sworn election official. I’ve done this for many elections since 2000.

    Mitt Romney vs. Rand Paul Proxy War Ignites in North Dakota’s Congressional Race
    “For the candidate who chose not to be here, I think she has sent the viewers a message, loud and clear,” Becker told the debate audience. “I’m running because I believe America is in a very tough spot. We got here by sending people to Congress who did not have our backs, who buckled under pressure, who did not have the principles, or at least, did not have the spine to stand up for those principles.”
    Fedorchak previously attacked Becker for his willingness to aggressively oppose the Biden administration’s radical policies.
    “You can’t be a bull in a china shop and just irritate people and alienate people,” she told WZFG. “You have to be able to work together, respect others, and sit down [to] talk about the issues and how you can find common ground and build the kind of alliances and coalitions you need to get things done on a serious issue facing our country.”

    Horrific video shows youngster on Citi bike brutally beating two Orthodox Jewish boys in Brooklyn
    Two Orthodox Jewish children were brutally beaten by a young man on a Brooklyn sidewalk in an attack captured on video.
    The boys, aged 11 and 13, were reportedly playing on the sidewalk in Williamsburg on Sunday night when a man got off a Citi Bike and attacked them.
    Horrific video of the attack shows the grown man kicking and stomping on one of the boys.

    Commie Pope Francis Tells 60 Minutes that Conservativism Is “A Suicidal Attitude” (VIDEO)
    During his homily, Red Francis preached that “sharing ownership is not communism but is pure Christianity.”
    Of course, that was complete nonsense Sharing ownership is exactly the definition of communism.
    In January 2022 Pope Francis lectured to tax authorities that taxation is “a necessary tool for wealth redistribution.”

    Mike Johnson Teams with Ousted Speaker and Conservative Nemesis John Boehner for High-Dollar Fundraiser
    Boehner, who was infamously chummy with Barack Obama, was ousted in October 2015 amid a conservative mutiny over Boehner ushering through Democrat priorities and violating the Hastert Rule to pass spending legislation over the opposition of a majority of his own party. Roughly two dozen Republican members, led by then-Rep. Mark Meadows, indicated they would vote against Boehner in a “vacate the chair” resolution, which led to Boehner resigning.
    Like Boehner, Johnson himself has violated the rule, most recently with a bill to send tens of billions of American taxpayer dollars to Ukraine.
    Yet Johnson has arguably gone even further than Boehner in appeasing Democrats — and in a much briefer tenure.

    Professor Tells the Truth About Radical Campus Protesters: ‘They Want America Destroyed’ (VIDEO)
    A professor from the City University of New York (CUNY) recently triggered a group of campus radicals by simply waving an American flag at them.
    His conclusion after observing these incidents is that what the protesters really want is the destruction of America and he is speaking out about it.
    It’s obvious to many that the current round of radical protests look an awful lot like the tactics of Antifa and Occupy Wall Street. That is not a coincidence.

    More Pro-Life Activists Sentenced to Years Behind Bars, Including Veteran, Two Women in Their 70s
    The FACE Act “prohibits threats of force, obstruction and property damage intended to interfere with reproductive health care services,” while conspiracy against rights — a charge that carries a maximum 10-year prison sentence — “makes it unlawful for two or more persons to agree to injure, threaten, or intimidate a person in the United States in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured by the Constitution or laws of the United States or because of his or her having exercised such a right,” according to the Department of Justice (DOJ).

    Rep Harriet Hageman Outlines Rep Dan Goldman Connection to The New York City Trial Against Candidate Donald Trump
    Representative Harriet Hageman used the opportunity of the House Weaponization Committee hearing, on the Lawfare trial of Donald Trump in New York, to outline Rep. Dan Goldman’s (D-NY) conflict of interest.
    Goldman has hired Judge Merchan’s daughter – a clear conflict of interest. Additionally, Goldman has admitted to coaching Trump witness Michael Cohen prior to his testimony. Harriet Hageman outlined the details of the issue, while Stacey Plaskett (D-VI) claimed an immediate point of order in order to hide the information.
    watch both vids

