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Thread: Paving the road to civil war

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    rumour has it ruskiis hit french foreign legion troops in ukraine

    Gov’t insider dishes dirt on Biden
    How does he enact downright evil policies if he’s that dumb?
    Well, a whistleblower just revealed the truth.
    The gov’t insider says there’s somebody behind the curtain pulling the strings.
    Yep, there’s a puppet master putting words in sleepy Joe’s mouth.
    And doing everything they can to control everyday folks.
    Everything from muzzling us, to locking us in our houses was down to this puppet master.

    The End of April: A Time of Human Sacrifice
    Why do we often witness tragedy and senseless deaths during the second half of April? The list of violent events that occurred during this time period is simply staggering. Here are some of them:

    BUSTED: National File Catches Thomson Reuters in Cover-Up Operation Aiding Narco-Traffickers Escape Into U.S. from South America
    Bolivia announced its second largest cocaine bust in history in March. An individual only identified as the “seller” has been allowed to enter the United States.
    Reuters has thus far declined to publish the identity of the alleged narcotics trafficker, raising questions about the protection drug traffickers receive from international press, foreign nations, and even the United States.
    The alleged narco-trafficker is reportedly a politically-connected, Ultra High Net Worth Individual (UHNWI), with key access to high-level travel and logistics operations into and out of key South American port cities, by land, water, and air.

    Election Loophole Allows Illegal Aliens to Vote in Wisconsin
    The department provides a step-by-step guide for illegal aliens to apply for an ID that can be used to vote in the 2024 election.
    The guide notes that the method can be used by anyone without documentation of any kind.
    The provision is especially notable because it facilitates illegal aliens who want to participate in the presidential election despite not having any documents to present.
    However, it is a violation of U.S. law for foreign nationals to vote in America’s presidential race.
    Wisconsin’s DOT website lays out the petition process for obtaining a “free ID for voting” even without documentation.
    “Getting a free ID for Voting is easy even if you do not have the documentation to get a regular Wisconsin ID!” the website states.

    [WATCH] GOP Senator Says There’s No Difference Between House Speaker Johnson In Charge Versus Democrats
    “Can we trust government to use FISA appropriately and legally?” Maria Bartiromo asked Paul.
    “Absolutely not. Americans shouldn’t be spied on by their own government. The 4th Amendment was put in by our Founding Fathers to protect us. FISA doesn’t obey the 4th Amendment,” Paul explained.
    “Speaker Johnson was incredibly wrong. He broke the tie. He voted with the Democrats. Here we have the leader of the Republicans in the House votes with the Democrats against a warrant requirement,” Paul continued.

    NEVER FORGET: Joe Biden Gifted Iran with Over $80 Billion Since Entering the White House
    In November 2023, the Joe Biden administration extended a sanctions waiver that allows Iran to collect another $10 billion in funds to assist the mullahs in funding their military operations in the region.
    This comes one week after Iranian-backed Houthis attempted to shoot down a US drone in the region and one month after Iran-backed Hamas terrorists slaughtered 1,300 Jews in Israel and took another 240 Jews hostage.
    pallets of cash delivered by usaf to the ayatolla assahollas

    New York City Posts Record Case Number For Bacterial Disease
    “Without treatment, Leptospirosis can lead to kidney damage, meningitis (inflammation of the membrane around the brain and spinal cord), liver failure, respiratory distress, and even death,” the CDC writes.
    “Human leptospirosis infections in NYC are largely associated with exposure to environments and materials contaminated with rat urine,” the NYC Department of Health wrote.

    Trump will Be Found Guilty in NYC And Bragg Will Try to Imprison Him
    New York City is out to destroy Donald Trump, and Alvin Bragg’s criminal trial starts today – Monday. We already know the outcome – Trump will receive nothing of a fair trial, and Bragg, with the judges, will find Trump Guilty, and they WILL try to imprison Trump on Riker’s Island and cheer when an inmate kills him. I feel sorry for those who are blinded by their hatred of Trump. This is tearing down the country, and whatever they do to Trump has opened the door for rouge Republican prosecutors to do the same to Democrats. This is the start of the American Civil War, and ironically, the first one began on April 12th, 1861, and here this one will be instigated on April 15th, 2024 – 163 years later or just about 19 waves of 8.6 years.

    [WARNING – EXTREMELY GRAPHIC FOOTAGE] Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel Violently Attacked, Massive Protests Erupt
    “Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel was saying mass at the Assyrian Christ The Good Shepherd Church in Wakeley just after 7pm when a man approached him at the altar and allegedly stabbed toward his head multiple times. Three worshippers were also injured in the alleged attack,” The Guardian reports.

    "Final Warning: America's Last Chance Before Collapse" | Victor Davis Hanson

    Can The America First Movement Stop World War 3 Funding If Mike Johnson Tries To Pass It Using A Mechanism That Is Literally Called ‘Suspension of the Rules’?
    How many tricks does this little Mike Johnson weasel have up his sleeve?
    “Let me tell you, when he forces that vote, again, under suspension with no amendments, and funds Ukraine and people find out how angry their constituents are about it, that’s going to move the needle even more,” Marjorie Taylor Greene said in a recent interview, referring to the “suspension of the rules” mechanism that Johnson so frequently employs.

    WEF Orders ICANN To Seize Website Domains That Publish ‘Non-Mainstream Content’
    The EU DisinfoLab, a WEF-funded nonprofit, says ICANN needs to expand its control over domain registration limitations to include so-called “disinformation” policing in addition to phishing and malware. This would mean that ICANN would be granted powers to police who is allowed to register websites based on their adherence to official narratives.

    Disturbing Racial Commentary From Black Pundits in the Wake of OJ Simpson’s Death Sparks Outrage
    In the wake of OJ Simpson’s death, several black commentators have revealed the dark underside of race relations in America by suggesting that black Americans were glad that he got away with murdering two white people.
    In 1995, a jury of nine blacks, one Hispanic, and two whites acquitted Simpson of the murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ron Goldman despite “a mountain of evidence” that he was guilty. Many commentators at the time saw the acquittal of Simpson as an example of jury nullification, when a jury members defy a judge’s instructions on the law and acquit a defendant who has been proven guilty for their own biased reasons.

    The Middle East – The Coming War of Wars
    I have visited the Dome of the Rock and paid my respects. Jerusalem is the crossroads of three major religions – Jewish, Islam, and Christian. Disputes over specific locations abound throughout the city. There has been a long-running and undeclared war between two of Israel and Iran – the Middle East’s most implacable foes. I am deeply concerned that 2024 was the target year for this confrontation to burst to the surface. The October 7th Hamas/Iran attack on Israel was the beginning.

    Victory over the PRC: Why Engagement Makes War with Beijing More Likely
    Terminating the dominance of the Engagement School is necessary to yield the end of the CCP without war, as was accomplished by the Reagan Administration against the Soviet Union.
    The United States faces three choices regarding its policy towards the People’s Republic of China (PRC): continuation of the Biden administration’s Engagement policy, what we term neo-Engagement; Defeat (that is, the U.S. withdrawal from the Indo-Pacific); or Victory, the U.S. total defeat of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). In these pages, we have considered each, rejected the Engagement and Defeat positions, and have instead advocated for victory over the CCP. While victory is the most obvious and rational choice for the U.S., in this article we explore the significant challenges associated with the pursuit of a victory policy over the CCP.
    There are two major difficulties. First, victory requires the defeat of the CCP. This is because the CCP’s ideology targets the U.S. and Western societies for destruction. It is important for Americans to recall that in 2019, the PRC declared “People’s War” against America. Translated from the Communist argot, this means that Communist dictator Xi Jinping is mobilizing the Party and the military with urgency to focus their efforts to destroy the U.S.

    FBI Launches Probe Into Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse
    The FBI has launched a criminal investigation into the collapse of Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge, the Associated Press reports.
    According to a person familiar with the matter, the probe will focus on the circumstances leading up to the bridge’s collapse and whether all federal laws were followed.

    Media Blackout: 10 News Stories They Chose Not to Tell You
    #10 – JP Morgan CEO issues urgent warning to America. #9 – Mainstream media fails to mention “showers with dad” and molestation claims after Ashely Biden diary leaker is jailed. #8 – FBI quietly releases unclassified file on Ashli Babbitt…during the solar eclipse. #7 – A new WEF report reveals the global elites’ shocking plan to enforce vaccination. #6 – Dr. Phil brutally destroys DEI advocate in under 40 seconds. #5 – Joe Rogan drops theory explaining why most doctors are silent on COVID vax injuries and deaths. #4 – Alex Jones to sue FBI and CIA after undercover video reveals feds targeted him. #3 – Former CBS reporter accuses network of “journalistic rape” for barring her efforts to “expose government corruption.” #2 – Incriminating audio captures Biden telling his ghostwriter, “I just found all the classified documents stuff downstairs.” #1 – Esteemed Japanese professor blows the whistle on the entire COVID scam. Plus, an exclusive interview with Martin Armstrong on the future of the world’s economy. (Watch)

    Bread And Circuses: What It Means For Once-Great Nations
    John Adams, ever the prophet of doom, once quipped, “Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself”—a sentiment echoing through the corridors of time.
    And sounding much like the belch of a senator post-banquet in ancient Rome, where democracy was more a concept for philosophical banter than a practice.
    Indeed, Rome, with all its pomp and voracious appetite for self-indulgence, serves as a cautionary tale. It’s a well-trodden path.

    Hey, Ukraine, Let’s You and Him Fight!
    Meanwhile, Biden sticks his finger in the eyes of the Republicans (and a lot of former Democrats) by deliberately leaving our own southern border open to all and then denying any responsibility (who ya gonna believe, me or your own eyes?) for the ensuing tsunami of illegals crossing over that border—rendering hypocritical his insistence that borders are important.
    In addition, the U.S. military has been atrophying. E.g., because of DEI, the army and the air force each fell about 10,000 recruits short of their goals in 2023, and the navy about 6,000 short. The navy is also short of submarines; older ones are being retired faster than new ones are being built. The Navy is seventeen nuclear subs short of Navy requirements, about thirty-three years behind schedule. And we are being urged to send more aid to Ukraine?
    The U.S. is also, as has been well publicized, running short of ammunition because of supplying the Ukrainians. One of the arguments for supporting aid to Ukraine is that, actually, much of the money would be spent in the U.S. rebuilding our stockpiles of ammunition. But then why not simply pass a bill doing only that and leave out the other provisions that send aid to Ukraine?

    Tesla Announces Mass Layoffs
    “As we prepare the company for our next phase of growth, it is extremely important to look at every aspect of the company for cost reductions and increasing productivity,” Musk said in the memo, according to CNBC.
    “As part of this effort, we have done a thorough review of the organization and made the difficult decision to reduce our headcount by more than 10% globally,” the memo continued.
    "And how we burned in the camps later thinking, what would things have been like, if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain, whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?"

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    Hitlery Clinton committed the same "crime" Trump is being persecuted for by Alvin Bragg, yet the two-tiered Just-us system protected her.
    "Valar morghulis; valar dohaeris."

    Commucrats are most efficient at converting sins and crimes to accidents or misunderstandings.-Oswald Bastable

    Making good people helpless won't make bad people harmless.

    Freedom isn't free.

    "Attitude is the paintbrush that colors our world." TV Series, Haven.

    My Spirit Animal has rabies.

    I'd rather be an American than a Democrat.

    "If you can make a man afraid, you can control him" Netflix Series, The Irregulars

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    Quote Originally Posted by alismith View Post
    Hitlery Clinton committed the same "crime" Trump is being persecuted for by Alvin Bragg, yet the two-tiered Just-us system protected her.
    also if you or i had, for example, oh, say 33k top secret and above code word emails on a private server wed be in jail for life
    "And how we burned in the camps later thinking, what would things have been like, if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain, whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?"

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    "The life of Catholic parishes, schools and hospitals has disappeared, the faithful have fled, many priests, religious men and women have left Sudan , the vast majority of foreign missionaries have crossed the border to return to their countries of origin.
    The suffering of the Church in Sudan grows more every day. We are only left with four priests and four nuns. The displaced number now 9 million." By the way (this is already homegrown), to this day the UN???????? still hasn't declared it "genocide" and the Vatican???????? is not heard much either, not even at the gates of Holy Week I'm afraid.
    if it was the other way around world media would be told to run it 24/7 until troops were sent in

    Mike Garcia Tells FBI Director Chris Wray His Agency Has Ideologically Inverted and Now Represents the USA Equivalent of The Soviet Secret Police
    Through the past several years, we have discovered how the FBI worked inside Twitter, Facebook and social media to control information, remove content and manipulate opinion on behalf of the U.S. government – all activity political.
    We have also learned the FBI took active measures to suppress information about the Hunter Biden laptop and control any negative consequences for the Biden regime – again, political. These are not disputed realities.

    How the US tried to make sure Iran’s set-piece missile attack against Israel protect it from an Israeli response
    On this episode, Gary Bauer and Tom Rose discuss Biden's shielding of Iran while shackling Israel. They issue a correction to the mainstream media's narrative, clarifying that Israel's recent strike in Damascus targeted IRGC terrorists, not Iranian diplomatic sites. The duo dissects the media's misrepresentation and the international community's misplaced outrage, juxtaposing it with Iran's history of embassy bombings.

    Hall Of Shame II: Thanks To Congress, The NSA Is ‘Just Days From Taking Over The Internet’
    The bill has seen strong pushback from both sides of the political aisle, with several government representatives claiming the bill violates citizen’s constitutional rights.
    Democratic Senator Ron Wyden described the bill as “terrifying” and said he would do everything in his power to prevent it from being passed through the Senate.
    Republican Congressperson Anna Paulina Luna, who voted against the bill in the House of Representatives, said Section 702 was an “irresponsible extension” of the NSA’s powers. Luna added that if government agencies wanted access to data, they must be forced to apply for a warrant.

    The bill is slated for a vote on April 19 in the U.S. Senate.

    Watch: Senate Starts Mayorkas Impeachment Trial
    The Senate begins the trial of President Joe Biden’s impeached border chief Alejandro Mayorkas on Wednesday at 1 p.m. Eastern — but Democrats are expected to shut down the process to minimize public recognition of the many harms caused by Mayorkas’s pro-migration actions.

    Schumer will allow floor debate on Mayorkas impeachment but calls for dismissal of charges
    "For the sake of the Senate's integrity and to protect impeachment for those rare cases, we truly need it. Senators should dismiss today's charges," Schumer said on the Senate floor

    DOJ to Close “Gun Show Loophole”
    The Department of Justice (DOJ) this morning announced changes to its definition of “engaged in the business” of firearm sales. The sale of firearms between private individuals currently does not require a purchaser to undergo a background check, unless required by state law. The new federal rule would require a background check on all firearm sales, Attorney General Merrick B. Garland stated today. “Under this regulation, it will not matter if guns are sold on the internet, at a gun show, or at a brick-and-mortar store: if you sell guns predominantly to earn a profit, you must be licensed, and you must conduct background checks,” Garland said.
    hadnt seen this till today

    Ex-Trump advisor purged from federal elections board after left-wing pressure campaign, emails show
    “I do find it ironic that a group that supposedly promotes ‘free speech for people’ organized a campaign to make sure that the opinions and views of people like me are not heard,” Mitchell said.
    “I am writing as a courtesy to let you know that, unless we hear from you by tomorrow, November 29, at 5 pm ET that the USCCR has decided not to reappoint Cleta Mitchell, we plan to launch a public campaign criticizing the USCCR for this decision, including by publicizing a copy of your 10/5/23 email below to me, which as you know is public record,” Bonifaz wrote on Nov. 28, 2023 to USCCR General Counsel David Ganz.
    “I wanted to let you know about this so you’re not surprised if e.g. you or the Commission receive media calls,” Bonifaz added.
    The threatening email seems to have worked. The next day, Free Speech for People, the same group that was behind several recent efforts to kick Trump off the ballot, celebrated that Mitchell would not be reappointed. Ganz had said in an Oct. 5 email that Mitchell’s appointment could not be withdrawn during her term, but suggested there may be alternate means of removing her from the board when her term expired.

    Johnson Triples Down on Mortgaging American Future
    Late Saturday Night Vote Set
    More Billion$ for Ukraine Inevitable?
    ’Fake’ Border Security Scheme Slammed
    Those three bills to fund Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan will be packaged with a fourth bill that combines the “REPO Act, TikTok bill, sanctions and other measures to confront Russia, China, and Iran” into a single rule — a parliamentary product specifying which legislation heads to the House floor as well as time and amendment considerations.
    By combining the four bills into a single rule, Johnson gives the House the binary choice of allowing votes on all four bills or none. The rule, as well as the four individual bills, each only need majority support to pass.
    Breitbart News previously laid out Johnson’s scheme, which was elaborately engineered to allow him to bring Ukraine funding to the floor over the objections of conservatives:

    House GOP leaders release text of Israel, Ukraine and Indo-Pacific foreign aid bills
    The Senate passed a $95 billion supplemental foreign aid bill covering Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan in mid-February but House Speaker Mike Johnson is taking a different approach
    House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., has released the legislative text of three foreign aid bills covering Ukraine, Israel and the Indo-Pacific.
    The $60.84 billion Ukraine bill can be read in full here.
    The $26.38 billion Israel bill can be read in full here.
    The $8.12 billion Indo-Pacific bill can be read in full here.
    The Senate passed a $95 billion supplemental foreign aid bill covering Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan in mid-February but Johnson is taking a different approach. Johnson has said he wants the House to vote on separate pieces of foreign aid legislation rather than hold a vote on the full Senate package.
    nothing about the ongoing mass criminal invasion of our borders

    Illinois Senate measure allowing police to address squatters advances
    Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police Executive Director Kenny Winslow said police hands are too often tied when someone alleges there’s a squatter in their home.
    “No person shall have a right or legal standing to occupy or remain on or in any real property, residence, or structure if the person has no written property interest under a written lease or rental agreement with the owner of the property listed in county tax records or the owner's agent; has no documentation of payment of rent made to the owner of the property or the owner's agent; or otherwise fails to provide any evidence of an oral or written agreement in which a property interest is claimed,” the measure says.

    The Wrong President Is on Trial
    For the first time in U.S. history, an American president faces criminal charges. But it’s not any of the commanders-in-chief who sent thousands of Americans to die in senseless overseas wars or the one who gave military technology to China in the ’90s. And it’s not the current corpse occupying the White House (the one with a trail of evidence indicating he peddled influence to multiple nations, including China). No, Donald Trump is on trial, and his alleged crime is bad bookkeeping.

    Potential Juror Dismissed After Trump’s Legal Team Finds ‘Lock Him Up’ Posts on Social Media
    Over two days, dozens of potential jurors have been excused after saying they could not be impartial or because they had other commitments. Trump’s lawyers challenged a handful of people over social media posts, and one person was dismissed over a 2017 post about Trump that said “Lock him up!”

    Now “Death to America” Chants Are Being Heard — in America
    “‘Imam Khomeini, who declared the International Al-Quds Day, this is why he would say to pour all of your chants and all of your shouts upon the head of America,’ Tarek Bazzi, a local activist, said on Friday in a video shared by the Middle East Media Research Institute,” the outlet continued. “The video [below the next paragraph] appears to cut for a moment before chants of ‘Death to America’ ring out in the background.”
    “‘It’s not Genocide Joe that has to go, it is the entire system that has to go’ Bazzi added” — expressing a sentiment that perhaps finds much support among college professors, mainstream-media Machiavellians, and other assorted cultural devolutionaries. He also was discovered to have called for Israel’s “absolute annihilation” in another, recently unearthed video.

