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Thread: Paving the road to civil war

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    Paving the road to civil war

    I decided starting a new thread rather than blaspheming someone else's thread on or of similar topic would be best course of action. Just let me repeat the words of a distant relative of mine who had some personal experience in civil war by quoting him; "If there is to ever be another civil war, let them start it", paraphrased from his book The Rise And Fall Of The Confederate Government. By that quote I feel he intended that we should do all we can to forbear violence, but when it is at your front door, with yours and loved ones lives in imminent danger, would you rather die on your knees or standing like a man?
    As guessed, this is mostly going to involve the leadup and aftermath of the 2020 election, wich the dems will try to steal by mail in vote fraud, and throw a tantrum when they lose even after cheating.

    John Kerry Warns of Revolution in November if Trump Wins While He Lays the Foundation for It
    “If people don’t have adequate access to the ballot, I mean that’s the stuff on which revolutions are built. If you begin to deny people the capacity of your democracy to work, even the Founding Fathers wrote in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, we have an inherent right to challenge that. And I’m worried that increasingly, people are disaffected.”
    this man flies to iran to help them against President Trump and Americans on a seemingly routine basis

    1 In 5 Mail-In Ballots Rejected As 4 Charged With Fraud In New Jersey Election
    Following accusations of widespread fraud, voter intimidation, and ballot theft in the May 12 municipal elections in Paterson, N.J., state Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal announced Thursday he is charging four men with voter fraud – including the vice president of the City Council and a candidate for that body.
    “Today’s charges send a clear message: if you try to tamper with an election in New Jersey, we will find you and we will hold you accountable,” Grewal said in a statement.
    “We will not allow a small number of criminals to undermine the public’s confidence in our democratic process.”
    theyll try this again

    Stacey Abrams: ‘Voter Fraud Is Not Real’
    Failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams this week insisted that “voter fraud is not real” and “does not affect the outcome of elections” while accusing President Donald Trump of spreading “misinformation” about voting to suppress millions of voter

    All Players In The NYT 'Russian Bounties' In Afghanistan Story Have Slammed It As Fake News
    Some are calling it a last ditch attempt to keep Russiagate alive ahead of November. The New York Times on Friday said Russian intelligence officers have been offering Taliban militants cash rewards to kill American and British soldiers.
    In the past two days the claims by the usual anonymous US intelligence officials have crisscrossed the mainstream media, with more "confirmation" offered by... more anonymous intelligence officials.
    Of course Russia promptly denied it, but more importantly the White House vehemently rejected the report as "fake news" with the president and his aides saying they've never seen such intelligence crossing the president's desk.
    pelosi & co has been all over this lie

    Ballot Deliverers’ Union Endorses Joe Biden as Election Manipulation Accusations Mount
    “Donald Trump’s policies have made it abundantly clear that he is a serious threat to our decent postal jobs, our unions and to the right of the people to a public Postal Service. Joe Biden has committed to support the Postal Service and its dedicated postal workers. Our union will continue to help build the movement to defend the public Postal Service and win a more just society.”
    nothing shady about stolen, lost, or burned ballots, nor switched/altered ballots, or ballots with only one party listed for voting

    speaking of altered ballots..........

    Misprinted ballots with Democratic candidates mailed to Republicans in this N.J. town
    Karen Gardner was perplexed when she received her mail-in primary ballot. As a life-long Republican voter and chairwoman of the Bernardsville Republican Municipal Committee, Gardner wasn’t expecting to find a list of Democrats inside the envelope.
    “The slate of candidates was all Democrat from Joe Biden down to dogcatcher, but on the upper right it clearly stated it was a Republican ballot and it had my name and correct information on the return envelope,” Gardner said.

    Communists, Islamists and Radicals Behind the BLM Movement Hijack America – While Others Sheepishly Comply
    We reported a month ago that recent riots in the US in many Democrat-led cities around the country are hardly spontaneous. They are coordinated. The groups behind these riots are linked to communists, Islamic groups and the Democrat party.
    wonder where they get the money

    Obama Jumps into Cheat-by-Mail Battle
    Former President Barack Obama sent out an email blast yesterday soliciting individuals to donate money to fight “voter suppression” by advocating vote-by-mail, early voting, and online voter registration.