    Americans Are Racking Up 'Phantom Debt' That Wall Street Can't Track
    It's hard enough for central bankers and Wall Street traders to make sense of the post-pandemic economy with the data available to them. At Wells Fargo & Co., senior economist Tim Quinlan is particularly spooked by the “phantom debt” that he can't see.
    That specter lurks behind buzzy “Buy Now, Pay Later” platforms, which allow consumers to split purchases into smaller installments. The major companies that provide these so called “pay in four” products, such as Affirm Holdings Inc., Klarna Bank AB and Block Inc.’s Afterpay, don’t report those loans to credit agencies.
    Time and again, they’ve resisted calls for greater disclosure, even as the market has grown each year since at least 2020 and is projected to reach almost $700 billion globally by 2028. That’s masking a complete picture of the financial health of American households, which is crucial for everyone from global central banks to US regional lenders and multinational businesses.

    Billionaire investor Ray Dalio warns U.S. is ‘on the brink’ and estimates a more than 1 in 3 chance of civil war
    “We are now on the brink,” he told the Financial Times in an interview published on Thursday, estimating the probability of strife erupting at somewhere between 35% to 40%.
    Civil war seemed inconceivable only a few years ago. But the Jan. 6 scenes of angry mobs sacking the Capitol—beamed into living rooms and narrated by a British ITV news team in real time—were all too reminiscent of political revolts in third world countries.
    The idea of a “national divorce”, proposed last year by Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, has since been brought to the silver screen by director Alex Garland in the simply named Civil War released in April. A Rasmussen poll conducted shortly thereafter suggested 41% of likely U.S. voters believe they will experience a civil war sometime in the next five years.

    Joe Biden’s ‘Made in China’ Inflation Reduction Act Gives Billions to China, Cuts Medicare, Kills American Jobs
    But don’t take our word for it; even Democrats like Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) have come out swinging against their boss. Just this week, Manchin slammed the IRA’s Clean Vehicle Credit, which was ostensibly intended to provide tax relief to American companies that manufacture car batteries and electric vehicles. The idea was that this would feed the electric auto industry and enable American independence from foreign energy.
    Instead, China is co-opting American companies and sucking billions in green scam tax credits. The IRA doesn’t stop China’s government-owned green energy industry from setting up pop-up shops in America to qualify for tax credits, while importing everything from China. So, they’re stealing tax credits that could go to American companies. It’s proving that the IRA had nothing to do with curbing inflation. Was it the Green New Deal in disguise—or maybe the Red New Deal?
    This is why Manchin this week said that the administration is effectively endorsing “Made in China.”
    And Biden’s IRA is paying for all these giveaways to China by slashing Medicare for seniors.

    Out Of Control Inflation: It Now Takes At Least $177,798 For A Family Of 4 To Live Comfortably In The US
    I never imagined that we would ever see a time when it takes $177,798 for a family of four to live comfortably in the United States. Unfortunately, that day has arrived. Our leaders have been pursuing highly inflationary policies for many years, and now we have reached a point where inflation is wildly out of control. In fact, the latest wholesale inflation figure that was released on Tuesday came in much higher than expected. Sadly, this is just the beginning and we are in far more trouble than most people realize.

    silvers at $31.57, last time i looked a few days ago it was 28, stock market at highest point ever yet silvers going up, somethings wrong
    "And how we burned in the camps later thinking, what would things have been like, if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain, whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?"

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    Figures he plays it lefty too

    Antony Blinken's guitar diplomacy draws criticism in Ukraine
    Many Ukrainians felt it inappropriate that the secretary of state was rocking out at all, given that, in their view, Washington’s tardiness is largely to blame for their struggles on the battlefield against Russia.

    The performance itself has received mixed reviews. Blinken’s guitar was out of tune. Like many other politicians, including former President Donald Trump, Blinken appears to have misinterpreted the 1989 rock hit as a patriotic anthem. In fact, the “free world” is Young’s ironic reference to America’s failings, including homelessness and gun crime.
    For peace of mind, resign as general manager of the universe

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    harms way
    Quote Originally Posted by Full Otto View Post
    Figures he plays it lefty too

    Antony Blinken's guitar diplomacy draws criticism in Ukraine
    Many Ukrainians felt it inappropriate that the secretary of state was rocking out at all, given that, in their view, Washington’s tardiness is largely to blame for their struggles on the battlefield against Russia.