    ‘Death To America’ Mayor Insists That ‘Dearborn Is A City Of Proud Americans’
    The popular X account LeftismForU responded in a similar vein: “Your history and your city’s constant explicit hatred for America/Western society, support for terrorism, and calls for violence against those who don’t conform to your radical and immoralistic [sic] views says otherwise. Another popular X writer, Alaskan Tequila, wrote: “Okay. You pretend to reject that hateful and violent rhetoric and we’ll pretend that we don’t know what taqiyya is.”
    Educator and writer David Bashevkin observed acidly, “Weird I’ve never been to a rally for Israel that spontaneously broke out with chants calling for the death of America.”
    It looks as if one bland X post from Abdullah Hammoud isn’t going to undo the damage that was done to Dearborn’s image last Friday. For two decades now, Americans who have been warning about Islam’s political, supremacist, and violent aspects have been demonized, vilified, and marginalized as “Islamophobes.” But Muslims such as those who were chanting “Death to America” in Dearborn last Friday just keep on proving them right.

    Man Sentenced to 7.5 Years for Firebombing Wisconsin Pro-Life Organization in 2022
    “We recommended the defendant receive 15 years imprisonment. … The U.S. Attorney’s office had also recommended 12-15 years imprisonment,” said Julaine Appling, president emeritus of Wisconsin Family Action (WFA), the pro-life organization that was firebombed. “We are disappointed in the judge’s decision regarding a crime the judge called ‘terrorism’ multiple times.”
    Hridindu Sankar Roychowdhury, 29, of Madison, Wisconsin, will also pay $32,000 in restitution and will serve three years on supervised release, per the sentence handed down by Obama-nominee U.S. District Judge William Conley, The Associated Press reported.

    Indiana National Guard Member Shoots Illegal Immigrant Stabbing Others at Southern Border
    According to an internal Border Patrol bulletin obtained by News Nation, a member of the Indiana National Guard discharged his weapon at an illegal alien, stabbing another illegal immigrant on U.S. soil near the edge of the Rio Grande River.
    The National Guard’s Media Department responded to the shooting by releasing a statement that reads, “The Indiana National Guard is aware of the incident that happened Sunday, April 14.”

    Things have taken a rough turn for Ukrainian forces. Recent reports suggest they might have lost a couple of their heavy hitters: at least 2 American-made Abrams tanks and 1 Swedish Archer artillery gun. While both losses undoubtedly deal a blow to Ukraine's military muscle, the burning Archer might leave a deeper, more lasting scar in the long run.

    CAIR Asks Prosecutors To Lock Up Journalists Exposing Hamas Supporters
    CAIR was worried about anyone exposing its support for terrorism and it had good reason to be.
    Next month, CAIR founder and executive director Nihad Awad, who had previously expressed support for Hamas, appeared at the American Muslims For Palestine (AMP) convention, and cheered the Oct 7 attacks, claiming that the Gazans would be “victorious” because they did not fear death, “if they would like to die, they will go to another heaven.”
    No one would have known about this Jihadist propaganda if MEMRI, one of the research organizations collecting materials, had not seen it and then ‘doxxed’ CAIR’s boss by posting it.
    And if CAIR were to succeed in criminalizing such investigations, the truth about its support for Islamic terrorism and the murder of Jews might have never seen the light of day.
    When the video went public, the Biden administration was forced to temporarily break with CAIR and jettison the Islamist hate group from its previously published antisemitism strategy.
    But CAIR was already looking for allies in the government looking to criminalize journalism.

    Feds Arrest Migrant Shoplifting Gang After Five Years in New England
    Federal agents have finally started arresting suspects reportedly involved in an organized criminal gang of migrants accused of stealing tens of thousands of dollars of merchandise from stores across New England.
    The U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced the arrests of Marvin Estuardo Morales De Paz, 33; Abraham Dayger-Enrique, 24; Sebastian Lajuj-Soloman, 30; and Jonathan Josue Amperez-Perez, 31; several of whom federal authorities charged in Rhode Island, according to Maine Wire.
    One of the thefts attributed to this group of migrants occurred in Rockland, Maine, in February 2023. Seven migrants were arrested in that incident, and several of those arrested in Maine in 2023 have now been arrested in Rhode Island.

    OUTRAGEOUS: 16-Year-Old Student Suspended After Using Term “Illegal Alien” in English Class
    Leah McGhee, the mother of the student, reported that the vocabulary exercise included the word ‘alien’. Trying to clarify, her son inquired, “Like space aliens or illegal aliens without green cards?”
    This question led to a confrontation with another student, escalating to the point where the teacher summoned the assistant principal.
    The administrative staff subsequently determined the term used by McGhee’s son as ‘offensive and disrespectful’ towards Hispanic classmates, leading to his suspension.

    Trump Nemesis Brian Kemp Endorses Embattled Speaker Mike Johnson
    Despite Kemp’s characterization, Marjorie Taylor Greene’s criticisms of Johnson center around his inability – or refusal – to address “important issues facing our nation.” She and many Republicans have blistered Johnson for advancing the Democrats’ agenda on spending and aid to Ukraine while squandering leverage that could be used to address the southern border crisis.
    Greene also has pushed back on the “lie” that vacating the chair would result in a Democrat Speaker, Breitbart News has reported.
    “We would not be handing it over to Democrats,” she said April 10. “We have the majority. The only way that happens is if Republicans vote for Hakeem Jeffries or refuse to vote for a Republican Speaker.”
    i dont think they couldve stolen 2020 without kemp

    Thousands Of Illegals Flood NYC City Hall To Protest Move Out Of Luxury Hotels (Video)
    And here it comes… we are now at contact… the next moves will determine how explosive this becomes. You can’t make this up, but we have been warning that it will come. Now, it has. New York City is now being protested by illegal aliens after they are moved out of their tax-payer funded hotels into shelters. The people of New York City are trying to cover their own expenses, they can’t afford to pay for the criminals that have been lured into the US by Democrat and Republican politicians alike.

    INVESTIGATIVE VIDEO THREAD: The Virginia Kekoas, a pro-gun prepper militia based in Eastern Virginia and formerly affiliated with the Boogaloo movement, tells News2Share that they recently kicked out a member they believe may have been plotting an explosives-related entrapment attempt against the group, or worse.
    Russell Richardson Vane IV first made contact with the Virginia Kekoas in April 2022, according to the group's leader Eddie Ray, who goes by "ICE" and member Cody Beckner, who goes by "Sasquatch." Vane allegedly adopted the call sign "Duke."
    keeping in mind boogerloo bois are antifa cucks

    New PAC Wants Muslim Immigrants To Run For President
    Arkansas election officials on Monday said online news personality Cenk Uygur, who was born in Turkey, can’t appear on the state’s Democratic presidential primary ballot next year.
    “My office has received your candidate filing paperwork,” Arkansas Secretary of State John Thurston said in a letter to Uygur. “However, based on your own proclamation, your are not qualified to hold the elected office for which you filed. Therefore, I cannot, in good faith, certify your name to the ballot.”
    The Constitution sets simple requirements for president: A candidate must be at least 35 years old and “a natural born citizen.”
    ha ha! but also a god and America hating mozlom already tells Proxy biden what to do

    NPR Senior Editor Suspended After Attacking the Network’s Bias Coverage
    Berliner has specifically criticized the network’s handling of various major topics throughout the 2020s, such as transgender rights, the conflict between Israel and Hamas, and the COVID pandemic.
    The incident has also spurred former President Trump to end federal funding to NPR.

    These are fliers at an NGO camp in Mexico encouraging illegals to vote for Biden.
    The camp has ties to both DHS Secretary Mayorkas and George Soros.
    Share the hell out of this.

    BREAKING THREAD: On April 11, Russell Vane IV - the subject of my reporting who allegedly attempted to provoke a Virginia militia group into producing explosives - was arrested.
    He is charged with "Attempted production of a biological agent or toxin."
    8) To reiterate: According to this federal criminal complaint, Vane printed documents about explosives from "his work computer" and walked out of "a secure government facility" with them and handed them to a militia group.
    this is a weird one but anything involving fedz is going to be weird and stupid

    1,300 African Illegals Swarm New York City Hall After They Were Falsely Promised Green Cards (VIDEO)
    More than 1,000 illegal aliens from Africa swarmed New York City Hall on Tuesday after they were falsely promised work visas and green cards.
    The illegals were lined up outside of New York City Hall as far as the eye could see.
    Africans in Islamic garb swarmed the sidewalk.

    The 1932 Bonus Army scandal was always communist propaganda
    Your high school history textbook was lying to you
    On July 28, 1932, what has been called one of the most shameful incidents in American history occurred. Months earlier, nearly 40,000 protestors from all over the country had descended on Washington, DC. A little less than half were veterans, nominally there to advocate that Congress redeem bonuses that they had been granted for WWI service.
    When the bill granting the bonuses first passed it specified that the bonuses would only be redeemable 20 years after they were issued (maturing in 1945). However, in light of the ongoing Great Depression, the veterans thought they should try their luck and see if they could get the bonus term altered. Once fully mature, the bonuses would be worth a significant amount of money—a maximum of $19,170 in 2023 dollars.

    DHS Secretary Mayorkas Reveals No Measures in Place to Block Illegal Immigrants from Unlawfully Registering and Voting — “We Do Not Oversee the Election Enrollment Process”
    The impeachment resolution, known as H. Res. 863, charges Secretary Mayorkas with high crimes and misdemeanors. The allegations within the resolution include a “willful and systemic refusal to comply with the law” concerning the enforcement of U.S. border policy, and a “breach of public trust,” setting a dramatic stage in the House.

    Sedition against a sitting US President? New J6 whistleblowers bust the case wide open…
    That bombshell should have been enough to shut down the whole “insurrection” charade, but obviously, it didn’t. And now, thanks to a group of National Guard whistleblowers, the J6 “insurrection” theory is not just falling apart—it’s crumbling spectacularly. This new information—straight from the horse’s mouth—is so shocking that it’s got many Americans wondering if their own government committed sedition against a sitting US President.
    What exactly is “sedition“?
    Sedition is overt conduct, such as speech or organization, that tends toward rebellion against the established order. Sedition often includes subversion of a constitution and incitement of discontent toward, or insurrection against, established authority.

    The truth about raw milk the government doesn't want you to know: 'Close to a perfect food'
    "When you look at all of the data, and you look at what is a health-supporting decision to make, I think raw milk comes out on top," Bass told Blaze News.
    Bass, a mother of eight who is known for her popular YouTube channel "Farmhouse on Boone" and blog about homemaking, is part of a growing movement of free thinkers eschewing processed milk and embracing the benefits of raw dairy.
    "I think we are created by God, and there is a way everything was designed," Bass said. "And if you take certain aspects of the food away, of course there's going to be other ramifications and other ways it wouldn't be as healthful. It's close to a perfect food. It's whole and good."

    CNN just moments ago:
    "A number of Democrats are indicating that they will vote to save Mike Johnson, especially if he moves ahead on a Ukraine aid package..."
    Speaker Mike Johnson may have more Democrat friends in the House than Republicans at this point.

    BREAKING: Judge Merchan Accuses Trump of Intimidating Left-Wing Juror Questioned Over Her Pro-Biden Facebook Video
    One potential juror was brought in for questioning after Trump’s lawyers discovered she posted a pro-Biden celebratory video in 2020.
    “You had to get in the car to spread the honking cheer. it’s a full on dance party at 96th street,” the potential juror’s caption read according to Trump attorney Todd Blanche.

    Harvard Crimson Claims It’s ‘Unclear’ Whether Men Have an Athletic Advantage over Women
    In the college paper’s April 16 editorial, entitled, There Are Many Obstacles Facing Women’s Sports. Trans Athletes Aren’t One, writer Jonathan G. Yuan writes for The Crimson Editorial Board that the “science” is “less conclusive” that “transgender women hold a biological edge over their cisgender opponents.”
    The science-free citation of using the political term “cisgender” aside, Yuan goes on to insist that “science” proves that men who take female hormones to “transition” lose their male strength.

    Kansas Governor Vetoes Legislation Protecting Minors From Castration & Genital Mutilation Surgery
    Kansas Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly on Friday vetoed legislation that would have banned certain gender-related treatments for minors. The “Substitute Bill for Senate Bill 233” would have banned gender surgeries and hormone treatments for minors and establish a civil means of action against healthcare providers who perform them. Kelly vetoed the legislation, stating it “targets a small group of Kansans by placing government mandates on them and dictating to parents how to best raise and care for their children. I do not believe that is a conservative value, and it’s certainly not a Kansas value” (Just the News).

    Watch: Illegals find new way to break the law on streets of DC, while cops smile and look away…
    While the “crazy food delivery” theory might seem plausible, it looks like there’s more to the story. In fact, one media outlet really dug into the issue and uncovered a surprising alternative explanation for the surge in mopeds and motorbikes in our nation’s capital. Their investigation shows that a wave of illegals are buying and using unregistered, uninsured motorbikes in broad daylight, and the cops couldn’t care less.
    It appears that illegals have discovered yet another US loophole to exploit.
    Here’s what Daily Signal reporter Virginia Allen said about her story:

    Dem mayor of LA begs rich people to help pay to house the homeless
    Part of the solution to "ending homelessness," the mayor indicated, is to find revenue sources besides taxes. "We have brought the public sector together," Bass said. "And now we must prevail on the humanity and generosity of the private sector."
    Bass explained that she needs the help of "the most fortunate Angelenos" — many of whom already pay an ample portion of the taxes collected in California — to purchase properties that can then be converted into permanent housing units, a program she has dubbed LA4LA.

    Globalist Republican Mike McCaul in Unhinged Attack on J.D. Vance over Ukraine Aid
    Vance wrote in his memo that the REPO Act could create significant blowback to America, which includes:
    Hampering the U.S. Treasuries markets and hindering America’s ability to meet debt obligations
    Tying the hands of a future president, including former President Donald Trump
    Empowering Russia and China at the expense of the U.S. financial system
    The majority of the bill’s provisions are shielded from judicial review
    McCaul, the House Foreign Affairs Chairman, whose committee approved the REPO Act, accused the Ohio senators of repeating Biden talking points.
    “Senator Vance’s memo repeats many of the same arguments that I’ve heard previously from the Biden Administration as reasons to not enact this policy.” He said “financial markets understand that this is not a signal that the United States will begin to seize assets from other countries at will,” McCaul said.

    Federal Appeals Court Blocks West Virginia Law Against Males Competing in Women’s Sports
    The ACLU brought suit for a boy who claimed he was being discriminated against. The boy in question, who refers to himself as Becky Pepper-Jackson, is suing for the right to compete in high-school athletic competitions as a female.


    The Left’s Plan to Sabotage Talk Radio and Local News
    Despite repeated liberal incursions into the medium, from Mario Cuomo to Tom Daschle to Air America, the left cannot make a showing. Now, it has launched a series of deceptive websites and bought up talk radio outlets — apparently in hopes that, where persuasion failed, cold hard cash may prevail.
    Enter George Soros — and his bank account.
    “Over the last two years, Soros Fund Management, the firm founded by the billionaire investor and now controlled by the Open Society Foundations, has become an increasingly key player in the oldest electronic mass media: radio,” Semafor reported.

    MTG on Johnson Speakership: ‘It’s Over – He’s Just the Only One Who Hasn’t Acknowledged It’
    …Speaker Lashes Out at ‘Absurd’ Motion to Vacate
    “Yes, I am willing to force it,” Greene told Breitbart News in a lengthy exclusive interview on Tuesday afternoon where she explained her plan to remove Johnson and get a real Republican Speaker in his place. “The reality for Mike Johnson that he just is not accepting or refusing to accept, publicly at least, is whether it happens two weeks from now, two months from now, or in the next majority, he will not be Speaker. He just will not be. There may be only two of us public right now. But he does not have the support of the conference at all. There may be people who might not vote to vacate him right now, but they will never vote for him to be Speaker next Congress. There are two large factions in the conference against his speakership.”

    Record number of Chinese migrants arrested for illegally crossing into US — same number in six months as the whole of 2023
    SAN DIEGO, California — The number of Chinese migrants illegally crossing the US-Mexico border has hit a new record with 24,200 arrested in the last six months, mostly in San Diego County, California, according to federal data.
    The huge influx is already equal to the number of Chinese people arrested for illegally crossing into the US in 2023 — which itself set a record for being more than in the previous ten years combined.
    Taking advantage of holes in the border wall and the Biden administration’s lax enforcement of border policy, Chinese people are buying plane tickets to Mexico and paying smugglers to take them to the areas where its easiest to cross into California.

    Illegal Immigrants Do Jobs Americans Collecting Benefits Won’t Do
    And jobs in maintenance and janitorial services, while not the highest paid, used to have job security and benefits when they were done on the books, by legal workers.
    The Americans who lost those career jobs to illegals cannot make up the lost income by flipping burgers. Removing the illegal immigrants from the labor force will cause the natural rate of wages in landscaping, construction, and maintenance to increase, motivating people to go back to work.
    Not surprisingly, as a result of its socialist policies, California has the highest poverty rate in the country when the cost of living is considered (the supplemental poverty measure).

    Breitbart Business Digest: Powell Speaks and States the Obvious—No Rate Cuts Are Coming
    “The recent data have clearly not given us greater confidence and instead indicate that it is likely to take longer than expected to achieve that confidence,” the Fed Chair said on a moderated panel at Washington’s Wilson Center.
    He might be understating it here, but overall he’s in the ballpark.
    He went on to say there has been “a lack of further progress so far this year on returning to our two percent inflation goal.”

    This Is The Weapon That Is Being Used To Destroy America’s Middle Class
    The middle class in the United States has been steadily shrinking, and the gap between the ultra-wealthy and the rest of us has grown to absurd proportions. But it wasn’t always this way. When I was growing up in the 1980s, it seemed like almost everyone was middle class. Of course, there were wealthy people and poor people in the 1980s too, but the vast majority of the population was comfortably somewhere in the middle. Sadly, things have changed so much since that time. Today, most of the people that I know are struggling. According to a report that was just released, in all 50 states it now takes an income of more than $100,000 in order for a family of four to live “the American Dream”…

    Attorneys General of More Than a Dozen States Allege Bank of America is ‘De-Banking’ Conservatives
    “Your discriminatory behavior is a serious threat to free speech and religious freedom, is potentially illegal, and is causing political and regulatory backlash,” the letter sent Monday states. “Your bank needs to be transparent with and assure us, its shareholders, and others that it will not continue to de-bank customers for their speech or religious exercise,” the AGs wrote.
    Media relations representative, Bill Halldin, denied the claims in a statement saying, “Religious beliefs are not a factor in any account-closing decision.”

    UBI: Red States Fight Urge To Give ‘Basic Income’ Cash To Residents
    The Universal Basic Income (UBI) movement is global, being pushed straight from the top by the United Nations, which exists for Sustainable Development, aka Technocracy. In America, it is pushed by the National League of Cities that shepherds over 2,700 of the largest cities. Academic institutions like Stanford University, University of Michigan, and Arizona State University are pushing it hard.
    "And how we burned in the camps later thinking, what would things have been like, if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain, whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?"

