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Thread: Blobman checkin in , shotty barrel length opinions?

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    Blobman checkin in , shotty barrel length opinions?

    Picked up a beat up winny 1200 with 28" barrel fixed full choke. No rib on barrel. Gonna throw an ext. mag on it. Just curious on your views of making it a lil more weildable if thats a word. I had one back on the day that i left long with a 10 rd mag and it was a bit much.

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    I own a Winchester 1300 Home Defender model so it came with an 18" barrel. It holds a respectable seven in the magazine but I still have two mag holders on it. One on the receiver that holds five and one on the buttstock that holds ten. I think what you are planning is fine as long as YOU the end user are happy and comfortable with it. Regardless, I hope you post pics of what you have.


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