    The performance itself has received mixed reviews. Blinken’s guitar was out of tune. Like many other politicians, including former President Donald Trump, Blinken appears to have misinterpreted the 1989 rock hit as a patriotic anthem. In fact, the “free world” is Young’s ironic reference to America’s failings, including homelessness and gun crime.
    sadly a lot of record label stars are nevertrumpers, young being a prime example, the shame of it is they dont leave the country when he gets elected
    "And how we burned in the camps later thinking, what would things have been like, if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain, whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?"

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    The single best advert (made by someone who hates him) President Trump didn't even have to pay for!
    "And how we burned in the camps later thinking, what would things have been like, if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain, whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?"

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    An interesting video.
    “I have little patience with people who take the Bill of Rights for granted. The Bill of Rights, contained in the first ten amendments to the Constitution, is every American’s guarantee of freedom.” - - President Harry S. Truman, “Years of Trial and Hope”

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    rumour has it finns and brits are being told by their respective govs to stock up on necessities for at least 3 days without power or other services and to have the ability to tape over gaps in doors to "shelter indoors", gee wonder what theyre expecting that would need to have doors sealed with tape? the three day minimum supplies criteria is about the time for the worst fallout decay to have passed
    also russia intends on unilaterally changing the sea borders with finland and latvia also rumour has it the russian over-the-horizon-radar used to spot airborn targets in the middle east was taken out by drones, this radar doesnt peer into ukraine so who would not want middle east coverage by russia?
    also hooties have attacked a ship in the med for the first time, not just those transiting the red sea, also india has cancelled a multibillion dollar order for reaper drones as 5 have been shot down by hooties in the last few weeks, also oceanic heat map prior to katrina of the waters that breed hurricanes is much larger today than in 2005, also chicom ambassador stated the Japanese would be dragged into hellfire after Japan promised to aid Taiwan in a crisis with chicoms

    watc this two or three times so it sinks in

    NEW: Biden’s FBI Prepared to KILL Melania and Barron Trump in Mar-a-Lago Raid?! | Elijah Schaffer’s Top 5 (VIDEO)
    Welcome to The Gateway Pundit’s Week-in-Review with Elijah Schaffer, where he covers the top 5 stories throughout the week in around 10 minutes.

    A Corrupt Establishment Demands a Loyalty Oath
    It is our job to win. And, win or lose, it is our job to notice what is happening and shout it from the rooftops.
    A memo must have gone out. Because in several prominent newspapers, the same propaganda appeared at nearly the same time.
    The Washington Post said, “Top Republicans, led by Trump, refuse to commit to accept 2024 election results.” The New York Times similarly intoned, “Leading Republicans have refused to say flatly that they will accept the outcome of the presidential election if Donald Trump loses.” Rolling Stone chastised a former presidential candidate: “Tim Scott Embraces Trump’s Election Denialism, Won’t Commit to Accept Results.”
    While ordinarily, elections mean both sides accept the procedures in advance so that either side may have confidence in the results, actual confidence in those results depends upon what actually happens. If you have good rules, but there is extensive rule-breaking, why should anyone accept the results?

    Judicial Watch: New Documents Reveal DC Training for Noncitizen Voting
    The PowerPoint presentation explains:
    Non-US citizen residents of the District of Columbia can vote in local elections under the Local Resident Voting Rights Amendment Act of 2022. Non-US citizen residents can vote in District elections for the offices of Mayor, Attorney General, Chairman or member(s) of the DC Council, member(s) of the State [sic] Board of Education, or Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner(s) Non-US citizen residents cannot vote for Federal Offices
    To register to vote in the District of Columbia as a non-citizen, you must: Be at least 17 years old and 18 years old by the next General Election; Maintain residency in the District of Columbia for at least 30 days prior to the election in which you intend to vote; Not claim voting residence or the right to vote in any state, territory, or country; Not been found by a court to be legally incompetent to vote.
    You must provide proof of your address in the District of Columbia at an Early Vote Center prior to Election Day or at the polling place assigned to your address on Election Day.