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    Good grief Ali ! There you go again poisoning another thread with horrific pictures.
    “I have little patience with people who take the Bill of Rights for granted. The Bill of Rights, contained in the first ten amendments to the Constitution, is every American’s guarantee of freedom.” - - President Harry S. Truman, “Years of Trial and Hope”

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    Quote Originally Posted by JTHunter View Post
    Good grief Ali ! There you go again poisoning another thread with horrific pictures.
    Guilty as charged....
    "Valar morghulis; valar dohaeris."

    Commucrats are most efficient at converting sins and crimes to accidents or misunderstandings.-Oswald Bastable

    Making good people helpless won't make bad people harmless.

    Freedom isn't free.

    "Attitude is the paintbrush that colors our world." TV Series, Haven.

    My Spirit Animal has rabies.

    I'd rather be an American than a Democrat.

    "If you can make a man afraid, you can control him" Netflix Series, The Irregulars

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    harms way
    rumour has it several large eu companies are suffering cyberattack, with US to follow

    Orbán Says West Preparing to Send Military Into Ukraine
    Orbán said funding the war in Ukraine has worsened the situation, and is escalating NATO’s level of involvement in Ukraine, stating:
    But then it came to the sending of weapons: first, firearms, then tanks, airplanes, financial aid of more than tens of billions of euros, and now somewhere around 100 billion euros. But this money and these weapons do not make the situation better. In fact, it is getting worse. We are one step away from the West sending the military to Ukraine,
    He warned that getting involved in the war could destroy Europe, stating, “This military whirlpool can drag Europe to the bottom. Brussels is playing with fire and angering God.”

    Soros-Funded California DA Gascon Dropped Charges Against Konnech CEO for Political Reasons After He Was Caught Storing US Elections Data in China – The FBI Also Mysteriously Dropped the Investigation – What Are They Hiding?
    True the Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht and investigator Gregg Phillips were then hauled into court by lawyers representing Konnech who sued Catherine and Gregg for defamation for reporting on the company and its actions.
    U.S. District Judge Kenneth Hoyt demanded the conservative nonprofit group disclose their sources of the information central to the case, about sensitive poll worker data managed by Konnech Inc.
    After Konnech sued True the Vote for defamation, Hoyt ordered True the Vote to turn over any Konnech data the organization still had and disclose the name of the individual who’d helped them obtain it.
    Gregg and Catherine refused to “burn” their source in the Konnech reporting and spent 10 days in prison for not turning over their source to Konnech and their corrupt attorneys.
    The Soros-funded LA District Attorney dropped the charges against Konnech the day after the 2022 midterm election. The reason for the dismissal was never explained – until recently.
    In April 2023, Gregg Phillips and Catherine Engelbrecht released all of their information on the China-linked Konnech Company at Open.Ink. The next day Konnech dropped ALL CHARGES against Gregg and Catherine!

    Dems’ ‘Three Amigos’ Press Biden to Allow Work Permits for Aliens
    Three Hispanic lawmakers are urging the Biden administration to use executive powers to grant legal working permits to the illegal.
    Reps. Adriano Espaillat, N.Y., Jesús “Chuy” García, Ill., and Lou Correa, Calif., are delivering a letter Wednesday to President Joe Biden, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and the US Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Ur Jaddou, laying out their plan for the undocumented to be granted legal work permits and also why it is it in the best interest of the American citizen, reported The Hill.

    FBI WARNING: Chinese Hackers Preparing to Launch Massive Attack on U.S. Infrastructure – Have Already Infiltrated Several Critical Companies
    “China is developing the ability to physically wreak havoc on our critical infrastructure at a time of its choosing,” Wray said at the 2024 Vanderbilt Summit on Modern Conflict and Emerging Threats. “Its plan is to land low blows against civilian infrastructure to try to induce panic.”
    According to Wray, an ongoing Chinese hacking campaign known as Volt Typhoon has successfully infiltrated several American companies in telecommunications, energy, water, and other critical sectors. 23 pipeline operators are being targeted.
    fedz could drop power and comms grid and blame chicoms or ruskiis for it too

    Report: NPR CEO Hates First Amendment, Censored Wiki Content, Possibly Tied to U.S. Intelligence
    Maher “exemplifies the ideological capture of America’s institutions,” he wrote. In particular, she represents the rise of leftist white women to positions of power where they control a narrative and seek to destroy anyone who doesn’t agree with it.
    Thus did Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger tell Rufo that Maher represents the death of a free and open internet. That’s doubly true, as Rufo strongly suggested, if Maher is a CIA or other U.S. intelligence asset.

    Israel Attacks Iran, Iran Widens War, Economy Tanks
    The markets are tanking on war news between Iran and Israel. This is at a time when interest rates are rising. The Fed talked about lowering rates three times this year. This week, they say no rate cuts are coming in 2024 because of high and persistent inflation. Of course, war is a huge driver of inflation, and we are just getting started. Gold and silver look like they have a long way to go on the upside, and stocks and bonds have a long way to go on the downside. Many people will be calling their broker and getting a busy signal–that’s if the markets are not completely shut down. Many will be caught on the wrong side of this economy because there is no fear to downside risk. The sheeple are going to be getting a huge lesson on managing risk. There is no telling where this will go, but a crashing economy is definitely on the table, if war does not kick the table completely over.

    Grand Jury Dismisses Murder Charge Against Teen Linked to Store Clerk’s Death — Attorney Claims the Teens Acted in Self-Defense After Clerk Chased Them
    Court records reveal that Maknojia pursued the teens outside of the store and into his vehicle, at which point the fatal shooting occurred.
    Lott Brooks, the attorney representing Young, argued that his client acted in self-defense.
    “I wanted him to be there with the grand jury, be honest and tell them exactly what happened,” Brooks said.
    He claimed that on the day of the shooting, Maknojia brandished a firearm and threatened the teenagers. However, official documents have yet to clarify whether Maknojia was indeed armed during the encounter.
    According to Click2Houston, an eyewitness denied seeing the cashier brandish a firearm.
    this will just encourage this behavior

    Speaker Johnson Ignores Border to Pass Supplemental Foreign Aid Bills
    Speaker Mike Johnson bowed to Democrats and pushed aside America First Republicans when trying to separate the supplemental aid bills.
    Ironically, Johnson called himself a “wartime Speaker” during a CNN interview on Wednesday. He told Jake Tapper that the GOP is “going to stand for freedom and make sure Vladimir Putin doesn’t march through Europe.”
    In that same interview, he suggested he may change the rules around the motion to vacate, requiring more than a single rep to initiate. Perhaps this is a safeguard to his position. Any rule change, though, would require a majority in the House, which the GOP does not have.

    BREAKING: House Overwhelming Advances Globalist Ukraine Aid Bill 316-94 – Here are the 151 GOPers Who Voted YES
    Here are the 151 GOPers who voted to sell out America:
    Aderholt Alabama
    Amodei Nevada
    Armstrong North Dakota
    Arrington Texas
    Babin Texas
    Bacon Nebraska
    Balderson Ohio
    Barr Kentucky
    Bean (FL) Florida
    Bentz Oregon
    Bergman Michigan
    Bice Oklahoma
    Bilirakis Florida
    Bost Illinois
    Bucshon Indiana
    Burgess Texas
    Calvert California
    Cammack Florida
    Carey Ohio
    Carl Alabama
    Carter (TX) Texas
    Chavez-DeRemer Oregon
    Ciscomani Arizona
    Cole Oklahoma
    Comer Kentucky
    Crawford Arkansas
    Crenshaw Texas
    Curtis Utah
    D’Esposito New York
    De La Cruz Texas
    Diaz-Balart Florida
    Duarte California
    Dunn (FL) Florida
    Edwards North Carolina
    Ellzey Texas
    Emmer Minnesota
    Estes Kansas
    Ezell Mississippi
    Fallon Texas
    Feenstra Iowa
    Ferguson Georgia
    Finstad Minnesota
    Fischbach Minnesota
    Fitzgerald Wisconsin
    Fitzpatrick Pennsylvania
    Fleischmann Tennessee
    Flood Nebraska
    Foxx North Carolina
    Franklin, Scott Florida
    Fry South Carolina
    Gallagher Wisconsin
    Garbarino New York
    Garcia, Mike California
    Gimenez Florida
    Gonzales, Tony Texas
    Graves (LA) Louisiana
    Graves (MO) Missouri
    Grothman Wisconsin
    Guest Mississippi
    Guthrie Kentucky
    Hern Oklahoma
    Hill Arkansas
    Hinson Iowa
    Houchin Indiana
    Hudson North Carolina
    Issa California
    Jackson (TX) Texas
    James Michigan
    Johnson (LA) Louisiana
    Johnson (SD) South Dakota
    Jordan Ohio
    Joyce (OH) Ohio
    Joyce (PA) Pennsylvania
    Kean (NJ) New Jersey
    Kelly (MS) Mississippi
    Kelly (PA) Pennsylvania
    Kiley California
    Kim (CA) California
    Kustoff Tennessee
    LaHood Illinois
    LaLota New York
    Lamborn Colorado
    Langworthy New York
    Latta Ohio
    LaTurner Kansas
    Lawler New York
    Lee (FL) Florida
    Letlow Louisiana
    Loudermilk Georgia
    Lucas Oklahoma
    Luttrell Texas
    Maloy Utah
    Mast Florida
    McCaul Texas
    McClain Michigan
    McClintock California
    McHenry North Carolina
    Meuser Pennsylvania
    Miller (OH) Ohio
    Miller (WV) West Virginia
    Miller-Meeks Iowa
    Molinaro New York
    Moolenaar Michigan
    Moore (UT) Utah
    Moran Texas
    Murphy North Carolina
    Newhouse Washington
    Nunn (IA) Iowa
    Obernolte California
    Owens Utah
    Palmer Alabama
    Pence Indiana
    Pfluger Texas
    Reschenthaler Pennsylvania
    Rodgers (WA) Washington
    Rogers (AL) Alabama
    Rogers (KY) Kentucky
    Rouzer North Carolina
    Rutherford Florida
    Salazar Florida
    Scalise Louisiana
    Schweikert Arizona
    Scott, Austin Georgia
    Sessions Texas
    Simpson Idaho
    Smith (NE) Nebraska
    Smith (NJ) New Jersey
    Smucker Pennsylvania
    Stauber Minnesota
    Steel California
    Stefanik New York
    Steil Wisconsin
    Strong Alabama
    Tenney New York
    Thompson (PA) Pennsylvania
    Turner Ohio
    Valadao California
    Van Drew New Jersey
    Van Duyne Texas
    Van Orden Wisconsin
    Wagner Missouri
    Walberg Michigan
    Wenstrup Ohio
    Westerman Arkansas
    Williams (NY) New York
    Williams (TX) Texas
    Wilson (SC) South Carolina
    Wittman Virginia
    Womack Arkansas
    Yakym Indiana
    Zinke Montana

    Pastor Jack Hibbs seems to be one of the good guys….a true Christian warrior not interested in politics but just interested in clearly preaching the message of Jesus Christ.
    He was recently invited to give the opening prayer to Congress and he told a fascinating story about what that process is like.
    In this clip below from Victory News, he explains how he was given a long list of stipulations of what he could and couldn’t say.
    Any guesses on what was in the prohibited list?
    Yeah, if you applied their full list you’d end up with nothing more than a Joel Osteen message.

    Leftist Climate Protesters Thrown Off Stage in a Heap While Disrupting Event Honoring Sen. Lisa Murkowski (Video)
    Video posted by Climate Defiance shows several activists holding a banner being bull-rushed in a tumble off the stage by security and what appears to be organizers. A woman in a black dress who seems to be Murkowski moves away from the mob to a far corner of the small stage.
    why would they do this to the murk when the murk is one of them?

    Migrants Feel the Pain of Biden’s Virtue
    For women and children, the road to hell is paved with Democrats’ good intentions.
    The carnage begins south of the border, where women and children heading north are victimized by predators. The New York Times reported last week that “Assault, robbery and rape have long been a grim risk of migrant journeys around the globe. But aid groups working in the Darién Gap [a jungle in Panama that links South America to Central America] say that in the past six months, they have documented an extraordinary spike in attacks, with patterns and frequencies rarely seen outside of war zones … Long-established aid groups, including Doctors Without Borders and UNICEF, with experience working in conflicts, say the attacks are organized and exceptionally cruel. Perpetrators beat victims and take food, even baby formula, leaving people battered and starving in the forest. And the assaults often involve cases in which dozens of women are violated in a single event.”
    the elites supply of adrenochrome has never flowed more freely

    “B**ch You Dead, B**ch You Dead!” – Woman Caught on Tape Brutally Killing Terrified Young Mother Execution-Style in Downtown Seattle Alley (VIDEO)
    The violent murder occurred on March 3, just after 1 A.M.. However, a journalist named Jonathan Choe leaked video footage of the crime just yesterday.
    The video shows Overton forcing a terrified and screaming DeCoteau down a flight of stairs with a gun to her head. While marching down the stairs, Overton tells DeCoteau, “I’ll blow your mouth! Say I won’t! Say I won’t!”

    How Taxpayers Will Heavily Subsidize Democrat Boots on the Ground This Election
    These efforts, now buttressed by the federal government, amplify and extend what Time magazine described as a “well-funded cabal of powerful people ranging across industries and ideologies,” who had worked behind the scenes in 2020 “to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information” to defeat Trump and other Republicans. The “shadow campaigners,” Time declared, “were not rigging the election; they were fortifying it.”
    Heading into 2024, “there is not a ‘shadow’ campaign,” said Mike Howell, executive director of the Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project. “There is an overt assault on President Trump and those who wish to vote for him occurring at every level of government and with the support of all major institutions.”

    TV Host Benny Johnson Robbed at Oakland In-N-Out While Shooting on Restaurant’s Closure Due to Rampant Crimes
    The robbery unfolded in broad daylight, around 2 p.m., catching the crew off-guard. According to Johnson’s producer, ALX, who was in the vehicle at the time, an assailant smashed the car window in an attempt to snatch a bag.
    “I was in the car when it happened, the rest of the team was probably about 20 feet away. A car pulled up, someone jumped out, smashed the window and tried to take a bag, I had to rip it from his hands and told him to “f*ck off.” Oakland is a third world country,” Alx wrote.

    Weaponization Committee Report Calls Out Biden Regime For Staying ‘Silent’ While Brazil Attacks Free Speech
    “Free speech, including free speech on digital platforms, is a fundamental and necessary part of democratic and just societies.” the letter states. It asks for the department to hand over documents on any social media censorship request from the Brazilian government “to understand what the State Department is doing to promote online free speech in Brazil and to protect against tyrannical censorship abroad.”
    “Government-directed censorship is not a problem contained only to authoritarian governments in faraway lands; it is happening here in the United States,” the Subcommittee declared in its report.
    When Musk took over Twitter (now X) in 2022, he “faced criticism and attacks from governments around the world, including the United States” because of his public commitment to free speech, the report says.

    JUST IN: Gosar is Third Republican on Board to Oust Speaker Johnson
    “Nearly 11 million illegal aliens have crossed our southern border in the past three years. My congressional district in Arizona, ground zero for the invasion, is getting pummeled by the surge of lawbreakers. These illegal aliens have brought violent crime, deadly drugs, human trafficking and are depleting resources and services meant for U.S. citizens. In fact, every state has become a border state. Communities across the country are being ravaged, families are being destroyed and Americans in need are being ignored,” Gosar said.

    Is There a Vision Racket at the VA?
    I thought President Biden was going to treat our military better? He has no vision at all.
    “[The veterans] go down to the optical shop and they see just horrendous, antiquated, very inexpensive glasses on the board. And this is what they get,” in terms of what’s covered. And then, he goes on, a “new shiny board comes out with what anybody is going to want. A better pair of glasses that are going to be more comfortable or are probably going to hold up better.”
    Naturally, these aren’t covered.
    But for the vet who wants a pair of functional glasses, they’re essential. Many agree to pay extra—and that appears to be the plan.
    Or rather, the quota.

    New York Democrat Arrested and Charged with Felony After Faking Signatures on Election Petition, Including Those of Dead People
    “This morning, the City of Peekskill learned Councilman Rob Scott was charged by the Westchester County District Attorney with filing false documents. The City understands that this is a serious charge, and that information is currently developing. The City will address and comment once more information becomes available,” according to the press release.
    According to allegations, Scott knowingly submitted petitions with forged signatures, including those of individuals who later confirmed they had never signed any document for Scott. This discovery emerged from an investigation initiated by the DA’s office after receiving complaints from citizens about the forged signatures.

    Where will Israel-Iran conflict blow up next? Red Sea, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon could all be future battlegrounds sparking war 'so severe it would make Gaza look like an entrée', says expert MICHAEL STEPHENS
    The Red Sea, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon could all become future battlegrounds as the conflict in the Middle East continues to escalate, a military expert warned today.
    Tensions have been heightened further since Iran's assault on Israel on Saturday amid Israel's war with Hamas in Gaza and its own strikes targeting Iran in Syria.
    Early this morning, Israel conducted strikes in Iran - defying US President Joe Biden's warnings over plunging the trouble region further into conflict.
    Now, Middle East politics and security expert Michael Stephens has analysed the situation in an article for MailOnline, examining what could happen next.
    Mr Stephens, who is senior associate fellow at the Royal United Services Institute and research group RAND Europe, looked at the impact on other countries such as Qatar, the UAE and Cyprus - and whether they could become involved in future.

    Supercharged Spying Provision Buried In “Terrifying” FISA 702 Reauthorization

    MSM Finally Admits Russian War of Attrition Is Winning the Conflict in Ukraine – CIA Director Burns Says Moscow May Be Victorious by Year’s End
    While the Mainstream Media spent two full years lying and engaging in wishful thinking disguised as analysis, they now have to give in to the reality of facts as Russian troops ramp up pressure on the outgunned and outmaneuvered Ukrainian forces.
    Moscow is reportedly preparing to conquer more territory as soon as the muddy tundra fields dry out and ‘allow tanks, armored vehicles and other heavy equipment to roll to key positions across the countryside.’
    theyre admitting it so they can prejustify direct nato/US involvement with troops on the ground

    Cases of dengue fever surge by nearly 50% in a month in Americas amid 'emergency situation', UN agency says
    Cases of a 'bone breaking' disease have created an 'emergency situation' in the Americas, a United Nations agency has warned.
    Jarbas Barbosa, head of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), confirmed more than 5.2 million cases of dengue fever across the Americas this year, a nearly 50 percent jump from the 3.5 million cases the group reported late last month.
    More than 1,800 people have died from the mosquito-borne viral illness, up from over 1,000 deaths reported last month in the year through March.
    'We have an emergency situation,' PAHO Director Jarbas Barbosa said in a press briefing.
    wonder how that got into the country

    Radical Lawless Judge Merchan Seated Juror Who Was Arrested for Destroying/Vandalizing Conservative Political Signs
    FOX News reported today that Trump-hating Judge Juan Merchan seated a juror who was arrested in the 90’s for destroying/vandalizing conservative political posters.
    FOX News reporter: This has to do with something that very well could have been the fact that this juror may have been arrested back in the 1990s conducting some sort of political vandalism in some sort of posters on the right and it was not revealed. He did not remember it and did not include it.
    This is a RIGGED trial – with no crimes.

    Army Deploys Typhon Missile System To China’s Backyard For The First Time
    The Army’s Typhon system, which can fire Tomahawk and SM-6 missiles, is in the Philippines for its inaugural Indo-Pacific deployment.
    Earlier today, U.S. Army Pacific (USARPAC) announced the arrival of at least a portion of a Typhon system, also known as the Mid-Range Capability (MRC), in the Philippines where it participated in Exercise Salaknib 24. The system, which touched down in the Western Pacific nation back on April 7, belongs to Battery C, 5th Battalion, 3rd Field Artillery Regiment, which is part of the Long Range Fires Battalion assigned to the 1st Multi-Domain Task Force (MDTF) at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington State. The Army previously said it would send one of its Typhon systems abroad sometime this year, but had not disclosed where it would go or when.

