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Thread: Gun store report...updated

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    Quote Originally Posted by JTHunter View Post
    What pistol would that be?
    Sorry I thought I posted about it earlier.

    I was looking for a CZ P-01 but settled on a PCR. Pretty much the same pistol but without the rail.

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    Ammo Prices are ridiculous. And I can't get reloading components. They're all sold out. Can't wait until this panic buying slows down, but with all the DEMOCRAT rioting going on, I don't see it slowing down in the foreseeable future

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    Geez, $1.20/rnd for 9mm? That's higher than it's ever been i think and no components again, damn.

    I'm just loading .308 for a sig saur ssg 3000 right now, pretty low volume, 40 rnds per week just to stay in practice. Not shooting my F-class or benchrest rifles at all until components are available again. I use a lot of Varget, really happy i bought 8lbs on sale last year for $159,it was $195/8lbs when i checked last week, and they were out of stock

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    I delivered a pallet of ammo to a store in Dickson Tn. They are getting 700 bucks for a case of 9mm.

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