    Taiwan puts forces on high alert as China begins second day of Exercise ‘Joint Sword-2024A'
    Taiwan has mobilised its aerial, naval, and land-based military assets as China's joint drills around the island enters its second day.
    These assets include an “emergency deployment” of a Tuo Chiang-class corvette dubbed in-country as the “carrier killer” and a Chin Chiang-class large patrol craft.
    as can be seen on the map the chicom units have Taiwan surrounded

    Blinken lobbying for strikes on Russia
    The ban, according to the White House, was imposed out of concern that if US arms were used inside what Washington acknowledges as Russian territory it would trigger an escalation and potentially World War III. Blinken has been advocating for scrapping the restriction after making a “sobering” visit to Kiev earlier this month, the newspaper said, citing insider sources.

    Palestinian state is recognized by several European countries: How the news unfolded
    Norway, Ireland and Spain have recognized a Palestinian state in a historic move. Irish Prime Minister Simon Harris said on Wednesday it was coordinated with Spain and Norway, “an historic and important day for ... Palestine.”
    Several other European countries have in the past weeks indicated that they plan to recognize a Palestinian state, arguing a two-state solution is essential for lasting peace in the region.
    when we see 0bama brokering a peace deal with israel we also might see the temple rebuilt, the red heifers being kosher slaughtered, and temple service restored, we all know what happens then

    Threat of world war grows every day — Hungarian foreign minister
    “There are those who want to send soldiers to Ukraine. Others are already speculating about the use of nuclear weapons. Every day the threat of a world war is getting closer,” Szijjarto told a news conference after a meeting in Budapest with his Swiss counterpart Ignazio Cassis.
    “We see what is happening: European politicians are making statements about the use of nuclear weapons. The Russians are conducting exercises involving tactical nuclear weapons,” Szijjarto said. He believes that “the time has come to stop this madness.”
    Illegal Aliens Caught Staging Armed Robberies So ‘Victims’ Can Apply For Green Cards
    During the staged robberies, individuals acting as robbers brandished what appeared to be firearms, approached the purported victims, and demanded money and property.
    Afterwards, some of the purported victims submitted forms to local law enforcement to obtain certification that they were victims of a qualifying crime and had been or would be helpful in the investigation.
    Upon receiving certification, some of the purported victims then submitted fraudulent U-visa applications to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services predicated upon their alleged status as a robbery victim.

    Mexican Cartels Dictate Flow of Nearly all Illicit Drugs into the U.S., DEA Confirms
    Americans may logically wonder how tons of drugs flow so freely into the country through a land border that is supposed to be relentlessly protected, especially after 9/11 and the creation of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to prevent another terrorist attack. According to the DEA the Mexican cartels are actually in charge and they dictate the flow of nearly all illicit drugs into the U.S. “Their dominance over the synthetic drug trade is evident in the relentless stream of illicit fentanyl and methamphetamine crossing the border toward U.S. markets,” the DEA report says. The agency says no single cartel controls specific border crossings or ports of entry into the United States and some drug shipments cross the border between, not through, official ports of entry. “The size and firepower of the cartel that controls the border region of Mexico immediately south of the U.S. border, however, does dictate which other drug trafficking groups have to pay a piso to smuggle drugs through the region toward the border, and which are barred from transiting the region altogether,” the DEA writes, adding that Sinaloa exerts near-total control over the border region south of Arizona and most of California.

    WATCH: Migrants Scale Federal Walls at Opposite Ends of Texas Border
    As the agents approach, the migrants begin throwing rocks, sand, and water bottles at the agents. The agents quickly take the migrants into custody.
    At the opposite end of the Texas border with Mexico, DPS troopers using drone technology spot a human smuggler ferrying a ladder across the Rio Grande from Mexico near McAllen, Texas. The group uses the ladder to scale the federal border wall in the Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol sector.
    DPS spokesman Lieutenant Chris Olivarez reported that DPS troopers and the Texas Military Department quickly responded, taking five migrants into custody. Law enforcement officials also placed the 16-year-old smuggler under arrest.

    Chechen Man Shot Dead Outside Home of US Spec Ops Command Member: FBI, Army Investigating
    The shooter is part of Army Special Operations Command, according to Army representative Jacqueline Hill, although his name and rank are not being disclosed.
    Daraev was shot multiple times and was found on private property near a power line. He is alleged to have been a subcontractor with New Jersey-based Utilities One.
    However, the Moore County Sheriff’s Office said Daraev had no utility equipment, utility clothing or identification on him when he was killed.