    Sen. Hawley Forces DHS’ Mayorkas to Admit Laken Riley’s Killer was Lawlessly Released by Govt.
    Today, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) and other Republicans in the U.S. Senate berated Dept. of Homeland Security’s impeached and disgraced Director Alejandro Mayorkas, where the DHS Director was forced to admit that the illegal immigrant alleged murderer of Georgia’s Laken Riley was previously in custody and was released early because of a government program to deal with ‘urgent humanitarian situations.’

    Rep. Matt Gaetz
    BREAKING: U.S. Air Force Secretary ADMITS that less than a third of F-35s built by Lockheed Martin are operationally capable!
    The Pentagon has given too much power to the defense contractors that are bilking American taxpayers.
    It’s not going to get better unless we demand accountability.

    Democrat Mayor of Los Angeles Karen Bass Wants Wealthy Residents to Buy Housing for Homeless People
    Cities around the country are dealing with a homelessness problem that has exploded in recent years. In Los Angeles, California, the problem is severe, with thousands upon thousands of people living in tents on sidewalks.
    Democrat Mayor Karen Bass has an idea for solving the city’s problem. She wants wealthy residents to buy housing for the homeless. Good luck with that.
    Does she really think that Hollywood liberals like Rob Reiner are going to put their money where there mouths are? Unlikely.

    Watch: Migrants Complain That New Yorkers Don't Learn African Languages
    At one point during the hearing, which lasted for over SIX HOURS, the conversation turned to language services offered by the state, with some migrants complaining that Spanish and English speakers are given priority, and African immigrants are unfairly excluded.
    It was then pointed out that many immigrants are illiterate and can only speak their native language and further suggested that New Yorkers “refuse to accommodate” by not learning those languages.
    read this it gets better

    National Health Institutes Abruptly Halted Research On Harms Of Cell Phone Radiation – Why? (Video)
    Devra Davis wrote at The Hill on this subject and while there maybe some element of truth in the finances department, it hasn’t stopped the same government that has approved the murder of tens of millions of babies from spending money on the murder of people in foreign countries as well as our own. Keep in mind that these people know exactly what they are doing and how this technology effects us.
    In a shocking reversal, the National Toxicology Program (NTP) of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences has quietly disclosed that it will stop studying the biological or environmental impacts of cell phone radiofrequency radiation.

    Omar’s Daughter Arrested, Top Democrats Rush to Defense
    The communist daughter of Somali-first U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) landed in jail yesterday after joining a pro-Palestinian tent-city “protest” at Columbia University.
    Later released, Isra Hirsi was among 108 leftists whom New York City police collared and carted off in a corrections bus.
    But the story about the protest against Israel’s attacks on Gaza quickly faded as top Democratic pro-Palestinian politicians rushed to Hirsi’s defense, despite her part in an illegal “protest” that disrupted the campus.

    Illinois RINOs Part 3: Weaponizing Law Enforcement
    The Sheriff threatened Newsome through proxy about the rhetoric he’d been using on his podcast. Newsome sent out an email to colleagues as a warning that he was fearful that he would be targeted by law enforcement on Sunday, November 5th.
    Coincidently or not, the Illinois State Police showed up on Newsome’s doorstep on Tuesday, November 7th. Their inquiry revolved around comments made by Newsome’s criticism of State Senate Minority Leader John Curran.
    This was not enough to deter Newsome and Drabik however. They went on to discuss these events on their podcast showing these details and expressing concern that the Sheriff was potentially engaging in weaponization of his office for political purposes.
    The attacks from the RINO establishment did not stop there. As Behind Enemy Lines and the grassroots movement grew their following, the establishment took measures to discredit Newsome because of a criminal background of 35 years ago.
    Prior to a Republican organization meeting they disseminated a packet exposing Newsome’s record but also listing his family’s names and addresses.

    WEF-Linked Calgary Mayor Says ‘Never Being Able To Own a Home’ Gives You ‘More Freedom’
    Gondek then went on to say that the idea of being able to own a home was like being “stuck in the 40s, 50s and 60s.”
    “As municipalities, we haven’t kept pace with that change. We’re still stuck in the 40s, 50s and 60s,” said Gondek.
    According to Gondek’s disclosure statement, the Calgary mayor owns two properties in Calgary – one in Panorama Hills and another downtown in East Village.

    Thought Police: Home Visit For UK Man Who Expressed Anger Online About Sydney Bishop Being Stabbed by Islamist
    The woman says the police have been told the man “might have a few concerns, a few things that are bothering you at the moment.”
    “This is religious discrimination,” responds the man, asserting that the police wouldn’t be knocking on the door of a Muslim if they had made similar statements.
    “People raised concerns about your views…about what’s going on in Australia,” the police officer continues.
    “Yeah, so I’m an Orthodox Christian, now you’ve turned up at my house because I went and seen my priest,” the man responds.
    The NHS psychologist reiterated that there was a report about “some beliefs being expressed” and that he was there to ‘help’ the man.

    Illegal Who Protested With Sign Saying ‘Migrants Are Not Criminals’ Pleads Guilty to Child Rape
    Anicet Mayela plead guilty plea at Oxford Crown Court last Friday for one count of rape of a former economics student. reports: The court heard how there was a high level of “dangerousness” surrounding the attack, which is understood to have taken place between Dec. 1 and Dec. 31 last year.

    Biden Says a Child Gave Him the Middle Finger: “It Happens All the Time” (VIDEO)
    Joe Biden this week said a child gave him the middle finger: “It happens all the time.”
    “You — I’ve never thought I’d see a time when I’m going through a — a neighborhood or a rural town that’s in the west and see big signs that s- — have a Trump sign in the middle that says “F Biden” and having a little kid standing with his middle finger — seven years old, eight years old,” Biden said in Scranton, Pennsylvania this week.
    “Well, I promise, it happens all the time,” Biden added.

    Stopping CBDCs & Restoring Sound Money With Kevin Freeman
    Money expert and former consultant to a number of government agencies Kevin Freeman discusses his mission to restore sound money. Freeman is the author of the bestseller Pirate Money: Discovering the Founders’ Hidden Plan for Economic Justice and Defeating the Great Reset. He is considered one of the world’s leading experts on economic warfare and financial terrorism, and he’s working with officials in 25 states to restore sound money.

    Driving America into a Brick Wall – Bill Holter
    But that is not the end of our problems. Holter points out, “I do think it is going to get worse, and that means interest rates will go higher, and that will put on much more pressure. We are at 4.65% on the 10-Year Treasury now. We went from 3.75% to 4.65% (in a short amount of time). We run through 5% on the 10-year Treasury, and everything blows up. . . . The bottom line here is we are at the end game of a fiat currency. Young people have never experienced high inflation. . . . Where we are this time around, Paul Volker (Fed Head in 1979) was able to raise rates to 16% or 17% and crush inflation. He was able to do that because there was not a ton of debt. The U.S. debt back in 1980 was 35% of GDP. Now, it is 125% plus debt to GDP. If you raise rates to 6% to 8%, you will blow up the entire system because much of this debt was put on during the 1% to 3% interest rate time. . . . The inflation is going to push rates higher no matter what the Fed says.”
    Gold is hitting one new record high after another. It’s not greed, but fear, and Holter says, “Big money is buying gold because they are looking for protection.” The other wild card is war, and Holter says, “War is a way to keep the system propped up.”
    In closing, Holter contends, what you are seeing is not a series of mistakes by incompetent people. Holter says, “This is too stupid for it not to be the plan. . . .This is not a Republican or Democrat thing. We are being steered directly into a brick wall because the globalists can’t take over the world with the US standing. They have to take the US down, and if they take the US down, so will the western financial system fall. If that happens, the globalists can have their way.”
    the hidden problem that raising of rates will make glaringly apparent is that many business, small and large, use debt to operate, they take out a loan to pay labor and materials and expect to make a profit after the loans been paid off due to real and expected sales, these are monthly or even weekly loans, well, what happens when the loans reach 30 percent interest? some biz will crumble, others will return to saving enough capital to operate, likely with a large reduction in labor and overall operation ie no matter what a lot of people are going to be out of a job

    With 'Halving' Imminent, Peter Schiff Says 'Bitcoin Has No Value'
    “This is just the beginning of a massive re-pricing of gold, and people aren’t even buying it yet. You have central banks buying, but investors aren’t even buying gold. Retail investors, the institutions— they’re not in the market at all. They don’t even understand why gold is rising. They’re attributing it to geopolitical risks, but it’s all about inflation. The key is that the markets have the inflation story wrong. The Fed rate hikes up to five and a quarter, five and a half, have not been nearly enough to put the inflation genie back in the bottle.”
    As the media and policymakers begin to question the feasibility of a 2% inflation target, their preferred measures of inflation are probably not as accurate as they should be:
    “I’d say [inflation’s] at least double what the CPI is. So if the government claims inflation is two, it’s four. And when they claimed it was nine, it was probably 18. People are struggling. It’s a lousy economy. People’s real incomes have been eviscerated by inflation. They’re forced to work multiple jobs. They’re drowning in a mountain of debt, and we’re headed for a major disaster.”
    Pete Schiff was one of the few who went on live tv before the crash of 07 and told the world it was coming, the interviewers laughed in his face over and over again

    2 more insurance companies announce plans to leave California
    Together, the two companies provide 12,556 homeowner insurance policies with $11.3 million in premiums. According to document filings, Tokio Marine also has 2,732 personal umbrella policies for liability worth about $400,000.
    Those impacted will receive nonrenewal notices beginning on July 1. The proposed effective date for these filings will take place on Aug. 1, 2025.
    Neither company disclosed the reason behind their withdrawal in the documents. KTLA reached out to Tokio Marine but didn’t receive a response in time for publication.

    Markets Dump Then Rebound As Israel Retaliates To Iran In Oddly Toothless, Performative Response
    Tehran's Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA) tells passengers that all flights have been canceled and they should exit the airport.
    Fox News: Israeli strikes in Iran came from unmanned aircraft
    US claims IDF attacks in Iran were limited.
    Three large explosions heard in Isfahan south of Tehran, US officials confirm.
    The Natanz nuclear facility is located in Isfahan.
    Unconfirmed simultaneous explosions have also been reported in Syria and Iraq (Baghdad and Babil/Babylon province).
    Iran has established a no-fly-zone over its western region.
    Market reaction: initial panic selling, but gradually as it becomes clear that this is just a token "scripted" response to the token "scripted" initial attack by Iran - which achieved absolutely nothing - markets are rebounding.
    there it is

    Perpetual Motion Machine Finance
    In the years ahead, net interest on the debt will continue to grow and consume more and more of the government’s budget. And the government will finance it with more and more debt.
    Using debt to pay the interest on debt, like some sort of perpetual motion machine, is a dead-end street. Yet this is precisely the direction Washington is taking America’s finances. And no one in Congress can stop it.
    The U.S. Treasury is preparing to sell roughly $386 billion of bonds in May. This is on top of the $7.2 trillion of debt the U.S. Treasury sold during the first three months of 2024, the largest quarterly total on record. This is also on top of the “record $23 trillion of Treasuries issued last year, which raised $2.4 trillion of cash, after accounting for maturing bonds.”
    According to Torsten Slok, chief economist at Apollo Global Management, a record $8.9 trillion of Treasuries are set to mature in 2024. Of note, the financing costs – the interest rates – are about seven times higher today than they were just four short years ago. This is why net interest on the debt will quickly surpass $1 trillion per year.

    Gold's "Catapult Has Been Built; Silver's is Next"
    The time has come to cite the many reasons why Gold has risen, and why Gold will continue to launch to much higher levels. The USGovt debt and USTreasury Bond default, in my opinion, deserve the lead factors along with powerful price inflation. These factors are not featured in the press. The Jackass has stated for the last five years, to impatient clients and frustrated colleagues, that the Gold price will not break above the $2000 mark with momentum in a sustained manner until the USGovt debt is widely perceived to be on a crash course toward default. WE ARE THERE, as even the prestigious St Louis Fed has publicly gone on record to call the USGovt debt as unsustainable. The picture of default is being painted.
    "And how we burned in the camps later thinking, what would things have been like, if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain, whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?"

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    There's something fishy about what happened with the fatal attack on the Clinton Airport Executive.

    Could it be that the ATF is not to be trusted....?
    "Valar morghulis; valar dohaeris."

    Commucrats are most efficient at converting sins and crimes to accidents or misunderstandings.-Oswald Bastable

    Making good people helpless won't make bad people harmless.

    Freedom isn't free.

    "Attitude is the paintbrush that colors our world." TV Series, Haven.

    My Spirit Animal has rabies.

    I'd rather be an American than a Democrat.

    "If you can make a man afraid, you can control him" Netflix Series, The Irregulars

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    Quote Originally Posted by alismith View Post
    There's something fishy about what happened with the fatal attack on the Clinton Airport Executive.

    Could it be that the ATF is not to be trusted....?
    i suspect theyre trying to send a message to anyone without an ffl who sells a gun
    "And how we burned in the camps later thinking, what would things have been like, if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain, whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?"

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    Chris Wray Confronted on Female J6 Prisoner During Congressional Testimony – So FBI Goes Back and Threatens and Harasses Her Some More – AUDIO
    Jim Hoft: Hi, Ryan Sam. Thank you for reaching out. I’m really sorry about your situation. Can you tell me the latest developments? This has to do with your wife, Raechel.
    Ryan Samsel: Yeah, Raechel Genco. So it’s been over three years since January 6th. She got arrested for parading and protesting, not even trespassing. They arrested her about a year into her sentence. Now, Troy Nehls questioned Christopher Wray and asked Christopher Wray why he arrested Raechel. He called her Genco — Then he brought up a few other defendants. Under the question, Christopher Wray said, I will not answer that question. Raechel Genco was due to be off probation a month later. A day or two after that very hearing, Raechel got a notification from her probation officer saying that she was in violation of her probation. They extended her probation three months, which is completely illegal without a hearing. Then the probation officer then said, Hey, we can’t supervise you no more. You’re free to go, but we’re going to have a hearing because you violated your probation. So Reachel said, ‘What’s my violation?’ They didn’t have a violation yet. So they came at her a few months later and they said, You lied on doing your community service. Well, she says, No, I didn’t. I have all the emails to my community service. So then they violated her in Judge Cobb’s courtroom.
    Judge Cobb then switched from… The best of my knowledge, Judge Cobb then said, No, we can’t do it here. You have to do it in the district that she was at, which was Pennsylvania. So now, she’s now facing felony charges because Christopher Way is retaliating because Troy Nehl’s challenged Christopher Wray on why Raechel Jenco was charged, and Ray Epps wasn’t at the time.

    VIDEO: Tucker Carlson just revealed ‘sinister figure’ who blocked Trump from releasing JFK files…
    RFK Jr. Says the CIA is GUILTY of Murdering His Uncle ‘Beyond a Reasonable Doubt’
    The evidence is “so abundant and so definitive” that if RFK Jr. tried the case, where the CIA was on the dock, he says he could “win in front of almost any jury.”
    The reason why JFK was murdered, according to Kennedy, is because he defied the military-industrial complex:
    “The people who were involved (in the assassination) were all people who were part of the Miami station who were angry at him for not invading Cuba. And they were also angry at him for ending the war in Vietnam. And he [JFK] had, 30 days earlier, signed National Security Order 263, ordering all troops home from Vietnam.”

    Speaker Mike Johnson Believes “History Will Judge Well” Extending Warrantless Searches and Giving Ukraine Unlimited Funds
    Please remember these names.
    These are the same Senators who said nothing while the weaponized system of government organized a corrupt intelligence operation against candidate Donald Trump in 2016. These are the same Senators who are looking for any reason to support the removal of Donald Trump from the GOP ticket. These are the same Republican senators who refuse to contemplate representative government. They live in a bubble of deceit, and they despise the American electorate.
    This is the same GOPe crew who: hated the Tea Party, supported the IRS targeting of conservative groups, supported the IC targeting of candidate Trump, supported the Senate Intelligence Committee participating with the IC to attack Trump, and who oppose any effort to diminish the power of the upper chamber from U.S. politics.

    Burger King Workers Rescue Young Kids from Abusive Meth-Addict Illegal
    'Officers documented numerous injuries on the four-year-old, including bruising on both arms, his torso, and his back, a scratch on his stomach, and the aforementioned bloody nose...'
    Workers at a Burger King in a Salt Lake City, Utah, suburb saved two young children from their meth-addict mother and her abusive, illegal-immigrant boyfriend, the Blaze reported.
    The employees of the Taylorsville restaurant called police after a 4-year-old child, who was reportedly malnourished, begged them for help.
    The family, which had made previous visits begging for free food, “appeared to be homeless and in need of assistance,” according to an arrest affidavit.
    Upon their arrival on the scene, police found the boyfriend, 36-year-old Rodolfo Martinez–Avila, “sitting at the table, face down, with drool running out of his mouth.”
    Nearby they found the 23-year-old Azucena Rodriguez, the mother of the 4-year-old and a 6-month-old baby.

    ANOTHER MAJOR BIDEN DISASTER: Niger’s Russian-Backed Military Junta Agrees to Release 1,000 US Soldiers After Biden Promises to Abandon the $100 Million US Airbase in the Country
    Biden abandoned Afghanistan’s Bagram Airfield after nearly 20 years in July by shutting off the electricity and slipping away in the night without notifying the base’s Afghan commander, who discovered the Americans’ secret departure more than two hours after they left.
    The Taliban quickly took control of Bagram Air Base, which is only 30 miles north of Kabul, on August 15th and released thousands of terrorists held at its prison. The Americans and Afghans left the Taliban military equipment, uniforms, rations and even sports drinks.

    The Irony Is Thick – Congress Passes FISA-702 Extension, Allowing Warrantless Document Searches and Electronic Surveillance of Americans, on Patriots Day 2024
    The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution says: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”
    Late last night, early this morning (after midnight), the United States Senate passed a FISA reauthorization bill that directly and specifically violates every tenant of the 4th Amendment.