    Hispanic YouTuber Posts Disturbing Video Saying “We Need To Kill White People”

    Report: Tulsa Arena Management Sabotaged Trump Rally Attendance
    What makes the allegation of an effort to drive down attendance plausible is the celebratory tweet the night of the rally by Jay Marciano, head of the management company for the BOK Center, AEG–part of ASM Global, on the low recorded attendance, “Lying Don’s show in Tulsa is a big fat STIFF! There are only 6624 people in the arena. So much for “There were requests for 1 million.” Total lies. Are we surprised??
    read the piece for details on how they pulled it off, they were sly but the truth always finds a way out

    Barr: An Election Conducted Primarily by Mail Can’t Be Secure
    Barr said, [relevant exchange begins around 6:15] “I think there’s a range of concerns about mail-in ballots. And let me just clarify here, I’m not talking about a mail-in ballot for a limited number of cases where somebody is going to be traveling around the world, and the way that the state has provided for that is, you mail in your ballot. I’m talking about a comprehensive rule where all the ballots are essentially mail-in, and there’s so many occasions for fraud there that cannot be policed.”

    God Save Us from the Woke Pastor
    The skinny jeans. The nonfunctional glasses. The spray tans. The tight muscle shirts. The obscene shopping bill at Nordstrom. And the social justice sermons more fitting for the faculty lounge at Wellesley than for a Bible-believing church. Behold, the Woke Pastor, and he’s gunning for your White Privilege and ready to tackle America’s systemic racism, one vegan protein shake at a time.

    “Black Lives Matter is a Mandate – Pay Us What You Owe Us” – Top Democrat Demands Reparations
    Rep. Ayanna Pressley: “Black Lives Matter is a mandate from the people. It’s time — pay us what you owe us. Our Black skin is not a crime. It is the beautiful robe of nation-builders.”

    Comey Miniseries Gets Pre-Election Airdate, After Director Pleads For Chance To Sway Voters
    Ray wrote an angry letter to his cast and crew about the post-election date obtained by The note suggests a collective agenda behind the project:
    I know what a disappointment this is to you. It is for me too — because while I’ve made movies about my country before, this was the first time I ever made a movie for my country. We all were hoping to get this story in front of the American people months before the coming election. And that was a reasonable expectation considering that we’d been given a mandate by the network to do whatever was necessary to deliver by May 15.
    But at some point in March or April, that mandate changed. Word started drifting back to me that a decision about our airdate had been made at the very highest levels of Viacom: all talk of our airing before the election was suddenly a “non-starter.” I and my fellow producers asked for a chance to plead our case on the matter, but we were told that even the discussion itself was a “non-starter.”
    portraying traitors as patriots seems to be a popular theme among them

    Pelosi: Trump Is ‘Kissing Up to Putin on Every Way’
    Host George Stephanopoulos said, “I want to turn to that rather startling report in The New York Times [that] Russia secretly offered Afghan bounties to kill U.S. troops. It reports that American intelligence officials have concluded that Russian military intelligence units secretly offered bounties to Taliban linked militants for killing coalition forces in Afghanistan, including targeting American troops.”
    see "All Players In The NYT 'Russian Bounties' In Afghanistan Story" story above

    Who Are America's Racial Equality Protestors?
    A new survey from the Pew Research Center outlines just who the protestors were. Statista's Niall McCarthy notes that Pew polled 9,654 U.S. adults, of which 6 percent said they attended a protest or rally related to race/racial equality over the past month, a sizeable share given that the U.S. is experiencing a deadly pandemic.

    Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick: Left Will ‘Steal Every Election Until the End of Time’ via Vote-by-Mail
    “In my view, the only way Trump loses in November, is if you have a proliferation of voting by mail in state after state, particularly the swing states,” Patrick said in a clip played during the show, adding that Trump’s campaign team is “on top of it.”
    “We have to fight this at all costs,” Patrick told host Alex Marlow, saying the vulnerability could give Democrats advantages in states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.
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    "And how we burned in the camps later thinking, what would things have been like, if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain, whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?"


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