    Citizen Activists Fighting To Recall RINO Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos Accuse The Swamp of Infiltrating, Sabotaging Their Petition Campaign
    It's heating up in Wisconsin
    Former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman, speaking on the Recall Committee’s behalf, said that “I called the Racine Sheriff’s Department, I called the DA’s office. Nobody was interested in hearing about how the first recall effort was the victim of out-of-state saboteurs. And so finally we went to the Milwaukee office of the FBI where we met with agents for two hours, a little over two hours.”
    Gableman said that Recall Committee leaders “had everything in written paper form. They had all the evidence laid out including driver’s license, showing the identities of the people who came from Florida, uninvited by the Recall effort. But someone paid for their airfare. Someone paid for their hotel. Someone paid for their food, to come into this first recall effort and sabotage it by filling out forms with names of people who didn’t sign. Oh, magically, that lays the groundwork for Robin to have everybody call the police on anyone who disagrees with him.”

    Chinese Communist-Connected Orgs Are Crushing RNC Investments In Swing States (Video)
    The Fractal team released its long-awaited video on the Chinese-tinged organizations in the U.S. funding hundreds, to thousands of feeder orgs – to win 2024 for anyone but Trump.
    As the video below shows, these Communist Chinese-connected orgs were active in the swing states in 2020 – admitting to sending thousands of people into Pennsylvania and Arizona to stop Trump.
    These actions were invisible to the entire U.S. national voter integrity organizational infrastructure.

    Who’s Ready For President Kamala Harris?
    We will be doomed if she becomes the 47th president.
    It has been clear to anyone with eyes and ears since Biden took office that he has not been running the show. He doesn’t have the mental or physical capacity to do so, which is why his average work week seldom exceeds more than 30 hours, or less than that of a full-time Chick-fil-A employee who makes $16 per hour.
    So given the very real possibility that an ailing Biden could be back in the White House, it’s not far-fetched to say that a vote in November for Biden is really a vote for President Kamala Harris.
    Those two words should terrify everyone who loves this country and hopes for its peace and prosperity.
    The only thing scarier than a second Biden term is one in which Harris becomes in charge of the nuclear codes.

    Wisconsin’s Recall Vos Campaign Exposes Suspicious Individuals from Out of State Who Attempted to Sabotage Signature Campaign – With Photos and Evidence
    When faced with approximately 400 (about 40 pages) suspiciously pristine signatures, our volunteers took the additional step of conducting thorough in-person verifications at over 15 residences.
    As anticipated, we were unable to verify any of the signatures, leading us to consider them potentially fraudulent; thus, they were not included in our submission to the Wisconsin Election Commission.
    The individuals identified as sources of these fraudulent signatures, including Carlo Green, Jade Hilton, Jason Lopez, Lavelle Hester-Bey, Kiara Rivera, and Xavier Pittman, were excluded from our petition efforts.
    Regrettably, some sheets with questionable signatures were mistakenly included by a volunteer in the final submission, a matter we deeply regret.
    typical dirty tricks

    Chinese, Iranian, and Russian gangs are attacking U.S. drinking water and officials are alarmed
    Cyberattacks against water utilities across the country are becoming more frequent and more severe, the Environmental Protection Agency warned Monday as it issued an enforcement alert urging water systems to take immediate actions to protect the nation’s drinking water.

    UPDATE: Nikki Haley’s Brother Appears To Confirm Haley Will Mount Coup At Republican National Convention: “It’s Happening!”
    Some are saying the picture is actually from 2023 and that he likely just scheduled this post back during the Primaries and forgot to take it down after Haley dropped out.
    Laura Loomer then posted about it asking "Is she (Haley) planning a coup against Trump at the convention?"
    To which Mitti wrote back: "Yup...It's Happening...!"

    Illegal Immigrant From Turkey Shocks Reporter Describing How Easy it Was to Cross the Border (VIDEO)
    MELUGIN: Did you have to pay a cartel?
    MELUGIN: How much?
    MELUGIN: $10,000?
    ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT: Yes…In fact, the American people is right, completely true. Who comes into this country? They don’t know. Okay, I’m good, but how if they’re not good? How if they’re killers, psychopath, else? No guarantee of that. Like, no security, no security check, no background check
    MELUGIN: No security, no background, you’re worried about who’s crossing the border?