    Scott Adams explains in layman terms how the CIA ‘captures’ our lawmakers right under our noses…
    In a shockingly short period of time, Speaker Johnson went from a MAGA hopeful to a Deep State stooge. This drastic change has many people asking: Was he always a snake in the grass, or did they manage to blackmail him into becoming their dutiful little puppet? Well, it’s likely a very complex issue with many layers, but one thing seems clear: Speaker Johnson likely fell victim to a very coordinated CIA plot. This strategy is often used against our government officials to ensure they toe the line with the uni-party regime. The more we uncover and discuss, the more we realize just how deep these tactics go into manipulating our leaders. The good news is that this topic is gaining traction, with influential voices like conservative cartoonist legend Scott Adams chiming in. We appreciate how Scott Adams has brilliantly managed to break down what the CIA is doing into simple layman’s terms. It’s refreshing and enlightening to have such complex issues made accessible and understandable for everyone quickly. Scott took to X and, in just about five sentences, he summed up decades of CIA covert operations against our lawmakers and the American people.
    the above described practices of corrupting public officials, busness, and military people is more or less documented here;

    speaking of cia asshats

    Burns: Ukraine could lose by end of 2024
    The stark warning from a top administration official comes as Kyiv worries about Russia’s looming summer offensive.
    “With the boost that would come from military assistance, both practically and psychologically, Ukrainians are entirely capable of holding their own through 2024 and puncturing Putin’s arrogant view that time is on his side,” he said.
    But if that doesn’t make it through Congress, “the picture is a lot more dire,” he continued. “There is a very real risk that the Ukrainians could lose on the battlefield by the end of 2024, or at least put Putin in a position where he could essentially dictate the terms of a political settlement.”
    ukraine ran out of men a long time ago, well, except for their president who ignored 3 draft notices before being elected but has no prob with sending draftees to their deaths

    Patriots Day, The Battle of Lexington
    youll not regret reading this unless you be cuck

    California Sues Huntington Beach over New Voter ID Requirements
    'By requiring additional documentation to establish a voter’s identity... a higher standard of proof than set out in the Elections Code—Huntington Beach’s proposal conflicts with state law...'
    (Headline USA) California filed a lawsuit against the city of Huntington Beach this week over a new voter ID law that residents approved last month.
    The new law, which passed with 53.4% of the vote from city residents in the March 5 election, requires voters to prove they are citizens and that they are 18 years or older by showing some form of government-issued identification. It also requires the city to monitor ballot drop boxes to crack down on potential voter fraud.
    In a suit filed this week, California Attorney General Rob Bonta and Secretary of State Shirley Weber claimed the city’s new requirements are unnecessary and violate state election law.

    James O’Keefe reveals who’s really running the Biden White House—it’s probably not who you think…
    Yes, we all know that the real puppet master of the Biden regime is likely Barack Obama. After all, Obama has made no qualms about how he planned to run his “third term.” Here’s what Barry told Stephen Colbert about his possible “third term” during an interview after Joe Biden was installed in the White House:
    “I said this before. People would ask me, “Knowing what you know now, do you wish you had a third term?” And I used to say, “You know what? If I could make an arrangement where I had a stand-in, a front man or front woman, and they had an earpiece in and I was just in my basement in my sweats looking through the stuff, and then I could sort of deliver the lines, but somebody else was doing all the talking and ceremony, I’d be fine with that. Because I found the work fascinating…”
    However, you almost have to feel sorry for Obama, who’s forced to use Biden to carry out his failed policies for a third time.
    by work 0bama finds fascinating one might presume he means subversion of America

    Report: Soros DA Dropped Case over China’s Election Meddling Due to Trump Approval
    The criminal complaint stated that during a government search of Konnech’s headquarters, officials had discovered that employees had “sent personal identifying information of Los Angeles County election workers to third-party software developers who assisted with the creating and fixing [of] Konnech’s internal ‘PollChief’ software.”
    The company had also given all employees of Chinese contractors working on PollChief “superadministrative privileges,” it noted.
    “We intend to hold all those responsible for this breach accountable,” Gascon said after filing the charges in October 2022.
    But, in a bizarre maneuver, Gascon dropped the charges against Yu shortly thereafter and ordered lead prosecutor Eric Neff to dismiss the case.
    Neff subsequently spoke out, saying he considered the maneuver to be “a politically based dismissal not in furtherance of justice.”
    He added that “a prosecutor cannot use political gains as a basis for dismissing a prosecution of a criminal matter.”
    Neff was put on leave two days later, on Nov. 16, 2022, pending an “internal investigation.”

    Dems’ latest: They want Trump jailed and murdered, and have a plan to make both happen…
    These aren’t just trials; they’re communist-style show trials. And now, Democrats are making an even more sinister move, in an obvious attempt to snuff out Trump’s life.
    Rep. Bennie Thompson, who you know was the former chair of the bogus Jan. 6 committee, has just introduced legislation that would terminate Secret Service protection for anyone sentenced to a year or more in jail. This is not just a policy proposal; it’s a clear political hit aimed directly at Trump, exposing him to an unprecedented risk of assassination. The implications of this bill are bone-chilling, and the murderous intent behind it is crystal clear.

    West Virginia middle school girls refuse to compete against transgender opponent
    According to one of the girls who stepped out, the transgender athlete won the shot put event during the Championships.
    Riley Gaines, host of the Gaines for Girls podcast on OutKick, shared her thoughts on the girls refusing to compete against a transgender opponent.
    "It's a sad day when the middle school girls have to be the adults in the room. Conceding your event is so much easier said than done, but these girls have the tenacity and ability to stand their ground," Gaines said.
    "I couldn't be more proud of their bravery and willingness to show their raw emotion. Girls and women have had enough."

    Mentally Ill Trans Teen Charged w/ Alleged School Shooting Plot
    'Ye started receiving mental health treatment in December of 2022 after making a series of alleged threats...'
    An 18-year-old biological female, who identified as a male, was arrested Wednesday for an alleged plot to commit a mass shooting at a Montgomery County school.
    The Montgomery County Police Department in Maryland announced the arrest of Andrea Ye, whose preferred name is Alex Ye, on Thursday.

    Max Azzarello, man who set himself on fire outside Trump hush money trial, dies: NYPD
    Azzarello was rushed to the burn unit at New York Presbyterian-Cornell Hospital, where he died just before midnight, police confirmed.
    There was no indication Azzarello had any specific grievances related to the trial or Trump.
    Three NYPD police officers monitoring the press outside the courthouse and a court officer suffered smoke inhalation as they tried to extinguish the fire before the FDNY arrived, NYPD Chief of Department Jeffrey Maddrey said Friday.
    Azzarello, described by authorities as a “conspiracy theorist,” posted a rambling manifesto just before the blaze began.
    “I am an investigative researcher who has set himself on fire outside of the Trump trial in Manhattan,” the 37-year-old Floridian wrote. “This extreme act of protest is to draw attention to an urgent and important discovery: We are victims of a totalitarian con, and our own government (along with many of their allies) is about to hit us with an apocalyptic fascist world coup.”

    Columbia anti-Israel protest arrests include Letitia James intern, UPS exec’s daughter who killed elderly couple in crash as a teen
    The 114 anti-Israel protesters who were busted at Columbia on Thursday include members of the upper crust: an intern for New York State Attorney General Letitia James — and the daughter of a prominent UPS executive who killed an elderly couple with her truck as a teenager and got off with a slap on the wrist.
    A Post deep-dive into the backgrounds of the protesters shows many list multimillion-dollar mansions as their home addresses, according to sources, and come from wealthy and powerful families.

    An Insightful Discussion on Silver and the Economy with Peter Krauth
    (Money Metals News Service) In a recent interview on Money Metals with Mike Maharrey, Peter Krauth, author of the book The Great Silver Bull: Crush Inflation and Profit as the Dollar Dies, discussed the intricacies of silver as both a commodity and an investment. Maharrey commended Krauth on the well-organized structure of his book, which allows readers to delve into topics selectively, appreciating its concise and impactful writing style.
    "And how we burned in the camps later thinking, what would things have been like, if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain, whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?"

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    House Judiciary Committee is looking into the fishy ATF raid.
    "Valar morghulis; valar dohaeris."

    Commucrats are most efficient at converting sins and crimes to accidents or misunderstandings.-Oswald Bastable

    Making good people helpless won't make bad people harmless.

    Freedom isn't free.

    "Attitude is the paintbrush that colors our world." TV Series, Haven.

    My Spirit Animal has rabies.

    I'd rather be an American than a Democrat.

    "If you can make a man afraid, you can control him" Netflix Series, The Irregulars

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    Democrats Sponsor Bill for Abortions Up to Birth That Eliminates Every Pro-Life Law Nationwide
    In addition to the obscenities mentioned above, HR 12 and its Senate companion bill, S 701, are outrageous.
    Section 2.8 asserts that abortion creates “better maternal bonding.” How, I wonder, does a woman “better bond” with a dead child?
    Section 2.11 claims that state abortion bans prevent women from receiving “potentially lifesaving treatment for ectopic pregnancies and miscarriage management.” But that is a bald-faced lie! Treatment for ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages is NOT the same procedure as an abortion, and nowhere in the U.S. have those lifesaving treatments been banned.
    Sections 2.17 claims that abortion bans cause a loss of “liberty, dignity, bodily autonomy, equality, due process, privacy, health, and freedom from cruel and inhumane treatment.”

    Lighting A Candle
    In recent years, we’ve seen parents who object to pornographic books, drag queens and the LGBTQP+ movement indoctrinating their children labeled as “the most dangerous threats to our democracy,” and also called “domestic terrorists.” In reality, the opposite is true. Those who push for the normalization of sexual deviancy, homosexuality, pedophilia and the mutilation of the minds and bodies of our children are the real predators, and they have many allies, now baked in to the curricula of our public schools and celebrated wholesale in cities and small towns all across the USA.
    In 1963, “45 Communist goals to take down America” were read into the Congressional record. Among them: “break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in the media;” “present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as ‘normal, natural and healthy;’” “infiltrate the churches;” “discredit the family as an institution;” “Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce;” “emphasize the need to raise children away from the ‘negative’ influence of parents.” And here we are today, with all of those Communist goals to take down America achieved.

    ATF Rule Change Creates a Trap for the Unwary
    Flipping a gun for a price higher than one paid now may turn anyone into a dealer, making any such sale unlawful if it does not involve all the licensing and paperwork that govern gun dealers.
    The law previously required the primary purpose of sales to be “livelihood and profit.” The new rules reduce the requirements to seeking profit alone, tracking the a congressional amendment to existing law in 2022. The changes are more extensive than the legislative guidance, though, by stating that selling guns in the original packaging or shortly after purchase create a rebuttable presumption of being “engaged in the business.”
    The potential risk is substantial, as violations are felonies. Flipping a gun for a price higher than one paid, even if one originally intended to keep it, now may turn one into a dealer, making any such sale unlawful if it does not involve all the licensing and paperwork that govern FFLs.

    Disband the Republican Party
    The time to end the Republican party is now, right now. I don’t care that it’s right before an election. As if elections meant anything and if they don’t, it’s because of the Republican party. The Republican party refused to take election tampering seriously. They were the ones who refused to take these cases to court, despite the overwhelming evidence of election interference, looking the other way when presented with voter fraud. If the Republican party cannot defend the rights of its constituents, but merely act as adjunct Democrats, the party should be abolished and reconstituted with those who recognize the dangers of unlimited debt, runaway inflation and a world turning away from the dollar as a prime reserve currency and the medium for purchasing petroleum.

    US-led West on verge of causing nuclear war – Lavrov
    The three Western nuclear powers are among the chief sponsors of the Kiev regime and main organizers of provocations against Russia, the foreign minister has said
    Addressing the Moscow Nonproliferation Conference organized by the Centre for Energy and Security Studies, Lavrov noted that the globe is in a state of crisis with regard to mechanisms for arms control, disarmament, and nonproliferation and that this jeopardizes international security. He placed the blame for this on Washington, which, according to the diplomat, has been “cynically combining the deliberate destruction of balanced and equal [arms control] agreements” with “blatantly dishonest schemes” that are advantageous solely to the US.
    keeping in mind rt is kremlin mouthpiece

    Federal Docs: Joe Biden’s DHS Gave Work Permit to Laken Riley’s Accused Killer Knowing He Had Criminal Record
    On February 22, Laken Riley went for a morning jog around the University of Georgia (UGA) campus in Athens, Georgia. Riley’s bludgeoned body was found later that day in a wooded area. The following day, Ibarra was arrested and charged with her murder.
    During a Senate budget hearing on Thursday, Hawley read aloud the DHS file on Ibarra, which he said senators only recently obtained.
    According to the documents that Hawley read, Ibarra was encountered at the United States-Mexico border near El Paso, Texas, on September 8, 2022. DHS officials cited “detention capacity,” according to Hawley, as the reason Ibarra was rewarded parole.
    “You and I both know [lack of detention capacity] is not a valid reason [for parole] under the statute,” Hawley told DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. As Breitbart News previously reported, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) data shows about 8,100 available detention beds at the time Ibarra was encountered at the border.

    Biden Administration Giving $300 Million to Sanctuary Cities
    The Biden Administration’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has allocated at least $300 million to so-called “sanctuary cities,” which offer safe harbor to illegal aliens, in defiance of federal law.
    As The National Pulse reports, the funds will be funneled through the Shelter and Services Program (SSP) and will be used to fund shelters and food for the illegals, among other things. Of the $300 million total, $275 million will be handed out immediately, with another $25 million put on hold for use later in the year.
    The SSP primarily funds NGOs and local government entities and covers such aspects as food, shelter, transportation, medical care, and hygiene for illegals. It also covers clothing, translation, administrative costs, and remodeling of current shelters.

    Trump Sold-Out His Base to Shovel $95 Billion to Ukraine and Israel
    America last. America last. That’s all this is. America last, every single day. – Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene
    The man who is most responsible for the $95 billion giveaway to Ukraine and Israel, is the same guy who pretends to oppose America’s “wasteful” foreign wars. Donald Trump. It was Trump who consulted with Speaker Mike Johnson about the contents of the Ukraine aid package, just as it was Trump who concocted the idea of issuing loans instead of dispersing the standard welfare handout. It was also Trump who said:
    “I stand with the Speaker, (Mike Johnson)” after which he added that Johnson is doing “a very good job.”

    The Heroes Who Said “No” to the Ukraine Aid Bill
    The passage of last week’s $ 60.8 billion foreign aid bill for Ukraine has been a cause for celebration among much of the legacy media and D.C. establishment. It’s also been the catalyst for some good old fashioned “red baiting” against the 112 Republican House members who voted against the measure.
    Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) was specifically targeted for her outspoken opposition to House Speaker Mike Johnson’s (R-LA) relentless effort to bring the funding package to a vote.

    Russian cyber attackers hack Texas Panhandle drinking water and flood town in first-ever raid by 'Kremlin aligned' group
    If true, the hack would be the first-ever disruption of a US water system by Russia
    Others like Iran and China have already been accused, and feds are investigating
    A hacking group allied with the Russian government took credit for the scandal
    Ed Snowden revealed fedz have software to make any country look guilty of hacking, but the ruskiis hate us so my guess is 50/50 fedz or ruskiis

    War By Affirmative Action?
    In the American Left’s vision of contemporary war, the West brings too many advantages in science, technology, and wealth.
    Israeli and American military capability, and particularly their missile defenses, are seen as unfair, almost like high achievers’ top SAT scores that are seen as unearned and used to privilege some over others and therefore must be countered or dropped.
    Given Iran’s and its surrogates’ incompetence, the administration, then, must extend the theocracy some allowances “to level the playing field.” Biden does not believe in an equality of opportunity in war, when an aggressor does its best to attack or indeed destroy a defender, who in turn does its own best to retaliate and achieve victory.
    Instead, the Biden administration sees war leading to equality of result as something to be waged “proportionally,” especially when the power attacked is stronger and Western while the attacking aggressor is weaker and non-Western. The method, then, is to restrain the western power and give repeated chances for the non-western aggressors to catch up.
    cuckwars for cuckpeople

    North Korea fires ballistic missile off east coast, says South Korea
    North Korea has fired several ballistic missiles in the waters off the eastern coast, South Korea’s military said on Monday.
    South Korea’s Joint Chief of Staff (JCS) said the launches of the suspected several short-range ballistic missiles took place on Monday afternoon.
    The missiles were fired from near North Korean capital Pyongyang, the South Korean JCS said, without providing more details.

    Putin Reacts To Poland's 'Will Host US Nuclear Weapons' Threat; Russia Sends 'Catastrophe' Warning
    Senior Russian officials reacted vehemently to a claim by the President of Poland that the country was willing to host American nuclear weapons on its soil. Russia's foreign minister accused the West of risking "catastrophic consequences". Watch the full video for more.

    BREAKING NEWS: John Kennedy Issues Epic Takedown Of Major Biden Judicial Nominee On Senate Floor
    Mr Kennedy would make a fine prez

    Scott Ritter: Ukraine Has FALLEN And Zelensky Is In DANGER! NATO Forces Dug Their Own Grave

    Video: Hilarious Scene as DEI-Trained LAPD Descends Upon Pro-Hamas Rioters at Barricaded Building on State Polytechnic University
    Law enforcement plays a unique role in keeping our communities safe. Because police officers serve all segments of the population, their cross-cultural understanding is imperative. Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) training for law enforcement provides the knowledge and skills necessary to help police officers connect with their communities.
    Importance of Police Diversity Training
    Police diversity training teaches officers how their conscious and unconscious biases around race, ethnicity, gender, immigration status, religion and other personal traits influence their conduct. Understanding how biases play a role in working with suspects, witnesses and other law enforcement professionals is the first step toward self-awareness and meaningful change.

    Simulation Shows NUCLEAR HELL Would Be Unleashed In Apocalyptic Iran Vs. Israel War
    Described in one media report as bringing the world to the “gates of hell,” an Israel versus Iran war would quickly go nuclear, leading to mass death and destruction at an exponential rate.
    The destruction of both nations is certain, the simulation shows. And many other surrounding nations, and eventually the rest of the world, would also feel its effects to an unprecedented degree.
    The entire Middle East would be reduced to rubble. Then, as the conflict spirals outward from there, entire nations would collapse.

    "They are ALL dead... 600,000 of them killed in Ukraine" Col. Douglas MacGregor | Redacted News

    #BREAKING: The US Senate has enough votes to PASS the $95 billion foreign aid package
    It will soon head to Biden’s desk to be signed, and then our money will be shipped overseas once again.
    And of course, not a SINGLE DIME for the people of Maui or East Palestine, Ohio
    Remind me again why we pay taxes?

    Joe Biden taunts Lauren Boebert with two-word response
    Colorado congresswoman announced in December she would be switching congressional districts
    The decision came shortly after the president, who she has heavily criticized, visited her district.
    “Just a few weeks after you were in Pueblo, Colorado, Congresswoman Boebert left her district. Is that a coincidence or Dark Brandon at work?” a reporter from media outlet, MeidasTouch, asked Mr Biden last week.
    “That’s classified,” he quipped in response.

    Migrants shipped to Martha’s Vineyard by Gov. Ron DeSantis given crime victim visas
    A handful of the migrants shipped off to Martha’s Vineyard by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis 18 months ago are now legally allowed to work in the US — because they’re considered victims of a crime, their attorney says.
    The migrants applied last year for a special type of visa designated for crime victims — known as a U-visa — after they claimed they were duped into boarding charter flights from San Antonio, Texas, to the upmarket liberal enclave in Massachusetts with the false promises of jobs and housing.
    At least three of the 49 migrants involved in the flight operation — spearheaded by DeSantis in September 2022 — received “bona fide determinations” for their U-visa applications this week, their immigrant attorney, Rachel Self, told the Boston Globe.
    the foreign criminals are now victims somehow

    Hezbollah's Deepest Strike Into Israel Since Gaza War Began; Army Bases Targeted After IDF Airstrike
    Hezbollah on April 23 launched its deepest strike into Israeli territory, as per news agency Reuters. The Lebanon-based group targeted Israeli military bases near the city of Acre. IDF claimed that suspected drones were shot down off the Acre coast. This came hours after Israel allegedly killed two senior Hezbollah figures in an airstrike. Watch the full video for more.

    Biden impeachment ‘star witness’ sues top Democrat for defamation
    Tony Bobulinski, a former business associate of Hunter Biden, alleges in a new $20m lawsuit that Democratic lawmaker Jamie Raskin has been on a campaign to defame him in recent months
    One of the Republicans’ star witnesses in the impeachment hearings of Joe Biden is suing House Democrat Jamie Raskin for $20m for alleged defamatory comments that “deliberately and maliciously” besmirched his character.