    Targeted: Congressman Massie Survives Kentucky GOP Primary
    After Massie’s role in an unsuccessful effort to remove House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-KY) over the passage of foreign aid bills sending nearly $100 billion to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, the Kentucky Congressman faced the wrath of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. AIPAC spent more than $400,000 on TV ads targeting Massie as having an “atrocious anti-Israel record” for putting the needs of his Kentucky constituents ahead of a foreign government.
    Notwithstanding a serious campaign to smear him as troublemaker, Massie garnered 75.9% of the vote in Tuesday’s Kentucky GOP primary and couldn’t resist taking a swipe at his detractors.

    A Familiar Pattern of Desperate Behavior Emerges When Lawfare Starts Failing
    Leftists are tribal because their weak psychology requires constant reaffirmation to exist in a world of logic, natural outcomes and non-pretending reality. Nature and the natural/spiritual world as exhibited does not align with their pretending and make believe. Just as the “rules of school” are artificial when compared to the “rules of the farm”, Lawfare is not in alignment with natural laws of right/wrong, good/bad, truth or lies.
    At a certain point, the ideology of Lawfare -an emotional construct- has to engage and debate the world of commonsense, practical and logical thinking. It is precisely when this conflict is encountered that leftist behavior changes. The destabilized Lawfare mind becomes obvious, as both Alan Dershowitz and Julie Kelly bear witness.

    United Nations and World Invocation Day: A day to invoke satan and the antichrist
    The Lucis Trust and the United Nations have been officially “illuminating” the world for over seven decades but all we have become accustomed to is growing darkness. So, either these invocations aren’t working or behind the smokescreen, these incantations serve as a ritual spell to herald the darkest of nights. And why shouldn’t it be anything else? Biblical scripture has been turned on its head to depict fallen angels and lucifer in a positive light. Here is an incriminating excerpt from the Lucis Trust itself:
    The role of the solar angels and their sacrifice on behalf of humanity is discussed at length in The Secret Doctrine by H.P. Blavatsky. In fact, in 1887 the magazine of the Theosophical Society took “Lucifer” as its name in an effort to bring clarity to what it regarded as an unfairly maligned sacrificing angel.
    Lucifer, the “unfairly maligned sacrificing angel,” is who the Great Invocation wants to summon tomorrow. Theosophists more or less anticipate his imminent incarnation in the form of the mystical Maitreya.

    Klaus Schwab, Jamie Dimon and the Chairman of the FDIC Announce They Are Stepping Down
    Klaus Schwab, the 86-year old founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), announced his decision to step down from the globalist platform that is a driver for ‘The Great Reset’, the plan for totalitarian control, the commoditization of nature such [air and water], and a massive wealth transfer. Schwab’s children have been appointed to high-ranking positions and his wife Hilde heads the organization’s foundation and awards ceremonies in Davos.

    Loose Talk About the End of Everything
    If the past is any guide to the present, we should take heed that what almost never happens in war can certainly still occur.
    Rarely has the global rhetoric of mass annihilation reached such a crescendo as the present, as existential wars rage in Ukraine and Gaza.
    In particular, Putin at least believes that he is finally winning the Ukraine conflict. Xi seems to assume that conventional ascendant Chinese military power in the South China Sea has finally made the absorption of Taiwan practicable.
    They both believe that the only impediment to their victories would be an intervention from the U.S. and the NATO alliance, a conflict that could descend into mutual threats to resort to nuclear weapons.
    Thus the recent warnings of Xi and Putin.