    UN Plans Tyrannical Future for You – Alex Newman
    Award-winning journalist Alex Newman, author of the popular book “Deep State” and the new best-selling book called “Indoctrinating Our Children to Death,” says the UN’s quest for total tyrannical control of your life is coming sooner than you could imagine. Newman explains, “The bigger story here that people are not paying attention to is the UN is coming together in September . . . and they are having ‘The Summit of the Future.’ They are telling us they are going to bring out radical drastic reforms in the structure of the UN . . . and the power of the UN. Think of it as the biggest power grab ever at the global level. The Secretary General of the UN (António Guterres) has put out briefs where he is calling for the UN to be the one world global dictatorship with him at the helm. In emergencies, the UN would have all power in emergencies and have all power to oversee emergency response. . . . They say the crisis could be a climate crisis, an economic crisis, environmental crisis, pandemic crisis, black swan crisis or maybe something from outer space. So, basically, anything could be a crisis, and when the Secretary General declares a crisis, all power and authority would go to the UN. This is like a blank check on the wealth and liberty on every person on the planet, and this is coming soon. It is imminent. This is coming in September at the UN, and it is a power grab of historic proportions. They know their time is short, and they are going for the big enchilada here. This is really a summit for a tyrannical future. . . . They want control of every aspect of your life.”

    As Russia Takes More Land, UK Announces 'Largest-Ever' Military Aid For Ukraine, Days After US Move
    UK PM Rishi Sunak announced the 'largest-ever' military package to Ukraine during his visit to Warsaw. Sunak revealed the Ukrainian aid package during a joint briefing with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. The aid reportedly includes 400 vehicles, 60 boats, 1600 munitions, and 4 million rounds of ammunition. Watch for more. INTERNATIONAL NEWS

    Major Banks Debanking Christians
    Timothy of Two Project International founder Steve Curtis told Fox News about his experience with Bank of America. His organization trains Christian pastors in 65 countries, and has banked with BOA since 2011. Curtis said that one day in 2020, his card simply declined “out of the blue.” The bank said that his account would be restricted for three weeks before it was deactivated, but the bank failed to cite a reason for the closure. “We had people all over the world,” Curtis told reporters. “We travel a lot and we need these cards in the field. And so, it had the potential to be very disruptive for us,” he continued. The only answer he received was that his Christian organization was “engaged in a type of business that they had chosen not to service.”
    Lance Wallnau, a Christian author and preacher, was falsely accused of money laundering and had his account frozen. Indigenous Advance Ministries, a Christian organization that cares for the poverty-stricken people of Uganda, was debanked by Bank of America in April 2023. A church in Memphis that donated to the organization was also debanked. Bank of America simply said that the business operated above the “bank’s risk tolerance” and it took months for the ministries to gain access to their funds.

    Russia says seizing its frozen assets would set dangerous precedent
    MOSCOW, April 22 (Reuters) - Any move by the United States to seize frozen Russian assets would be illegal, set a dangerous precedent and be challenged in court, the Kremlin said on Monday, promising that it would retaliate.
    The U.S. House of Representatives on Saturday passed a $95 billion legislative package providing security assistance to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan that included a measure for the potential transfer of seized Russian assets to Ukraine.

    BRICS Will ACCELERATE Launch of Its Financial System Following Russian Asset Seizure, Sanctions

    The Deeper Dive: Artificial Intelligence is Crashing the Stock Market
    Well, any claimed intelligence among stock brokers certainly looks artificial during the present tech train wreck.
    Writers, editors, and publishers are all predicting AI will write most of your news in the future. It will probably also preselect a lot of it and sometimes even create the actual events. It will be largely responsible for selecting most of what you learn about what is happening in the world. Not all of it, of course, until AI figures out how to crush people like me, there will still be alternative sites, trying to pick out the truth; but the job keeps getting harder.
    The same editors and publishers try to re-assure you that humans will be guiding the process and culling the content and fact-checking it for truth since we all know AI lies because it learned how to create from the internet, which means from humans. It learned that truth doesn’t matter as much as a good narrative that says what people want to hear or what they fear … if you want to be successful. The writers, who will be replaced, are understandably less sanguine about AI, except to the extent that many like to use it to short-cut their own research.

    Human body activity associated with a task provided to a user may be used in a mining process of a cryptocurrency system. A server may provide a task to a device of a user which is communicatively coupled to the server. A sensor communicatively coupled to or comprised in the device of the user may sense body activity of the user. Body activity data may be generated based on the sensed body activity of the user. The cryptocurrency system communicatively coupled to the device of the user may verify if the body activity data satisfies one or more conditions set by the cryptocurrency system, and award cryptocurrency to the user whose body activity data is verified.

    WARNING: When The “Petro-Dollar” Collapses, YOUR LIFE Will COMPLETELY Change…
    It might sound boring to you, but I promise you it is not. If the US Petrodollar falls as the world reserve currency, your standard of living and quality of life here in the United States will change instantly and overnight. And not for the better.
    Let’s jump right in to this latest video from Glenn Beck interviewing Carol Roth.
    It’s only about 15 minutes long but you need to see it.
    If the dollar falls, your life will change overnight.
    And speaking of things changing overnight, Glenn says we’re at the point where literally you could wake up Monday morning and find all the banks closed.
    the world had changed forever while they slept

    Miles Franklin CEO Andy Schectman lays out his theory on how America’s debt spiral will lead to a complusatory #CBDC. ��
    – Weaponize the dollar
    – Incentive oil producers to dump the dollar
    – Cause an inflationary crisis at home
    – Banks collapse
    – Tell everyone they will be made whole if they sign up for the CBDC
    "And how we burned in the camps later thinking, what would things have been like, if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain, whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?"

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    FBI Director Forecasts Major Terror Attack, Lies about Monitoring Protests
    'We are increasingly concerned [about] the potential for some kind of coordinated attack here in the homeland, which may be not that different from what you saw against the concert hall in Russia a few weeks ago from ISIS-K...'
    “We are increasingly concerned [about] the potential for some kind of coordinated attack here in the homeland, which may be not that different from what you saw against the concert hall in Russia a few weeks ago from ISIS-K,” Wray told NBC’s Lester Holt.
    Wray didn’t mention that Russia has accused the U.S. of being behind the ISIS-K attack. While such an accusation may seem absurd to some, recent investigative journalism has shown that ISIS-K is led by a NATO contractor.
    This information has been scrubbed from Wikipedia, but @bsarwary and other Afghan journalists obtained ID cards that show that the reputed leader of ISIS-K was a security contractor for the US client state in Afghanistan. His license to deal weapons was issued by NATO.
    — Seth Harp (@sethharpesq) March 24, 2024
    Moreover, Facebook now seems to be censoring reporting about ISIS’s conneciotns to the U.S. security state. The Grayzone said last week that Facebook users have reported being banned, or having their posts censored, after sharing an investigation by The Grayzone’s Kit Klarenberg into CIA and MI6 involvement in the creation of ISIS.

    “Let My People Go” Full Interview: Cyber Expert Harry Haury Reveals How Election Machines Error Rates Violate Federal Law and How Bill Barr Killed a Massive Fraudulent Ballot Investigation
    In part 1 of this interview from “Let My People Go,” Cyber Security Expert and Co-Author of the Help America Vote Act, Harry Haury, breaks down how U.S. Election equipment vendors, clerks and Secretaries of State fail to comply with federally mandated error rates for ballots being processed through election tabulators — which only allow one error for every 125,000 ballots. This means virtually none of the states performing risk limiting audits are following HAVA.
    Haury explains how the error rates are supposed to mirror stringent standards in the banking industry for check processing. In a surprise to no one, the error rates in elections are not only abysmal, but as a chief author of HAVA, Haury provides his expert opinion that the law has not been followed for nearly two decades. Haury also breaks down the legal deficiencies found under the National Voter Registration Act and his observation of voter rolls having tremendous error rates.

    72 Types Of Americans That Are Considered “Potential Terrorists” In Official Government Documents
    Are you a conservative, a libertarian, a Christian or a gun owner? Are you opposed to abortion, globalism, Communism, illegal immigration, the United Nations or the New World Order? Do you believe in conspiracy theories, do you believe that we are living in the “end times”?
    If you answered yes to any of those questions, you are a “potential terrorist,” according to official U.S. government documents.

    Illegal Alien From Mexico Breaks Into Michigan Home, Sexually Assaults Two Girls Under the Age of 13
    According to police, 25-year-old Miguel Hernandez-Ruiz broke into a mobile home near Sturgis and sexually assaulted two sisters.
    Miguel Hernandez-Ruiz threatened to kill the girls if they tried to scream. He used his hands to sexually assault the girls and exposed himself, according to court documents, Fox 17 reported.

    Truth Social CEO calls on House to investigate potential 'unlawful manipulation of DJT stock'
    "Such an inquiry is needed to protect shareholders, including TMTG’s retail investors," Nunes says
    The concern follows Trump Media & Technology Group, whose flagship product is social networking site Truth Social, began being traded late last month on the Nasdaq stock market.
    "This is particularly troubling given that 'naked' short selling often entails sophisticated market participants profiting at the expense of retail investors," Nunes wrote in the letter released on Tuesday. "Reports indicate that, as of April 3, 2024, DJT was the single most expensive stock to short in U.S. markets by a significant margin, meaning that brokers have a significant financial incentive to lend non-existent shares."

    Georgia’s Gabe Sterling Goes Silent and Is “In Hiding” Since Georgia State Election Board Finds Violations in Second 2020 Election Investigation
    After being behind the efforts to certify the uncertifiable election in 2020 and getting caught with not one, but two investigations into the 2020 Election results, and two court cases identifying thousands of issues with election results, and uncovering that no signature validations occurred in Fulton County for over 100,000 votes, Gabe Sterling is nowhere to be found.

    Rep. Massie Threatened w/ $500 Fine for Posting Evidence of Congressional Treason
    'Mike Johnson really wants to memory hole this betrayal of America...'
    Apparently, House Speaker Mike Johnson—one of the key architects of the aid package—wants you to forget about the betrayal. According to Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky., who posted video of the congressional treason, the House Sergeant at Arms threatened him with a $500 fine if he doesn’t delete the footage.
    “Mike Johnson really wants to memory hole this betrayal of America,” Massie quipped on Twitter.
    Instead of fining democrats for waving flags, the House Sergeant at Arms just called and said I will be fined $500 if I don’t delete this video post.

    Disgusting: Massachusetts Congressman Keating Gleefully Hands Zelensky Copy of Uniparty Members Who Put Foreign Interests Over American Citizens (Video)
    Congressman Bill Keating (D-MA), apparently thrilled at the opportunity to fund a foreign country over America’s working poor and struggling middle class, traveled to personally meet with Ukraine’s President Zelensky.
    With a smile on his face and glee in his voice, Keating handed Zelensky a list of the Uniparty members who voted to send billions of dollars to Ukraine and put foreign interests over American citizens.

    This is an @nbcsnl skit from 2015. It was a forecast of dropping off your kid at an Ivy League University in 2024.

    Report, Lawfare Beach Friends Meet Every Friday to Discuss Legal Filings and Best Trump Attack Strategy
    As we have noted for the past several years, it’s this same group of Lawfare ideologues, mostly former DOJ administrators and lawyers, who are behind every anti-Trump effort. The primary trio is Mary McCord, Norm Eisen (left in red tie), and Andrew Weissmann.
    These are the three members who write the briefs and court motions that Jack Smith then files.
    Mary McCord worked in the DOJ-NSD to secure the first Title-1 warrant against the Trump campaign; then she created the Logan Act violation to use against Michael Flynn; then she went to work with Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler on both impeachment efforts; then McCord went to work for Bennie Thompson on the J6 committee; then she worked as the liaison between the J6 Committee and Fulton County DA Fani Willis, and now Mary McCord currently works for Jack Smith on the special counsel effort.
    Politico outlines how Lawfare operative Norm Eisen organizes the weekly Lawfare meeting and lists the participants who also join in. Remember, Mary McCord, Norm Eisen and Andrew Weissmann are the primary Lawfare agents.

    Following Niger, Chad Moves to Expel US Troops from Country
    'They have informed us that we need to leave...'
    Bloomberg noted that Chad’s request comes just ahead of a presidential election, which the country’s interim leader Mahamat Deby is widely expected to win.
    If the U.S. leaves Chad, the Army would have to close what Bloomberg described as “one of its few remaining outposts to fight a roiling jihadist insurgency in the region.”
    Bloomberg further noted that the military rulers of Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso, who all seized power over the past three years, have cut security ties with their former allies in the West.
    Meanwhile, the Pentagon is apparently planning its withdrawal from Niger.
    Rep. Matt Gaetz, whose office investigated the Niger whistleblower complaints, expressed concern about how the Biden administration will handle with withdrawal.
    “I fear the administration will handle this withdrawal similarly to the withdrawal from Afghanistan,” Gaetz said Friday on Twitter. “The safety and security of all service members must be our top priority in this time of transition.”

    Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene????
    The House of Representatives and Speaker Mike Johnson don’t give a damn about the American people, our border, our jobs, our economy, or our national security.
    The most important thing in Congress is spending another $61 BILLION of YOUR money to fuel a war in Ukraine, protect a foreign border, and prop up the military industrial complex.
    My amendment would strip every dollar from this Ukraine slush fund and reduce the dollar amount to $0.
    Congress has already sent $113 BILLION to Ukraine. We shouldn’t send another penny.

    Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder Says New Song is About Trump — Claims Former President Left People With ‘PTSD’
    “There is a guy in the United States who is still saying he didn’t lose an election, and people are reverberating and amplifying that message as if it is true,” Vedder told The Times.
    The musician continued, “Trump is desperate. I don’t think there has ever been a candidate more desperate to win, just to keep himself out of prison and to avoid bankruptcy. It is all on the line, and he’s out there playing the victim — at least they’re doing this to me, because if not they would be doing it to you — but you haven’t falsified your tax records. You don’t have classified information in your basement. So the song is saying, let’s not be driven apart by one person, especially not a person without any worthy causes.”
    cuckmusic for cuckpeople

    GO DEEP – Speaker Johnson Changed Mind on FISA/Deep State after Lobbying from Pompeo and Intelligence Community
    This is more than a little interesting and aligns with my own research and discussions. House Speaker Mike Johnson was lobbied by former CIA Director Mike Pompeo and current officials from the CIA, DNI and Intelligence Community.
    This effort, and his son starting at the Naval Academy, is what changed Johnson’s mind about allowing the U.S. intelligence community to have his full support in the IC war against the American people.

    THE HUNT FOR DRAFT DODGERS: Ukraine Consulates Abroad Cease Providing Services for Military-Aged Men
    Almost a million military-age males have fled the Ukrainian territory seeking to avoid military service which has become in many ways a death sentence, as Russian defense minister Sergei Shoigu has stated that Kiev’s human losses have topped half a million troops.
    Now, Ukraine has started to resort to radical moves, as they suspended consular services for military-age male citizens abroad.
    Kiev authorities have criticized Ukrainians abroad who ‘expect to receive help from the state without helping it battle for survival in the war against Russia’.

    FBI produces Tennessee’s Covenant school shooter manifesto and other writings
    U.S. District Court Judge Aleta A. Trauger sided with the Tennessee Star last month, in seeking all the written documents from shooter Audrey Hale, which resulted in the deaths of three students and three faculty members.
    Attorney Daniel Lennington, who represents Star News Digital Media, said that the judge’s ruling last month was a “promising development.”
    “Someone is finally holding the FBI accountable for its handling of the manifesto,” Lennington said at the time. “The people have a right to know what motivated the Nashville Shooter, and we are step closer to finding out more information.”

    Judge Declares Mistrial in Murder Case of Rancher George Kelly Accused of Shooting Illegal Alien
    After more than 15 hours of deliberation, Santa Cruz County Superior Court Judge Thomas Fink declared a mistrial just after 4:30 p.m. The court scheduled a status meeting for 1:30 p.m. April 29 to allow the Santa Cruz County Attorney’s Office to decide if it wants to retry the case.
    “They won’t wear me down,” rancher George Alan Kelly told reporters after the mistrial was declared.
    The trial centered on the Jan. 30, 2023, death of Mexican migrant Gabriel Cuen Buitimea, who was found shot after Kelly fired warning shots into the air, his defense attorney said.

    HORROR: Woman Dies After Having Her Throat Slit by Homeless Man at Los Angeles Metro Station in Unprovoked Attack
    A woman in her 60s has died following another violent incident involving public transportation in Los Angeles.
    The latest incident occurred around 5 a.m. Monday morning. The victim was stabbed on the southbound train before exiting at the Universal City B Line Station at 3901 Lankershim Blvd, close to the major tourist attraction, Universal Studios.

    McConnell blames Tucker Carlson for pulling Republicans away from supporting Ukraine aid
    Carlson interviewed Russian President Vladimir Putin in February, in a two-hour interview that was met with backlash from critics who claimed Carlson was too lenient in his questions for the Russian leader.
    “I think the demonization of Ukraine began by Tucker Carlson, who in my opinion ended up where he should have been all along, which was interviewing Vladimir Putin,” McConnell said, according to The Hill. “He convinced a lot of rank-and-file Republicans that maybe this was a mistake.”

    J6er Still Faces Punishment for Going on Tucker Carlson’s Show
    'Walton is trying to once again impose surveillance of Goodwyn’s computer...'
    “Walton is trying to once again impose surveillance of Goodwyn’s computer, ordering him to ‘show cause’ as to why that should not be happening,” the outlet reported.
    Goodwyn’s punishment stems from his June 2023 appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight, where he promoted a website for supporters to donate money to him and other political prisoners. Goodwyn’s appearance on that show drew the ire of Judge Walton, who last June ordered the Probation Office to monitor Goodwyn’s computer to make sure he didn’t spread “disinformation.” Goodwyn was also sentenced to 60 days imprisonment and given a $2,500 fine.

    “This Will Be the Sleeper Issue of 2024” — THE DEMOCRAT ELECTION STEAL IS IN MOTION: 1.7 Million Mysterious Voter Registrations Recorded in Texas Since 2020
    The Democrat election steal machine is in motion.
    While Republicans sleep Democrats are already maneuvering for another massive election steal in November 2024.
    Either the Republican Party is completely worthless or is in on it. They can’t possibly be this blind and ignorant.
    Catherine Engelbrecht from True the Vote released a shocking video on Monday regarding a mysterious surge in Texas voter registrations since the beginning of 2024.

    Unsealed docs expose early collaboration between Archives, Biden White House in Trump prosecution
    One Rule For Me, Another for Thee? The newly unsealed documents provide the latest evidence indicating disparate by government's treatment in Trump and Biden's respective classified documents cases.
    One email dated May 5, 2021, shows the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) had already consulted the Biden White House about missing Trump records, more than a year before the public would learn that the former president president had kept some classified memos.
    “I have had several conversations with [Person 40] since the end of the Trump Administration about various paper records that he believes were not transferred to us,” NARA General Counsel Gary Stern wrote to his colleagues in one May email.

    "Blacks aren't more criminal."
    But it can be illegal for companies to use criminal background checks because they "discriminate against blacks."
    "Blacks aren't less smart."
    But it can be illegal for companies to use IQ tests because they "discriminate against blacks."