    Russia’s New Counterspace Weapon Is in the Same Orbit as a US Satellite
    “On May 16, Russia launched a satellite into low Earth orbit that the United States assesses is likely a counterspace weapon presumably capable of attacking other satellites in low Earth orbit,” said U.S. Ambassador Robert Wood in a May 20 speech at the United Nations. “Russia deployed this new counterspace weapon into the same orbit as a U.S. government satellite.”
    Pentagon press secretary Maj. Gen. Patrick S. Ryder said May 21 that “assessments further indicate characteristics resembling previously deployed counterspace payloads from 2019 and 2022.”
    typical lifetime of a leo sat is 7 to 10 years due to oxygen molecule induced drag so mebbe today, mebbe 10 years from now

    Republicans say they were victims of a 'biological attack' after vials of blood were sent to RNC headquarters
    Two vials of blood sent to headquarters of Republican National Committee
    im convinced if they cant use weather as a weapon right now they soon will be, imagine gigantic hailstones hitting exposed troops, gigantic tornados ripping through the enemy lines

    Morning Greatness: Biden Admin Scrambles to Create Regulations Before Possible Trump Win
    The Biden administration is pumping out dozens of federal rules this spring in a mad dash to cement the president’s legacy on everything from airfare refunds to beef labeling.
    President Joe Biden and his allies are already campaigning on these policies, working to bolster his support among constituencies including young people, labor unions, rural communities and climate-conscious voters. But beyond the campaign trail, the timing of this blitz is designed to ensure that Biden’s policies have their best shot at surviving the deregulatory fervor of another potential Donald Trump White House and Republican-controlled Congress.

    The Migrant Crisis is How Rome Fell – Its Our turn this time
    Similar laws passed in Texas and Iowa are already facing challenges from Garland, who has the audacity to tell Congress that ISs are not necessary for voting. Oklahoma is among several states trying to protect their own people against this invasion that at no time in history has ANY president sought to rig the election with illegal aliens. We are rapidly witnessing the very reason why the United States will break up. Similar circumstances took place in the Roman Empire, where Emperor Valens opened the border to illegal aliens and destroyed the economy. They eventually rose up against the government, demanding more, and Emperor Valens was then killed in battle by the very people he allowed in.

    AI Relies On Mass Surveillance, Warns Signal Boss
    "The AI technologies we're talking about today are reliant on mass surveillance," she said.
    "They require huge amounts of data that are the derivatives of this mass surveillance business model that grew out of the 90s in the US, and has become the economic engine of the tech industry."
    Whittaker, who spent years working for Google before helping to organise a staff walkout in 2018 over working conditions, established the AI Now Institute at New York University in 2017.

    Illegal Alien Voter Registrations – How to Attack It and Prevent This Fraud Before 2024 Election
    The Fractal team is working with legislators and voter integrity teams in several states to find illegal alien voter nests and eradicate them.
    As the growing list of Fractal videos on demonstrates – finding illegal aliens is no different than identifying transients – registered by NGOs (non-governmental organizations) – only the victims have been changed.

    DHS Admits Border Has Been Open To Criminals And Terrorists
    May 22, 2024
    DHS chief Alejandro Mayorkas admits that its southern border policy allowed criminals and terrorists to enter, as background checks were delayed until asylum hearings. A new regulation aims to expedite deportations to address this security risk.

    The Obama-Biden’s Revolution: 2024 Is America’s Last Chance
    The American presidential election of 2024 will be the most important since 1860 and could witness America’s end and a descent into tyranny from which there will be no return.
    At root, this radical neo-Marxist revolution started under the Obama administration with the declaration to “fundamentally transform” America and has continued under the Biden administration, which has implemented and executed the tenets of that revolution across all aspects of the United States, our government and against the citizenry. This has taken many forms, but the most important has been, and continues to be, the permanent weaponization of government against political opponents to cause their defeat, to decapitate their political movement, and to coerce and demoralize their members and supporters so that there is no challenge to their power. The tactics employed against President Trump have been specifically designed by the totalitarian left to interfere in this presidential election by consuming his time and draining resources away from his campaign in this critically important election year. The raids, indictments, trials, and gag orders against a former president—and leading 2024 presidential candidate—demonstrate that these neo-Marxist totalitarians will violate the constitutional rights of the most prominent political figure in American politics in this century. The direct and stark implication is that if this can happen to Trump, then it can happen to all Americans.