    JUST IN: Lawless Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs Vetoes Bipartisan Bill to Combat Squatting in Arizona – Hobbs Has Broken Record for Vetoes in a Single Term in Just 15 Months
    The bill would have also deemed that “a person who fails or refuses to surrender possession of the property as directed by a law enforcement officer is committing trespass.”
    Hobbs vetoed the legislation, stating in a letter, “This bill fails to leverage existing legal mechanisms, respect the due process rights of lawful tenants, and minimize unintended consequences such as for victims of domestic violence.”
    It can be recalled that during Katie Hobbs’ first legislative session last year, after she stole the midterm election from conservative firebrand Kari Lake, Hobbs broke the record for the number of bills vetoed in a single legislative session, and she did it during her first 100 days in office. As The Gateway Pundit reported, Hobbs was also ranked as the third most unpopular Governor in America, with an approval rating of just 47%.

    Ex-DHS disinformation chief starts 'bipartisan' watchdog, accuses GOP of sexist investigations
    American Sunlight Project won't reveal its donors but threatens to investigate and expose lawmakers who "peddle" disinformation. Team includes former staff in Biden White House and agencies, left-leaning think tanks, social media.
    censorship barbie lol

    Biden Signs TikTok ‘Ban,’ Paving Way for Sweeping Online Censorship
    'Rest assured, we aren't going anywhere...'
    In a move likely to stun millions of American users, the Senate followed through on a controversial ban of the China-run TikTok app.
    The move had many conservatives split over concerns for national security in the face of all but certain espionage on one hand—not to mention the cultural rot that the platform fostered—while also presenting chilling implications, on the other hand, for government targeting of platforms such as Twitter or Truth Social.
    Defenders of the TikTok ban say it won’t necessarily result in an immediate deplatforming. The measure gives TikTok’s Beijing-based parent company, ByteDance, nine months to sell the company, with a possible additional three months if a sale is in progress. If it doesn’t, TikTok will be banned.

    Anti-Israel Mob Assembles Outside Home of Chuck Schumer, Arrests Begin Almost Immediately (VIDEO)
    An anti-Israel mob formed in front of the New York home of Senator Chuck Schumer tonight and the protesters were arrested almost immediately.
    Funny how quickly arrests can be made in a case like this depending on who is being threatened.
    Jewish students don’t get this kind of swift protection. Neither do conservative Supreme Court justices.

    Mark Hamill: ‘Biden Is the Best President We’ve Ever Had’
    Hamill has frequently espoused far-left politics on social media for years, as well as contributing to a virtual fundraiser for Biden during his 2020 campaign. He declared himself “proud” to appear in a video produced by the faux-conservative Lincoln Project, advocated for Michelle Obama to become Vice President, spread a fake report that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis banned the book To Kill a Mockingbird, lent his name to a fundraising email for Russia hoaxer Adam Schiff, and even attacked Ivanka Trump for posting a photo of her son in a Star Wars stormtrooper Halloween costume.

    China creeps onto US doorstep with attempt to establish apparent Caribbean satellite state
    Meanwhile, Antiguan Prime Minister Gaston Browne told Newsweek that his nation turned to China because Western countries were not helping.
    "I see China, though, as a country that stands on truth, and a country that, you know, at least has some level of empathy for small states, and generally for poor and dispossessed persons globally," he said.
    Browne's critics accuse him of surrendering the country's sovereignty to China.
    "I think China wants a foothold in more strategic places, as a superpower," said Gisele Isaac, chairwoman of the United Progressive Party, which is opposed to Browne's Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party.
    "I think that this administration has become, and that's our concern, overly reliant on one partner, that partner being China," Isaac also said.
    the chicoms would love to have a few more deep water ports for the invasion of the US, and they should have asked some of the other shitholes that have taken chicom loans how its working out

    Paul Ryan Praises Speaker Johnson for Allowing Democrats to Seize House
    ‘Found His Footing and His Voice’
    Democrats steamrolled Johnson by successfully pushing Biden administration’s agenda through the House. Johnson gave Biden “pretty much everything” Biden asked for “without having to concede much in return,” Punchbowl reported.
    The Democrat victory was a reminder of how some Republicans often decline to use their capacity to push conservative policies popular with the base. Democrats often appear to use their power without qualms.
    Johnson “found his footing, and his voice. … [H]e did it as a statesman, risking his own personal political fortune for the greater good that he believes in,” Ryan told Axios Tuesday.
    The former House Speaker’s opinion appears to represent the mainstream establishment opinion of Johnson’s historic maneuver, but it does not represent many conservatives.
    ryans starting to look like billyjeff clinton more and more every day!

    Unsealed Docs Reveal Alleged Scheme to Compromise Lawyer in Trump Case
    'Bratt concluded his observations with words to the effect of, "I wouldn’t want you to do anything to mess that up"—referring to Mr. Woodward’s potential nomination...'
    The judge presiding over Donald Trump’s classified information case in Florida has unsealed a slew of court records in that matter—revealing details of an alleged plot to bribe defense attorney Stanley Woodward, who is representing Trump’s co-defendant, Walt Nauta.
    U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon’s order to unseal court records revealed a June 7, 2023, letter from Woodward and Nauta to U.S. Judge James Boasberg. The letter came the day before the indictment against Trump was unsealed in the classified info case. The letter was reported on by mainstream media at the time, but wasn’t published until this week.

    Thoughts on Ukrainian-born Rep. Victoria Spartz who voted NO on aid to Ukraine?
    America First Immigrant Patriot or Deracinated Political Mercenary?
    Republican congresswoman, Victoria Spartz is a Ukrainian immigrant and the only Ukrainian-born person in the US House of Representatives. However, Spartz opposed the recent massive foreign aid package to Ukraine. On one hand, Spartz could exemplify an immigrant who puts the interests of their adopted nation first. However, another interpretation is that she is someone quick to betray their ancestral homeland for political interests.

    ‘Open Borders’ senator finds out her long-time staffer was killed by an illegal; her next step raises eyebrows…
    Sen. Catherine Cortez-Masto, D-Nev., claimed that there were “no open borders,” just two days before the migrant arrested in a deadly car accident that killed her adviser illegally entered into the U.S.
    In a resurfaced video from March 10, 2021, a month when Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) reported over 170,000 migrant encounters at the border, Cortez Masto is seen telling MSNBC that there was “a lot of misinformation” surrounding the southern border crisis.
    “There’s no open border,” the Democrat Senator claimed. “As someone who was attorney general for eight years, my state worked very closely on the border with Mexico. There are no open borders.”

    Farage: French Navy ‘Working For the Traffickers’ by Assisting Migrants Cross English Channel
    On the first day after the UK finally passed legislation to send illegal boat migrants to processing centres in Rwanda, 402 foreigners successfully crossed the Channel from France. However, five migrants, including a seven-year-old girl, a woman, and three men died as the engine of the overcrowded dinghy cut out, sparking panic.
    While 48 migrants from the boat were returned to France, the French Navy decided to continue escorting the 58 remaining migrants in the dinghy to UK waters, despite the drownings.
    “They managed to restart the engine and decided to continue their sea route towards Great Britain under the surveillance of the French Navy,” the local Pas-de-Calais prefect Jacques Billant said per The Telegraph.

    Maduro’s Venezuela Hires the Rothschilds To Help Restructure Its Foreign Debt
    The world is a complex place, in which you may find a socialist Latin American strong man locking arms with one of the most powerful capitalist (and Globalist) families in the world.
    Right now, the diplomatic and commercial relations between the US and Venezuela are at a very low point, after the US re-imposed sanctions on the oil and gas industries.

    A Big Deflationary Push From China But Will Biden or Trump Allow That?
    For decades, China had two ways to hit its GDP targets, a property bubble and exports.
    But the property bubble has permanently collapsed as have the State Owned Enterprises SOEs that fueled the bubbles.
    China desperately needs measures to support consumption, instead it goes back to the wll one more time with exports. It’s a move that cannot work.
    "And how we burned in the camps later thinking, what would things have been like, if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain, whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5.56NATO View Post
    "Blacks aren't more criminal."
    But it can be illegal for companies to use criminal background checks because they "discriminate against blacks."
    "Blacks aren't less smart."
    But it can be illegal for companies to use IQ tests because they "discriminate against blacks."
    So, in essence, the Administration IS claiming, by way of using a back door approach, that blacks do commit more crimes than any other racial group and that blacks are not very smart.

    Interesting how Commucrats manage to appear to take the high road, yet in reality, what they're saying puts them on the low road.
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    "Valar morghulis; valar dohaeris."

    Commucrats are most efficient at converting sins and crimes to accidents or misunderstandings.-Oswald Bastable

    Making good people helpless won't make bad people harmless.

    Freedom isn't free.

    "Attitude is the paintbrush that colors our world." TV Series, Haven.

    My Spirit Animal has rabies.

    I'd rather be an American than a Democrat.

    "If you can make a man afraid, you can control him" Netflix Series, The Irregulars

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5.56NATO View Post
    "Blacks aren't more criminal."
    But it can be illegal for companies to use criminal background checks because they "discriminate against blacks."
    "Blacks aren't less smart."
    But it can be illegal for companies to use IQ tests because they "discriminate against blacks."
    Quote Originally Posted by alismith View Post
    So, in essence, the Administration IS claiming, by way of using a back door approach, that blacks do commit more crimes than any other racial group and that blacks are not very smart.

    Interesting how Commucrats manage to appear to take the high road, yet in reality, what they're saying puts them on the low road.
    As evidence for these statements, the St. Louis news stations have been running an article about a burglar who smashed his way in to several restaurants and bars in a popular area of the south side of downtown known as "Dutchtown". The perp is already in custody as he was on probation at the time and wearing a GPS monitor when he committed these break-ins. He was also driving a stolen car in doing these burglaries.
    Need I say more?
    “I have little patience with people who take the Bill of Rights for granted. The Bill of Rights, contained in the first ten amendments to the Constitution, is every American’s guarantee of freedom.” - - President Harry S. Truman, “Years of Trial and Hope”

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    Actually "Blacks" are very smart. How many "Whites" know how to use the system so well that they get free housing, free food, free phones and the service that goes with them. They are so good at working the system that criminal behavior is no longer criminal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by imanaknut View Post
    Actually "Blacks" are very smart. How many "Whites" know how to use the system so well that they get free housing, free food, free phones and the service that goes with them. They are so good at working the system that criminal behavior is no longer criminal.
    your post reminded me of reading the report from iron mountain, where the lbj regime determined welfare to be "a very sophisticated form of slavery"
    "And how we burned in the camps later thinking, what would things have been like, if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain, whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?"

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    rumour has it more and more ukraine units are surrendering to russian forces, refusing to die for zelensky in suicidal attacks

    Australian Orthodox Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel Makes a Triumphant Return on Palm Sunday: Defends Freedom of Speech, Forgives His Attacker (VIDEO)
    There’s one thing that most unbelievers – especially Muslim terrorists – don’t quite get about Christians: if you kill a holy man, you turn him into a martyr, and his word will echo through centuries.
    And if you don’t kill him, he comes back much stronger in the love of Christ.
    Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel, carrying a gold cross and sporting a white eye patch, returned triumphantly to the pulpit on Orthodox Palm Sunday – of all days – and delivered a fiery sermon, calling out Prime Minister Anthony Albanese in an impassioned defense of freedom of speech and religion.

    A Ukrainian Brigade Disappeared, And A Russian Brigade Almost Broke Through: How The Battle For Ocheretyne Upended The War In Ukraine This Weekend
    What happened to the Ukrainian army’s 115th Mechanized Brigade?
    As the 47th Mechanized Brigade was pulling back from the front line east of the village of Ocheretyne this weekend, the Russians attacked—and very nearly broke through Ukrainian lines into the 20-mile-wide ribbon of undefended terrain separating the free city of Pokrovsk from the front line.
    The Ukrainian army’s 115th Mechanized Brigade was supposed to take the 47th Mechanized Brigade’s place along the front line. But something went wrong. According to Mykola Melnyk, the famed 47th Mechanized Brigade company commander who lost a leg during the summer counteroffensive, “certain units just fucked off.”
    wont be long and nato will step into the shit

    Infuriating: Beloved 36-Year-Old New York City Firefighter and Military Veteran Dies from a Heart Attack After Being Fired to Pay for Illegal Aliens – Family is Left With Nothing
    The New York Post reported Sunday that 36-year-old Derek Floyd suffered cardiac arrest and died on April 15. This was four months after the city canned him as part of a larger effort to trim staff and fund services for the tens of thousands of illegals invading the Big Apple.
    The outlet reports NYC is aiming to cut the FDNY budget by $74 million by the end of 2025 to make way for even more spending on illegal aliens.
    The Post reveals Floyd was dismissed weeks before Christmas. He had been a firefighter for four years and was one of roughly ten Fire Department employees on “long-term duty.”

    Merrick Garland Defies Final Warning to Comply with Biden Audio Subpoena or Face Contempt
    Attorney General Merrick Garland defied a final warning Thursday to comply with a subpoena for the audio of President Joe Biden’s interview with special counsel Robert Hur.
    If Garland did not comply with the subpoena, he would face contempt of Congress proceedings, House Oversight Committee chair James Comer (R-KY) and Judiciary Committee chair Jim Jordan (R-OH) wrote Garland on April 17.

    CONFIRMED: Federal Government Giving Voter Registration Forms to Non-Citizen Refugees
    The federal government is giving voter registration forms to non-citizen ‘refugees.’
    According to South Carolina state representative and congressional candidate Adam Morgan, the federal government is including voter registration forms in packets at the Social Security Office in Spartanburg, South Carolina.
    “Is the Federal Gov giving voter registration forms to non-citizens?” Adam Morgan said on X.
    “Yes, at least in SC. A refugee sent us this form that was given to her in a packet at the Social Security Office in Spartanburg. She asked “Why are they giving these to non-citizens?”” he said.

    George Soros is paying student radicals who are fueling nationwide explosion of Israel-hating protests
    A network of "fellows" for a Soros-funded group are at the heart of protests on college campuses nationwide.
    George Soros and his hard-left acolytes are paying agitators who are fueling the explosion of radical anti-Israel protests at colleges across the country.
    The protests, which began when students took over Columbia University’s Morningside Heights campus lawn last week, have mushroomed nationwide.
    Copycat tent cities have been set up at colleges including Harvard, Yale, Berkeley in California, the Ohio State University and Emory in Georgia — all of them organized by branches of the Soros-funded Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) — and at some, students have clashed with police.

    JUST IN: Rep. Tim Burchett Sends Letter to House Oversight Committee Requesting Investigation Into Democrats’ Letters to Private Companies Asking Them to Censor Conservative Media and One America News Network
    According to Burchett, “In 2021, Congressional Democrats sent official letters to numerous private television companies urging them to take retaliatory action against certain ‘right wing’ media outlets like Newsmax, Fox News, and OAN.”
    This led several cable companies to cancel contracts with One America News Network (OANN).

    Pope Francis: Climate Change Deniers Are ‘Stupid’
    “Some people are stupid (necios), and stupid even if you show them research, they don’t believe it,” the pontiff told CBS Evening News anchor Norah O’Donnell when asked what he would say to the deniers of climate change.
    “Why? Because they don’t understand the situation, or because of their interests, but climate change exists,” the 87-year-old pope asserted.
    I dunno about him but the weather has always changed around these here parts

    International Criminal Court Prepares to Issue Arrest Warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Other Top Senior Officials, Sources Say
    The officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity, suggested that the ICC is also considering similar actions against leaders of Hamas. The potential charges may relate to hindering the delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza and what has been described as a disproportionate response to the Hamas-led attacks on October 7.
    The Israeli officials have expressed concern about the implications of such cases, with fears mounting that Prime Minister Netanyahu might be directly named in the warrants. Specific charges against Hamas leaders have not been clarified.

    Democrats Praying for a Trump Assassination?
    I grew up in a Democratic house. My father took me to see John F. Kennedy in 1960 in Willingboro, New Jersey. He shook my hand, but unlike Bill Clinton, that did not inspire me to run for president. I was raised with the belief in being fair and against corruption. There is no way my father would be a Democrat today. The Democratic Party no longer represents what it once did.
    Through my years, all I have witnessed is how handing ANY power to those in government becomes like a drug addiction, and they will stoop to absolutely anything to retain that power. This is our current crisis. The Democratic motto should be: We have defeated the enemy. We occupy the Hill. We have become the enemy. Walt Kelly, an American cartoonist (1913-1973), said: “We have met the enemy, and he is us!”

    “This is Insane. The Forever War” – Elon Musk Responds to Ukrainian President Zelenskyy’s Announcement of a Decade-Long Funding Agreement with U.S.
    Per David Sacks, co-host of the All In podcast, “Zelensky announces that Ukraine is working on a security agreement with the U.S. that will fix levels of support for the next 10 years. The $61 billion was just the beginning.The next two U.S. presidents won’t be able to switch it off.”

    BIG PICTURE – Judge Cannon Unseals and Un-redacts Trump Legal Motion that Exposes DOJ Fraudulent Case Against Him
    In the Special Counsel Jack Smith constructed Lawfare case against Donald Trump, what is generally called “the documents case”, involving the raid on Mar-a-Lago, President Trump’s attorney, Christopher Kise, did something similar to a speaking indictment with an extensive court motion on January 16, 2024. The 68-page motion is a comprehensive “speaking motion” which outlines a great deal of the fraud and Lawfare manipulation by the special counsel. [SEE DOCUMENT HERE]
    In response to the filing, using the pre-established legal narrative about needing to control “national security” information [SEE HERE], the Jack Smith team (essentially Lawfare operatives like Weissman, Eisen and McCord) redacted large portions of the Trump motion specifically to stop the public record from showing the outline. However, two days ago, April 22nd, Judge Aileen Cannon unsealed and more importantly ‘unredacted’ the motion.

    “Obviously We’ll Wait for Leader Jeffries to Figure Out That Solution” – Reps Jared Moskowitz, Hakeem Jeffries Suggest Democrats Will Likely Save The Speaker After $61 Billion Ukraine Aid Deal
    Rep. Andy Biggs said last week, “The Speaker actually put together a coalition with Democrats to get the Ukraine funding that was $65 billion or so.” Prior to this and the passage of $95 billion in aid, The Gateway Pundit reported that Johnson was negotiating with the Biden regime to introduce a substantial funding package for foreign conflicts and whip up opposition from the Democrats to a Motion to Vacate against him.
    The handout to Ukraine was sold to the American people as a “loan.” However, as The Gateway Pundit reported, the package Johnson announced Wednesday includes terms that will allow the President to cancel 50% of Ukraine’s debt after November 15, 2024, and the remaining 50% after January 1, 2024. No wonder Joe Biden came out “strongly” in support of the package, urging the House and Senate to pass it.

    Black athletic director of Baltimore high school arrested for creating AI deepfake of white principal to stage race hoax
    Police say they have conclusive evidence that Darien was the one who made the recordings and that he was trying to retaliate against Eiswert who was investigating Darien's alleged misuse of school funds.
    A Maryland school athletic director was arrested at BWI-Marshall Airport after it was discovered that he had allegedly spread an AI-generated impersonation of the Pikesville High School principal that framed the principal as being racist. Dhazon Darien, 31, is looking at many charges due to the deepfake, including stalking, theft, disruption of school operations, and retaliation against a witness.
    the racism is so thick it has to be created

    Stephen Miller Warns Biden Needs Presidential Immunity, Could Be Tried For War Crimes and Human Trafficking (VIDEO)
    “If they say there’s no immunity for official acts, the moment Joe Biden leaves office, every single red city and red state DA in the country can charge him for financial crimes related to illegal student loan bailouts, can charge him for war crimes related to deaths of service members overseas, can charge him for human trafficking, human smuggling and by the way, more election interference than you can even count,” said Miller, who currently runs the America First Legal Foundation.