    Brits Told To Stock Up On Food And Water
    The warning comes from Deputy PM Oliver Dowden as the Government has unveiled a new website “Prepare” designed to teach citizens the best course of action before, during and after an emergency.
    The new site encourages people not to leave their safety solely in the hands of authorities and states that Brits would be wise to start stockpiling food and water and develop a “household emergency plan” in order to be prepared to face all sorts of disasters.
    the russians have made mention of pushing the uk into the sea in a war, i suspect this means theyll use their tsunami torpedo to cover the uk with seawater

    Newly Released Emails Reveal that John Kerry and Obama Admin. Blocked FBI from Arresting Dangerous Iranians Including Terrorists at Least 8 Times
    Obama’s former Secretary of State was seen dining with several Iranian regime officials. The above photo was taken as Kerry left the restaurant in Paris.
    Around this time, President Trump withdrew from the sham Iranian nuclear deal. President Trump knew the deal with the Iranian mullahs was not working.
    John Kerry reportedly told the Iranian officials to “wait out” Trump’s presidency for more accommodating policies from Democrats.

    Horrifying Discovery: Mobile ‘Rape Dungeon’ Uncovered with Cage, Condoms, and Children’s Toys – Suspected Serial Rapist Illegal Immigrant Arrested
    Eduardo Sarabia, an illegal migrant from Mexico, has been arrested and accused of operating a mobile ‘rape dungeon’ within a modified 2015 Ford Transit van. This horrifying case unfolded near the Angeles National Forest in California, where Sarabia was apprehended by police during an alleged sexual assault on a 26-year-old woman.
    we have enough criminals of our own without importing more

    The Start of De-Dollarization: China’s Gradual Move Away from the USD
    This analysis uses Bloomberg data on the share of China’s payments and receipts in RMB, USD, and other currencies from 2010 to 2024.
    In the first few months of 2010, settlements in local currency accounted for less than 1.0% of China’s cross-border payments, compared to approximately 83.0% in USD.
    China has since closed that gap. In March 2023, the share of the RMB in China’s settlements surpassed the USD for the first time.

    The pastoral expanse that Art Mangels has called home for 10 years comes with views of snowy peaks, banks on the trout-rich Big Hole River and acres of grasslands traversed by bears, moose and muskrats.
    These days, it also comes with a property tax bill 35 percent higher than in 2022.
    The spike is one effect of a western Montana pandemic real estate boom that has transformed Bozeman, two hours away, into what Mangels calls “Bozeangeles,” and is reverberating here in Beaverhead County, where cows far outnumber people. The ripples are threatening to cross from personal into political. Like other longtime residents, Mangels has soured on the state’s crimson-red legislature and governor.

    China ramps up de-dollarization efforts by dumping a record amount of US bonds
    China sold a record $53.3 billion worth of Treasurys and agency bonds in the first-quarter, Bloomberg reported.
    It previously unloaded US debt to prop up its yuan, which has again grown weak against a rallying dollar.
    The country is piling into gold, which now makes up the highest share of its reserves since 2015.
    when the dollar is rejected by the world, here in the US they will use that as the excuse to increase inflation inside the US to weimar-era levels, you know, when germans had to push a wheel barrow full of marks to the store to buy a loaf of bread? or used burned them for heating/cooking? or used them as wallpaper? all the foregoing is factual by the way

    DeSantis bill allows Florida credit unions to take part in $34 billion-plus state deposit program

    More Than Half of Consumers Say We’re in a Recession
    The results of a poll conducted by Harris for The Guardian are driving Biden supporters crazy. After all, “Bidenomics” is working: inflation is down, job creation is up, so where’s the beef?
    The exclusive Harris poll was clear: “55% believe the economy is shrinking, and 56% think the US is experiencing a recession.”
    The Guardian, one of the Biden vanguard media sycophants, says that the pollsters got it wrong: “Many Americans put the blame on Biden for the state of the economy, with 58% of those polled saying the economy is worsening due to mismanagement from the present administration.”

    JPMorgan chief Jamie Dimon issues ominous warning about US economy
    Jamie Dimon warned 'stagflation' would be the worst outcome for the economy
    The banker said consumer confidence is low due to stubbornly high inflation
    America's most influential banker also said that the worst outcome for the US economy would be 'stagflation' - which is when inflation continues to go up, but unemployment is high and growth slows.
    Economists consider stagflation, last seen in the US in the 1970s, to be worse than a recession. It would send stocks down, hitting 401(K)s and other retirement savings.
    The billionaire banker said, in another interview last month, that he worried the US economy 'looks more like the '70s than we've seen before.'
    "And how we burned in the camps later thinking, what would things have been like, if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain, whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?"

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