    Russia Will Target US Nuclear Weapons In Poland If They Appear
    Moscow considers any expansion of NATO’s nuclear-sharing arrangement as “deeply destabilizing” in nature, “and in fact threatening” Russia, Ryabkov was quoted as saying by TASS on Thursday. This applies to joint missions, where non-nuclear members of the US-led bloc are trained to use American hardware, and even more so to the permanent stationing of such weapons “which hotheads in Warsaw are talking about,” he said.
    In follow-up, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova stipulated that "any nuclear weapons deployed to Poland would be legitimate targets in the event of war with the alliance." Russian media translations said Moscow would see this as a "priority target".
    ‘Just Representing My Country’: MLB Umps Force Cubs Pitcher to Ditch Glove with American Flag Patch
    But as the umps looked him over before heading onto the field, they told him he would not be allowed to use the glove with the small flag patch.
    The issue was the American flag was on his glove,” said Cubs manager Craig Counsell, according to Fox News. “Pitchers’ gloves, they’re pretty strict about not having white on the pitchers’ gloves. Apparently, the flag had what could be a distraction to the hitter.”

    JUST IN: Scotland’s Far-Left, Anti-White First Minister Humza Yousaf to Resign After Just One Year in Office
    Humza Yousaf is preparing to quit as Scotland’s first minister after coming to the conclusion that his position is no longer tenable. Senior SNP figures have been told the nationalist leader decided over the weekend that there is no way for him to survive this week’s vote of no confidence and he may stand down on Monday.

    “The RINO Establishment Republican Party’s Biggest Nightmare is a Candidate They Can’t Control.” New York State GOP EXPOSED! OP-ED.
    I made the decision to play offense and sue the Board of Elections and the New York State GOP in Federal Court. This lawsuit is important to the freedoms and Constitutional rights of so many people. It is much bigger than me. If I win (and I have legal precedent on my side) it will open ballot access for many more America First, non-establishment candidates to run for office in the future.

    How at least 13 banks may have worked with feds to SPY on transactions of hundreds of pro-gun and religious Trump supporters after January 6 'without warrants'
    House Judiciary Committee sent a letter to the Treasury Sec. Janet Yellen
    Americans had their private financial data shared after January 6 reveals seven new financial institutions under investigation

    One of the far-left lead student organizers at the @Columbia University encampment for Gaza recorded a livestream saying that "zionists, along with all white supremacists," need to be killed. Khymani James (pronouns "he/she/they") says the public should be thankful he has not gone out to murder them yet. James has been interviewed and quoted in media for his role in leading the CHAZ-style occupation.

    Federal government created 'profiles' on Americans kept in a 'secret portal' shared with 650 companies to track 'extremists' who searched 'MAGA,' 'guns,' and 'Biden' say Republicans
    Federal officials investigating Jan. 6 asked banks to filter through customer transactions, say Republicans
    An interface shared between over 650 companies and federal officials holds a 'secret portal' containing sensitive data on American citizens, Jordan said
    Some of the 'indicators' included the general search terms: ‘MAGA,’ ‘gun,’ 'kill,' 'shoot,' 'Capitol,' 'Kamala' and ‘Biden'

    Col. Douglas Macgregor torches Trump over support for bill funding wars in Ukraine and Israel
    Retired Colonel Douglas Macgregor said Donald Trump has aligned himself ‘with the money pigs in Washington’ by supporting the bill to send billions of dollars to war efforts overseas.
    With another interview appearance, retired Colonel Douglas Macgregor has warned the United States is no longer in control of the wars it continues to fund, against overwhelming public opposition.
    According to Macgregor and host Clayton Morris, a former Fox News anchor, “70 percent of the American people” now oppose sending money to fund wars present and future in Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan

    Biden White House Potentially Violating Hatch Act — Again and Again
    'The American public expects their tax dollars will not be used for politicking....'
    The Biden administration’s leftist partisan tendencies have once again come under scrutiny as officials face scathing accusations of engaging in political activities, in violation of federal law.
    A complaint lodged by watchdog group Protect the Public’s Trust (PPT) with the Office of Special Counsel (OSC) alleges that several Biden administration officials, including those at the White House and the Small Business Administration (SBA), have repeatedly breached the Hatch Act.
    The act prohibits public workers from conducting political activities at the expense of American taxpayers.

    Revealed: Court Document Release Indicates Jack Smith and FBI Were After Obama- and North Korea-Related Documents in Mar-a-Lago Raid
    Julie Kelly touched upon this in the latest revelations coming out of the corrupt Biden/Obama/Jack Smith classified documents case against President Trump. The latest unredacted documents that Jack Smith argued not to release show that the Obama/Biden gang was working with multiple government organizations to set up President Trump.

    How Did States, Cities Embrace UN’s “2030 Agenda” Climate Action Plans?
    How did all this garbage – pure Sustainable Development, aka Technocracy – show up in our cities and states? Answer: a full-court barrage of UN agents. I dare you to search for your city and the words “climate action plan” on Google. You will be shocked! I estimate that seventy percent of all cities already have a formal plan, and another twenty percent are working on it.
    this is why you must attend town council meetings to see wich of them, if any, is pushing this drek and expose it

    Mitch McConnell: $61 Billion Ukraine Aid Package ‘Not a Whole Lot of Money’
    “It is only 0.2 per cent of our gross domestic product, so put in that context, it’s not a whole lot of money for us, but it’s a very significant step for them because it gives them the more sophisticated weapons they need to hold the Russians at bay,” he explained.
    “Russians are trying to take their country and they have an enormous incentive, and it doesn’t require any of our personnel, we’re not getting any Americans killed, we’re helping them defend their independence and also degrade the military of one of our biggest adversaries,” he continued.
    these fools are going to get millions of Americans fatal sunburns from sunshine canned in russia

    Just in: Explosive allegations that the CIA is operating Ukrainian online anti-Trump ‘troll farms’ to influence American voters and the 2024 election…
    Well, all laughs aside, it seems there may be more to this group of NAFO misfits than just a bunch of societal dropkicks cheering for corrupt Ukraine. A whistleblower has come forward, alleging that what’s really happening is a massive “troll farm” operation owned and operated by the CIA to influence American voters and the 2024 election. It doesn’t seem so far-fetched, does it? Not in today’s politically weaponized America. We’re starting to look and feel more like North Korea every single day.
    Shot through with blistering punchlines and scathing wit, the song offers a rundown of President Joe Biden’s son’s greatest hits — from his affinity for hookers and drugs; the laptop fiasco; his shady deal-making in Ukraine and China; and his tax evasion indictment. Even Hunter’s career as a fine art painter gets roasted.
    The zingers come fast and furious. “He shoulda let Hillary bleach the whole hard drive,” one line goes. Another verse takes aim at his art: “He never could paint worth a fuck… Now he gets, a half a mill and up.” And perhaps the most savage burn: “He got more LLC’s than John Gotti’s ex-wife.”

    FDA Says U.S Milk Supply Is Safe After Tests Reveal 20% of Samples Contain Avian Influenza Pathogen (Bird Flu)
    Most of the USA milk supply is pasteurized, a process which kills any pathogenic virus that might be present. So, the milk supply is safe. It is odd however, that Bird Flu is somehow being carried in dairy cows. Given the nature of how the FDA has previously handled Bovine Somatotrophin (BST), or growth hormone use in dairy cows, and given the nature of how the FDA botched the initial handling of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE, Mad Cow), some people are concerned.
    well when the regime lets chicom military balloons traverse the country at will dont be surprised when they release some chemical, biological, or radiological weapons

    Three smug Dems get walloped by crime karma, including Adam Schiff, whose fancy suit was just stolen…
    Do you believe God has a sense of humor? After reading this story, you will, because he’s having a hilarious field day with political elites in the failing Golden State. Adam ‘Pencil Neck’ Schiff, the poster child for political elites, found himself in a bit of a pickle that perfectly highlighted the failing, miserable policies of him and his Marxist regime buddies. Picture this: Schiff is set to attend some fancy political shindig in San Francisco, only to have his car raided and all his bags swiped from the parking garage. He was forced to attend the elitist event in his lowly “peasant clothes.”

    Ukrainian Expats in Warsaw Protest Lack of Consular Services – Poland Considers Forcibly Sending The Draft Dodgers Back to the Meat Grinder
    About a million military-age males have fled the Ukrainian territory seeking to avoid military service which has become in many ways a death sentence.
    Not only that, but as much as 100 thousand troops have reportedly deserted their positions.
    zelensky ignored 3 draft notices prior to becoming the tyrant of ukraine, now he sends those who didnt to their death

    WATCH: Ron Paul crams Congress into a meat grinder for waving foreign flags in the People’s House…
    Americans watched in horror as their so-called “representatives” hooted, cheered, and waved Ukraine flags after passing a $60 billion funding bill—a bill most right-wing Americans oppose. When have you ever seen US lawmakers this thrilled about helping the American middle class? When have they united like this to rescue struggling Americans drowning in Biden’s disastrous economy? Our traitorous lawmakers blatantly go against the will of the people, then cheer and wave foreign flags. It was, without a doubt, one of the most infuriating, disrespectful, and disgusting actions we’ve witnessed recently. And these clowns either don’t care that you’re outraged or they’re too oblivious to notice.

    Watch: Las Vegas Substitute Teacher Brawls with Student for Using the ‘N-Word’
    Footage captured by other students in the hallway shows Smith and the student trading haymaker punches before the teen is knocked down. Smith can then be seen striking the boy once more, who was attempting to cover his head while curled up on the tile floor.
    The substitute remained hovering over the teen and appeared to be yelling just inches away from his face until other students physically separated the two.
    “You’re going to jail, [slur],” the student said as he was led away, according to a New York Post report.
    “We are aware of an altercation involving a staff member and a student,” a message from Principal Kimberly Perry-Carter to parents said.

    Ilhan Omar Defends Radical, Anti-Israel College Protests: ‘History Will Be On Their Side’
    'We just can’t allow this kind of hatred and anti-Semitism to flourish on our campuses, and it must be stopped in its tracks...'
    “I want people to actually understand why these kids are risking their academics and their ability to stay in good standing at their universities,” Omar told MSNBC.
    “They are worried what it means to grow up in a world where people can watch 35—nearly 35,000 people be killed, to watch nearly 70% of them be children and women, to watch the destruction of 80% of infrastructure, to see a country withhold water, food, electricity, to starve people and carry out collective punishment.”

    Shareholders of U.S. Steel sign off on Nippon buyout
    Nippon reached an agreement to purchase U.S. steel in December of last year for a price of $14.9 billion, though the announcement drew considerable scrutiny from American lawmakers.
    "I just have to say it's absolutely outrageous that they have sold themselves to a foreign nation and a company," Pennsylvania Democratic Sen. John Fetterman said at the time.
    "The President believes U.S. Steel was an integral part of our arsenal of democracy in WWII and remains a core component of the overall domestic steel production that is critical to our national security," National Economic Advisor Lael Brainard said on President Joe Biden's behalf.
    regardless the good senator surely signed off on billions for foreign borders but 0 for our own

    Illegal Alien Accused of ‘Extremely Gruesome’ Murder of Young Mother, 4-Year-Old Daughter in FL
    Angel Gabriel Cuz-Choc, a 31-year-old illegal alien from Guatemala, was arrested and charged with the murders of 36-year-old Amalia Coc Choc de Pec and her daughter, four-year-old Estrella Anastasia Pec Coc.
    According to Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister, on April 24, Cuz-Choc brutally stabbed Amalia and her daughter to death. Amalia’s body was found by police officers in a pool of blood in the backyard of their residence, while Estrella’s body was found inside the residence.

    Justice Kavanaugh Asks Jack Smith’s Prosecutor Why Barack Obama Was Never Charged For Drone Strikes Against Civilians (AUDIO)
    “How about President Obama’s drone strikes?” Kavanaugh asked Michael Dreeben.
    Dreeben defended Obama’s drone strikes that killed weddinggoers and innocent civilians.
    “So the office of legal counsel looked at this very carefully and determined number one that the federal murder statute does apply to the Executive Branch, but the president wasn’t personally carrying out the strike, but the aiding and abetting laws are broad and determined that a public authority exception is built into statutes and that applied particularly to the murder statute that talks about unlawful killing did not apply to the drone strike,” Dreeben said.

    Elon Musk’s Twitter Censors ALIPAC Ad on Documentation of Noncitizen Voters Citing ‘Hate Speech’
    When ALIPAC contested the censorship of their ad by X/Twitter and inquired why it was censored, Twitter initially stated: “Our team manually reviewed your content and confirmed that it violates our Hateful Content policy…Hate speech or advocacy against a protected group, individual, or organization.” However, when asked where it was written that people of many races violating American election laws and committing felonies by voting as noncitizens are a protected group, Twitter changed its stance and claimed that the ad was targeting countries not permitted for advertising Political Content.

    The Federal Reserve’s $34.5 Trillion Problem
    Every day that interest rates stay elevated raises the U.S. government’s borrowing cost. Rising interest rates drove Uncle Sam’s interest payments to over 35 percent as a percentage of total tax receipts in fiscal 2023. In other words, the government is already paying more than a third of the taxes it collects on interest expenses, and those interest payments are rising every month.
    The federal government spent $288.01 billion in interest expense to finance the national debt in the first quarter of fiscal 2024. That was more than national defense ($238 billion) and more than Medicare ($168 billion). The only higher spending category was Social Security at $351 billion.

    WATCH: “We Absolutely Have to Get President Biden Reelected” – Leftist Arizona AG Kris Mayes Says The Quiet Part Out Loud Before Announcing Grand Jury Indictment Against Trump 2020 Alternate Electors
    It can be recalled that lawless Attorney General Kris Mayes previously vowed not to enforce any current Arizona abortion laws if she is elected. She later doubled down on this promise, saying, “We will never prosecute a doctor, a nurse, a pharmacist, a midwife, a woman, or a friend helping a woman for abortion care,” regardless of what law is on the books.

    Axios Admits Majority Supports Donald Trump’s Mass Deportations
    A majority of Americans favor the mass deportations of illegal migrants, establishment media site Axios admitted Thursday.
    Four in 10 Democrats also favor mass deportations, Axios outlined in an article that did not link to the “Axios Vibes” survey of 6,251 adults that was conducted by The Harris Poll.
    Four in 10 Latinos and blacks also support mass deportations, according to Axios, which helps to explain why President Donald Trump is gaining support among those voters.
    The Axios article was headlined: “Exclusive poll: America warms to mass deportations.”

    Russia To Seize $440 Million From JPMorgan
    The seizure order follows from Kremlin-run lender VTB launching legal action against the largest US bank to recoup money stuck under Washington’s sanctions regime.
    As The FT reports, the order, published in the Russian court register on Wednesday, targets funds in JPMorgan’s accounts and shares in its Russian subsidiaries, according to the ruling issued by the arbitration court in St Petersburg.
    The assets had been frozen by authorities in the wake of the western sanctions, and highlights some of the fallout western companies are feeling from the punitive measures against Moscow.

    Bidenomics: GDP Drops Lower than Expected in First Quarter as Inflation Rises to 3.7%
    Abysmal economic data released on Thursday painted a not-so-rosy picture for the US economy. In the last 3 post-pandemic years, nominal growth has been positive while quality of life has deteriorated behind the scenes of officially released data, and the latest data continues the trend.
    a lot of economic brains are saying whatever the fedz spew as inflation figures its likely double that or more

    Bidenomics: Admin’s Latest EPA Rules ‘The End of Coal’
    On Thursday’s broadcast of “NewsNation Now,” White House National Climate Adviser Ali Zaidi denied that the Biden administration is attempting to shut down the coal industry or slow any industry down, and stated that the issue is “about how do we speed up to a stronger economy, a more durable economy, and one that, frankly, puts less pollution into the sky?”
    Host Connell McShane asked, “[C]oal executives, for the most part, are coming out and saying this — we can’t meet this. So, the real goal here is to kind of shut our industry down. Is that what’s happening?”
    of course he mozlom

    White House careers are notoriously tough – but working during Ramadan presents its own challenges
    Muslim American service
    Muslim American appointees serve across government agencies, covering a broad range of policy areas and roles from the intern level to senior leadership with a range of expertise.
    “Muslim Americans in my administration have key roles in tackling the climate crisis, rebuilding our economy, safeguarding our health, restoring our alliances, and so much more,” Biden said in remarks at last year’s Eid reception.
    Mosaic, the Muslim Federal Employee Association, has evolved over nearly a decade as a nonprofit, nonpartisan group supporting Muslim federal employees. The group, Mosaic spokesperson and career federal employee Komal Rasheed said, “has created a safe space where federal employees can share information and have discussions with each other on how to navigate issues and accommodations related to their faith in the workplace.” This year, the organization created a document on Ramadan for members to share with their workplaces as a “way to introduce and inform others about Ramadan and how to support the Muslim workforce.”

    Fed's key inflation measure shows prices increased 2.7% last month, compared to March 2023
    The U.S. government defines the Personal Consumption Expenditures Price Index as a "measure of the prices that people living in the United States, or those buying on their behalf, pay for goods and services."
    The data is complied and released by the department's Bureau of Economic Analysis and measures the prices U.S. consumers pay for goods and services.
    The report is also a closely watched by the Federal Reserve, which adjusts interest rates, most recently increasing, in an attempt to cool the economy and tamp related inflation.
    so if theyre blaming inflation for the rise in prices of just about everything where is all that money? i dont have it, do you? where is all this money driving inflation?

    White House: We’re OK with Slower GDP Report, ‘Underlying Economy Is Solid as Ever’
    Lawrence then asked, “So, you’re okay with this GDP report?”
    Bernstein responded, “Yeah, I think this GDP report, especially once you get under the hood, you take out some of those more volatile components, consumer spending and investment look great. In fact, year-over-year GDP is up 3%. That’s a great number. And look, since the president got here, the average GDP growth rate has been about 3%. His — GDP over his term has been the highest we’ve seen under a presidential term for 25 years in a row. Add in the very strong job market…and I think you understand, the underlying economy is solid as ever.”
    the only peole doing well in Proxy Bidens regime are regime apparatchnics
    Last edited by 5.56NATO; 04-29-2024 at 01:44 PM.
    "And how we burned in the camps later thinking, what would things have been like, if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain, whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?"

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    4 officers killed and 4 wounded while serving a warrant at a home in TN.

    The shooter was a felon in possession of a firearm.

    But, I thought gun control laws worked.....
    "Valar morghulis; valar dohaeris."

    Commucrats are most efficient at converting sins and crimes to accidents or misunderstandings.-Oswald Bastable

    Making good people helpless won't make bad people harmless.

    Freedom isn't free.

    "Attitude is the paintbrush that colors our world." TV Series, Haven.

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    "If you can make a man afraid, you can control him" Netflix Series, The Irregulars

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    Official ethics complaint filed against Jack Smith.
    "Valar morghulis; valar dohaeris."

    Commucrats are most efficient at converting sins and crimes to accidents or misunderstandings.-Oswald Bastable

    Making good people helpless won't make bad people harmless.

    Freedom isn't free.

    "Attitude is the paintbrush that colors our world." TV Series, Haven.

    My Spirit Animal has rabies.

    I'd rather be an American than a Democrat.

    "If you can make a man afraid, you can control him" Netflix Series, The Irregulars

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